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Miss KoKo Beans introduces herself followed by Envy Seven under the direction of Amy Spacekitten in this TGirls.Porn 4K instant classic. They’s sitting on the sofa fully dressed but start making out right away. The kissing is extremely passionate and KoKo exclaims, “Oh my,” when Envy straddles her lap. At this point you might wonder who’s going to be the aggressor here if you hadn’t seen the photos or trailer. KoKo bares and devours Envy’s breasts and it’s reciprocated. There’s more kissing followed by KoKo removing Envy’s booties. KoKo then removes her pumps and I get the feeling something up and coming is going to require lots of traction. Well, it’s great fap footage for pretty ped lovers also. The girls help each other remove the dresses they were just barely wearing anyway. They sit across from each other engaging in more foreplay. I just want your big, beautiful black dick,” Envy purrs before leaning down and forward to give what looks like an amazing blowjob. KoKo proceeds to explore Envy’s magnificent bottom while she’s on her hands and knees on the couch. After giving us an explicit view, she dives in face first for a torrid salad tossing. KoKo strokes her cock while performing the rimjob, then uses some lube to give her a good finger banging. Fingering is no comparison to Envy adjusting to the feeling of her tight ass being stuffed with KoKo’s bare erection, but it’s a great way to start! Amy’s filming of the intense, powerful fucking is brilliantly edited with a variety of different camera angles. If you’re like me, you’ve been a fan of envy since she made her debut in January of 2015. For the Envy Devereaux Seven Shemale Yum profile click here. For more information about her partner in this scene, check out my Interview with KoKo Beans and my Interview with Amy Spacekitten (Koko’s lovely wife).

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Interview with Miss KoKo Beans

If you happen to be browsing my favorite webcam site in the Trans section, you never know when you’ll come across this incredible broadcaster on That’s where you might find Miss KoKo Beans performing live in solo action, with her gorgeous wife Amy Spacekitten or in a group show with their awesome friends! In our Q&A, I also wanted to learn how KoKo achieved a balance of achieving and maintaining success as an amateur and major studio model in addition to being a top webcam broadcaster. Most of all, I wanted to find out some things that gave me an idea of what makes her tick. I hope I did a good job of bringing that out and that you’ll enjoy my Interview with Miss KoKo Beans!