Ryder Monroe Returns To Shemale Strokers

Ryder Monroe is back with a 27 minute stripper with a blue dildo video on Shemale Strokers. Click on each photo if you’d like to zoom in.

This beautiful L.A. based songwriter and model Ryder Monroe has written for Jason Derulo, Teddy Riley, Lil Twist, and more artists. Don’t miss her sensuous performances including intense climaxes on Shemale Strokers.

Tiffany Starr Returns to Shemale Strokers

The gorgeous and highly prolific hostess of Tiffany Starr XXX is in a shoe store looking around for some killer shoes to make her pretty legs and cute ass look even hotter in a 27 minute Shemale Strokers movie with and explosive ending. Here are some of the photos:

Have you seen the revised Shemale Strokers tour yet?  They’ve done an amazing  job with the new navigation and yet another incredible set with beautiful Tiffany Starr!

Nina Lawless on Shemale Strokers

Nina Lawless fans say she ought to change her name to Nina Flawless and I’ve just seen another reason why she receives such high praise. Born in Mexico City, Mexico on June 8, 1989, she’s a fantastic adult performer who currently resides in San Francisco, California. Nina’s 33 minute performance on Shemale Strokers (where you can always count on a climactic ending) is fantastic. It begins with her getting fully dressed instead of undressed and she opens up about herself in an L.A. living room. 33 minutes might seem long for a solo session, but there’s never a dull moment.

Her debut video for this great site was made after she presented and danced at the 6th Annual Tranny Awards ceremony, which has been re-named the TEA – Transgender Erotica Awards, which essentially mocks the conservative political tea party by the way. Culinary Arts and ballet are two things Nina takes very seriously.

You’ll learn a lot more about Nina when you see Nina’s spectacular Shemale Strokers performance. You can find out even more about her on ninalawless.com.

birdmountain on Shemale Strokers

TS birdmountain aka Krista Michaels has been on hormones for nearly 2½ years and full-time for about a year and a half, with all of her documents already changed, i.e., name, ID, passport, etc. This Los Angeles-based model is also a portrait and head shot photographer who specializes in glamour and fashion shoots with actors, models, and musicians. In her Shemale Strokers video, birdmountain discusses her favorite groups and movies. birdmountain was in several  bands and plays a little guitar in the video. She’s quite good and her interview is so engaging, I almost forgot I was watching a porn video.

Of course, the naughty part of her 22 minute movie that comes with 100 hi-res photos is awesome, too! Watch birdmountain on Shemale Strokers. 


TS Aubrey Kate on Shemale Strokers



TS Aubrey Kate’s debut Shemale Strokers video is fantastic! Click on the photo above for a video preview. The 21 year old Italian, Irish, French and German beauty talks about when her transition began and what she’s into sexually. Her 32DD breasts look amazing and her skin is virtually flawless. The video runs just over 26 minutes and Aubrey Kate is what I’d describe as a heavy shooter. This video is a total pleaser for T&A and leg and foot lovers. Don’t miss her stunning performance!


Penny Tyler on Shemale Strokers

I downloaded the new TS Penny Tyler video from Shemale Strokers the other day. No one living on this planet should be allowed to be this good looking. If you’re going to view a 28 minute video as hot as this beauty’s, be prepared to be utterly smitten with the star of Penny Tyler XXX.  Run her video for someone you’ve been trying to seduce and see how they react. I’ll bet you’ll get lucky.     


TS Vanessa Slaughter on Shemale Strokers


I’m still so used to seeing Oakland, California’s Vanessa Slaughter as a redhead that I wasn’t sure if I liked her blonde look as much since I identify her as a Goth/Alternative performer. But when I saw her 26 minute Shemale Strokers movie, I realized she looked great as a blonde, too. She still looks edgy as hell with a few tattoos and piercing that aren’t overdone. Vanessa is a submissive chick, a pro makeup artist and also a writer working on her manuscript and she writes passionate poetry. You ought to follow her as often as you can, especially if you’re into intelligent pale transsexuals who understand the fetish and BDSM lifestyles. Attention to leg and foot lovers: Vanessa Slaughter clearly has your desires and needs in mind as well. 

TS Sienna Grace on Shemale Strokers


Have you ever seen a hot tgirl on the Net and just knew immediately that you’d soon see her making rounds on the major premium websites? When I first saw 24 year old Sienna Grace, It was refreshing to see her on the fast track leading to the top of the transgender adult entertainment industry. The first scene I’d like to direct you to is her 25 minute Shemale Strokers solo debut. I’ll discuss her first hardcore scene on another amazing website later. Meanwhile, you should see if she’s perfoeming LIVE right now on chaturbate.com/siennalivesfree!

Annalise Rose On Shemale Strokers

Annalise Rose is at work on casual Friday describing her outfit to a special friend. She’s extremely horny and needs a little phone sex for release. Annalise has already shown her acting talent many times over and there was able to walk through this 14+ minute video which is actually short by Shemale Strokers standards. No plot development was necessary to make me rate this clip as one of Sammy Mancini’s best ever and a tour de force for Annalise Rose. 


Delia TS and Ms Savannah Sly on Shemale Strokers


Delia TS says, “I’ve started working with a few professional Dommes in the Seattle area. I was getting a little burned out on camming at the end of the year and have always been interested in doing in person work. Thanks largely to help of Ms Savannah Sly I’ve been expanding my horizons a bit. Right now it’s just a gig here and there but I’m hoping that will change because I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve also been busy with shooting content both for my site and a new scene that’s up now on Shemale Strokers also with Ms Savannah Sly.”

“This ended up being a pretty hot strap on scene that ended with her making me cum on her boot and lick it all off.”