Pure-TS Review: A Superstar Is Born

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Pure-TS.com Description: beautiful teen TS Ella Hollywood has just booked her first modeling gig and she is over the moon! Christian comes over to help her celebrate, but she has other plans. She gets out his cock, sucks it long and deep, and then gets her tight ass fucked hard bareback. A new superstar is born!

26 minute(s), 53 second(s)

Review: Skyn Talent ingenue Ella Hollywood is special and she could be the next big thing. This petite blonde is literally making a big name for herself. Her Pure-TS.com debut enters with Christian greeting and congratulating her in the bedroom for nailing the modeling gig. Christian has champagne to celebrate, but he’s unaware that Ella is only 19. She’s still too young to drink, but she’s got ideas for other ways to have fun.

Side note: Isn’t it strange that a pretty young trans girl at the age of 19 can make a living in the adult industry, yet she can’t drink? Either alcohol is determined by society to be a beast or porn is pretty damn safe! Just something that makes me go “hmm”.

As I’m having these thoughts, the camera zooms in on the pair beginning to kiss. It’s then that I notice that the head of Ella’s cock is poking out of the waistband of her designer panties. I wonder how shocked someone watching would be if they didn’t know they were watching trans porn. How would they feel about watching a man devouring her breasts and sucking her nipples while exposing her turgid erection – then kneeling down to suck that too?!

Let’s just concentrate on how we feel about it, shall we? I feel like it’s a major turn on seeing Ella getting a blowjob, a rimjob and giving head in return while completely naked. She’s a vision sucking on Christian’s mammoth meat.

Watching her bent over in the doggy style position getting bareback penetrated by the monster cock is fucking unbelievable! Beautiful Ella doesn’t make it look easy either. Ella’s sizable cock stays hard when she gets railed doggy style and on her back, too!

She’s not even jerking it off half the time! An additional turn on is the way she addresses her fucker as “Sir” while he describes the way she feels around his big dick. The way Ella mewls with what I’m thinking must be a rapturous mix of pain and pleasure is porn gold.

And the fact that she’s naked as the day she was born is directorial genius. And wait a minute. I’m watching the time and I know this is the last position Ella will be fucked in. She’s still got a boner and she’s jerking off while riding Christian’s huge prick.

This Pure-TS.com update is going to feature the lead girl cumming, isn’t it? Yes! Not only that, but she arranges herself in the classic close-up position to have the porn king’s cum land inside her eager mouth. Between the beauty and performance, this could be might favorite scene on this wildly popular site ever! Don’t miss it!

Pure-TS Review: Visiting Friend Gets More Than She Bargained For

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Description: Janelle Fennec is coming to visit one of her sorority sisters from college. When she arrives however, the friend isn’t home just her boyfriend. He invites her in, and immediately hits on her. She tries to resist, but this horny trans stunner just can’t stay away from a cute guy with a big dick!

Review: This 29 minute Pure-TS.com update marks the debut of major trans porn star Janelle Fennec on Christian’s most successful website. She looks stunning and Christian fawns over her (as he should) before unleashing his seduction tactics. Janelle is a superstar with the acting chops to pull off the sequence where she denies Christian’s advances quite well. She’s amazing at portraying the good girl who wants to say no, but simply can’t manage too because she’s so turned on.

She finally accepts Christian’s kisses while also allowing him to rub her sex through her panties. Some of the highlights of this scene are Janelle’s pretty face, long bare legs and sexy feet clad in platform heels. It gets even hotter once Christian opens Janelle’s business suit and fishes her cock out of her panties.

Christian alternates between sucking Janelle’s lovely dick and licking her pierced nipples through her lacy brassiere. Soon, she’s on her knees on the floor taking the head of his gargantuan cock inside her mouth. Janelle is perched on the sofa next to receive Christian’s big bare cock with her perfectly rounded ass!

