Mistress Tangent: Maid To Serve

Scene Preview

Mistress Tangent is dressed in midriff-baring official dominatrix regalia checking on her caged slave.The stunning owner wears a huge dildo and her slave wears a maid’s uniform and tall platform mules. She’s humiliated and dressed down as a sissy bitch, but she’s actually transgender and favorite slave in Mistress Tangent’s stable. At some point I always know we’ll be treated to her exceptionally cute ass and above average big cock! The slave bends over the cushioned top of cage as ordered. Mistress Tangent raises the hem of the uniform and petticoats to expose the slave’s plump bottom that’s clad in white panties. She spanks the unmarked flesh and proceeds to tenderize it with a flogger. Once the slave’s rear end is beet red, she forced to kneel on the floor. After a long sequence of further humiliation, the slave is finally prepared to be fucked. A chastity cage holds her big dick this time around, but her ass is fully exposed for the taking. And take is exactly what Mistress Tangent does! The super cute slave gets thoroughly fucked in the doggystyle position for quite some time. Then she must take the huge dildo railing while laying on her back. As if this is not enough torment, Mistress Tangent buzzes the head of her slave’s caged cock and her balls with a wand vibrator. Now I suppose that Mistress Tangent could deny her slave from shooting a sticky white load of cum through her cage before this session comes to an end. But does the slave deserve to get off? It could be fun to humiliate and torture her further by not letting her cum. What do you think the phenomenal woman behind MistressTangent.com will do?

Mistress Tangent – Fuck Doll

MP4 Scene Trailer

Boots, Corporal Punishment, Feminization, and Strap-On are the keywords that steered me to “Fuck Doll” in Mistress Tangent’s thumbnail gallery of updates. I saw that this video runs for 33 minutes. What you’re seeing in the scene trailer is of course what happens in the beginning of the session. The beautiful Domme has enrolled one of her cutest submissives in a drag performance taking place this evening. She only has a few hours to train the sub and there’s so much to get done. Even when finding herself in a choke hold and asked the importance of winning, she can’t come up with the proper reply. This is her way of making money for her Mistress and the silly sub doesn’t quite get it. Well, maybe she does by the time she’s ordered to walk with a feminine gait. She sashays across the floor making her hips and ass sway. It’s good, but not convincing enough.

Mistress Tangent looks so amazing teaching the sub how she should walk. Can the fuck doll duplicate this?No way but she’s looking very sexy while trying to! A sat or two across her bottom accelerates the process. She seems to have mastered her voice training lessons. You’ll hear it every time she replies, “Yes, Mistress.” There’s a problem however. Mistress Tangent doesn’t think her sub is taking this seriously enough. An attitude adjustment is required and her dress is yanked up to expose the perkiest of perky bottoms clad in skimpy red boyshort panties with garters holding up her stockings. Mistress Tangent spanks that cute bubble butt hard with her gloved hand! She uses a leather strap when the sub is bent over her lap. What’s it like to have your ass spanked viciously hard with a large butt plug embedded inside you? What’s it like to be verbally humiliated and forced to suck the Domme’s dildo like it’s a live throbbing cock? What’s it like to be drilled powerfully in the ass by a strap-on tool until you’re crying for mercy! When you see how engorged the sub’s big cock gets on MistressTangent.com, you’ll know. I was hoping to see the divine Mistress drain her sub of every last drop of cum and I saw it. The humiliation does not stop when the pretty sub’s big dick explodes.

Mistress Tangent in Fem Frolic





You only get to watch a handful of trailers on mistresstangent.com so make good use of them when you get there. I’ve yet to a pro dominatrix one more beautiful and effective than Mistress Tangent and the sub she feminizes in Fem Frolic (and in other scenes) is such a cutie pie. This in one of my favorites because of both the storyline and the content. Mistress Tangent brings her cute male date home and she’s anxious to get it on. She strips down to her bra, panties, corset, stockings and tall slingback sandals and sits on the bed to undress her new boy toy. But he protests stating that it’s too soon. What?! “Oh, really,” she exclaims at the site of the panties he’s wearing beneath his macho camo pants. “Are you serious right now?” she asks and snaps a panty photo with her iPhone before bursting into laughter. She thrusts his pants down, still in disbelief, and this date of hers has an ass that won’t quit. She peeks inside his panties and there’s nothing down there worth laughing at. But she’s astonished that he’s a “closet panty freak,” as she puts it. In spite of his humiliation, the transvestite begins to develop a sizeable boner. She exposes and fondles his big dick and places it back inside the garment to make a horny tent out of it. She allows it to escape again to rub against her sheer black nylons and she grasps his shaven ball sack a bit too roughly on purpose. When she lies him down on the bed, Mistress Tangent tells him that she only fucks real men so obviously he’s not getting any pussy tonight. However, what happens next is even more exciting, to me at least. She has him change into another pair of panties that look better on him. Then she proceeds to do his makeup with the skill of a certified cosmetologist with his hands bound behind his back! One of my favorite pastimes happens to be feminization and this is really getting good! Even with his mouth gagged and face harnessed, he really looks amazing, especially with his black wig on! To humiliate him further, Mistress Tangent snaps more photos of him for exposure and his large cock is straining hard as it hangs above the waistband of his panties. I’ve sort of given away what happens next with the sample photos, but you should really visit mistresstangent.com to watch the trailer.