Mandy Mitchell Presents Fisting Natalie Mars

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This production transcends the average porn scene by leaps and bounds. It falls into my personal adult industry category of a major event. Like many elaborate brilliant cosplay scenes, this one requires no storyline because the visual impact is so powerful. Natalie Mars gets a check-up from Nurse Mandy and that’s about all the set-up that’s necessary. The checkup for us begins between Natalie’s parted thighs and she’s wearing no panties. For Mandy, it starts at the bottom, beginning with an oral inspection of her patient’s prettily pedicured toes and working up gradually. Mandy also worships Natalie’s to-die-for open-toe platform ballets boots while dressed in a fabulous two-piece 420 lifestyle nurse costume with white fence net stockings and no heels. Natalie begins moaning as her cock and balls gets licked lovingly and then more aggressively. Then it’s Shibari time when Mandy whips out the ropes. The next sequence presents Natalie’s bare bottom with her goodies protruding from her closed thighs and her ankles are expertly tied. The butt plug embedded within her is huge! Mandy has moved to stand before Natalie’s face and when she lovers the lower part of her costume, her stiff cock springs out like a horny Jack-in-the-box. The head is licked and the first half of the thick shaft is engulfed. Mandy uses her hand to guide this picture perfect blowjob and Natalie sucks away like there’s no such thing as a gag reflex. Her wrists are tied so she’s forced to do all the work orally. After awhile, Mandy’s inspection of Natalie’s ass resumes. Some hard spanking is administered to test the resiliency of Natalie’s upturned ass as well as her threshold for pain. The act that proceeds the gaping action that comes next includes Mandy easing her erection is and out of Natalie’s tight ass. So I’m watching this powerful doggy style railing and thinking to myself that this is a surprise! Then it gets even better with more cock sucking and black dildo riding. There’s also some kissing and what happens next is what I’m unofficially naming the 2017 Butt Olympics and the stars are exquisite. Now it’s time to direct you to, and nataliemars.manyvidscom.

TGirls.Porn: Natalie Mars & Natalie Chen

TGirls.Porn is one of those top favorite websites of mine that turns out performances I can never, ever miss. I love that it includes some of the hottest cisgender female models and trans models every now and then also. But in this case, we have an electrifying hardcore scene with two gorgeous trans women.

I first became a fan of Natalie Chen after seeing her solo and hardcore performances on and fantastic solo work with four shoots on It’s now part of an 8 website network. Superstar model and personality Natalie Mars has also been featured in multiple performances on Shemale Yum,, and on and you can register free with my favorite webcam site to get notification via email to see her performing LIVE on!

One mindblowing aspect of this performance is that, for whatever reason, I’m prepared to see Natalie performing as a bottom in hardcore scenes. This scene is a reminder that she can fuck ferociously whenever she chooses to. Producer Radius Dark begins this shoot with Natalie as a dominant school marm in a performance that’s humorous, yet convincing when things get serious. There are some hilarious tongue-in-cheek (and torrid tongue-in-butt) moments that lead up to a delicious oral sex performance. Miss Chen is so worked up by Miss Mars’ dominance that her cock is fully erect before it gets devoured. There’s remarkable POV footage and then Natalie Chen gets her turn to perform a blowjob. That sequence is filmed also in POV and a variety of other angles.

The verbal humiliation and “forced” cocksucking translates into an authentic Domination/submission scene, just without your classic BDSM props and gear if you don’t count the ruler Miss Chen was previously swatted across her curvy ass with.

Next comes the moment you’ve been waiting for if you crave intimacy in lesbian porn – passionate kissing and raging hard frottage. Mr. Dark masterfully captures levels of kinks with these beautiful and talented performers that cater to a wide range of viewers.

Most of, but not all of the humor, ends by the point where Natalie Mars positions herself before Natalie Chen’s upturned ass for a tremendously powerful doggy style bareback railing! This is when it’s time to savor the vision of a raging hard cock slowly sinking balls deep inside a magnificently sexy and tight bottom. I’ve only described the first half of this remarkable TGirls.Porn update! Here’s what the performers had to say about their incredible experience:

Natalie Chen: “I like working with other trans-women, because it’s a more sensual dominance to go with my submissiveness. My favorite position was when we were both laying flat and she was laying right on top of me, grabbing my throat. It was a great example of what I like. It was close and intimate, but also she was choking the shit out of me (both girls laugh). I haven’t shot in a while, but I’m glad to be back and this was a great way to get back into things.”