One moment he’s tossing her salad and then he’s fucking her the next. The initial doggy style position pounding evolves into a tumultuous missionary position screw. A cowgirl ride turns into a wild reverse cowgirl romp with Janelle’s goodies flopping around all over the place!

This torrid Pure-TS.com update ends with a tremendous facial! BecomingFemme.com is Christian’s newest site and people are really enjoying the content. It’s the first in the world to feature amateur crossdressers, sissies, transvestites, and femboys as they do either POV or bareback scenes. Pure-TS is flagship site and the most popular. Christian updates this site every 4 days with a new bareback scene featuring brand new amateur trans models and some established superstars like Casey Kisses, Sarina Valentina, and Janelle Fennec. TSPOV.com is the first and only all POV bareback trans site in the world, featuring many of the models from Pure-TS including superstars Lena Kelly, Sarina Valentina, and Kayleigh Coxx. On this site you can see some amazing handjob, blowjob, and full scenes and the site is updated every 6 days.

Pure-TS: Sexy & Sensual Threesome

MP4 Scene Trailer

Pure-TS.com Description: As Lily Black relaxes in the tub, Amy Novelle and Christian XXX have started fooling around. Amy wants to bring Lily into the mix and so she helps her out, dries her off, and worships her body as well. These two all natural trans beauties are now naked and horny. They devour his cock together and bounce on it for good measure. He fucks them both all over the room until dropping a load for them to share.

That’s the official synopsis of this incredible Pure-TS.com update. Amy is the blonde fox who is a webcam star on my favorite live platform under Chaturbate.com/AmyTrapWhore and Lily is the pink-haired babe who was first presented with Christian XXX in November 2018.

As Amy approaches bathing Lily early in the scene, my first concern is how strong the trans lesbian content will be. I will not be satisfied if I don’t sense real chemistry. There’s not a lot of touching, but I’m sold on the kissing.

I really love the way the girls play with each other while servicing Christian’s huge cock! The kissing increases as they help each other ride his big, hard dick. I know I could use some help with riding that monster!

They’re both pretty generous when it comes to orally sharing Christian’s big cum shot at the end of this Pure-TS.com video!

Pure-TS Review: Lily Black’s Debut

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Out of The Tub and Onto a Hard Cock” is the full title of this blazing hot Pure-TS.com update. I’m so glad that Christian and Shiri have been friends for so long.

Since May of 2016, they’ve added content to this site including a Behind-The-Scenes introductory interview, a threesome with Natalie Mars, a topping session by Christian, a threesome with a cis girl, Shiri topping Christian, a threesome with cis megastar Alura Jenson, another BTS interview and now this 29 minute movie complimented by 182 photos!

Shiri looks incredible moving toward the tub in a pink bikini and tall platform sandals. Watching her strip is something to make hoards of cocks expand to the fullest and ooze pre-cum. I doubt that many will make it through Shiri’s leg show and foot lover’s tease without cumming!

For those who manage to hold back for the time being, Shiri enters the tub and realizes that Christian is sitting across the room jerking off while watching her. She emerges from the water, grabs a towel, and dries off a bit. She drops the towel a moment before giving Christian a kiss as he sits upon the bed.

The couple makes out with Shiri on top in Christian’s lap. She’s on her knees on the floor when she gives him a blowjob. It’s actually more of an intense skull fuck and when that ends, Christian hoists Shiri into the air and places her on the bed for a missionary position fucking.

This highly animated sequence is followed by a doggy style pounding! There are more position changes to come, but you get the basic idea. This is one of the finest Pure-TS.com updates yet!

Pure-TS Review: Lily Black’s Debut

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Trans Cutie Wants To Get Fucked Before He Goes To Work” is the bareback hardcore debut performance on Pure-TS.com of gorgeous Lily Black and Christian XXX! I’d never heard of her before, but who’s more well-known for introducing more gorgeous trans newbies than Christian? No one. The official description of this update reads: Christian can’t find his tie while getting dressed for work. He searches and finally finds it…hidden with his sexy trans girlfriend Lily. She won’t give it back until he fucks her ass good and she could care less whether he is late. She takes the dick like a champ and loves every second of it.

