T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza Review

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“T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza – A Sex Doll Transformation Fantasy” on SashaDeSade.xxx has a world class Domme guest and one of the UK’s most desirable tgirl submissives – Fetish Liza, the hostess of DirtyTransDolls.com and Natalie Goth TV. It’s so sexy yet so hard to watch foreplay with CBT (cock and ball) devices with no release, but thankfully I’m not the one wearing one. Sasha has drawn up such a sexy description of this release, there’s no need for me to add many words: Two newly-trained TS Sexdolls are delivered to dominatrix Fetish Liza. The sexdolls used to be manly men, but have been feminized, trained and implanted with an experimental chip so that they can be controlled by a remote control. The dolls’ new owner, Fetish Liza, wastes no time testing the full range of their humiliating functions. She has them dance sluttily together, sniff each other’s assholes, and lick each other’s chastity cages before bringing out a dildo mouth gag for them to share. TS Doll Natalie wears the dildo gag with one end strapped down her throat and the other sticking out for TS Doll Sasha to suck and deep throat. After working up some slobber on the cock gag, Fetish Liza orders Natalie to penetrate Sasha’s fuckhole, and Natalie works the cock in and out of Sasha while slamming her gagged face into the TS slut’s ass. After making Natalie and Sasha fuck in several degrading positions, the batteries in her remote control die, and it looks like Natalie’s cock gag and face will stay in Sasha’s ass for longer than planned… ūüėČ

Jenny Flowers Disobeys Madam Sasha de Sade and Gets Assfucked

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Description: Jenny Flowers enjoys a lot of freedoms working at Sasha de Sade’s TS whorehouse. The freedom to suck hundreds of dicks, the freedom to sit on fat hard cocks, the freedom to swallow cumshots all night… but NOT the freedom to bathe in Sasha’s private hot tub! And by now anyone watching my videos knows what happens to disobedient TS whores… Oh, and there’s a piss scene at the end of this vid for all you dirty pervs.” SashaDeSade.xxx is a compilation of the multi-faceted skills of a model who knows how to direct as well as she performs. Whenever she appears with Jenny Flowers, pure magic is created. Jenny sets up a description of the brothel wearing skimpy lingerie and tall sandals with her naughty bits practically falling out. She dips a hand into the bath water she’s forbidden to indulge in. It’s so hard to resist slipping into the water and she unbuckles the straps of her wedges and gets completely naked. This sequence is erotic enough to cum to before proceeding to the main action of the theme. But it’s even hotter of course when dominant Sasha catches Jenny. Jenny is caught after masturbating and the naked and horny nymph is forced to suck Sasha’s cock from flaccid to stiff. Madam allows Jenny to jerk off while sucking her dick and her nipples. The Domme even sucks Jenny’s cock in return! There’s passionate kissing and one might think these two beauties were lovers on an equal level. That’s until Sasha begins fucking Jenny’s tight ass forcefully! What makes this one of the best trans lesbian scenes of 2018 is that the submissive gets to fuck her Madam in return. She’s also a fast and hard fucker in the blazing hot update on SashaDeSade.xxx!

SashaDeSade: Wannabe Sissy Loser Degredation with Mandy Mitchell

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Warning – this video is for wannabe sissy sluts who get turned on being insulted and laughed at by a gorgeous trans woman and her sissy friend (me ;)) TS Mandy Mitchell showcases sissy Sasha all dolled up pink and frilly in her sexy slut outfit. Mandy compares the masculine wannabe sissy viewer to the hot sissy bimbo on screen and taunts & insults the viewer while exploring Sasha’s pretty feminized body. Mandy blows sissy Sasha’s hard clitty and takes a big load of cum all over her TS face, and Mandy laughs at the thought of taking a load in the face from the wannabe sissy watching at home.¬†Heed the warning message because if you’re not prepared for sissy degradation, you should probably move on to the next post. But if you’re ready for two trans superstars to roll out a SashaDeSade.xxx humiliation production with hot sex, you’re in the right place.¬†The sissy loser in this update is YOU.

