Pure-TS: Delia & Staci Work Their Big Cocks

Staci Miguire is late to the party. By the time she enters the room, Delia Delions is already fucking Christian’s ass doggystyle. So she sticks her massive cock in his mouth as he gets put through the ringer. Then he turns the tables and fucks both big cock hotties bareback in multiple positions. They both get so turned on that they cum in his mouth before he then cums in theirs!

This is the 10th blazing hot Pure-TS.com performance with Delia DeLions and it’s the 4th one for Staci and her first Pure-TS threesome! We get straight to the point with Delia fucking Christian from behind on their bed bareback! Staci enters the bedroom a bit jealous that they’ve started without her. That emotion is nothing a blowjob can’t fix and this results in Christian getting spit roasted.

He’s got both gorgeous big dicked trans women coming at him in a variety of position changes – some might call it heaven. Christian also gets to initiate penetration by fucking Staci in the missionary position. But topping comes with bottoming at the same time as he gets banged at the same time by Delia! Staci continues getting pounded by Christian while Delia sucks her big stiff cock. Both girls line their curvy butts up on the bed for Christian’s porking while they kiss.

Later on, Staci rides Christian’s massive organ in the reverse cowgirl position while Delia jerks her girlfriend’s huge erection. When she releases it, Staci’s big hardon is mesmerizing to watch bounce up and down! Delia and Staci then make an agreement to cum on Christian’s face! Each babe blows her creamy white load and then they catch the Pure-TS owner’s jizz together with their wide open mouths.

Check out my caramelstgirls.com/tag/staci-maguire page for more info about her previous performances. Also be sure to visit on of the finest individual adult sites on the Net – DeliaTS.com.

Pure-TS: Jenna Gargles

“Tall, thin, and extremely beautiful, Jenna Gargles is a cam model that wants to make the leap to being a big porn star. She definitely has the looks and after Christian pounds her tight ass bareback and makes her swallow his load, she also has the skills and abilities needed. Trust me, you will be seeing more of this amazingly flexible model and her big hard dick.” Christian, who quotes for his Pure-TS.com website is sitting on the bed before going to the gym when gorgeous Jenna Gargles crawls up behind him.

She’s horny and requests that he gives her a workout instead of going out for one. He’s really committed to going to exercise but the way she strokes his stiffening cock through his shorts makes it so hard to leave. Between kissing, Jenna offers to give him a blowjob. Christian gives in and pulls down her pink brassiere to devour one of her small and tight nipples. When Jenna says she’s horny, it’s not just an act. Before Christian swings her into his lap, you can see Jenna’s bulbous dick head protruding from the waistband of her undies, begging for attention.

Surely she’s rubbing it against Christian’s waist as he spanks her ass hard. She asks him to spank her harder yet and after he complies, Christian lowers Jenna’s panties. He’s exposing the future target of his massive cock fully before Jenna slides to the floor to give him head. Jenna possesses one of my favorite body types in creation – svelte and slender with a flat chest and legs that seem to go on forever.

I love busty babes too, especially unique boobs, but sometimes I like firm physiques with barely any breast tissue at all. Jenna’s frame looks fantastic as she sucks Christian’s enormous schlong topless with her own big cock trying to escape its panty prison.

Naturally, Jenna jerks off while swallowing several thick inches of prick. Then she no longer has to when Christian begins sucking her off! Christian’s massive cock doesn’t disguise how well hung petite Jenna is especially when it’s not in the frame. I absolutely love Jenna’s LIVE webcam shows.

Be sure to check her out chaturbate.com/jennagargles. If she’s not on at the moment, give her a follow and see what else is going on in the Trans area.

Pure-TS: Bareback Teacher’s Office Fuck

Professor Christian is busy getting yelled at by the Dean. But he is having trouble concentrating because one of his students is busy blowing him under his desk. Lily Demure knows she can skip his class as long as she sucks his cock and gives up her ass for him. She gets banged all over that desk before swallowing his load. That’s the official synopsis of the third scene with lovely Lily Demure on Christian’s killer website Pure-TS.com.

If you take a look at the free thumbnails on the site, you’ll notice how much different Lily looks since her March 2017 “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” debut to her “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Getting Fucked Together” threesome in May to her fresh new scene. Does she look hotter? Not to me – just different due to her being further along in her transition. Some would argue that alone makes a trans girl hotter but it’s subjective. I do see tremendous growth in her performance skills from when she first began working in the adult industry. She seems completely comfortable about what she’s doing and more confident than her amateur days before major studio porn.