About Lily Black: Here’s how adorable Lily Black describes herself on her personal Meet-Lily web page: “I’m Lily—a free spirit and caring lover. While many find me sweet and soft, my life as a well traveled independent lady has endowed me with a sharper edge as well. I am your country girl crush, your dream punk girlfriend, and your late night into-the-morning companion. All that and more, with the special touch only a TS escort could offer. I enjoy getting to know the real you, and helping you to discover your deepest desires. From my slim figure, subtle curves, and budding bosom, you’ll quickly come to appreciate my youthful glow. I value my health and well being above all else, and it shows. Don’t be fooled though–I may look young but I am quite experienced in the arts of pleasure and caring companionship. When I’m not spending time with an upscale, respectful gentleman such as yourself, I’m usually traveling, relaxing with friends, or curling up with a good book. I can’t get enough of the beautiful wonders in this world, and I enjoy myself most when I am in the great outdoors. I’m currently located in Tucson, AZ , though as I said I am an avid traveler. Tour dates and locations will be regularly updated on my website. If you don’t see your city or state on my tour, please feel free to get in touch—I can certainly be convinced to add you to my travels!”

Review: After we get past the initial humor of the opening with Christian unable to find his favorite tie and Lily withdrawing it from beneath her skirt, we see this svelte fox rise to her feet from the sofa.

She’s as tall as Christian in her platforms that easily add four inches to her height. She has the cutest set of budding breasts, pink hair and the naughty schoolgirl outfit works perfectly for her.

I love the way she sucks Christian’s enormous cock. What an erotic show she makes out of it! Can you imagine holding a cutie pie’s head like this and pulling her by the pig tails to force the perfect blowjob out of her? How about picking up her light frame from the floor like she weighs almost nothing and tossing her to your couch?

I love the way Lily spreads her ass cheeks open with her long legs high in the air! “I’m so ready for you to fuck my ass, please”, she whimpers, and her daddy gives her a rimjob before easing his huge tool inside her tight butt.

After a missionary railing there’s doggy style, and Lily is naked except for her sheer socks and platforms, masturbating while getting screwed! She gets side saddle reamed, cowgirl pounded and in reverse, too! Don’t miss this Pure-TS.com update featuring the debut of the absolutely ravishing Lily Black!

Pure-TS: Horny Cam Girl Busted By Maintenance Guy

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Tattooed TS amazon Gina James is camming in a hotel room when the maintenance guy comes in to fix the bathroom. He is stunned to see a beautiful girl with a big dick jerking off, but he is even more shocked when she comes on to him and grabs his dick. They quickly fall into a passionate and romantic experience and he fucks her tight ass in every position and her webcam is running the entire time! Bonus!

I love the way this Pure-TS.com update begins with tall, statuesque Gina getting her tits and cock out for a webcam show. The set-up is that she had to get a hotel room because the A.C. isn’t working at her place today. This is what she tells one of her viewers before applying lubricant to her schlong.

Laying on the bed interacting with her viewers while jerking off, Gina begins developing an erection when all the sudden a stranger enters her room! She’s completely shocked, but it’s the plumber who insists she was informed of his impending visit at check-in.

The plumber is under the impression that web camming is illegal and Gina says that streaming for her fans is perfectly fine. Christian, the plumber, doesn’t even know what streaming is, but he doesn’t mind Gina rubbing his crotch and leaning over to kiss him.

He’s supposed to be working and no one must find out about this gorgeous trans woman feeling him up. But this beauty has her bra off and her lovely big breasts are fully exposed. Her pretty dick and balls sway as she moves from the bed to the floor to withdraw Christian’s cock from his pants. 

Gina wastes no time working his cock head inside her mouth. Eventually he’s pulling her hair, skull fucking the beauty who’s masturbation confirms that she loves being manhandled. Gina gets a rim job in return and she jacks off firmly as Christian impales her with his massive sex organ!

