TSPOV.com: Kourtney Van Wales Cums & Then Makes You Cum

“Kourtney Van Wales is beautiful TS MILF that knows exactly how to get your dick hard and get you off,” says Christian XXX of TSPOV and Pure-TS. “But first she gets so turned on that she cums first! What an incredible lady!” he adds. I totally agree and I can back that up with my January 18, 2011 interview with this amazing trans woman. I can see how the sequence of this scene’s title makes so much sense from the very beginning. Kourtney is gloriously nude on the sofa stroking her big erection with her large breasts jiggling. It looks like she’s close to achieving orgasm already! What’s a girl to do when she just can’t wait?

Unlike his Pure-TS.com videos, the model is the star 100% with the exception of Christian’s massive cock. This is a stroke of porn genius to cater to trans porn fans who really want it to be all about their favorite trans porn actors. They often go into lurid detail with you about what they’re going to do with you. I this case since you’ve caught Kourtney jacking off at home, she stands up, turns around and bends over with her heart shaped ass looking incredibly inviting.

Her huge hardon pokes between her thighs as she continues stroking it. Sadly she was going to fuck you earlier, but fortunately she has something that could be just what you’re hoping for, perhaps even more. Noticing that you’ve begun playing with your dick she insists that you stop to let her do it for you. Positioning herself between you open legs Kourtney rakes her fingernails lightly across your hard shaft and then curls her hand around it. “Does it feel good, daddy?” After giving you a long handjob, Kourtney decides to let you watch her jack off. She doesn’t stop stroking your prick and after awhile she stands up with her big erection glistening with oil. Then she plants her remarkable bottom alongside your hardon and grinds against it. She also gives you a fabulous tittie-fuck.

Do you want to see Kourtney shouting out her pleasure as streams of creamy white cum spray out of her swollen cock head? I did and that’s exactly what I got! I’m so glad that this gorgeous sex goddess is back. Check out my Interview with Kourtney Paige Van Wales and be sure to see her comeback on TSPOV.com!