Sunshyneland: Kira in Red with a Huge Pulsating Cock

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Gorgeous and svelte Kira Crash is a special guest on the official website of Sunshyne Monroe. She asks of you like the pretty red dress she’s laying on a black leather sofa in. She says she has something else red to show you. It’s hidden inside her black panties with white lace trim. Kira’s cock actually does appear an angry shade of red while she strokes the shaft to a raging erection! Her toenails are also painted red as you can see with the strappy sandals she has on. A matching manicure is visible with all of her slender fingers except for the ones she’s banging herself with. When Kira sits up on the couch with her legs spread wide open, it’s kind of hard not to imagine sinking your cock deep inside her tight ass. Just keep in mind that she can most likely fuck you with the same prowess you can bring to the table.

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As a matter of fact, if you’re not a porn star like Kira, chances are she can go harder, faster and longer with her sizeable cock. “Let me get this cock nice and hard for you,” she moans while slowly jerking her long shaft. Kira makes her tiny rosebud wink so there’s no mistaking how good she’d feel wrapped around your hardon. I think you’re going to love watching Kira beating off until she comes! This is Sunshyne’s latest trans special guest since stunning Sydney Farron. Her last lucky male partner was Gabriel D’Alessandro. You can visit the free-standing website or the for full access to the whole lineup of incredible stars.

Sunshyne Monroe & Danni Daniels

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I took a trip to Sunshyneland to see exactly went down between Sunshyne Monroe and Danni Daniels. It was even hotter and more explicit than I expected! This is way more than just an oral sex and foreplay scene. They’re bot wearing denim, Sunshyne in jeans and Danni in shorts, and about to play a game of pool. Danni’s big boobs are about to burst out of her asymmetrical t-shirt and Sunshyne’s white swimsuit beneath her jeans shows off some deep cleavage. Danni is the more experienced player and along with helping Sunshyne with her shooting, she presses her crotch against her friend’s butt when she bends over to shoot. There’s a little wine sipping during the pool game but they’re glasses are put aside shortly. Danni sets her glass on the ledge so she can unbutton her shorts. Danni is behind Sunshyne most of the time as her instruction proceeds. Eventually she has Sunshyne get a leg up on the table to improve her shot supposedly. She comments that it would be even easier of Sunshyne takes her tight jeans off. It certainly helps us out! What happens next is something Sunshyne can’t see while she’s shooting. Danni removes her top and shorts, rubs the bulge in Sunshyne’s swimsuit as well as the one in her undies. But she’s still at the flirting stage. The sexual tension builds as the brunette keeps shooting and the blonde whips out her cock! While touching Sunshyne’s sexy ass, Danni is now jerking off behind her. Sunshyne catches a glimspes of Danni’s stroking when she turns around but she keeps shooting. But the game stops when Danni encourages Sunshyne to lay on her back. Both girl’s cocks are soon fully exposed and Sunshyne is first to do some sucking. She lays back and jerks off while receiving a rimjob and her cock is fully erect when Danni eases her stiff prick inside her tight ass! Danni fucks Sunshyne in a variety of creative positions and it comes with full nudity from both beauties. Have you ever seen two girls ass fucking a dildo? Danni even manages to fuck Sunshyne butt-to-butt with her own real cock! Get to or or for both stars plus the FULL NETWORK of scorching hot babes!

Sunshyneland: Sunshyne and Martin

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Just in case anyone has forgotten how well Sunshyne Monroe can fuck, here’s a hardcore update to remind us. Martin Mazza has been passed around as a popular boy toy amongst several TGirl Network models. There’s actually a story line you could piece together about the exploits he gets himself into with these beautiful trans women.

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In this scene, Sunshyne wades in the shallow end of a pool in a luxurious Spanish villa, receiving a compliment from the handsome man. She looks ravishing in her bikini and her flirtation leads to emerging from the pool and presenting Martin with a large full breast to devour. He gets to repeat the process with her other bare boob and to kiss passionately her as well.

When Sunshyne asks if he wants to suck her cock, Martin looks so excited as he takes a peek inside her bikini bottom. This guy is such a tease, kissing and licking all around her sex before exposing it from the garment. But soon he’s sucking her cock expertly and she develops a big erection that Martin has plans for.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he asks and she’s almost ready to. When she’s on her feet before the kneeling man in the next sequence, her erection juts from her thighs ready to get down to business. Martin continues to enjoy sucking it and when he stands up to face her and releases his prick from his jeans, it’s as hard as Sunshyne’s dick! The next thing you know, the cute guy is on all fours taking a doggy style railing from the trans beauty. They’re both fully naked during this powerful fucking and Sunshyne also fucks Martin from behind while they’re standing up! I really love the way she encircles his neck with her fingers, then grasps the low ceiling to increase the speed of her jackhammer thrusts! Martin’s thick cock is swollen stiff as he takes this relentless ramming. See how they cum on or on!

