Falling Hard for Nelly Klein

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Elegant, charming and sincere….just a few of the many words that spring to mind when describing our latest recruit, Russian sweetheart Nelly Klein. She moved to Moscow from the Republic of Tatarstan (located in the Volga Federal District) to fulfill her dream of becoming a full time woman and she has never looked back. An angelic young lady with a very bright future….Nelly Klein débuts on Russian-TGirls.com. That’s the official synopsis of this update with the 24 year od cutie pie who’s filmed in a Christmas setting by her producer Teodor Grekov. As Nelly rises to begin her striptease, her pretty hormone boobs are revealed and when she turns around, so are her bare cock and balls. There are blotches on her cute ass which makes one think she’s either been spanked or bruises very easily from sitting. Knowing her producer’s previous BDSM-tinged videos, it’s not hard to imagine that a little kinky play may have taken place before this scene was filmed. Nelly is stripped down to her high heels pretty quickly and she bends over to give us a rear view of her finger banging her tight butt. It looks like they’ve had a glass of wine or two before Nelly decided to hover above the bottle and sink her ass down upon it. When asked what she’s doing – why she’s fucking the bottle, Nelly tries to say she’s being a New Year’s bitch. Her holiday penetration continues with a buzzing vibrator and cock stroking. Teodor lends a hand with the insertion. A little verbal humiliation follows with the vibe deeply embedded inside her while she jerks her erection. She gets slapped around a bit also. A few moments earlier she was getting complimented on her beauty and now she’s being called a little bitch. That’s the nature of a lot of these updates. My favorite part features Nelly riding a huge blue dildo while completely naked. About the rough play, I think that Nelly really enjoyed it. I know I did. Russian-TGirls.com is part of an EIGHT site network. Take a look to find out what websites they are.


Kate Violin Plays

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Russian seductress Kate Violin made a big splash in her début exclusive on the Russian-TGirls.com multi-site last month and now she picks up right where she left us as spreads wide and bares all once again. I recognized this svelte fox from her incredible live webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/kate_v. As a matter of fact, she performed with a gorgeous cisgender female just last night and they were smoking hot together! She was more of a top on Chaturbate, but her behavior is that of a total submissive willing to please in her solo debut on Russian TGirls. I already knew about the big uncut surprise she had held captive inside her silver chastity device. When Teodor asks her name, the way she replies comes out like Kate Wyolin and her voice is sultry. When she begins to remove her cocktail dress, you can see that her full bottom is embedded with a butt plug and she turns to show off the chastity belt in place. There’s some totally acceptable narcissism in the mirror as she becomes increasingly aroused. Kate toys with the key to her chastity as if you’re her Master and it’s soon to be yours. Then she moans deeply and loudly as she fucks her tight ass with her sex toy. I guess you’ve given Kate permission to unlock herself because soon, Kate is stroking her freed big dick. You see more of its bulbous throbbing head when she beats off in the video. Kate fucks herself with wild abandon with her toy and cries, “Oh yeah, while stroking her big hard cock. I remember she speaks English from her live show. She also gives one of those leg admirer and foot fetish teases I remember from her explosive Chaturbate broadcast.

In her new release, Kate sports a sexy new hair color and looking irresistible in her blue dinner dress, heels and white stockings, she unleashes that thick, juicy portion of grade A Russian cream and blows a sticky load of spunk jets over her lovely toned tummy.

Meet Gorgeous Viktoria

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Russian-TGirls producer Teodor Grekov presents beuatiful Viktoria with, “Say zdravstvuj to the utterly delicious Viktoria – an ultra classy Russian chick who is set to make a real splash! Viktoria leads a very healthy lifestyle and lives in her swanky apartment in the centre of Moscow. She has her own personal driver and enjoys the finer things in life. She tells us she’d like to make it big in the AV biz and has a fantasy of being fucked by numerous guys in a Grooby vid…..watch this space.” It looks sort of like she’s having a honeymoon in a dungeon which presents a concept I’ve never thought of before, but could be interesting. Her pretty breasts are visible through her sheer bodice, but the first full nudity is the exposure of her cock. It’s bulbous head is clearly visible when her penis is flaccid. Viktoria wastes no time with her seduction and bends over to give us an explicit view of the killer ass beneath her gown. She allows her shawl and dress fall and steps away from them leaving her just in a pair of tall red pumps. Once on her knees on the floor, Viktoria strokes her cock firmly, making it fully erect. Then she repeats the process while sitting up and then on her side. Viktoria is definitely what you could describe as a grower. Her cock looks huge once it’s rock hard. She has a sexy way of rolling her eyes back and licking her lips when super turned on. She finger bangs her tight ass while jerking off and once fully nude, she begins sucking on a sexy toy. Next, she fishes her photographer’s cock out of his pants. He teases her with his organ by pulling back, but she doesn’t let it get away. Viktoria leans forward and takes Teodor’s growing staff inside her mouth, sucking it down to the base. She looks stunning giving head while beating off. You are not going to belive how this Russian-TGirls.com video ends! It takes a lot to surprise me, but this one got me. Bravo! Your Russian-TGirls.com membership comes with FULL ACCESS to EIGHT incredible websites!