The star of Mandy-Mitchell.com is about to humiliate you and make you jealous of Sasha. You could never be as hot as Sissy Sasha. Mandy likes Sasha’s sissy outfits that would never look this good on you. Mandy loves Sasha’s skyscraper platforms so much she licks them while presenting them to you. “I would never lick your ridiculous size 16 shoes,” Mandy admonishes. “But Sasha has gorgeous feet,” she adds.¬†Sasha had to work hard on feminizing herself and sucking hard dicks for years to look this good. Mandy illustrates how a middle-aged sissy would look so silly dressed in a nightie like the one Sasha is just barely wearing. But at least Sasha has small hormone tits since yours can’t compete with hers either. Mandy adores sucking on her tight nipples, too.¬†Wait until you see Mandy withdraw Sasha’s stiff cock from her sissy panties. She begins licking it like it’s a lollipop as son as it’s out! She’d never lick your disgusting girl cock, she says. But she loves girl cock. While Mandy jerks Sasha off, the sissy sub confesses how she was trained by her Mistress.¬†I wonder which blowjob sessions you’ll prefer. Will it be with Sasha getting her erection orally pleased while laying down or standing? I like the segment where Sasha’s dick spurts streams of creamy white cum directly at….let’s just say with Mandy’s assistance.

Sasha de Sade: BTS My Daily Bathtub BBC Training

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Beautiful Sasha of SashaDeSade.XXX says, “High quality full-length porn video coming tomorrow, just posting a bonus update tonight ūüėČ Mistress says I have to practice sucking my BBC dildo every time I have a bath, and I can’t fill the tub till I’ve sucked the long black cock all the way down my throat… I filmed my cocksucking practice on my phone earlier today for you to watch me train my throat for my future as a BBC gangbang slut ūüėÄ When I can use my throat as a fucksleeve without gagging or choking Mistress will start renting me out to groups, I’m kinda scared but also excited! xx” So, after watching the full video, I’m not saying you have to have a BBC to enjoy this, but it sure doesn’t hurt! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a special turn on for me. I think it’s equally sexy t anyone who loves interacial oral. There’s even more to it, however. Toward the end, Sasha’s Mistress films her in close up so tightly as she jerking off, her cock looks enormous – directly in front of your face. She’s stroking her erection frantically in the tub naked except for the red lingerie pushed down her thighs. The big black cock replica hangs in the air moments after she stops sucking it to make her lovely pink cock spurt its cum. You can easily imagine swallowing Sasha’s spunk (I know I did). She sticks her tongue out at the end of this clip and…. Is anyone else thinking cummy kisses? Whether it’s yes or no, pay a visit to SashaDeSade.XXX. Sasha just happens to be jerking off LIVE right now on Chaturbate.com/sasha_de_sade! Say hi and tell her Caramel sent you.

Sasha de Sade: A Day in the Life of a Sissy Slave

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Mysterious Mistress Murmer who owns beautiful Sasha de Sade ordered that her sissy slave keep a dairy of the daily events in her life. She explains this to us wearing a slightly open robe. Seconds later, she’s naked except for a chastity device, posing this way and that. She then grasps a frilly pair of panties that have bells on them so the Mistress can hear where she is in the house. Unfortunately, these panties hide a substantial bit of Sasha’s goodies, but we know there’s more of them to come. Thigh-high white stockings come next and then a long blonde wig follows. A wig?! Why would a gorgeous trans girl with luxurious blonde hair of her own wear a blonde wig? Because it fits in perfectly with the sissy fantasy. Next comes a silicone bust form to give her big fake boobs until Sasha gets her breast implants. And yes, she does look like a sex doll like she says in her lurid commentary. Then comes what so many of us have been waiting to see – the sissy maid uniform! It’s so lovely, pink and shiny and then a set of petticoats come next! Sasha gets into the petticoats and she’s already looking ready to serve some dick properly. But the apron and mid heel marabou slippers come before that. Sasha walks toward us lifting the hem of her uniform and petticoats to expose the bulbous head of her cock through the clear CBT device. I can’t help but wonder if it’s oozing streams of pre-cum yet. But I digress. She’s got to run downstairs to meet her Mistress for now. There’s cooking to be done and punishment to be administered for her transgressions. You can see how this all plays out on SashaDeSade.xxxx!

