Joanna Jet – Me and You 298 – Posh Vamps

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“You know that how matter posh the function, I can turn it into a filth fest,” says the stunning AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Jet. Allow me to unwrap that statement as we unwrap the hostess of No one comes to the swank area of the house Joanna leads us to except for privileged guests. She’s brought spirits with more kick than bubbly to enjoy with an e-cig. A sudden wardrobe malfunction occurs and her dress top falls to her trim waist exposing her large bare breasts. She figures she might as well show off her big boobs now that they’re all out in the open. She’ll give you a tit wank if you want one. You have total privacy in this room. No one else will be there to distract you as you watch Joanna lift her fancy dress to expose her swinging, stiffening cock! 

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She’s wearing no panties so there’s nothing stopping you from taking Joanna’s hardening member between your lips. You could do it while she’s at half mast or standing at full attention. As she jerks of and takes a seat, grabbing her flask, her big dick stands upward in the air all on its own. Joanna makes her big British schlong dance and her rosebud contract as she continues to masturbate and talk dirty. She’s got one open toe pump clad pedicured foot on the sofa as she fantasizes about getting fucked by you. I can practically feel my cock getting squeezed like a vice within Joanna’s legendary ass. Can’t you?! Jerking off becomes too much for Joanna eventually. She’s laying back on the sofa wanking furiously with her bosom bared when she shoots a creamy white load of cum across her tender thigh. Then she stands up and she’s also amazed at how much cum is running down her leg on!

Joanna Jet In: Deliveries Welcome

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This naughty MILF is always happy to receive special deliveries, in her mouth or ass of course 😉 xxx. That’s a quote from AVN Hall of Fame recipient Joanna Jet. In the video that comes with a spectacular photo set, Joanna is a housewife whose husband thinks she’s addicted to online shopping. She’s so excited about delivery day, he’s probably right. At least she’s organized about it mind you. She tries to get all of her deliveries on one day. Tuesday is the day she’s expecting four hot delivery men and that’s why she’s wearing a conservative yet sexy top, form-fitting black skirt, stay-up stockings with a garterbelt and open-toe slingbacks. Joanna is all prepared for her deliveries with a drink, lubricant, wet wipes to prime them just the way she likes. No panties are beneath her skirt and they’ll see her bare ass, cock and balls the same way we do if she gives them a rear view first. When she moves sideways however, they’ll get a full view of her big stiff erection as she strokes it firmly. It suspends the fabric of her skirt when she’s not touching it and the first thing she’d love is having it sucked on. She’ll put her mouth to good use too. Joanna shows us how she’ll crouch down and give blowjobs while jerking off. She’s love having cum shot into her mouth or across the full breasts she exposes proudly a bit later. A tease of her deep cleavage comes first. The British housewife perches herself on her leather stool when thinking about getting fucked with her large prong pressed against the seat. She rubs her hard shaft against the metal underside of the stool while simulating being ass pounded. Then she unbuttons her blouse lower and leans back against the wall masturbating furiously. Joanna pauses every now and then to apply more lubricant to her raging hardon. Unable to keep from climaxing, she ends up shuddering uncontrollably and her big cock sends streams of sticky white cum all across her stockings and down to the floor! You can watch the Me and You 244 – Deliveries Welcome preview video in [HD] 360p format on!

Joanna Jet In: Transparent Latex

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Joanna Jet looks exquisite in transparent latex and I’m not just saying that because it’s the title of this scene. At the same time I consider hot she looks in it, I want an outfit like that for myself! I’d have to actually have the same sort of workout commitment Joanna does to rock a get-up like that, but let’s talk about how Joanna does it. She begins by jiggling her bum bum for us, then turning to face us with her nipples clearly visible. A lower look reveals that Joanna’s cock is also visible beneath the skirt! The sheer latex goes all the way down to her high heeled feet. But when she turns around again, she bends over and it’s easier to see that she’s wearing no panties. Above her sheer latex stockings her skin is bare and her rosebud, balls and stiff rod come into view! The AVN Hall of Fame owner of swirls around again and her big cock is tenting her skirt. She got all hot and horny for us by twirling around and talking dirty. She raises the hem of her skirt and her turgid shaft stands straight out from her latex-clad thighs. The black walls of her chamber resemble the interior of an insane asylum quarters and you might find yourself going crazy to grab her cock and fuck her silly when she bends over again! But she swirls around and makes her cock say hello by making it bounce her skirt up and down. That’s one powerful organ she’s got there and it always seems like Joanna Jet has the hardest looking big dick in trans porn to me. I don’t know if that’s just my imagination or it really is. We get a full frontal view of Joanna in this fetish masterpiece outfit from head to toe when she continues masturbating while crouching down. Standing back up, Joanna uses the latex skirt to fap her hardon with. Does latex feel as sexy around a hard cock as mouth, a vagina or a tight ass? I seriously doubt it unless fabric turns you on more than a living orifice. But she makes it look like beating off in latex feels so damn good! Watch the free Me and You 243 – Transparent Latex trailer in “Scene Updates” and subscribe to see how much cum shoots out of her legendary cock!

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Joanna Jet Me and You 206 – The Voyeur

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

The husband is away, so the naughty wife Joanna Jet makes sure she puts on a good show for her regular naughty voyeur. You’re the naughty boy creeping through the bushes in her backyard when she comes out to the deck to catch some rays. Joanna’s wearing a black bra while sipping from a bottle of water and her black panties are sheer. She loves that you’re back to spy on her again and bares her lovely breasts for you. As she begins stroking her raging hard cock, its head escapes the panties and she then exposes the entire rigid shaft. Since her husband is away for a couple of days, she’s so horny. She invites you to come up to the balcony where she’s jerking off for a closer look. You get to see Joanna stroking and stripping and before long, all she has on is her tall open-toe pumps. Her curved cock arcs skyward until she grasps it again to resume masturbating for you. She wants you to sniff her panties and jerk off while she makes herself cum. She lies down on the balcony and finger bangs her tight ass. Joanna Jet knows how badly you want real sex with her, but she’s married. While kneeling of the wood floor, Joanna strokes her big dick furiously until large spurts of creamy white cum blast across the surface. You came also and she didn’t technically have to cheat on her hubby.