You can Watch Viktoria's Free Trailer on Russian-TGirls.com
You can Watch Viktoria’s Free Trailer on Russian-TGirls.com

Russian TGirls Multisite – Ekaterina Fucks Herself


“Moscow Goddess Ekaterina Alaska” is the debut set before “Ekaterina Fucks Herself”, both produced by Teodor Grekov for Russian-TGirls.com which is part of a multi-site package. She looks as serious as a heart attack in the first scene, dressed in latex, chains, sheer black stockings and tall platform sandals. Even when she spanks her ass briskly, I’m not sure who’s supposed to be the top in this situation. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Her latex skirt is all about easy access and when she turns her back, there’s nothing hiding her cute little bare ass, cock and balls.


The producer grabs a nice handful of butt and gives it a spank also. While he takes charge, Ekaterina’s focus is only on you. It’s as if they’re both saying, “Look at what’s here for you. Come and get it.” The head of Ekaterina’s cock creates a bump in the latex skirt and soon you’ll get to see what’s going on underneath. She smiles when Teodor pats her bulge. Lucky guy. In her next position change, Ekaterina lays on her side with her bottom slightly upturned and her cock is lengthening and thickening as it’s squeezed between her thighs. Her nipples look suckable through the rows of her chained harness top. Next, she crawls across a platform with her ass looking wide and full, enhanced by her tiny waist.


Teodor seems to be as much as her dominant master as her photographer. He pries her butt cheeks open and spanks her hard again. I love the way he teasingly suggests that Miss Alaska is sarcastic and then takes her chin between his fingers. It’s like something I’d do to assert control over a submissive. “What is this?!” he asks loudly as he points at the bulge beneath her latex that’s grown bigger and now stands upright. She loosens up a bit and smiles shyly. Teodor instructs her to continue posing and he’s obviously expecting something very sexy. Ekaterina delivers by bending over and showing her ass more explicitly.


Then she turns down to lower the skirt and her cock is now fully exposed. It’s raging hard and standing straight out from her loins. It points upward when she sits down to push the skirt down her long legs. I can’t help but notice the collection of sex toys and BDSM props beside Ekaterina before she rises and begins to jerk off.


She squeezes her small, budding breasts through her bondage harness and her red-flushed erection stands slightly higher than a 45 degree angle. To help hold one of her legs open, the producer has a hand one of her ankles as she sits back playing with her fun spot. With her thick shaft pointing upward and its swollen head inches from her belly button, Ekaterina begins fucking herself with a large dildo. Then she moves her hands aside to allow Teodor to penetrate her with it.


She turns over an he continues penetrating her gorgeous ass while she’s on her hands and knees. Naturally I’m considering what kind of fun he must have off-camera. He shout at her to look at him while he pumps the toy in and out of her. Ekaterina finally loosens up after stroking her hardon and fucking herself with the toy next.


“Ekaterina Fucks Herself” begins with the Moscow native beauty in a pretty lavender cocktail dress and sheer black stockings with no shoes. It’s revealed that she’s wearing no brassiere when she quickly unzips and lowers her dress. This is my favorite body type lately and her torso in particular looks just amazing. Her steady gaze is mesmerizing.


She caresses her lovely hormone breasts and shows off that cute ass again that’s framed above her stay-up stocking tops. No panties. She turns to the side and begins stroking her cock to make it harden. Teodor’s hand makes an appearance again with a bit of light spanking.


He also fondles her breasts and next thing you know, she’s lowering herself down on a huge butt plug that she’s placed on the floor. With her hard cock standing straight out from her thighs, Ekaterina begins fucking the sex toy. I loved her debut scene, but this one really kicks into over drive. She’s so horny at this point that her erection is standing with the head pointing toward the ceiling.


