Pure-TS: Liana Ames Is A Submissive CD Slut

I knew it was just a matter of time before super cute Liana Ames made the jump from amateur porn to the pros, not that the latter medium is any hotter. A website like Pure-TS and working with Christian XXX will definitely give her more exposure and what adult model doesn’t want that? Liana couldn’t possibly be better as a submissive waiting for her master’s orders that come after his making a golfing date to talk business.

If I had a cute and fit little subbie gurl like this at my beck and call I’d fuck her silly every chance I got. I love submissives of all genders and gorgeous part-time girl subs have a special place in my heart. Watching Christian turn Liana into his crossdressing, cock sucking slut is so erotic! This site is named Pure-TS.com but I love that it includes part-timer’s too every now and then. Trans girls and CD’s are vastly different but the variety gives this site that extra dimension that caters to those who admire both.

During a segment when Christian is pounding Liana bareback in the missionary position, she’s got a rock solid erection. When he curls his hand around it and squeezes it he tells her not to cum until he tells her to. If you’ve ever done this to a sub, you know how crazy that makes them and how powerful it makes you feel! (Will he allow her to cum at all?)

This Pure-TS.com update is pure Domination/submission without the typical BDSM props and gear. Christian has found the “Golden Pussy” and in this case it’s the tight ass of adorable Liana Ames.

The official synopsis reads: Liana Ames is a petite CD who is very submissive. She is there to please Christian and serve his every whim.

Usually that means she will be sucking his cock, deep throating it, and then getting her ass fucked hard in every position. Her huge gape is amazing as well and he really lets her ass have it.

Pure-TS: You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s

MP4 Scene Trailer 

You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s. Scratch that because you’re allowed to hang out with Natalie Mars Natalie Chen and Natalie Anderson. This denial only applies to beautiful Kimberly Sin from the May 13 Pure-TS update because she’s not a Natalie. You’re a special guest no matter what your name is.

The Natalie’s are the coolest chicks at school. They run the place and Kimberly the cheerleader just doesn’t fit in. These posh debutantes look fierce, act fierce, and soon they are going to get fucked fierce. These three fiery redhead babes need to get an A from their professor, and Natalie Mars knows just how they can accomplish this.

Does this seem like an erotic spoof on the fantastic 80’s teen movie Heathers? You got it and Natalie Mars brilliantly portrays the Heather Chandler character who said, “You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie.”

That video preview above shows us beautiful mega star Natalie Mars getting a bareback reverse cowgirl railing from Natalie Anderson on the right and Natalie Chen on the right. Naturally they’re envious but receive the same treatment eventually.

Not only that but they engage in lots of passionate kissing and oral trans lesbian sex also. But they take turns sucking Christian’s massive man meat first. Natalie Mars is first to get fucked by the Pure-TS.com founder as well as the last girl. But the other two Natalie’s, Miss Anderson and Miss Chen are not at all minimized and their performances are stellar quality as well. This is award-winning caliber porn. I’d be shocked if it didn’t get multiple nominations at the end of 2017.

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Pure-TS: Super Fit CD Kyra Kork Shows Off

With a body like that, who wouldn’t want to show it off? Back in January, I raved about an explosive bareback Pure-TS scene with founder and operator Christian XXX and CD Kyra Kork. I loved the contrast of such a beautifully built and strong model portraying such a dutiful submissive. I wondered what would happened when she returned to the site and was completely satisfied by the way things turned out! Unlike the first time where Kira was kneeling by the side of her master, she’s treated more like a girlfriend when her follow-up scene opens.

They’re at the start of an intense standing makeout session with another breathtaking view of Kira’s killer ass again. It’s clad in panties still but I promise you’ll see every single inch of it soon. You’ll see it getting pummeled mercilessly! But first, Kira gets her cock bared and stroked a bit before she sinks to her knees to give Christian a blowjob. He’s got a massive hardon before she even takes the bulbous head between her eager lips.

Her slutty cock sucking technique looks magnificent and soon she’s hoisted upon the white leather sofa on her hands and knees. The sight of her firm round ass getting penetrated by Christian’s huge member is everything! She’s gaping once she’s on her back holding her ankles in the air. She also strokes her cock firmly for the next dicking down.

Her incredible ass is the star of the cowgirl riding sequence and her pretty member takes center stage and bounces up and down in the reverse cowgirl footage! Once again pretty Kira opens her mouth wide when Christian is ready to release yet another big Pure-TS.com cum shot! By the way, she’s equally hot as a blonde as she is a brunette! Keep your eye on Kyra Kork. 