Sunshyneland: Hot Foursome With Sunshyne Monroe And Friends

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The only thing in porn I love more than a brilliant porn theme is a continuing porn theme and I don’t want this one to ever end. Sunshyne Monroe, Eva Paradis and Kimberlee have been having their way with a cute Spanish male bartender for quite awhile now. Sunshyne updates her friends on her meeting with him during a slumber party and the details are livid. Mia Isabella was served by Adrian previously, but she’s unfortunately part of this situation. You can see that tryst on her website however and I’ll fill you in on those details later. Anyway, Mia raved about the guy and Eva and Kimberlee are now excited about meeting him, especially after browsing photos of him on Sunshyne’s cell phone. She gives him a call and invites him to hang out. So imagine arriving at a posh hotel room with three hot babes like this waiting for you in lingerie on the sofa. They expose their full breasts at the same time and Eva starts unbuttoning your jeans. Once your shirt is off, Sunshyne grabs your cock as you get your jeans off. The girls shower you with compliments and your cock is raging hard at this point. You start jerking off but you don’t have to because Eva urges Kimberlee to be first to take over and to also suck your cock. Next, Eva gives you a blowjob and after Sunshyne and Kimberlee feel each other up, Sunshyne and Eva kiss. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be any lesbian action in this foursome, did you? There’s plenty of it! Sunshyne sucks Kimberlee’s big dick while Eva kisses you again and gives you another sucking. By the time Kimberlee is completely naked, Eva rises to lower her panties and exposes her cock before your hungry eyes. Sunshyne gets help from Kimberlee shedding more clothing and resumes sucking her cock while you begin pumping your stiff rod in and out of Eva’s tight ass. Eva is stripped down to her stay-up stockings and the other girls are totally nude at this point when you’re ramming Eva is the missionary position. Then you get to fuck Kimberlee doggy style! Sunshyne then lubes up her erection and begins railing Eva in the same position right next to you. If you think you can fuck Eva as well as Sunshyne screws Eva, you must be some sort of sexual athlete or a porn star yourself. You still have to have the stamina to bang Kimberlee in the reverse cowgirl position as Eva fucks Sunshyne! While you’re jacking your hips to thrust in and out of Kimberlee, Sunshyne revels in spitroast fun by sucking her cock while Eva rails her ass. You can join either performer’s individual site or subscribe to for all 24 stars in the network!

Sunshyne Monroe in Feet Fuck

In countless articles and academic writings there are statistics, or conclusive statements, written on the prevalence of foot fetishism. But as far as I know, there are no legitimate statistics on the prevalence of this fetish that more and more people are owning up to. I do know that Sunshyne Monroe gets tons of requests for foot oriented content and whether you have a sexual thing for feet or not, it’s obvious that Sunshyne’s peds are indeed pretty. I was curious to see how this fetish was recently explored on

There’s a continuing theme with a sexy young pool boy who’s been getting lucky with a string of TGirl Network models in Spain and one of them is Sunshyne. I think it’s the first time his foot fetish is revealed and satisfied. The gorgeous hostess of makes a cameo appearance in this scene and she’s barefoot like Sunshyne is before she leaves.

That’s just enough of a tease to silently urge you to check out her free standing website or to join the for the whole line-up of big name stars. I don’t think you have to have a foot fetish to be aroused by what occurs between Sunshyne and the pool boy when they’re alone in the cabana. It’s another chance to see beautiful gloriously nude and stroking her cock.

This scene directly follows the killer Sunshyne and Angelina lesbian set in which these beauties engage in delicious foreplay before Angelina fucks the hell out of Sunshyne! Back to the “Feet Fuck” scene, she also gives the cutie a deep tittie-fuck before jerking his big erection between her silky smooth soles. The guy ends up shooting a huge load of cum that splatters across Sunshyne’s sexy feet.

Sunshyneland: Sunshyne Monroe Poolside

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The new interface really gives first time visitors a better idea of what’s in store inside for subscribers than the last rollout. I’m glad that the producers offer such great samples of the content to browse through. It’s nice to have something solid to back up my raves. Let’s jump right in with the new solo pool shoot. It starts out as simple as a Playboy video with Sunshyne in a pool area with an exotic beach backdrop located in Spain posing flirtatiously in a green bikini. The back of her swimsuit bottom is minuscule and her figure is truly something to marvel at. The breast cups of the top are quite large and Sunshyne Monroe’s boobs are wonderfully held by them. She moves gracefully while standing for the first few minutes, then sits at the pool edge to dip her cute toes into the water. Slashing water on her body leads to playing with her cock through the fabric of her bottom, then whipping it out. Next comes Sunshyne’s dirty talk and the removal of her top. She has a fantastic full body tan and it’s evident even when she jerks off with her bottom still on. Toward the end of the scene, Sunshyne beats off furiously while kneeling. Then she lays back to continue of a pair of color coordinated decorative pillows. These folks pay attention to every little detail. Sunshyne’s loud moaning will inform you to pay special attention to her intense climax. Even the background music is sexy.