I can’t even imagine how much restraint Teodor had to summon not to drop his camera and just take her then and there. There’s a short smoke break with Ekaterina sitting topless before she bends over and fucks her tight ass again, this time with the dildo from her debut shoot. Teodor also fucks her hard with the toy and then flogs her pretty butt cheeks.


You can see Ekaterina wincing with pain ans he then spanks her ass. Her cock is raging hard between her thighs while she’s seated and when she stands up again and pre-cum oozes from the swollen tip. I’m beginning to write a novel here so I’m going to close by reminding you that the fantastic and long-awaited Russian-TGirls.com website is part of a reasonably priced multi-priced package which includes the Hazel Tucker archives, Trannies Fuck, UK-TGirls.com, Canada-TGirl.com, shemalepornstar.com, TransexDomination.com, and AsianAmericanTGirls.com.

Canada-TGirl: Montreal Megastar Danika Dreamz

“Hello. This is Danika Dreamz and today I’m about to give you a special cumshot,” says the Montreal beauty as her 12th Canada-TGirl video begins running. “I am going to cum in my own mouth.” You can watch the video preview on the Canada-TGirl multi-site now.

Do you ever just know that the next time you’re going to cum that you’re going to shoot a big load? Danika does and she tells us before she even gets her cock fully erect. Her sexy little red lingerie outfit is so revealing. All she has to do is move the top part slightly to expose her full, luscious breasts. Lifting the skirted bottom reveals her smoothly shaven prick and full ball sack. She starts pumping her organ right off the bat.

Her photographer Vito films Danika seated before a window first with her high heeled feet on the floor. Then she raises her legs and spreads them wide to give herself a little finger banging. Vito captures a full frontal view of Danika rising to show off her amazing bottom next. Soon she perches herself on the wooden table and makes her cock even harder yet.

Danika places a pillow on the table to rest on and lies back on it. By this time her cock is raging hard and she’s preparing to bring herself off in this position. It’s hard to tell which of her nipples is more sensitive because she pays equal attention to each one, diddling and squeezing them quite firmly. She’s not quite ready to cum just yet, so she sits back up on the table. Her swollen dick rises at a 45 degree angle, then even higher. She wags it around with a few slight movements of her wide hips and bends over for another tantalizing butt show.

Danika knows she can’t keep doing this much longer as her climax is approaching. She lies back on the table again and throws her sexy legs up in the air. At this point, the video looks a lot like some amazing amateur model self facial footage clips. But it’s done with the high production values this Canada-TGirl producer always brings to a shoot. The throbbing head of Danika’s lovely cock is now just inches above her deep cleavage.

Then her creamy white cum begins to spurt. Danika’s nectar blasts across her lingerie, her lips and even against her tongue! While rolling the cum in her mouth and gazing at you directly, Danika invites you to move in for a cummy kiss.

This is the followup scene to the 11th Canada-TGirl photo and video set entitled, “The Explosive Return of Danika Dreamz” who made her debut on Shemale Yum back in 2006. I’ve watched this stunning Canadian performer since then and witnesses her evolution into the trans superstar she is today.

Sammi Valentine Then and Now

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentie
2009 Interview with Sammi Valentine

I just raved about Sammi Valentine on July 15th for her debut on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 website network. While watching her second scene filmed, I realized I’d forgotten to mention my 2009 interview with Sammi. I took another look at it and thought to myself that she still looks as incredible now as she did seven years ago! In her follow up scene, Sammi reintroduces herself and part of her naughty dialogue includes how she’s going to cum. She’s a bit more kinky and dominant this time around as she moves through her striptease. She makes her full breasts dance and her big erection looks like an invisible hand must be holding it up at times. Eventually, Sammi is seated, jerking off furiously until she shoots a huge load of creamy white cum. I’ve added a few more photos from her UK-TGirls shoots to our original interview along with some new announcements. If you haven’t read my interview with Sammi before, I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have, I think you’ll be amazed at how little she’s changed.

