Sunshyne Monroe Update

Dirty Girl” is the title of the video I saw first from the latest Sunshyne Land productions. It’s a super sexy bathtub scene with a climactic ending.


I liked her “The Big, The Bold and The Blonde” film even better. Far be it from me to tell anyone which photo set and movie ought to prefer. All I’d like to add is that I think that this babe might be having a lot more fun as a blonde. After seeing all of her movies over the past two years, Sunshyne really seems to have settled into a top adult star who has settled into her own creative niche makes the hard work she does look easy. 


See for yourself on Sunshyne Land Mobile or Desktop


How to Please A She-Male #04


The pioneer of enticing HD transsexual erotica, porn legend Joey Silvera, has assembled a bevy of transgender temptresses to show the ropes with women, men and each other. The 3 hour and 17 minute “How To Please A She-Male #04,” sub-titled “X-Tended Stay,” contains eight scenes of the director’s hard-core yet playful eroticism. The movie stars some of the most alluring tgirls in the world showing just what it takes to satisfy a transsexual’s special desires.


Exotic Asian Annalise Rose enjoys her first experience with another TS and eagerly sucks latex-clad Honey Foxxx’s fat she-cock. Honey sodomizes her new friend and both babes sensuously masturbate, spilling hot seed all over their manicured fingers.


Busty blonde brat Katie Summers is a super-cute biological girl with a crush on tall, tattooed tgirl Web hostess of Katie gets fucked, then straps on a big black dildo and anally reams Kelly in a lewd display.


As bikini-clad Sunshyne Monroe of dips her cute feet in the pool, contractor Gabriel ogles her firm tits and enticing bulge. Soon he’s gagging on his employer’s she-cock and fucking Sunshyne’s curvaceous ass.


There’s a nasty threesome with cock-hungry Latina Clara T, Paulo Mackay and Alex Victor.


Also, a sizzling one-on-one scene with blonde Cassie Sparkles and Christian XXX of Pure-TS.



Christian XXX also bangs Angela Bratzz!



Then there’s Nicoly Dieckman with Alex Victor.


Rafaella Ferrari gets down and dirty with Pedro Boy. “How To Please A She-Male #04” is your intimate guide to transsexual lust.


Sunshyne Monroe – Pink Fun Day

“Let’s get right down to business,” says the hostess of and that pretty much explains how she delivered so much in 10 minutes and 18 seconds. Of course there’s a bit of editing to get to the explosive climax. That only makes the new Sunshyne Monroe movie hotter. I’m sure that the best is yet to come, but this is one of the best solo movies I’ve seen from Sunshyne yet.


Superb movie and photo set!


Sunshyne Monroe – High Life



You should see the video that goes with this gallery that was filmed while Sunshyne Monroe was on vacation at Virginia Beach. There’s a some shock value to the solo movie I don’t want to spoil for you. But I think I can tell you say that everything happens on the balcony without giving to much away.   


Sunshyne Monroe Foursome



Victoria Veil, Brittany Markham and Alura Jensen gang up on poor, defenseless Sunshyne Monroe in the dungeon. This is the type of scene I might have requested myself! In fact, Sunshyne’s popularity keeps rising as a result of her dedication to her fans and she’ll continue with exclusive contests through her website!


Sunshyne Monroe

The new Official Sunshyne Monroe Website looks incredible, but then I just knew it would. I’m excited to announce that Sunshyne Monroe is the latest of hot chicks with a website produced by the incredible SMC Productions team. What a sweet girl she is too! Also, Thanks for bearing with me during my absence, sticking around and sending me sweet comments.I’ve missed you for the last few days terribly. Nothing major kept me away, just a little eye infection and everything is 100% back to normal again. Having a doctor asking me to push myself away from my computer was the most strange and unusual request I’ve had in quite some time. Well now that my peepers are Internet friendly and in perfect 20/20 sight, I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend, replying to personal messages and kind acts of support. It’s so nice to be back! A few days offline seems like years to me. I’ll be making up for my absence this week with a ton of new posts and some intriguing new interviews. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you’ll enjoy my new updates and visit xoxo Caramel  

Sunshyne Monroe – Coming Soon

Sunshyne’s new dot com will be launching soon and I’ll let you know when that day comes. For now, you have got to download her via SMC Network. I’m feeling quite special because our interview is in the works. I love what I do and I a lucky chick or what? Sunshyne Monroe is such an interesting and captivating  sweetie pie and I can hardly wait to share our interview with you! Her upcoming website is going to take the world by storm, but for now, watch what she’s shown us at the SMC Network

Sunshyne Monroe and Sean

It was plain for me to see the power that Sunshyne Monroe had over men and others from just seeing a few photos of her and especially after first topping a guy in her TsSeduction debut. I keep asking myself how such a cute and unassuming looking young transsexual can be such a powerful top, but then I also know never to judge a book by it’s cover. At any rate, she’s at it again with another cute bottom named Sean at the SMC Network in another must see full length movie.

See More of Sunshyne at The SMC Network