Natalie Mars: “This shoot was right up my alley, because I love tall Asian girls. I haven’t expressed a lot of dominance on film. I tend to be more submissive, so it was nice to show that other side of my personality in this film. In my personal life I tend to be more submissive, but every once in a while I meet someone I want to just fuck up. There’s something about Natalie Mars, I just want to beat the shit out of her (both girls laugh again). There wasn’t too much of that, since this isn’t a BDSM site, but there was some spanking with a ruler!”

Bob’s Tgirls: Natalie Mars – Propeller

In “Propeller” on, Natalie Mars lounges on a chaise in a gold sequined dress. Her legs and feet are bare and when she sits up and opens her legs, we see that she’s wearing blue panties. She squeezes her big bulge through the fabric and pats it a few times. Then she rises to remove her dress and bends over on the chair with her ass facing us.

Her panties are still on, but she lowers then below her bottom and smacks it hard a few times! Then she exposes her rosebud explicitly. Natalie removes her panties next leaving her just wearing her stylish specs. Then she strokes her cock fully erect. She sits up with a wicked grin and makes her hard cock bounce up and down for a few moments.

Then she applies lubricant to her hardon. She’s in the perfect position to sit on and ride your cock while she beats off rapidly, seldom losing eye contact with you. She asks if you like the way she wiggles her knows while jerking off – a nod to her thousands of fans in lust with her sexy feet. The only reason Natalie takes her eyes off you is because she closes them while her climax approaches. While moaning loudly, Natalie squeezes her raging hard cock and streams of cum blast across her pretty toes!

Not only does she lick some of her nectar from her fingers, but she also raises a foot to her lips and licks some of her honey from her sole before waving goodbye with her gorgeous feet. This explosive scene is accompanied by an interview and a full “Golden Dress” photo set.

If you’d like to cum LIVE with this groundbreaking porn star, get to and she might have a show in progress. Hit the follow button to be notified after applying for your free registration.

Natalie Mars Gets Sexy On The Bed

Dream job having producer Radius Dark presents Southern belle megastar porn star/producer Natalie Mars on the new Foot Fetish TS website! Natalie went from amateur porn cult fandom to top ranked web cam performer on Her six solo scenes on became instant classics as well as her three hardcore scenes on TGirls.Porn. When is comes to trans lovers of sexy peds, Natalie is most often filmed with these particular fans in mind. It’s only natural to find Natalie presented by Radius Dark on!

TGirls.Porn – Natalie Mars & Lena Jade

Before she was on TGirls.Porn where she now has three blazing hot scenes, I knew of Natalie Mars from where she has six amazing scenes. Before that, I knew of her as a fantastic live webcam broadcaster on But I’d know of her amateur work before that and knew she’d make an incredible professional career from adult entertainment. Lena also performs live and you can register for free to see her on She’s also made a killer scene taking the long hard cock of gorgeous Kira Crash in a Two Tgirls scene entitled “Fucking the Fitness Trainer” which you can preview. Lena has three hot scenes on including one torrid hardcore set. Lena’s debut on is also magnificent.

This TGirl.Porn scene shot by Radius Dark doesn’t have a plot like many of the other productions on this top shelf website start out with. Natalie and Lena begin kissing passionately on a sofa and Natalie devours Lena’s pretty boobs. Lena returns the favor and withdraws Natalie’s cock from her undies to give it a good long sucking. Natalie’s stiffening cock oozes pre-cum across the sofa as she faps while watching Lena fully expose her breasts before giving her head again. What follows is what makes a transbian scene totally convincing – more passionate kissing. In this case, lean’s cock is raging hard in her panties. Natalie strokes Lena’s hardon and sucks it hard. Radius captures all this torrid action in profile and POV footage before Natalie penetrates Lena with her world famous dick. While I can’t say that I was surprised by the sheer velocity Natalie fucks Lena with, I found it no less thrilling that someone would who’s never seen her in action before. Watching Lena bottom is always a tremendous pleasure. She’s newer to the porn world than her partner here, but she’s rising to the top of the trans porn niche very quickly. I see nothing keeping her from going straight to the top just like Natalie did. I was expecting a virtually flawless bareback performance with this TGirls.Porn performance and that’s exactly what I got.


