Angeles Cid and Black T-girl Irisis Review

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I love the video preview clips featuring Angeles Cid and Irisis, but I needed to know more of the story. So let me tell you about my producer/performer friend Nikki Montero’s latest update on her website. The video begins with the gorgeous Mexican star and hostess of in a hotel room flashing her tits and huge cock on webcam. The hung, standing “schoolgirl” wiggles her big wiener and sits down to jerk off more intently. As for how she looks hotter, in full frontal or from the rear, I’ll leave up to you to decide. I think that Angeles Cid in a halter top with her tits jiggling outside of it, a tartan plaid skirt and high heel slingbacks is something I’d take however I could get it. It almost looks like she’s about to cum, but we’re suddenly taken to another sequence with Angeles making her way lewdly to a bedroom. She resumes jerking off furiously again, posing in a variety of “come fuck me” positions, and after 6 and a half minutes, she’s joined by her hung black Brazilian friend Irirsis, who arrives with her big dick hanging out of a bikini bottom. Do they fuck? No but I don’t care. Iriris is there to help Angeles climax and shoot a big load of creamy white cum. I’d love to see more action between these beauties on because these two together- FIRE.

Latina Tranny – Nikki & UK Teen T-girl Sucking BBC Stud

MP4 Video Gallery
MP4 Video Gallery

“UK Teen T-girl Jaycee and Nikki sucking BBC” is one of two updates with this scorching hot Latina Tranny threesome update. The famed producer Nikki Montero has found a gorgeous trans girl and seriously hung black guy to play with obviously. I do that often myself but there’s something more torrid to me about seeing it porn. In my real life interracial sex, I’m usually involved in friends with benefits situations. Seeing IR porn in adult industry productions always seems to make it more torrid to me. In this political era and volatile racial climate, interracial sex in porn seems to be as taboo as it was when it was first made.


The first video from the August 22nd update on Latina Tranny presents Nikki and Jaycee fondling each other’s tits and rubbing their cocks together while standing. They French kiss and slap each other’s raging hard dicks against each other’s. Then the relatively new British porn star sinks down to suck the world famous trans star’s Chilean cock. Nikki also fucks her stiff prick across Jaycee’s lovely boobs. After more passionate kissing, Nikki returns the oral favor on Jaycee’s swollen organ while jerking herself off. They switch again and suddenly an even bigger cock enters the frame.

MP4 Video Gallery
MP4 Video Gallery

Behold the tremendous BBC (big black cock)! The hung British brother is in the tub getting his massive dick washed by the pretty ladies with hard peckers. A lot of lather is worked up as the girls stroke each other’s hardons and the huge contrasting pecker. Then the man’s big schlong is glistening when it’s rinsed with water. For those Latina Tranny members anxious to see how this erotic video story continues, the August 29th update “UK Teen T-girl Jaycee and Nikki sucking BBC” is even hotter!


This torrid mini-series is available on and on

Nikki and Natalia Dior on Latina Tranny





When I saw the “Teenage Natalia Dior” photo set on Latina Tranny, I didn’t know that a few days later, she’d be featured in a hardcore scene. I figuratively kicked myself in the head when I saw her with our gorgeous hostess, Nikki Montero. This super pretty 18 year old Brazilian transsexual enters a hotel room with Nikki, dances around a bit, then gives her one of the sexiest transbian kisses I’ve ever seen. Nikki lifts her dress to show us that she’s going commando. Natalia is wearing panties, but her cock is exposed pretty quickly. She starts stroking it while crouching down to begin sucking Nikki’s cock stiff. Then, Nikki gives Natalia a blowjob. Nikki gets naked except for her thigh-high boots and helps topless Natalia arrange herself on the bed. Both ladies get into a 69 and by this time, they’re both fully erect. I love the part where Nikki does push-ups while fucking Natalia’s mouth. Nikki gets her prick raging hard by sucking Natalia’s erection and pumping herself behind the kneeling teen. Soon, Natalia is just wearing her cute little mini skirt while getting fucked doggystyle on the bed. You’ve got to see these two pretty sets of boobs jiggling while these foxes fuck on Latina Tranny!

Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny



I’ve seen all of the hardcore photo sets and videos with Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny. As long as they keep making them, I’m going to keep watching them. The latest is a schoolgirl scorcher that begins with Nicole and RedVex multiplying 2 times 2. Some scenes include foreplay, others go straight to sex and there’s also often a lot of humor in the videos on this torrid megasite. Nikki and RedVex suck on their lollipops and the gorgeous Polish blonde sucks on the candy between Nikki’s legs. ot Nikki returns the favor while stroking her own big, stiff cock. My favorite part is the 69 footage. This new video makes me want to go back to seeing these two naughty ladies fucking on Latina Tranny. It also makes me anxious to see what’s coming next.