Pure TS – Chanel Noir

“Stunning New Model Gets Dicked Down” is the title of this killer Pure TS movie from Christian XXX. Chanel Noir is a stunning new model that is tall, thin, and perfect! “She is absolutely mesmerizing in every aspect and her passion and energy while getting fucked hard bareback has to be seen,” said Christian. “This starlet is going to be very popular, trust me!”

Well, I believe it and here’s why you should too: Before we even see her pretty face we get a rear view of Chanel approaching the bed Christian sleeps in. It’s a “Damn, who the hell is that?!” moment that would have you craving to see more of her if you didn’t see her photos first. A thin panel hides the center of her heart shaped ass and her legs go on forever. After giving her man’s cock a few squeezes through the bed sheets, Chanel reaches back to unsnap her brassiere. Then she lowers her panties to expose all of her tender looking bottom.

The Pure-TS.com founder awakens with a hardon and when he pushes the covers down, he gets the bulbous head of his massive cock licked. Then she begins sucking in earnest and her beautiful face is revealed. Christian encourages Chanel to scoot over into the 69 position and moments later we see that she’s developed a turgid erection. Since the male star’s tool isn’t in the frame dwarfing the size of his co-star’s, it’s plain to see that Chanel Noir is hung!

It’s even more evident when Christian grasps her stiff shaft and engulfs her cock head. He continues giving her an intense blowjob with a thumb embedded within her tight ass. Then comes the moment when he eases his bare cock inside Chanel’s tremendously gorgeous ass! The Pure-TS.com prolific founder is notorious for introducing trans talents who go on to become major stars in the adult industry. I see no reason why Chanel Noir won’t go straight to the top.

Pure TS – Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums

Kimberly Sin is a teen babe that is just starting her transition. She looks fantastic in her schoolgirl outfit and even better while sucking a cock and getting fucked bareback. The amazing part of this scene is when she orgasms while getting fucked and cumming all over the place. Its incredible! You will love this scene! That’s the official synopsis of Kimberly’s Pure-TS debut and damn right she cums!

“Come through, Kimberly!” I exclaimed to myself when I saw that this gorgeous new model had become an official porn actress. I’d been a big fan of her amateur work before seeing her on prolific Christian’s breakthrough website. “Oh my God, he’s gonna make her cum while fucking her,” is one of those thoughts I managed to keep inside near the end of this scene.

It plays out in the beginning with what may be a real life situation – two people hot for each other on the Net meeting in person for the first time. There standing across from each other making out in the living room. Kimberly is a schoolgirl ready to do what it takes for an A and extra credit. This theme in porn may never die. A blowjob of Christian’s massive cock ensues with Kimberly stroking her dick beneath her tartan plaid skirt.

She gets a kiss for doing such a great job and lays back on the sofa. Her legs are spread wide open in acceptance for Christian to enter her tight ass bareback. Kimberly’s cock is raging hard in anticipation of getting fucked and she strokes it firmly while getting banged! There are multiple position changes and Christian is fucking Kimberly side saddle while she masturbates. Big streams of creamy white cum spurt out of Kimberly’s swollen cock head and then Christian treats the young beauty with a creampie on Pure-TS.com.

Pure-TS: Perfect 10 Itzel Gets Fucked & Creampied

Is there really anyone in the world out there considered a Perfect 10? I don’t know but I’ve always thought of Gia Itzel aka Itzel XXX as a representation of the closest thing to it. “Itzel is an absolutely stunning TS superstar from Mexico,” said Pure-TS founder Christian XXX. “When she has her sights set on your cock, you have no chance to get away from his horny beauty. Her massive boobs and booty look so good while getting fucked hard. What an amazing scene!” he added.

I’m not bothered by someone boasting about their own scene because if I were in it, I’d be boasting too! This one doesn’t begin with any plot – just making out fully dressed in the bedroom. Christian pauses from kissing Itzel to call her perfect, she thanks him, and they resume kissing. She looks phenomenal in her body conscious little black dress and when Christian lowers the bodice to expose her full breasts.

He exchanges a few naughty words in Spanish with the Mexican stunner and lifts the hem of her dress to reveal her smoothly shaven uncut cock and pretty balls. When her back is facing us, Christian runs his fingers down the crevice of her incredible heart-shaped ass. We then see him finger banging the future target of his humongous sex shooter. When Itzel’s dress is off and she’s down to her tall sandals, she sinks down to level her face with the out-spring of his big hard cock. Her blowjob looks amazing and Itzel strokes her own dick while sucking away. Next, she’s on her back on the be receiving a rim job while masturbating.

