Salacious Shana on Femout.XXX

Here’s an update I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time and it’s finally been released on Femout.XXX. It’s not that in took all that much time to hit the site since its production. The thing is, I presented my Interview with Salacious Shana exclusively on Caramel’s TGirls in September of 2016 knowing she was on her way to becoming and official adult industry actress then.

We’ve been in frequent contact since our Q&A so there was no need to bug her asking, “When’s your shoot going to be published and with what studio?” I knew she was in good hands with model/producer and rock star and podcast hostess Jamie of and that it would be a fantastic Femout.XXX addition to one of my favorite adult websites.

It’s a bit difficult being objective about someone you’ve gotten to know pretty well as friends when seeing them in an actual porno for the first time, but I always manage to work past that. You can see how Shana is presented as a naughty schoolgirl in her landing page trailer.

Considering that she’s a PhD, it seems only natural choice as far as the theme goes. I could also imagine her a “Hot for Teacher” performance in the future, perhaps in a hardcore scene. Jamie is so talented in bringing out a model’s best features and the highlights in this particular scene are Shana’s pretty face and what I haven’t been shy as describing as her “extremely fuckable” ass.

Shana’s sexy debut comes with a little finger banging and a lot of well-lubricated cock stroking. This is the type of solid first time performance I’ve come to expect on a website that focuses on hot trans models just starting out in the adult industry.

It’s the also the perfect sort of warm up for more explicit adventures soon to come. I highly recommend subscribing to Femout.XXX so you won’t miss what’s coming next.

Interview with Salacious Shana

I recently began correspondence with a young aspiring model trying to break into the adult industry. Salacious Shana is a bright light who helped me to present an easy-flowing conversation. It’s very candid and at times extremely sexy. My interview with Shana is one of the most pleasurable ones I’ve ever conducted and I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