TS Playground: Sasha De Sade, Scene #1

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Every time I see Sasha De Sade online I’m get a rush of good feelings. She gave me one of the best interviews I’ve ever had if not THE BEST. That’s because of what I learned about her and how pleasurable the entire process was.

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British Sasha introduces herself on tsplayground.com as making you hard and horny in Bangkok. My June 2017 Interview With Sasha De Sade will explain what she’s doing there. But this video sequence and Sasha’s seduction is today’s focus. Sasha invites you to sit down next to her while she’s wearing this wicked lingerie and tall sandals. When you watch the full-length video on TS Playground you’re going to get so up close and personal with Sasha’s lovely ass that the images my become permanently etched in your brain. You might crave having her cock go places no cock has gone before.

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What follows Sasha’s full exposure is dildo play with her sexy mouth, across her puffy nipples and deep within her tight ass. Her big stiff cock is imprisoned by her lacy garment until almost the midway point of this production. Sasha strokes it of course but she also just stands there to let you drink in the sight of her erection pointing upward. She’s quite vocal, describing the action as she lubes up a Fleshlight toy liberally. Then she slowly begins to fuck the sex toy with her turgid rod. She uses her bare hand however to send spurts of creamy white cum from the swollen head of cock! For more of this incredible performer check out SashaDeSade.xxx and chaturbate.com/sasha_de_sade to catch her LIVE!

Interview With Sasha De Sade

I’m so proud to present one of the most pleasurable and informative interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. Sasha De Sade is an incredible trans adult industry performer and a truly special person on the inside. I adored her before our first conversation and that sentiment just keeps growing and growing. Her website is SashaDeSade.xxx and that’s not the only place she’s constantly updating with exquisite studio and live content. I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview with Sasha De Sade.

Sasha De Sade & Nikki Vidic

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’d lusted after sex with Sasha De Sade and Nikki Vidic before somewhere else. As soon as I found out there was a totally different hardcore scene with this gorgeous duo, I had to see that one too! I’m not even about to compare the two scenes. They have the same cumtastic effect. But let me tell you what happens on Sasha’s site. Just like you see in the MP4 trailer, Sasha is fucking the hell of of Nikki, but let’s back things up to the beginning. The two beautiful British babes are cuddling in bed paying each other compliments. Both are clad in sexy lingerie but barefoot Sasha is intrigued by Nikki’s high heels. She likes them enough to lick them in fact. Sasha mentions that Nikki has such petite feet and that’s correct. She then removes one of the pumps and does a little toe sucking. After a moment of shrimping Nikki’s pretty toes, she repeats the process with the other shoe and foot. I’ve been through every single scene on SashaDeSade.xxx and this is not the only video with foot fetish content. Sasha’s site doesn’t shy away from most fetishes in fact. She’s continuously pushing boundaries. At any rate, it’s Nikki’s pumps that inspired this foot worship and Nikki loves it so much that she’s excited about returning the favor. Sasha’s lovely legs are spread open and a portion of her cock is exposed from within her panties when Nikki reciprocates. Nikki kisses and sucks Sasha’s high arches and then her toe sucking begins. Nikki’s large breasts are spilling out of her lingerie to the point where her nipples are exposed. Her uncut cock is also visible between her creamy thighs as she licks and sucks Sasha’s pedicured toes. Nikki moves this sexy foreplay up along one of Sasha’s thighs to her stiff cock and tightly drawn-up balls. Nikki teases by licking Sasha’s inner thighs and tea bagging her smoothly shaven balls. Then she takes the bulbous head and hard shaft inside her mouth. Sasha somehow manages not to cum yet and says she wants to see what Nikki’s got down there between her legs. The same thing is happening and Nikki’s cock is hard enough to crack walnuts with. Before both beauties eventually end up gloriously nude, there’s more reciprocal cock stroking and sucking, fingering and even fisting! So you see there’s a whole lot going on way before we even get to the fucking in this torrid SashaDeSade.xxx update.