TGirls.Porn: Lana Solaire & Shelbi Trutch


Lana: Sooo, it was getting pretty loud in the other room, so naturally, I decided to see what’s up. Who else do I see but Shelbi Trutch spanking herself on the bed. I started by giving her a good, hard spanking, because no one should have to spank themselves, then she went down on each other, I fucked her face, then some more spankings and I decided I wanted in. The ass was fat. I took her pretty fast, spanking while I thrusted. Pulling her hair back in doggy, she loved it! Then I really wanted some…so, I kinda just let her fuck me. I even let her fuck my face. She went so hard sometimes I couldn’t control how loud I was, but I loved it. It was my first time having a girl fuck me and definitely won’t be my last! After she gave it to me like I wanted, we laid next to each other and masturbated until we both came, she came so much, I really wasn’t expecting that much cum!!! Soooo, I really liked being with another girl, loved fucking her, loved getting fucked by her even more. Shelbi was super sweet and treated me so nicely – 100% I’d love to do it all over again!





Shelbi: Being walked in on, paddling myself idly, Lana decided to take it upon herself to help me out. After a few moments we had begun to get a bit more sensual, smoothing over each other and letting our lips and legs lock in various ways, Lana was an excellent scene partner and we had a lot of fun. After too long we were all over and inside of each other, fellatio and anal galore! We had awesome chemistry, Lana and I, it was a very passionate scene, I believe we both got caught up in marking out a few times, not to mention when we would begin to set into our more lewd-asking scenes, all in all, a great experience. I like being with other girls because there’s a better understanding and ability to be connected. You kinda instinctively know how each other’s body works and you can be certain they will take care of their bodies in most cases.

You can click here for a FREE TRAILER of Lana Solaire and Shelbi Trutch fucking each other on TGirls.Porn right now. I’ve raved about their solo performances on Femout.XXX and LIVE WEBCAM broadcasts on and before. Lana Solaire honored me with one of the most candid and fun INTERVIEWS I’ve ever done right here on Caramel’s TGirls on June 8, 2016. I had the option of streaming this scene in 720p resolution, but I opted to download instead because I knew I’d want to keep it. Omar Wax outdoes himself with the filming and 204 image photo set and I love the way the video plays out. Shelbi is lying on the bed, casually swatting her cute butt with a paddle. Lana gives her a love tap with it at first as if she’s not really going to do much with it. But then she ends up using the paddle like an experienced dominatrix, leaving marks. Lana continues paddling even when Shelbi straddles her for some dick-hardening frottage and passionate kissing. These girls look absolutely gorgeous while sucking each other off. There’s also an erotic swordfight with the girls rubbing their cocks together before Lana begins fucking Shelbi from behind, still using that paddle! Then it’s Shelbi who gets to do the fucking. She makes Lana shout apologies for paddling he so hard while pounding her ass with jackhammer thrusts. There could be a TGirls.Porn powerful cumshot broken record at the end of this remarkable hardcore scene. If I gave my mini-reviews ratings, I’d easily give this one 5 stars.

Caramel’s Interview with Lana Solaire


If you haven’t seen Lana Solaire yet on Femout.XXX or broadcasting LIVE on, you’re in for a somewhat naughty and delectable treat. I had the opportunity to interview this bright light this week and I think you’ll enjoy finding out a few things about what makes her tick. If you think she’s probably as sweet as she looks, you’re right! Click here to read my interview with Lana and I hope you’ll enjoy it!