This top shelf update is also available on the remarkable website.

Sunshyne Monroe in Feet Lick

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MP4 Gallery

I think that even if someone doesn’t necessarily have a foot fetish, it’s pretty easy to decide if a chick has pretty feet or not. The fact that Sunshyne Monroe has a lot more going for her than just the body parts she gets around on makes her Sunshyneland Feet Lick video sexy and fun for everyone. It’s just that if you happen to have a foot fetish, you’ll probably end up cumming faster than most other fans with this scene.

Sample Photo Gallery "Nightie"
Sample Photo Gallery “Nightie”

It’s presented on the heels of the Sunshyneland hardcore scene with Chelsea Marie entitled Walk on the Wild Side. That was the Las Vegas shoot in which the normally straight Sunshine decided to experiment with transbian sex. Sunshyne’s last transbian tryst was a hardcore scene getting railed by Kelli Lox. TS Chelsea Marie fucked Sunshyne silly in their scene together as well.

In her Feet Lick video, Sunshyne stands before a mirror in a man’s shirt and pink bra and panty in a stark white room that enhances her skin tone. She removes and discards the shirt while seated and her bra comes off next. Then she turns her back to the camera and presents us with her full round ass. At this point I’m thinking if someone has a breast or butt fetish, they might lose it before they even get to the foot play. Within four minutes she’s playing with her lovely derriere and since she’s barefoot, things really begin to kick in at this point for foot lovers. Moments later, Sunshyne’s cock and balls are exposed when she faces the camera and raises one of her legs to lick her pedicured toes. She points her red painted toes toward the camera and then gets down to the business of making her cock hard. Then it’s a full blown fap session with Sunshyne intensely stroking her erection while using her other hand to caress one high-arched foot. Sunshyne beats off until she cums and gives you one last toe wiggling before this Sunshyland video fades out.

Sunshyne Monroe and Kelli Lox

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
The TGirl Network
The TGirl Network

Sunshyne Monroe of Sunshyneland says it’s a beautiful day in L.A. right before another beautiful trans girl joins her in the living area of a tastefully decorated home. Sunshyne is wearing a pretty pink dress as Kelli sits beside her in a bra, panties, stay-up stockings and tall heels. With a little petting, Kelli discovers that Sunshyne isn’t wearing panties beneath her dress. Sunshyne finds out what one of Kelli’s nipples tastes like. The other one, too. In this hardcore transbian scene, these two foxes don’t pretend like no one is watching. Their gazes into the camera are mesmerizing, especially when Sunshyne begins sucking on Kelli’s raging hard cock. The view is full frontal until the camera pans across Sunshyne’s ass, which is gloriously nude even though she has her dress on. Kelli finger bangs her while getting what looks like an amazing blowjob. A now topless Kelli arranges herself on the sofa to suck on Sunshyne. Her deft manipulation and deep throat skills make Sunshyne’s prick as hard as her own is. Eventually, Sunshyne loses her dress which makes it easy for Kelli to sink her erection inside her from behind on the couch. The sight of these gorgeous bodies gyrating and undulating with two succulent sets of breasts jiggling as they fuck is monumentally erotic. The intimacy is electrifying right down to the final cummy kiss. Don’t miss this top notch scorcher on Sunshyneland or on the TGirl Network.

Sunshyne Monroe on Shemale Club

Sunshyne Monroe has said that she will sometimes wait for days without masturbating when she’s planning to be in a new scene. Sometime she cheats, but after seeing her new Shemale Club video, I think she kept her promise to herself. The last video I saw on SunshyneLand was Countryside. It was a candid walk through the woods. On her own site, she bottomed and topped with Antonio Aguilera, Addy Rose and a cute submissive male performer I hadn’t seen before. Then there was more topping and foot fetish videos. She’s also one of the featured solo performers on the T-Girl Network where you can subscribe to in for mobile or desktop. She’s been cranking out some magnificent solo and hardcore performances since 2009 professionally. Her new SMC video comes with just under 100 hi-res photos. There’s no toying or watching porn. After an amazing ass show, all Sunshyne needs to do is concentrate while jerking off. Then she produces another one of her big, creamy white cumshots!


Sunshyne Monroe Countryside

Sunshyne Monroe took a vacation cottage in the woods where it’s freezing cold and after showing us the landscape, she takes you inside. It’s nice and warm in there and you can guess why that’s a good thing. Check out this sexy photo set that accompanies a great new video:


If you didn’t guess why it’s such a good thing that it’s warm inside, it’s because the ravishing SunshyneLand hostess is able to get butt naked for her fapping session. Also because, who wants a nice warm cumshot to land on a cold tummy?