Evie Eliot on Shemale Strokers

“Sexy Trans Girl Is Whippin’ Up Something Sweet For You To Eat!” is the name of the latest smoking hot performance by Evie Eliot on Shemale Strokers!

Lovely, leggy Evie Eliot wants to whip you up something hot in the kitchen. She’s been waiting for you all day, so she wastes no time stripping into her panties and heels. She whips out her huge cock and starts stroking herself. With her legs spread wide, her dick pokes out of her skimpy thong. She finds a couple toys to stick up her tight hole and keeps playing for you. Then she gets on all fours so you can take her from behind after admiring her gorgeous ass and feet. She tightly grips her swollen member as she gets closer and closer to climaxing. At last Evie leans back on the counter and squeezes out a gooey treat for you to eat.

Now that’s the official Shemale Strokers synopsis. What I’d like to add is how sexy it is to see the Welsh beauty change up her look so often. This time her hairstyle is perfect as she’s acting as a sexy housewife. Even the nightie and tall wedges that she removes fit the part to the tee.

Evie makes a great erotic display of fondling her lovely breasts while moaning loudly. She’s teasing by standing and sitting on the counter without removing her panty yet. The producer zooms in on her long legs and sexy peds for foot fans and then closes in on her hand inside her panty. Eventually Evie withdraws her lovely cock and begins stroking it to a full erection. She then sits on the kitchen counter with both feet up and her cock sticks up,too!

Then she stretches out to masturbate more comfortably. Next, Evie fins an anal plug to toy her killer ass with. That’s not the only toy she uses. I’ve only described about half of this Shemale Strokers scene. You just have to see how Evie Eliot makes herself cum!

Nala on Shemale Strokers





Nala speaks! I’ve heard her sexy voice in solo and hardcore scenes on other websites before, but in her Shemale Strokers debut, this svelte beauty really goes into depth about herself. Nala tells us where she was from and goes into detail about her transition and the first time she had ever had sex. Well that last part was brief, but the main event comes quickly. Nala’s striptease begins with a devastating rear view with no undies on. Moments later, she’s stroking her cock while standing completely nude. Once Nala is seated on the sofa, her long, uncut dick is raging hard. There are too many position changes to list here. That would take all day to describe. Speaking of days, I’m thinking she must have had a few with no orgasm because of the way she climaxed. That’s when I noticed that her belly button is an innie. 81 hi-res photos compliment Nala’s sizzling Shemale Strokers video. Check out the trailer!

Skai on Shemale Strokers





Take a look at the Trailers section on Shemale Strokers to see Skai in action. Or maybe you shouldn’t if you don’t want to see a preview of her cumshot before watching her full-length video. I know absolutely nothing about her other than she’s cute as a button and one of the best new performers on the site. The whole scene focuses on her love for sucking cock. Since it’s a solo session, the only cock in it is Skai’s and it’s huge. It actually looks a bit out of proportion for her petite frams. Skai aka Tama has a succulent looking pair of hormone boobs with puffy nipples and a nice, smooth completion. There’s no big introduction in her scene and she tells us the perfect size dick for her matches the clear one she’s holding. Skai jerks off and makes her own tool hard and wastes no time in fucking herself with the dildo. I said her skin tone was smooth before. Actually, it’s almost flawless. When she shifts her body around, you can see her tight abs flexing and her legs and ass are gorgeous too. She’s also loud and vocal. Watch your sound level or your neighbors will think you’re fucking some horny ass girl with a sweet, high-pitched voice. Okay I’m done. Just cum with hung, pretty Skai on Shemale Strokers.

Aubrey Kate on Shemale Strokers





Aubrey Kate has been on Shemale Strokers so many times and she’s so popular, there’s no need for an introduction this time. She simply walks to the bed and begins posing on it. The intro is shot in slow motion. The music is cool, but it’s going to stop at the right time, as usual. This is a 25:12 minute scene so it’s impossible to predict everything this Las Vegas superstar is going to do. For example, I kind of forgot that Aubrey Kate easily could lick her own pointy nipples until I saw her doing it again. I didn’t forget how she talks her way through her orgasm and the viewer’s however. Sh makes a lot of eye contact and talks dirty to you while stroking her cock. Her large breasts jiggle more and more the faster she jerks off. The way she cums isn’t predictable either. Will she shoot in slow motion or regular speed? Will there be an instant replay? Find out by watching gorgeous Aubrey Kate again on Shemale Strokers. You can watch her recent video preview and a blast from the past by clicking on each photo.

Sasha Skye on Shemale Strokers







Have you seen the Sasha Skye trailer on Shemale Strokers yet? The full video is fantastic but the Sasha’s in-depth introduction is extra special. I can’t remember the last time I saw a porn video that made me learn so much about a model/performer. I don’t want to tell you to much, but Sasha introduces herself as a 20 year old trans porn actress and student studying French and business. Her ethnic background is Russian and she likes Hip Hop and EDM. Then things get serious and Sasha’s revelations are moving. I didn’t see all that coming. Sasha discusses her sexual preferences next and latest exploits. Sasha is scantily clad and you don’t see any nudity until about 5 minutes into her scene. I loved that! This is a 24 minute video and there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy watching Sasha strip and masturbate. If knowing something about the pretty girl you see performing is important to you, the Sasha Skye debut on Shemale Strokers is exquisite. What makes it a cut above the rest is the director’s decision to allow her to talk about herself at length. Don’t forget to watch the trailer.