You can watch the Scene Trailer on
You can watch the Scene Trailer on

Joanna Jet – A Little Denim

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

If you haven’t seen the trailer of Me and You 204 – A Little Denim in the Scene Updates section of, I urge you to watch it. You can see a microsecond of Joanna cumming in the video preview. The corresponding sample photo set is horny as hell, too! In the full-length video, the Caribbean series continues with Joanna looking divine as she sits at the bar. She’s anxious to show you the cock you’ve seen many times online and since she’s going commando, you get a close look when she parts her thighs. Joanna’s big dick is already stiff in anticipation of meeting. She says the guy behind the bar played with it a little. Knowing Joanna, she might have cum and gotten it up again already, but she says he just got it hard. Joanna opens her top to reveal her full breasts, then stands up and walks around a bit. Her raging hard cock bounces up and down with her movements and then she turns around to show off her curvy bare ass. After giving you a rather explicit butt show, Joanna leans back against the bar with her stiff dick pointing skyward. The angles you see her in are full frontal and from ground level. Joanna does a lot of finger banging, boob caressing and of course, jacking off. If you think Joanna’s cumshot is big in the snippet of the trailer on the landing page, wait until you see how big of a blast it is in the full-length scene. That’s if you can make it to the end without cumming the first time around. Good luck with that!

Watch The Trailer in Scene Updates
Watch The Trailer in Scene Updates 

Joanna Jet Me and You Episode #158


Take a look at “Scene Updates” on for video previews of what I’m about to describe. Normally I don’t like photos or videos shot in bathrooms, but leave it to Joanna Jet to create an exception for me. She’s getting ready to go out on the town in the Bahamas and wearing a cock ring under her panties. Joanna wants everyone to know what she’s got. If you’re unaware of what that is, it’s a really big cock. The ring is secured aroung her balls and the base of her thick tool. She must have ordered an adjustable or extra-large ring. The ring and a pair of open-toe animal print pumps are all she’s wearing when she oils her stiff pecker and leans back on the marble basin to jack off. As usual, Joanna is quite vocal with her moans and dirty talk. There’s this rear view segment part in the video where she pulls her cock between her legs and squeezes that’s absolutely mind-blowing. Afte that, Joanna lays back and tells us how she could slip he cock into the tightest of asses. I’ve seen that happen more times than I can remember. I’ve also seen this British porn icon blast big loads of creamy white cum on her thighs multiple times like she does in Me and You Episode #158. The photo galleries above are from the “Bathroom Blues” and “On The Bridge” sets. I also love Joanna’s hardcore scene with cisgender female porn star Ashley Ryder and the latex pool solo scene.

Joanna Jet

How long can a British transsexual icon stay in the Bahamas? Long enough to create a long running series of some of the best porn you’ll find on the Net of any genre. Back to the original question, as long as it’s worth it, I suppose. The Bahamas became a British Crown colony in 1718, but became an independent Commonwealth realm in 1973, retaining Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch. In terms of gross domestic product per capita, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas (following the United States and Canada). Its economy is based on tourism and finance. Joanna Jet chose to produce her most recent there because she’s a shrewd business-minded transwoman with her mind on her money and her money on her mind. Me and You 149 – TC&A Worship is one of my favorite recent videos because it reminds of of her well-honed skills as a dominatrix. You can watch of preview of Joanna bossing you around and cumming in her gloved hand if you click on Scene Updates on her landing page. But she also has something new for her nylon and foot fetish fans, a 110 image photo gallery entitled Shorts and Pantyhose. It’s more carefree and glamorous than her bdsm content, but equally arousing, depending on what you’re into. I think it’s hard not to find a fetish or kink that this AVN Hall of Fame inductee hasn’t catered to.



Joanna Jet Me & You Series Continues

In Episode 138, Joanna Jet is preparing the Caribbean bar for the evening’s strip show. She takes a work break to accept a tip to show her cock. Joanna is going commando this morning and a big boner has grown in the tight black shorts. She walks around to show how it defies gravity and to provide a view of her lovely ass. A shot glass becomes a cumshot glass. In Episode 139, the gorgeous British AVN Hall of Fame inductee and TEA Lifetime Award winner is playing pool. She does a striptease with her big tits and erection encased in a fishnet dress. I must find out where she got those sparkly, strappy, skyscraper sandals she wears in both sets. But I digress. Joanna lays back on the sofa begging you to fill her up with more cum than you did before. I could have sworn she only promised to let you suck her cock the last time! This scene comes with more of an amazing ass display than the last Me & You update. This one also ends with a big, creamy white cumshot. Click on each image for sample photo galleries and watch some video previews on!



Joanna Jet -Tropical Cougar

“Tropical Cougar” is the title of one of her sets that perfectly describes the prolific British beauty who has been filming in the Caribbean for the last few months. If you like these galleries, you should watch all the latest video previews on the official Joanna Jet website!







The Caribbean series on the official Joanna Jet website is so hot, I had to see every photo set and watch every video. Her site is so full of years of great solo and hardcore content, there are few other adult transsexuals whose content I’ve ever downloaded as much. I think I’d have to take a week off to download all of it. Click here to watch the video previews of Joanna Jet.