Lena: “I wanted to get fucked really good by a girl with a big dick and Natalie Mars was perfect. She’s got a really fat dick and I could feel every inch of it while she was pounding me. It felt good when she was licking me and sucking on my tits. It got me ready for sex, but her blow job was amazing. Then she got me really wet when she tongued down my ass before fucking me. I was surprised that she could pound me like that. Pleasantly surprised. The view of her big cock, still rock hard and throbbing, after she came on me was amazing!”


Natalie: “I was excited to work with Lena Jade, I thought she was hot. Tattooed and about my height, it seemed like a great fit. We had great chemistry and the foreplay was fun. She had a nice dick that grew in my mouth when I sucked it. I couldn’t help but stick my tongue in Lena’s ass. It got me rock hard and excited. I really liked seeing that huge, squirting cumshot while I was fucking her.” 

You can register for free on Chaturbate. But please remember to tip generously. Camming is tons of fun for everyone, but it’s incredibly hard work so show your appreciation and support for the incredible models. 

Tranny Vice DVD / VOD

Tranny Vice Cast: Mona Wales, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Sue Lightning, Directed by Buddy Wood. Length: 1 hrs. 27 minutes, Rating: XXX, Released: Aug 15 2016, Production Year: 2016, Studio: Grooby, Number of Discs: 1.


“Detectives Bailey and Presley are two of the dirtiest cops on LA’s Tranny Vice. They’re hot on the trail of bad girl Aubrey Kate and they’re not about to let anything get in their way!! Hardcore action! Hardcore sex! Hardcore fun!” I had hardcore fun with this DVD that doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things lighthearted. The opening action begins with Robert Axel and Aubrey Kate. They’re always amazing to watch separately or together. Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley are hilarious as the vice squad partners and sexy as hell. Domino performs a solo striptease and masturbation sequence while Morgan hunts down the cisgender female actress Mona Wales. Mona has a long rap sheet and after some sizzling hot foreplay, detective Bailey keeps her in line by giving her some long cock. Domino busts bad guy Robert Axel, but he gives her a fucking that keeps him out of serious trouble. Natalie Mars and Sue Lightning are the CSI team on duty. While Sue jacks off in the bedroom of a victim’s house, Natalie gets it on in the living room with newcomer Dorian Drake. This bareback railing ends with a tremendous facial and it’s the second to last sex scene of Tranny Vice. The actual finale is a Sue Lightening cumshot before the film comes to a comical surprise ending.

Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire
Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire

Rogue Adventures #44: Natalie Mars

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
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Flash Trailer
Natalie's Evil Angel Filmography
Natalie’s Evil Angel Filmography

Feminine, ultra-sexy trans-girl Natalie Mars looks incredible in a micro-mini skirt and tiny tube top. She sprawls on the bed wearing glasses to emphasize her slutty yet sophisticated style, showing off sexy feet and greasing herself for a masturbatory show. The tasty she-vixen aims her erect boner into the camera as she strokes, then plunges her sweet sphincter with a sex toy. There’s spit-soaked, ass-to-mouth dildo sucking, and Natalie’s dick leaks syrupy goo as she pounds herself to an intense orgasm. That’s the official synopsis of “Bespectacled T-Girl’s Jack Session” in Rogue Adventures #44. Natalie removes her glasses about a minute into the scene. She rubs the bulge in her blue and white mesh panties and when Joey Silvera askes if she wears her specs all the time, Natalie responds, “Most of the time. I kinda need them to see. I’ve never heard anyone complaining about them. She’s also a fan favorite with her live webcam shows on But back to the video, Natalie slides her glasses back on and lowers her top to expose her breasts fully. She pinches her nipples rather hard and runs a black talon around one of them. Her cock is already stiff and oozing clear beads of pre-cum when she releases it. She tastes a bit of it and then removes her black booties. Fishnet stockings adorn her curvy legs and her toes are painted pink. A large segment of Natalie’s fan base is seriously into her pretty feet and she’s very well aware of that. So you get lots of arch flexing and toe wiggling. Natalie bares her feet by ripping the stockings off with her nails. I can’t remember the last time I saw so much pre-cum streaming from a girl’s dick while she’s fucking herself, the the toy she uses is pretty huge. When the tremendous strings of cum blast from her swollen cock head, Natalie keeps pumping the sex toy in and out of herself. Before Natalie waves goodbye, she briefly confesses a few fetishes and her cock doesn’t seem to want to soften. Click here for the Natalie Mars pornstar profile. Rogue Adventures #44 is available now for download and streaming on Evil Angel.