T-Girl Pinups

I had a pretty good feeling that T-Girl Pinups would be a major hit when it launched in the summer of 2011.

I think this site has exceeded expectations because it transcends the age factor, attracting fans who’ve lived through the pin-up era even before stunning transsexuals embraced it and nailed it while bringing in a new generation whose grandparents were fans of the genre. That’s just my 2 cents but it’s seems to be crytal clear to tgirl admirers and the general mainstream that Pin-up is here to stay.    

Sarina Valentina as The Redheaded Stepchild

One definition of a redheaded stepchild is ‘A person or group treated without the favor of birthright’. Well, that’s a loaded one and I’m not even about to go there right now. At any rate, I love the way Sarina Valentina zigs while everyone else is zagging.

Since this hot chick first hit the scene as Alexis, I have not been able to figure her out and that’s what I like about her the best. I never know what she’s going to do next. I didn’t see it coming when she showed up at TGirl Pinups as a redhead, let alone at her Official Sarina Valentina Website. We’ve seen her as a brunette and as a redhead and what’s next? Blonde ambition? I’ve seen her as a blonde too and she looked incredible that way, too. There’s only one way to be right on top of the surprises Sarina has in store for us before the close of 2011.