This is the torrid follow-up scene to “Gina James’ First Scene Ever For Bubble Butt Amazon Beauty” on Pure-TS.com. She also gets railed doggy style until the plumber’s fucking drives her against the mattress. She’s fucked in other positions also until she has her beautiful face and body splashed with the hotel worker’s creamy white cum!

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Pure-TS: Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Christian meets a tall blonde and stunning blonde in the casino and next thing you know they are getting after it in his hotel room. She is an amazing sexual athlete and he has to work hard to keep up. She begs for his big dick and he gives it to her in every conceivable position before finally cumming deep in her ass just like she wanted. 

In the Las Vegas, interview with Kellie Shaw, she revealed to Christian when she got her first dick in the ass. The details are astounding as is the fact that this interview takes place in a car parked in a mall or casino parking lot. Kellie flashes her large and lovely breasts in the car after pointing out that the transition of a trans woman really never ends. The cosmetic part of Kellie’s transition is virtually flawless so far. She’s such a statuesque beauty. That basically sums up a fantastically sexy interview that runs almost 15 minutes long. “Frustrated TS Girlfriend Gets Some Stress Relief” is the bareback hardcore scene released on Pure-TS.com at the time the interview was shot. 388 photos come with this 28 minute debut. And now we have Kellie’s return to Christian’s website in “Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex.” Christian is on the phone describing the mysterious girl to a friend moments before she arrives at his Vegas hotel room for a date. Kellie explains that the reason for her being so mysterious was because she doesn’t like PDAs. She also reveals that she’s got another secret. That secret is between her stocking clad thighs and Christian reaches under her mini dress to grasp it before they start kissing.

Kellie is taller than Christian when wearing heels and that’s what I mean by statuesque. I also think she’s one of if not the most beautiful trans star on Pure-TS.com. After the reciprocal oral exchanges, the bareback fucking begins with Christian fucking Kellie as she leans against the wall for support. Their standing doggy style humping sinks to the floor and evolves into a missionary position railing. As far as position changes go, they’re just getting started!

Is the latest Pure-TS.com scene co-starring beautiful Kellie Shaw better than the last one? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Meanwhile you can find Kellie performing LIVE quite frequently on my favorite webcam platform where you can also register for FREE! If she’s not online at the moment, follow her on Chaturbate.com/Kellieshaw!

Pure-TS: Madam Joins Her Trans Girl In Fucking A Client

Description: Goddess Kyaa runs a high class suite for high rolling clients. One of her regulars has come and she has a brand new TS model River Enza ready for him. He wants his normal girl however, and so to convince him to try out River, Goddess Kyaa is going to have to join them! This TS and GG all bareback threesome is super passionate and super fun. Wow what a ride!

Click HERE for a Video Preview. It’s just as fascinating to me to watch River Enza sitting dutifully on the bed waiting as it is watching Goddess Kyaa and Pure-TS.com creator Christian XXX chatting. The discussion takes place as if River isn’t even there. But she’s a submissive trans girl with Goddess Kyaa as her Master, so she doesn’t have a choice but to just shut up and wait.

Goddess Kyaa uses her groping hand and kissable lips to seduce Christian into giving River a try over the regular he’s used to seeing. Please note that your eyes my have to dart from one side of the screen to another between River falling out of her teddy and Goddess Kyaa beginning to undress.

While kissing River, Christian is fishing his cock out of his suit pants. It’s already pre-hardened from his brief handling by Goddess Kyaa before it’s withdrawn. River gets the first few strokes across the massive erection.

While French kissing Christian and later sucking his cock, Goddess Kyaa moves behind her slave girl on the bed and lowers her brassiere. She spanks her girl’s ass and then joins River in sucking Christian’s big dick. The sight of River and topless Goddess Kyaa sharing schlong is mesmerizing.

