Caramel’s Interview with Ashton Abrahms


A few months ago, I saw a fantastic new webcam performer and adult entertainment star on the Net. We came into contact on Twitter and I’m proud to announce my interview with Ashton Abrahms. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it (Warning: Adult content and photos). Click here to read our interview!

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms









Sarina Valentina is breathtaking in hardcore bareback action with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms who starred with her in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This bareback hardcore scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won? Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, fetish, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Join for her amazing archive of content.

Sarina Valentina My Pleasure Room




The ‘My Pleasure Room’ photo set is a big explicit one with just under 100 hi-res photos and here is a sample gallery. In the video, Sarina Valentina introduces herself and gets right down to exposing and caressing her lovely breasts. This solo masturbation scene, shot in a dungeon is an exquisite combination of old Hollywood glamour and BDSM. Oh fuck! I’m just watching it now for the first time and listening to what Sarina is saying while she jacks off. Sarina clearly wants to be dominated, yet she wants her stiff cock sucked, too. She’s moving around in different positions on her chaise lounge, slapping her ass. Then she’s playing with it between fapping way until she cums. This is one of those amazing transsexual solo performances you’d want to play for a friend who’s never seen one before.

Sarina Valentina – Heels and Stripes

This photo gallery is from the 18 minute Sarina Valentina video. Sarina is one of my all-time favorite performers.  I think her new work is as amazing as her first sets ever as Alexis way back when.


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Sarina Valentina and Jessy Dubai Hardcore

When I say hardcore, I mean hardcore. I love watching TS on TS transbian videos and Sarina Valentina and Jessy Dubai together is like something out of a transbian wet dream.


Sarina and Jessy are two of my all-time favorite adult performers. Watch them go at it on and check out all the TGirl Network updates.


Sarina Valentina on Trans 500

Category Archives: Trans 500 from August 19, 2013



The award winning hostess of makes her Trans500 debut! Handsome Rico Steele needs some loving this Valentine’s Day and he calls Sarina for companionship. Click on each picture for video and photo galleries from “A Sarina Valentina Valentine” and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!




Sarina Valentina and Rico Steele on


TS Playground #05 DVD


The TS Playground #05 (double-disc) DVD directed by Jay Sin runs 03:51:56 and starring Alex Victor, Danni Daniels, Gabriella Lira, Gladys Adriane, Jenna Rachels, Mandy Mitchell, Max Scar, Sarina Valentina, Spencer Fox, Tori Lux. Click on each image below for photo galleries.







This film is one of my all-time favorites! Watch ALL of the TS Playground #04 Previews presented by Evil Angel!


Sarina Valentina – A Phone Call Made Me Horny

I’ve been posting about Sarina Valentina since the summer of 2010, before her official website was launched. Since then, she’s built a huge archive, but what impresses me the most is that after all she’s been through, her new work is just as good as her original content way back when she was known as Alexis.


Some think it’s even better now. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’d have to dig up all of her work as a brunette, blonde, redhead and all the variations of Sarina after getting her hair did in so many styles and colors. That would be a day’s work.


Anyway, Sarina chats for a minute with some married guy for a few minutes and once aroused, she gives you all her undivided attention in the new 21 minute solo film.


I can’t imagine how any devoted Sarina Valentina fan can go on living without her new movie and photo set.