Tara Emory – Victorian Steampunk

I didn’t know a lot about steampunk until I interviewed stunning Evie Eliot for Transformation Magazine. I hope you’ve subscribed to it. My education continues with TS adult star, fetish designer, artist, sex icon, humorist Tara Emory who says, “A while ago I expressed dissatisfaction with the shoot I did with the Jules Verne-ish fucking machine. Well, here’s the result of the re-shoot.”

“It’s almost two shoots in one as this is quite an elaborate Victorian get up over another outfit, the revised and tweaked “Brocade Burlesque” corset and hat from way back. But of course, the piece de’ resistance is the steampunk fucking machine, in all it’s brass and gold glory. And yes, it works (though the gears are for show, sadly they don’t all turn when it’s in motion. Can you imagine how horribly dangerous that would be, with nothing preventing my dress, or anything else from getting jammed in the machinery!).”

“This was the old pink bow-tie and tails corset from the “Birthday Girl” shoot (where I popped out of a birthday cake). I think that was the first shoot where I embraced my inner Barbie, though only now have I pushed it decidedly into Barbie territory. Plastic Barbie with a delicious surprise, of course. Big hats, feathers, pink sex toys, more pink, more pink. Even more pink. Pink cock, pink nipples, pink makeup. Pink pink pink.”

Tara Emory – Pink Picnic

If you can get to Satin Dolls in Providence, RI, do so and make it rain for Tara Emory. This club has started a new 3-nights-a-week Erotic TS Revue.

The reigning queen of trans Steampunk-Victorian-Costume porn has also released 155 new photos after her magnificent breast augmentation from her “Pink Picnic” set! The pink hair is new too!

Tara Emory “Hole In One”

According to a recent study I’ve recently read, people find golf to be one of the least sexy sports one could possibly engage in. I tend to agree, but I had to rethink that once I saw the photos from the new Tara Emory set. 

Yes, those are anal beads made out of golf balls and Tara made them herself for the “Hole In One”.

Tara Emory “Lucky”

Here’s a Happy St. Patrick’s Day wish along with Tara Emory from her 2005 “Lucky” set for you. May your glass be ever full,May the roof over your head be always strong, And may you be in heaven, Half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.

Tara Emory “Red Stripe Heaven”

About 13 years ago, Tara Emory first created the candystripe outfit, and though she’d gotten some nice pictures out of it, this was all before her breast implants and she never actually finished the outfit properly. So when she looked around at outfits that would be easy to re-shoot in, it was an easy choice for her. Tara is an amazing designer whose skills in millinery are miraculously and constantly improving as well as a lot of other talents.