UK-TGirls Set Two
UK-TGirls Set Two       

Sammi Valentine Arrives on UK-TGirls




Watch the Trailer on UK-TGirls
Watch the Scene Trailer on UK-TGirls 

It’s about time that Sammi Valentine has arrived on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 set network! Photographer Kalin captured the English T-Rose magnificently too. You can watch a short trailer of the 16 minute video on the UK-TGirls landing page. Sammi is already in action in the video preview stroking her big cock in the kitchen and fucking herself with a big toy! She’s only wearing tall, strappy sandals at the point where the trailer fades to black. But if you stream or download the full scene, you’ll get all the preliminary action. For example, she looks really hot with her ribbed dress on when she introduces herself. If you’re a long-time Sammie Valentine, you’ll notice that her ink, curves and pierced nipples are all new to what you’re used to seeing. Sammie is still wearing her cute trademark braces, but this is the first time I’ve thought of her as voluptuous before with her hourglass figure. Beneath her flat tummy, Sammie plays with the growing thick member in her sheer black panties after removing her dress. She literally slaps her big, juicy pecker to hardness then gets to fapping away. Seeing how Sammie’s cock points to the ceiling when she sits on the counter isn’t something you’re going to forget for quite some time, especially if you save this UK-TGirls MULTISITE scene for keeps.

UK-TGirls Multisite with Lilifer Wild

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

There are two hot photo and video sets with photographer Kalin’s new model Lilifer Wild on UK-TGirls which is now part of the Grooby multi-site. The whole package includes the relaunch of Canada TGirl and Asian American TGirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival website of Hazel Tucker. In her UK-TGirls debut, Lilith confesses that she’s a total cock and cum-loving slut. She’s very pretty and hung and she has an ass that won’t quit! Although she seems a bit shy during the initial interview process, no one plays with sex toys more lewdly and with more unbridled passion than this super horny sex kitten. Plus, she’s flexible enough to lick her own stiff dick if there’s no one else around to do it. In her follow-up scene, Lilifer reiterates clear that the word “slut” on her collar is to be taken seriously. She’s a submissive who needs to be used until she’s left spent and useless on the floor. She spanks her ass hard, not once, but three times and begin to strip. She simulates gagging on a cock with a huge black sex toy, showing you how wet, messy and devoted your blowjob would be. Then she bares her hormone breasts with their pierced nipples and turns around to finger bang her curvy ass and smack it harder than before! Lilith fucks herself with multiple digits then faces the camera again to whip out her stiffening cock. After jerking off for a bit, she skull fucks herself with a cucumber while stroking her dick furiously. Lilith fucks herself with the black toy she sucked on earlier next. She’s completely wild with lust when she rides the enormous dildo, her uncut hardon straining up and down wiht pre-cum oozing from its pink head. With a toy in her mouth and the big veggie in her ass, Lilith masturbates until a tremendous load of creamy white cum douses her fit form! Canada TGirl, UK-TGirls and Asian American TGirls will get updated regularly with at least three sets per week amongst them. Shemale Pornstar updates with one or two sets a week (alternating). That means members are getting an update every day of the week for only $29.99 of newly shot material.

UK-TGirls Multisite
UK-TGirls Multisite

Shemale Pornstar Update

Update June 12, 2016: Steven Grooby announces the relaunch of two sites, Canada Tgirl and Asian American Tgirls as part of it’s new Grooby Multi Site combining FIVE websites with UK Tgirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup.


nicollynoguieraandlucasNicolly Nogueira of São Paulo, Brasil is sunbathing on a beach when Lucas starts flirting with her. She likes what she sees and invites Lucas poolside where she gives him a blowjob before she demands one for herself. Then Nicolly skullfucks Lucas and bangs him long and hard before cumming on his face!


5’5″ (166cm), 34-24-35 new-half Konatsu Satsuki of Tokyo, Japan gets a long blowjob from her guy before he tosses her salad and fucks silly!


The hostess of AdrianaLynnRush.net is the most popular Shemale Pornstar in this post. She gives Gunna a blowjob before she rides his hard cock in a hot hardcore sex scene shot by award-winning L.A. photographer Buddy Wood!


Nicole Montero and RedVeX

Update June 12, 2016: Steven Grooby announces the relaunch of two sites, Canada Tgirl and Asian American Tgirls as part of it’s new Grooby Multi Site combining FIVE websites with UK Tgirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup.


If you like transbian porn, the new video from Shemale Pornstar is an instant classic you must see. Watch the flash preview on the homepage. The gorgeous Latina Tranny and SheLesbianPOV hostess Nikki Montero met up with stunning RedVeX in London, England during her 2014 world tour. Click on the photo to see more of what went down.


You can set-up an appointment with gorgeous Nikki in each city she’s visiting. Use the Latina Tranny forums where she’ll give you a phone number / email for each city and country she’s visiting. Do not forget to download 203 hi-res photos and 23 minutes and 52 seconds of hardcore transbian video with Nicole and RedVeX on Shemale Pornstar!