The ladies give head while on the bed and also on their knees before the bed. After sitting back on the bed for a moment to see River deep throated to the point of gagging, Goddess Kyaa eventually assists River in taking a missionary position fucking. Everyone is gloriously nude as Christian fucks River and then fucks Goddess Kyaa as well.

What I love about this Pure-TS.com update is that the cisgender female star, Goddess Kyaa, isn’t reduced to taking the back seat because this is a trans site. She gets equal treatment to that of her real life partner, River Enza. Goddess Kyaa even takes Christian’s massive member in her tight ass just like her slave does! This update is a contender for my favorite threesome videos of the year 2018. For more of River Enza and Goddess Kyaa, go to the TransErotica network where River’s official solo website is soon to be released.

Pure-TS: Amanda Bell Oiled Up For Summer

MP4 Scene Trailer

If Amanda Bell has the ability to develop a big raging hardon and spurt a torrent of cum, I’m not seeing it in this Pure-TS.com update. But is she too pretty for that to even matter? For me, I could care less because she’s so captivating to watch in action.

She does a great job in this scene overall. I know I certainly can’t take a huge cock like Christian’s and almost make it look like a walk through the part at times the way Amanda does!

The official description of Amanda’s encore performance on this site reads: Amanda Bell is a stunning TS beauty that is just begging to get her ass oiled up and fucked hard. Christian loses himself in the moment as he is mesmerized by her beauty. Her anal skills are unbelievable and he deep dicks her and loves every second of it.

What I love about this ingenue off the bat is that you get a hint of how bright she is as soon as she begins speaking. This is an intelligent trans woman, not some bimbo flash in the pan. I’d be willing to bet that she’s got a promising adult industry career ahead of her.

Thanks to Christian for displaying Amanda completely nude. That’s so important, especially when a model is as finely built as this one. I’m not a huge fan of rimjob footage, but I don’t mind it at all as foreplay here. I absolutely love watching Amanda suck down as much of Christian’s huge cock as she can. I also love seeing Amanda jerk off. She’s hung and it may be hard to fathom this when comparing it to her partner’s massive endowment.

When Amanda initially slides down Christian’s stiff rod in the cowgirl position, her curvy little ass is displayed to perfection! Her hardbody also looks exquisite in the reverse position. After this bareback, dick swinging railing, Amanda takes a doggy style pounding. She gets drilled into the mattress and then side saddle fucked hard until we get a Pure-TS.com creampie ending!

Pure-TS: Every Powerful Man Needs A TS Of His Own By His Side

Description: Christian is on the phone doing the usual moving and shaking of his business ventures. Kimberly Sin is his beautiful TS sidekick that is always by his side. When he is done working, he is ready to take care of Kimberly and her big booty. He fucks her bareback relentlessly and takes out all his frustrations before giving her a hot load down her throat.

“Every Powerful Man Needs A TS Of His Own By His Side” is the third Pure-TS.com hardcore scene featuring the beautiful Kimberly Sin. It follows “The Morning Starts With A Threesome” with Nicolette Phoenix. 

“Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums All Over” introduces Kimberly as in transition status and it’s her debut with Christian XXX.

One does not have to be a man to get turned on by this new update. I’m a dominant trans and the thought of having a fox like Kimberly Sin at my beck and call is an extraordinary fantasy to get lost in. She’s delightfully attentive and submissive in this update. I love the sequence when she’s sprawled atop Christian’s lap and she begins finger banging herself when he lowers her panties.

Kimberly’s pretty dick is exposed when Christian flips her over in his lap after a little ass spanking. Her leg look amazing in black stay-up stockings and her feet are clad in tall stripper platforms. Her black and white mini dress is just barely on at this point.

Kimberly is allowed to play with her she-cock when she’s on her knees on the floor sucking Christian’s massive prick. Soon, she’s bent over on his chair taking his big rod with her tight ass. Kimberly and Christian suck and fuck in multiple positions until the cumtastic ending of this Pure-TS.com update!