Sasha de Sade & Jenny Flowers

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Description: One of Mistress Murmur’s most valuable clients has an unusual request. He wants to buy a sissy wife, and a sissy clean-up bitch. He wants one sissy to be his bride; his devoted submissive fuck toy. The other sissy, the clean-up bitch, will spend her days licking cum from the sissy wife’s leaking holes, and sucking Master’s dick clean. Mistress Murmur has filmed a competition between her two most promising sissy slaves to help her client decide which sissy slut will be his wife, and which will be a dirty clean-up bitch. “Sissy Wife Competition” may trigger some readers/viewers, but it intrigues and arouses the trans dominatrix in me. Sasha and Jenny are presented sitting with their wrists cuffed. They’re wearing ultra-feminine night wear and high heels. Mistress Murmer describes their submissive situation to us in detail. The sissy sisters are unbound in the next sequence, sitting on the floor, listening to Mistress Murmer continuing about plans for them. The client description comes next – how he’s intent on finding the perfect sissy wife. The sisters will be pitted against each other and the loser will be purchased as well. Sasha is instructed to show Jenny how well she wears her outfit and how she could be the perfect sissy wife. Her CBT (cock and ball) device is attached and she’s further instructed to show off her fuckable, pantied bottom. She’s told to walk in her heels with her hem pulled up and her goodies dangling in their clear plastic prison. Jenny is instruceted to show what she’s got next. She’s more innocent than her whore sister, wearing frilly panties that hide her cock. Jenny is wearing a pink CBT device under her panties. She shows how she’d walk as a sissy slut wife in her tall sandals. Then a task is presented for both sissies to carry out together. The must use the giant windows overlooking the city to behave naughtily before. This means allowing anyone looking in to see their chastity and partial nudity. After exposing their captive cocks, balls and butt holes to passersby looking inside, their forced to show how they’d please a live cock with a large dildo. The enclosed Scene Trailer gives you a glimpse of what happens at this point on SashaDeSade.XXX.

Sasha de Sade & Lexi Sindel: Bimbo Wife Hypnosis

Sasha de Sade’s husband has sent her to see cisgender dominatrix Lexi Sindel of FemdomEmpire.com because she’s not submissive enough. The dominant husband also spoke privately with the Mistress about the way Sasha has been regressing in her feminization. This issue even has Sasha questioning her femininity. She’s wearing dark colors and drab outfits, worrying about crude comments from men. Lexi has taken on the task of turning this situation around and redeveloping Sasha into the type of woman she was meant to be. Hypnotherapy is the first method to snap Sasha back into transition mode and to be a proper wife.¬†Lexi uses a crystal pendant to begin to hypnotize her subject. Lexi looks stunningly beautiful in the POV footage of putting Sasha into a trance. Be careful not to let her hypnotize you! You might end up feeling like you must please a big, powerful cock and becoming a total submissive.¬†When Lexi snaps her fingers, Sasha awakens from her trance and immediately begins removing her closes as ordered. One moment she’s topless, exposing her perfect tits with their big pink nipples. The next moment, her long legs and dainty feet are bared. Once naked, Sasha struts around the room, disgarding her clothing with her cock and balls dangling between her lovely legs.¬†Lexi gives her a pair of white stockings to put on. A pair of pretty pink boots comes next and then Lexi helps Sasha with her makeup. She even gives her lip injections to make her a silly bimbo. This feminization treatment has Sasha telling the Mistress how she craves having a nice cock inside her right now. But let’s get her fitted wit ha butt plug and finish dressing her as a slut for now on SashaDeSade.XXX.

Casey Kisses Fucking Sasha de Sade

While laying in bed with Casey Kisses, Sasha de Sade asks why Casey asked her to wear a bondage outfit. Casey replies that it’s because Sasha has never done BDSM before. Sasha tells Casey however that she’s been tied up before and Casey tweaks her sensitive nipples while listening. Sasha adds that she liked that sort of play and Casey encourages her to continue.

She tells Sasha to get on her knees and to close her eyes on the bed and she proceeds to affix a blindfold to her mate’s pretty face. She also binds Sasha’s wrists, then tells her to lay on her back. Sasha’s cock and balls are clearly visible in this position and Casey removes her panties so hers are exposed too. Casey straddles Sasha with her cock in her hand, wags it around a bit, and lays the head upon Sasha’s tongue. She then begins thrusting her rapidly stiffening member in and out of her newly submissive partner’s mouth!