If you remember vintage Lily porn, you know what I’m talking about. At any rate, Lily looks amazing cupping her professor’s big balls and the base of his huge cock shaft while giving him an under the desk blowjob.

If you’ve ever tried to carry on a conversation while getting head, you know how vulnerable and powerful that makes you feel at the same time. If you’ve been in Lily’s position, you know how great of a feeling it is to be a dutiful submissive cock sucker. I must admit that I forgot how big Lily’s dick is until I got to the side saddle bareback fucking sequence toward the end.

Her bare nipples are hard as pebbles as her tight ass gets wrecked and she ends up rubbing out her cum moments before opening her mouth wide to catch her professor’s spunk. Witness the evolution of Lily Demure in three incredible scenes on Pure-TS.com.

Pure-TS: Sexy Trap Liana Ames Gets Dicked Down

I raved about “Liana Ames Is A Submissive CD Slut” a day after it was released in early June 2017. The post only received one comment, from one of my favorite writers, but looking at my stats it was a wildly popular update. I’m betting Christian XXX who fucked her silly saw the same results and now she’s back for an encore.

I went back to read my review of their original bareback hardcore scene and realized I neglected to say how I knew about Liana already. She’s an awesome webcam performer on my favorite life model performance website.

I’ll leave the link right after this little write-up about “Sexy Trap Liana Ames Gets Dicked Down” on Pure-TS.com. Liana’s bedmate Christian is sound asleep but she’s sitting up in the bed wearing lingerie and she’s obviously horny. She rubs his cock through the sheets to an immense erection and gives him a sweet morning kiss when he awakens.

Then she pulls back the sheet to expose his big hardone and leans down to take it’s head and the first few inches on the shaft inside her mouth. Liana then manages to do something that’s pretty rare. She takes Christian’s huge cock all the way down to the base! Does Liana have a gag reflex at all?

In under six minutes, she straddles the huge prick beneath her tender bottom and sinks herself down slowly. I think you’re going to love hearing Liana’s gasps and moans as Christian jacks his hips up and down driving his member in and out of the cute ass he’s holding.

The petite cutie pie then takes a railing on her back and although I know she can switch, I think she might prefer bottoming more. She barely beats of while getting fucked and that’s what brings me to that conclusion. Liana actually begins to fap more while getting dicked down in the side saddle position.

My favorite sequence is seeing Liana getting smashed face down on the mattress. Her entire body isn’t in full view as in other positions but I know that she’s getting fucked so good! To catch her online chatting LIVE, go to chaturbate.com/xlianaamesx.


Pure-TS: Black Barbie Bambie Is Back For More Cock

Did I really say that interracial scenes don’t do anything special for me? If so, I take that back. The contrast between the actors must not have been this distinctive whenever I made that comment. One former comment I’ve made remains true – people either lighter or darker than I am turn me on incredibly. I fit in between Christian XXX and Barbie Prescott in complexion and in my fantasy life. We haven’t seen Bambi on Pure-TS.com since late 2013 and it’s good to see that she’s back in studio and webcam action. She was also known as Eclaire back in the day and if you look at the Bambi Prescott Black TGirls profile, you’ll find her hardcore scene with Christian from March of 2012. They’re kissing while standing in the bedroom for this reunion. Christian bares one of Bambi’s firm breasts and big nipples during their makeout session and you can see the excitement building inside her lacy panties. Christian is still dressed but as he presses his crotch against her plump ass, we know she’s feeling a hard bulge. He withdraws Bambi’s stiff cock from her panties and begins stroking it. He turns her to face him asking, You know what I want, right?” She answers affirmatively and allows him to push down her panties and play with her bottom.

Bambi makes eye contact with us when Christian sinks down and begins sucking her rock hard tool. He then moves upward to kiss and suck each big nipple. Bambi is hung so her prick isn’t dwarfed by his, but it’s grown massive at the point where his jeans are lowered. They switch positions and Bambi takes down as much of his thick shaft as she can into her mouth. She’s on the bed with one curvy leg raised high when Christian plunges his big bare cock deep inside Bambi’s tight ass! I don’t know how she manages to keep her tall wedge sandals on the whole time she gets pummeled, but I know how she couldn’t help shooting her load before this Pure-TS.com update comes to an end!

