Kendra Sinclaire – Pure in White Wash Some Sin Away


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Watching Kendra SINclaire strip and masturbate seems to a lot of us in trouble, but if she says you can wash some sin away, let’s try it. She suggests that you stroke your cock with her, releases her dick and balls from her panties and shows you how it’s done her way. She then shows off the phenomenal ass she says she loves having licked. The center panel of her undies is pulled to one side to expose her wrinkled rosebud and her balls hang freely. She smacks her ass cheeks hard and opens them widely. While talking dirty with her plum butt jutting out, she knows how badly you want to fuck it.

Kendra undulates her bottom in a simulated fuck session and pushes her bloated ball sack and erection back through her thighs. Her cock is so much bigger at this point. It would be such a pleasure to stroke it in time with your thrusts in and out of her! Or perhaps you like it better when she’s facing you, baring her lovely hormone breasts and tight nipples. They look so good with those tan lines but soon the focus is on her big dick again and her tight center as she raises her legs high in the air.

I can’t fathom a leg lover not being turned on by her shapely stems clad in white stockings or a foot admirer not filled with lust at the sight of her sparkly platforms. She shows off her incredible flexibility by pulling her legs way back. Her cock is flexible too you’ll see as it bounces off her tight pierced tummy. She continuously jerks it off and lets it snap back against her skin. Soon it’s time to make her big cock jizz so you get to move in closer.

You’re in just the right place to see Kendra’s cum splatter across her lingerie and stomach on!

Kendra Sinclaire – Turquoise Lingerie and Cum Covered Stockings


Kendra is looking sexy in turquoise lingerie and matching hair! She strokes her big cock and blows a huge cum shot all over her stockings, completely covering them in cum! That’s the official synopsis of a very recent video I’m absolutely in lust with and the 94 photos are smoking hot too! There’s a one minute trailer to whet your whistle on her incredible website.


If you watched the free trailer on her landing page and were left with the torrid sight of Kendra Sinclair from behind with her cock escaping her minuscule undies, I can tell you a little bit more about the full video. Without giving away too much hopefully, she uses her sexy eyes to draw you in and her killer ass to hold you there until you cum.


Now that I think about it, when I consider some of the world’s sexiest trans performers and the conversation focuses on butts, Kendra’s always seems to come out at the top of my list. But it’s her dialogue that drives her scenes for me and the fantasy and roleplay scenarios her dirty mind comes up with.


I don’t know if Kendra ever plans to undergo breast augmentation and it’s none of my business if she ever decides to. But I hope she doesn’t. I think her upper torso is as fine as the rest of it and I wouldn’t want her to change a thing. Those tan lines really enhance her pretty nipples also. After the preview is over, about 6 minutes into the full-length video on, the green-blue sexpot strokes her thick, meaty cock furiously and gives us more enticing rear views. Before it’s over, she’s stripped down to her stay-up stockings. While stroking her cock with what seems to be minimal effort, she shoots one of the biggest creamy white cum shots of her incredible porn career on her stocking. I hope I haven’t given away too much. 😉

Kendra Sinclaire & Nina Lawless: Fuck Me Here, Fuck Me There





Nina Lawless and Kendra Sinclaire passionately kiss before a lovely passionate fucking with plenty of penetration action. Kendra gets rammed up the ass before being thrown to the floor and plowed some more. Lifted up by her hair and creampied. Kendra needed to be fucked hard up her ass! That’s the official synopsis of “Fuck Me Here, Fuck Me There” on This could be my all-time favorite scene with Kendra and Nina of Within the first two minutes of making out, Both of their big dicks are rock hard and engaged in an erotic swordfight. There’s more intimate kissing after Kendra gives Nina head. Once they get Kendra totally nude, Nina rubs her amazing organ against Kendra’s world class derriere. After a few moments of frottage, Nina gets her footing as she bends Kendra over and eases inside her prick bareback. Kendra jerks off while getting railed and raises one of her legs in the air to provide us with a clear view of this tremendous railing. Next, Nina pushes Kendra to the floor for a piledriver pounding. She even moves sideways with her schlong deeply embedded with Kendra’s tight ass. A complete rear view that follows focuses on both firm butts and will put you in the mind of jumping into the action to form a daisy chain. Then they’re fucking while standing again and Nina delivers her creampie. This scene isn’t just good, it’s insanely good!

Rogue Adventures #44 Kendra Sinclaire & Rococo Royalle

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MP4 Trailer
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Cisgender female porn star Rococo Royalle warms things up by posing under Joey Silvera’s direction in Rogue Adventures #44. Then we see Kendra of sitting nearby, stroking her erection as she watches in admiration. Kendra fondles a bit of Rococo’s bare boobs and smacks her lovely ass hard when she turns around. Then Rococo sinks down to grasp Kendra’s big dick and gives it a deep sucking. Kendra handles Rococo a bit roughly with a skull fucking that results in getting her salad tossed while Rococo fingers her pussy. Kendra is no stranger to carpet munching and indulges herself in a 69 before sinking her swollen member into Rococo bareback! The official “TS & Bio Girl Trade Cock & Strapon” synopsis on Evil Angel reads, stunning genetic female Rococo Royalle flaunts her perfect booty while athletic T-girl Kendra Sinclaire jerks off. Kendra dominates sexy Rococo; the feminine, tanned TS crams her enormous she-cock into Rococo’s mouth for a sloppy, face-fucking blow job, then dominantly drives her bulky boner into Rococo’s tight cunt. Next, the strawberry blonde vixen plows Kendra’s sweet sphincter with a gigantic strap-on; Rococo thrusts her hips seductively while plunging the exotic trans-girl’s ass. Finally, Kendra straddles Rococo to blast cum over her face and tits. I think my favorite part is seeing Kendra’s hardon bouncing up and down as she rides Rococo’s huge phallus. Or maybe it’s the way Rococo sucks Kendra’s elixir after her cum shot. Or it might be the way Kendra stayed hard for another round at getting fucked.


Rogue Adventures #44 is available now for download and streaming on Evil Angel.