Her legs are spread and raised high in the air as Christian eases his oiled schlong inside her for a powerful bareback fucking! This missionary position railing evolves into doggy style sex and cowgirl riding. Itzel’s big boobs heave and bounce and her cock bounces and spins wildly when she switches into the reverse cowgirl position on Pure-TS.com! “Big Boob Gia Itzel Is a Mexican Goddess” is their scene on TSPOV.com which is another killer site from Christian XXX and I highly recommend that you check out Gia’s official website Itzel.xxx!

Pure-TS: Lily Demure & Bailey Love

The official synopsis of “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Get Fucked Together” reads: Lily Demure is brand new to the pro porn scene. Her friend and lover Bailey Love is there to help her get comfortable while Christian fucks them both silly. These 2 sexy girls from the Midwest love getting fucked and love getting fucked together even more! Actually Lily’s no brand new because of two reasons. She was recently railed by Christian in “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” and I raved about that scene.

I’ve known Lily since her amateur days not to long ago and I just knew she’d be awesome in professional porn. As if it wasn’t hot enough seeing Lily in a hardcore scene with Christian, pairing her with Bailey Love who can do no wrong in my eyes is adult industry brilliance. One could get a hardon just thinking about this threesome, let alone seeing it. *wink*

Okay, that one would be me so I took myself and tented panties over to Pure-TS.com to see how things played out. Lily is wearing a bra, panties and stay-up stockings sitting across from a similarly clad Bailey with her legs and feet bare. Talk about pre-cum city. I’m a mess! These girls share some really hot kissing and sweet intimacy and Lily devours Bailey’s large hormone boobs right away! I don’t really care about tits other than my own but they’re really spectacular. Lily on the other hand is rather small-breasted and I love that too! I call these “don’t go changing” tits for obvious reasons.

Within very little time, Bailey’s brassiere is off and her panties are around her creamy thighs. Her big boner is pointing upward at Lily who proceeds to take the bulbous head inside her little mouth. Bailey helps Lily get out of her bra and her suckable nipples are exposed as she bobs her head up and down on Bailey’s thick shaft.

The look of pleasure on Lily’s face when Bailey gives her a rimjob is so real and this is the point where Christian joins in with his massive cock. He gets that big tool of his sucked and he manages to lock lips with Bailey who eases her erection balls deep within Lily’s tight ass! Don’t miss this magnificent Pure-TS.com update.

I’ve only described about the first quarter of the full scene! Bailey name her one-on-one debut here last year, followed that up with a threesome including Paige London and was magnificent in “Massive Bareback Orgy” with Taryn Elizabeth, Joss Amor, Nikki Vicious, Bailey Love, Rob Yaeger and the Pure-TS.com website founder and owner Christian XXX.

Pure-TS: Bikini Babe Natalie Gets Fucked Bareback

Natalie Mars is a super cute babe who wants to lay out by the pool and work on her tan. But that tiny bikini shows off all of her curves and bubble butt. The pool is going to have to wait until this sexy vixen gets fucked hard bareback and swallows a big load first.

This is a POV scene and you can see an entire site dedicated to TS POV scenes – HERE. 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards winner for “Best New Face” Natalie Mars makes her 6th Pure-TS.com performance! Two of those previous scenes were threesomes with other trans girls in the mix.

In this one-on-one with site owner Christian XXX, Natalie enters the living area in her bikini and platforms ready to head out to the pool with her boyfriend. She doesn’t get why he’s laying on his back with his huge erection exposed.

Since this is a POV scene, you don’t really see the male star, just his big dick and the beautiful trans girl gradually getting aroused at the sight of it. She sinks to her knees forgetting about the pool and curls the fingers of both hands around the enormous member, recalling that it’s the dick she fell in love with. She certainly sucks it like she’s in love with it and rubs it across her lovely breasts also.

Eventually, Natalie stands up and lowers her panties to reveal her incredible bottom. After a brief frottage session, she sinks her ass down on his bare cock and begins humping it rapidly.

The doggy style bareback footage is shot in POV fashion as well and hot Natalie is extremely verbal while getting railed! The reverse cowgirl sequence is exquisite with Natalie’s tits exposed from the bikini top that’s just barely on and her cock is flopping up and down and in circles. She also rides that huge hard prick in the traditional cowgirl and missionary positions. Natalie gets fucked out of her platforms at some point until all she has on is that string of a bikini top. This scene is an amazing Pure-TS.com update.

But Christian’s TSPOV.com website delivers the same high quality. Which one you’ll prefer is just a matter of how you’d rather like seeing these beauties getting fucked!

Pure-TS: Lily Demure – Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told

Christian is a powerful man that runs a large corporation. Even when he is home, he has a million things to do. Thankfully, he has an obedient TS maid, Lily Demure, around to do whatever he asks. And if life gets too stressful she is there ready to suck his cock and give up her ass for him whenever he desires. That’s the official synopsis of “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” which is one of the most impressive recent scenes on Pure-TS.