Don’t miss it and also be sure to get registered for free to catch this returning superstar on chaturbate.com/bambi_prescott.  

Pure-TS: Young TS Cuties Get Fucked Together

Pure-TS Synopsis: Elise Luxxx and Zoey Frost are two young TS girls that are having a slumber party when big bad Christian walks in. They forget about their cell phones and texting their friends, and immediately begin to suck his big cock together. These super cute starlets give up their asses for him while cheering each other on at the same time.

“Super Cute Newbie Elise Luxxx Loves The Cock” and “Amateur TS Zoey Loves The D” should refresh the memory of Pure-TS.com subscribers and if it’s you’re a first time member, you’ve got plenty to look forward to! In “Young TS Cuties Get Fucked Together” the first kiss between Elise and Zoey creates a stir in my loins and the big bulge in Christian’s jeans allows me to see that he’s experiencing the same effect in real-time. He’s standing over the bed the girls lay on looking at their cute little butts. Christian seems to love trans lesbian kissing as much as they do. He guides Zoey along in her makeout session, then lifts her up aggressively for to take Elise’s place.

Elise, the sexy schoolgirl in black and red, doesn’t want to be left out. She pushes her way in for a kiss and gets even more attention when the big man removes her brassiere. Zoey caresses her puffy nipples and then her lovely hormone breasts are exposed too! Zoey devours Elise’s pretty tits while Christian exposes Zoey’s phenomenal ass. He can’t seem to stop smiling and his gargantuan cock doesn’t stop growing until the girls take turns sucking it. They also exchange passionate kisses while sharing the massive cock.

Elise take a bareback fucking first and then Zoey gets it. What follows is a variety of position changes and penetraion personel switches until this explosive Pure-TS.com update comes to a close.

In order for a two trans girl and one man scene to succeed, I have to get the feeling that the models are equally into the website owner and each other. I get that here 100%.

Pure-TS: Cherry Mavrik & Chanel Dior

Christian has a fantastic surprise for his TS girlfriend Cherry Mavrick. He brought the absolutely gorgeous TS starlet Chanel Noir into the room for them to play with each other. Of course it doesn’t take long for him to join in the fun. Watch him take over and fuck both of these sexy TS starlets in this riveting bareback sex session. That’s the official synopsis of “Surprising Your TS Girlfriend With Another Hot TS” which is an explosive bareback threesome on Pure-TS.com.

It’s veteran star Cherry’s first time ever on Christian’s site and you should remember Chanel from her “Stunning New Model Gets Dicked Down” one-on-one with Christian last month. In this production, Cherry’s surprise gift is waiting on the bed in just a bra and panties when Christian leads his girlfriend into the bedroom. When Cherry straddles the bed to give Chanel a compliment and a kiss, Christian pulls of his girlfriend’s high heels and unzips her dress.

Cherry admires Chanel’s lovely breasts after baring them and once Cherry’s big boobs are out in the open, the girls kiss passionately. Christian practically tears his clothes off and goes after Cherry’s perfectly rounded ass face first. His massive cock is stiff already. He strips Cherry completely naked and slides between both beauties which makes the perfect place to be to receive a dual blowjob. The trans lesbian tension is still high with the girls exchanging more kisses while sharing Christian’s big hardon. They take turns sucking until Chanel decides it’s time to get herself fucked. Cherry is very helpful in assisting to work Christian’s prick inside Chanel once she’s in the cowgirl position. So this is the second time we get to see that amazing ass getting railed on Pure-TS.com.

Next, it’s Cherry’s turn for a cowgirl ride on that long, thick dick in the same position! Then the girls arrange themselves into a classic Pure-TS threesome doggy style position side by side. Chanel takes another bareback banging followed by Cherry’s second ramming. The position changes don’t stop there and both girls share Christian’s liquid gift at the end.

Pure-TS: Autumn Fallen aka Cinnamon Toast Fuck

I’ve been waiting for quite some time to see a phenomenal webcam broadcaster I only knew as Cinnamon Toast Fuck enter the studio adult industry arena. That wait ended when she co-starred with Christian XXX in her “Stunningly Beautiful Amateur Gets Rammed Hard” debut on his Pure-TS website.

Part of his description says, “Autumn Fallen is a beautiful new TS starlet with a flawless figure and a gorgeous face. And as an added bonus, she is super horny and wants Christian to fuck her tight ass hard.” Leave it to Christian to introduce hot new babes in a way you’ve never imagined before other major production studios get to them. The way he “got to” Autumn certainly got to me!