Ada Black on Shemale Strokers








This Ada Black video isn’t a visual POV scene, but one of the mind. You’re Ada’s boyfriend who hides in the closet until she comes home. Her father would destroy you if he knew you were watching her strip and show off her curvy ass, soft, hormone boobs and stiffening cock. She jerks off so hard and loudly, someone in the next room might be able to hear her balls slapping against her thighs. That’s if they don’t hear her moaning first. She gets even louder when trying to work a huge dildo inside her ass. Oh, that’s you toying her! Ada’s cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with and she’s using that backward fist method of beating off. That sex toy pumping in and out of Ada is big enough to prepare her to take just about anyone’s real live cock. It also gets her so worked up that she ends up shooting a big blast of cream all over her pretty face, lips and tongue. This is the 3rd awesome performance by Ada Black on Shemale Strokers since June 2014. Visit the site for a video preview. It was shot by TS Jamie French and that’s where you should go first for more her torrid hardcore scenes. You’ll find a lot more info on Ada there, too. You won’t have to hire a detective to find it.

Melanie on Shemale Strokers



I love that you can now watch video previews now at the “Trailers” section at the top of the Shemale Strokers landing page. As usual, there are a lot of stunner there, but Melanie caught my eye because I haven’t seen her in quite some time. Actually, it’s also because of the way she’s dressed. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses? Ask Melanie about that if you ever get the chance to meet her in person. I first saw her on another great website and she was bespectacled there, too. I’d say it works for her pretty well and fits perfectly with the office theme of her new video. She’s going over some files at her desk (the same type of glass top I’m working on right now). For some reason, her soft penis and tight balls are hanging outside of her panties. Her voice is sweet when she tells us she’s going to do something out of the ordinary for today’s break. Melanie props her heels on the desk and begins to do what the site promises in its name. The L.A. transsexual beauty moans softly as her cock grows from her slow, steady stroking. Then she gets up and her magnificent ass is presented as she leans against the file cabinet. Her top and g-string are still on, but not for long. Melanie is naked except for her high heel sandals as she sits back down to beat off more intensely this time. But of course she has to show off her bare ass and simulate riding a stiff dick. Melanie is lying down when she faps furiously, sending thick ropes of creamy white cum to blast out of the swollen head of her beautiful erection. Catch her eruption and the slow motion instant replay on Shemale Strokers. Click here for a video of Melanie from a previous performance.

Kayla Biggs on Shemale Strokers

You might want to check out a preview of the new 20 minute Kayla Biggs video by clicking on “Movie Trailers” on Shemale Strokers. If not, I can tell you a few things about this prolific star’s new solo scene. After showing off her skills as a pool shark, Kayla shows off what made her famous in the adult industry – a super pretty face, an aerodynamic figure, and a huge cock. The erotic fun plays out in a tastefully decorated room with Kayla exposing her big knockers and giving tantalizing rear and frontal views of her assets. There’s a lot of focus devoted to her magnificent posterior, clad in a lacy black v-string before she lowers the garment. When she turns to face the camera, her cock isn’t fully hard yet. But it’s getting there with just a little help from her fingers. She squeezes the base firmly and points it straight at you. Soon, Kayla’s enormous sex organ is raging hard. She makes it bob and sway in the air and pulls off her heels for foot lovers. After that, Kayla removes her stocking and panties. Her immaculate rosebud winks invitingly as she continues to jack off and slap her big dick against her thigh. I’ve seen Kayla make herself cum more times than I can remember so I knew that a big creamy white climax was on the way. This is yet another snatched from the gods Kayla Biggs performance on Shemale Strokers. Over 150 hi-res images are in the photo set. Click here for a video preview of Kayla’s 3rd Shemale Strokers performance!


Fiona Summers on Shemale Strokers

Submissive TS Fiona Summers makes her second performance on Shemale Strokers describing her recent experience with a BDSM master. She also describes her first forced oral and anal intercourse experiences and they were with the same man. He must have been good because thinking about it makes her cock hard. She show us exactly she’s talking about. After a brief stroking, Fiona takes off her pumps for bare foot lovers, puts on some knee pads and simulates sucking you off with a dildo. She looks great in the extreme closeup footage. About 10 minutes into the video, Fiona begins seriously jacking off. A clear stream of precum oozes from her cockhead and soon, she’s completely naked on the sofa, except for her sunglasses. Fiona faps in a variety of positions before she lays back down to shoot her load into her palm. She’s quite a heavy cummer and she looks super sexy lapping up some of her cream. The slow motion instant replay is fantastic and the set comes with 70 photos. See more of Fiona Summers on Shemale Strokers.


Cherry Mavrik and Matt on Shemale Strokers

I remember the first Shemale Strokers video with gorgeous Cherry Mavrik in which she introduced herself as a nasty little bisexual who just can’t get enough of men or women. She said that she lives to eat pussy, suck cock and fuck, loves rough sex and naughty role play. She went on to stroke her 7″ cock until she shot a load of cum that went right between her tits. You can preview the Shemale Strokers 65 DVD on the Eros Transgender Theater. In another scene, Cherry told us about the time a hot guy took her home, tied her up and was preparing for a kinky time. She told us and showed us in graphic detail about how he inspected her member closely, then sucked it. Cherry’s dirty little exploit resulted in her cramming a dildo into her tight fun spot and another one of those explosive cumshots of hers blasted all the way up to her boobs. In her new video, Cherry orders a cappuccino next to Matt who overhears her phone conversation and offers to give her a massage. Matt looks like a male version of actress Famke Janssen and this is a plus for those who have a thing for androgynous young men. Cherry is 100% bottom to Matt in this Shemale Strokers scene and both stars are heavy cummers.