I’ve been a fan of Lily Demure for quite some time. That’s a bit ironic considering how young she looks. It’s been a pretty long road to Lily’s status of a professional trans adult performer. She developed a large fan base as an amateur model and now she’s officially in the big leagues. I knew this could happen for her back in the day and it’s wonderful to see Lily’s career really taking off.

She can go from a doll-like cute as a button angelic character to a sex-starved vixen in a heartbeat. Mr. XXX casts Lily appropriately as a submissive maid – a role I’ve seen her master before on amateur sites. This scene is perfect for the porn resume of Lily Demure whose star is truly on the rise. One of the most dynamic things about Lily in this scene is her arousal all throughout this torrid production.

In other words, her cock is raging hard for so long! I don’t think that’s totally necessary to make a trans porn scene great, but her performance here reaches the above and beyond level. You can see how much fun Christian has with Lily in every single sequence and position change. If you’re a primarily dominant male, trans or cis, Lily is bound to be your dream subbie girl when watching her in action who couldn’t have a partner who can portray a Dom so well.

Lily seems like she has craves having a big man with a massive cock putting her through the paces so much that many viewers will swear this is the way she is in real life. If I were to interview her I’d definitely ask her about that. I’ve seen her playing very well in the sandbox with other girls also and I’d tap that aspect as well.

Sensing how badly Christian wants his big dick inside Lily’s adorable and tight ass, I’m gratified that he took the time with some sexy toy penetration before giving her the real tube injection. Not many of us could hold back like that.

This segment makes it play out like a true master and servant story. This is the type of Pure-TS.com scenes that will stay fresh in my mind until quite some time. That’s until I can resist playing it again right down to the cum-laden finale.

Pure TS – Japanese Superstar Miran Gets Barebacked and Creampied

Miran is an international superstar new-half from Japan and the Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 “Best Internet Personality” winner. The official synopsis on Christian’s frequently updated (an understatement) reads: …she and Christian get together for a volcanic sex session! He fucks her petite ass bareback in every position, including some acrobatic ones. And after she cums all over herself, she begs him to fill up her ass with his cum.

This is Miran’s fourth scene on Pure-TS.com since the Spring of 2015. As they’re about to kiss as their latest scene opens, Christian comments, “You’re back… all mine,” in reference to her return to the United States. He’s fully dressed and she’s just wearing a bikini and chic, pricey designer pumps. As they kiss passionately, one of his hands is in plain view and it’s not making any bold grasps. But when you see his other hand, Miran’s beautiful cock is in its grasp protruding from the side of her swimsuit.

When he turns her to his side to kiss her neck, Miran’s dick is hard enough to crack walnuts with, suspended by her bikini pouch. Christian begins to pull down Miran’s bikini top, exposing her large firm breasts that show no tan lines. He also begins stroking her shaft below her shiny exposed cockhead and cups one of her boobs. He tells her how much he loves her cock and they kiss deeply again as she stands in front of him with her ass pressed against his crotch. I’d bet my life savings that Christian’s got a boner beneath his jeans by this point. The passion turns a bit rough with Christian clasping his hand around Miran’s neck. This is going to be a rough one.

He’s got a pressure hold on both of her arms too! How is she going to handle it? Once out of this standing wrestling move, she reacts by facing him and pressing her body against his tightly. He then pulls her panties down to reveal that her incredible ass is fully tanned also. Christian kneads her firm bottom and also spreads her cheeks wide. He then sinks down a bit to help Miran remove her panties completely and her hard cock seems a bit out of proportion to her petite 5’5″ frame. It arcs upward in the air and Christian takes the head and first few inches of her erection inside his mouth.

Christian gives the amazing cock that’s actually fucked him powerfully in a previous Pure-TS.com scene a talented blowjob. When he rises, Christian and his mammoth cock make him appear like a giant as he stands beside Miran. She sinks down to her knees to return the oral favor, jerking her stiff dick while she sucks away at his. Christian forces an intense skull fuck, then lifts her up as if she weighs nothing. He extends his arms at full length so that her back is pressed against the wall behind her. Miran’s swollen organ is right in front of Christian’s face and he gives her head again and tea bags her drawn.up ball sack. Then he spins around and carefully places Miran on the sofa to give her a rimjob while she faps her hardon.

After another brief blowjob, Christian eases his huge bare cock inside the Japanese beauty in the missionary position in this incredible Pure-TS.com update. Back to my question about how Miran takes rough sex? She does so like a champ in a variety of position changes and your favorite sequence might be when she’s riding her man’s enormous prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her thick hardon swinging and bouncing all over the place! Or maybe it will be the simultaneous cumshots!