Latina Tranny Behind The Scenes

I’ve been a fan of behind the scenes videos since the making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller if not before then. So I guess it’s only natural for me to see what goes on pre-production in porn videos. I’d already seen the videos of Latina Tranny hostess Nicole Montero with Adriana Rodrigues. The oral sex followed by Nikki taking a railing from Adrianna’s 9″ cock was out of this world and so were the big cumshots at the end of the second installment. In the new BTS scene, we see that there’s a lucky male co-producer in the room as Adrianna gets ready by the door. Further inside the hotel room, Nicole jumps around naked with her tits jiggling and stiff cock bouncing up and down. That’s always a welcome sight. Adrianna comes inside, drops to her knees and starts sucking Nikki’s erection. Next, Adrianna takes a seat half-dressed in lingerie while naked Nikki snaps photos. If you were a porn producer, would use your free hand to jack off while taking pictures of your model? I would if we were fucking! So would Nikki and she does. Here’s a Flash preview of what went down before the behind the scenes video was released:


Shemale.XXX Nikki, Miran and Wolf

Nicole Montero tells Miran she’s tired of men when she gets the Shemale Japan mega star all to herself in a cozy little bondage room. I was kinda thinking that after seeing her torrid video series with 29 year old Adriana Rodrigues of São Paulo, Brazil on Latina Tranny as seen here. This scene is especially significant to me since I’ve been a fan of both Nicole and her 5’8″ (173 cm), 34C-20-36 new sex partner for years. I find it an incredible turn on seeing how Nikki took Adriana’s huge cock which I estimate to be about 9 inches (22.86 cm) long and quite thick at that! The second part on their video series opens with Adrianna railing Nikki side-saddle, then fucking her in the missionary position. A doggie-style pounding comes next with Nikki stroking her own big cock and telling us how good Adriana’s railing is. If you’re a top, you might find yourself craving to fuck Adriana while she’s thrusting in and out of Nicole. I found the cumshots as exciting as the actual fucking and both stars are heavy cummers. The chemistry is so great between these two, all they had to concentrate on was each other to cum explosively. But back to Nikki, Miran and Wolf, after some mutual breast admiration, Miran starts sucking Nikki’s big cock and then takes off her clothes, except for her heels. Nikki lays down to give Miran’s gravity-defying erection a blowjob. About six minutes or so into the scene, Wolf Hudson enters and threatens to report them. He promises to keep his mouth shut if they both team up to suck his cock. Nikki said she was tired of men. Obviously, she lied. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. You should see the three big cumshots at the end of this instant classic. Guess who gets fucked in this torrid 25 minute video. Better yet, see for yourself on Shemale.XXX!


Latina Tranny: Nikki Montero and Fernanda Cristine

Latina Tranny hostess Nicole Montero (left) and Fernanda Cristine wasted no time with formalities after entering a hotel room in São Paulo, Brazil. After French kissing, Brazilian Fernanda was sucking the Chilean rock star’s cock and a minute hasn’t gone by passed yet. Chalk another one up for hung transsexuals who go commando. Nikki returned the favor while sitting on the bed and then they got into a 69 on the bed to suck each other’s stiff dicks furiously. There was more kissing, some salad tossing and I know there’s a colossal transbian fucking session on the way. I’ve seen the photo set of these beauties already. So who gets fucked first? Latina Tranny members know because we’ve seen the first installment of this hardcore series. Nikki spent a whole month in São Paulo by the way and I cannot wait to see what happens next.


Latina Tranny L.A. Foursome

Latina Tranny presents Part 1. of LA Foursome with hostess Nikki Montero, Tiffany Starr, Korra del Rio and Leah Lockhart. I’ve seen it and at the end of 20 minutes, reading “to be continued…” was hard on me! The opening with Nikki and Tiffany busting into Korra and Leah’s Los Angeles, California hotel room is comical, but the humor ends there. The foursome starts immediately! Upon hearing about the performers beforehand, I had a pretty good idea about who would be the most dominant partners. My prediction was correct, but I haven’t seen how this sizzling hardcore transbian scene ends yet. These gorgeous performers are not predictable and neither is this scene. I’m in a state of porn suspense and I wouldn’t miss the continuation for anything.


Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny

The gorgeous Chilean Latin Tranny and SheLesbianPOV hostess Nicole Montero has released an incredible two part bareback hardcore sex scene with Polish transsexual Red Vex which was shot in London. Just as I guessed, the bulk of the fucking is in the second video, but don’t be surprised if you lose it while watching the first scene. There’s a lot of humor throughout and the chemistry between them is refreshing to witness. As Nikki say before she cums on pretty Red’s face, “You will like this.”


Nicole Montero Photos and POV Video

Latina Tranny hostess Nicole Montero celebrated Chile’s Independence Day (September 18, 1810 when Chile broke from Spanish rule) with a patriotic bikini and sizzling video sucking and teabagging some lucky guy’s cock and balls.

Nikki’s hung stud is holding the camera for this POV footage – don’t forget she’s also the hostess of SheLesbianPOV!