I know this beauty as a “Little” and a baby girl from her live performance on Chaturbate (trans of course). Here we get something different in her bareback performance with the hung super stud. There’s intense aggression that begins with Christian lifting her about his waist to her gasping surprise. While hoisting Autumn in the air by her bottom, he kisses her passionately, then sets her back down on the floor. He wastes no time in lowering her panties and finger banging her fun spot. Autumn moans uncontrollably as her incredible ass is manipulated firmly. She gets spanked, stripped and turned to face us with her lovely breasts, tight torso and dangling cock and balls fully exposed! She’s down on the floor on her knees when Christian reveals his massive cock to her.

Autumn’s fellatio skills look incredible throughout this forceful, hair-pulling blowjob. She’s gagging on his cock, deepthroating balls deep and then tossed to the bed with her sexy bubble butt high in the air. Christian’s heavy prick is somehow standing up it’s so hard. He soon enters her tight ass in the doggystyle position! There’s near choking and daddy/daughter roleplay during the missionary position pounding. It continues during the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl bareback riding.

This is my favorite type of Pure-TS.com style of sex – super fast and super hard! It ends with a creampie and gaping. This new model is an absolute major up and cummer and you should also see her performing live on chaturbate.com/cinnamon_toast_fuck!


Pure-TS: Liana Ames Is A Submissive CD Slut

I knew it was just a matter of time before super cute Liana Ames made the jump from amateur porn to the pros, not that the latter medium is any hotter. A website like Pure-TS and working with Christian XXX will definitely give her more exposure and what adult model doesn’t want that? Liana couldn’t possibly be better as a submissive waiting for her master’s orders that come after his making a golfing date to talk business.

If I had a cute and fit little subbie gurl like this at my beck and call I’d fuck her silly every chance I got. I love submissives of all genders and gorgeous part-time girl subs have a special place in my heart. Watching Christian turn Liana into his crossdressing, cock sucking slut is so erotic! This site is named Pure-TS.com but I love that it includes part-timer’s too every now and then. Trans girls and CD’s are vastly different but the variety gives this site that extra dimension that caters to those who admire both.

During a segment when Christian is pounding Liana bareback in the missionary position, she’s got a rock solid erection. When he curls his hand around it and squeezes it he tells her not to cum until he tells her to. If you’ve ever done this to a sub, you know how crazy that makes them and how powerful it makes you feel! (Will he allow her to cum at all?)

This Pure-TS.com update is pure Domination/submission without the typical BDSM props and gear. Christian has found the “Golden Pussy” and in this case it’s the tight ass of adorable Liana Ames.

The official synopsis reads: Liana Ames is a petite CD who is very submissive. She is there to please Christian and serve his every whim.

Usually that means she will be sucking his cock, deep throating it, and then getting her ass fucked hard in every position. Her huge gape is amazing as well and he really lets her ass have it.

Pure-TS: You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s

MP4 Scene Trailer 

You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s. Scratch that because you’re allowed to hang out with Natalie Mars Natalie Chen and Natalie Anderson. This denial only applies to beautiful Kimberly Sin from the May 13 Pure-TS update because she’s not a Natalie. You’re a special guest no matter what your name is.

The Natalie’s are the coolest chicks at school. They run the place and Kimberly the cheerleader just doesn’t fit in. These posh debutantes look fierce, act fierce, and soon they are going to get fucked fierce. These three fiery redhead babes need to get an A from their professor, and Natalie Mars knows just how they can accomplish this.

Does this seem like an erotic spoof on the fantastic 80’s teen movie Heathers? You got it and Natalie Mars brilliantly portrays the Heather Chandler character who said, “You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie.”

That video preview above shows us beautiful mega star Natalie Mars getting a bareback reverse cowgirl railing from Natalie Anderson on the right and Natalie Chen on the right. Naturally they’re envious but receive the same treatment eventually.

Not only that but they engage in lots of passionate kissing and oral trans lesbian sex also. But they take turns sucking Christian’s massive man meat first. Natalie Mars is first to get fucked by the Pure-TS.com founder as well as the last girl. But the other two Natalie’s, Miss Anderson and Miss Chen are not at all minimized and their performances are stellar quality as well. This is award-winning caliber porn. I’d be shocked if it didn’t get multiple nominations at the end of 2017.

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