Fencenets, Fishnets and Latex

When fencenet stockings came into fashion in the late 90’s, I thought they might be a short-lived trend, but they’re hanging tough, at least in my wardrobe. I’m also glad to see the boom in latex. At TGirlFetishes.com, Cassandra and Alisha wear them well. I think that might be my first understatement of the day. 

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TGirl Fetishes

When I first saw TGirl Fetishes the first thing I thought to myself was “Finally, the transgender adult entertainment world is really coming around to my way of thinking.” Check out Ryder Monroe with Mistress Surgeon and the other stars I haven’t even mentioned yet at TGirl Fetishes. SMC Productions has done it again! I wanted something like this to happen, but couldn’t have predicted it. Life is full of surprises and so is this network.