Then Casey decides she wants a taste of penis for herself. She gives Sasha a blowjob and soon her dick is raging hard. Casey places a pillow beneath Sasha’s curvy round ass and eases her erection inside her tight bottom.

Sasha can’t touch her boner while she gets railed by Casey which much make the feeling of getting fucked bittersweet. Casey also fucks Sasha in the doggy style position which makes it easy to smack her ass hard while banging her! Sasha’s breasts bob and sway and her prick spins around like a horny windmill when she rides Casey’s long, hard rod in the reverse cowgirl position.

I’ll leave it to you to find out how this CaseyKissesxoxo.com “Casey Kisses Fucking Sasha De Sade” update presented by TransErotica.com comes to an end for yourself. Also, take the SashaDeSade.xxx tour for more of the finest trans-fetish and BDSM content available anywhere!

Sasha de Sade: Gaping For Goddess Tangent

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“I hope this video is a super long one,” I said to myself upon seeing “Gaping for Goddess Tangent” was updated on SashaDeSade.xxx as if most videos aren’t nice and long here. Then there it is right next to the title – a full 27 minutes! I’m such a huge fan of Sasha, I’ve presented my interview with her here on Caramel’s TGirls. If I ever get the chance to interview her stunning cisgender female partner in this video, I’d upload it to my mainstream and BDSM blog CaramelGirls.com. That would be an honor! I’m absolutely smitten with both of these beautiful young ladies and it’s so sexy to see them sitting across from one another scantily clad. Sasha has chosen her lingerie to wear especially for the owner of MistressTangent.com and she’s obviously feeling submissive in her presence. Mistress Tangent hasn’t seen Sasha gaping in a long time and she’s up for seeing it again tonight. Sasha says she’s getting tight and the Mistress can’t have that! But Sasha’s big dick training proceeds orally first. She’s forced to suck on a huge black dildo, then turn her perfect ass up on the sofa as Mistress Tangent straps it on around her hips. Once her ass is bared, Sasha gets her fun spot fingered. Sasha’s tender bottom really is tight we see as Mistress Tangent slowly begins to penetrate. Gradually the Domme increases the speed of her thrusts and pummels Sasha’s poor butt powerfully! First is a doggy style railing and then it’s missionary with Sasha stroking her big hard cock while getting fucked! Sasha even gets a piledriver pounding to die for (or should I say to cream for?). And finally, we see Sasha gaping on SashaDeSade.XXX!

TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade

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Description: Poor Sasha de Sade is not making any money at her new job as a prostitute until wise and slightly cruel older trans prostitute Mandy Mitchell decides to take her under her wing and teach Sasha the finer arts of fellatio. With a determined focus Mandy gives Sasha an excellent step by step instruction on pleasing men thru deep throating and sloppy oral. Sasha will soon be on her way to making the big bucks with her oral advantages. Mandy-Mitchell.com Presents Sasha de Sade Tied Up And Fucked is a threesome I raved about in late January 2018 and you can read about it by clicking here. TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade doesn’t include Mandy’s lovely and gorgeous cisgender wife Bianca Stone, but it’s a helluva hot scene nonetheless. The production values are equally high in this update, but they’re a lot different. We’re getting an authentic 70’s San Francisco style porn set-up leading into the hooker theme, wah-wah pedal with guitar and all. $20 will get you a good time with Sasha who makes the offer standing before a brick wall as a lady of the night. But there’s a problem. Mandy shows up telling Sasha she’s on her corner. Since Mandy has been working this corner every night, she gets a regular client making Sasha envy her. It’s cold outside and Sasha is scantily clad when Mandy returns with a bunch of cash she earned from her john. Sasha looks hot but she’s not attracting clients like Mandy is because she doesn’t have hooking experience. Mandy can see that from a mile away and, since she’s a hooker with a heart of gold, she whips out her cock and teaches Sasha how to be a successful street whore. She wont need training in running a successful website however. SashaDeSade.xxx is doing quite well on its own.