TGirls.XXX: Kitchen Fun With Candy Licious!

Description: Gorgeous Candy Licious is back on TGirls.XXX! Candy had an amazing year so far starring in a smoking hot “Cumshot Friday” episode and a smashing hardcore scene with B Flex. She returns today with a brand new solo scene to kick off another amazing week on TGirls.XXX! Watch beautiful Candy getting naughty in the kitchen! She strips and strokes her hard cock just for you!

I’ll readily admit that I’m biased about Texas sweetheart Candy Licious. Our previous interview here on Caramel’s TGirls is partly responsible for that. If you’re jealous of seeing her in a hardcore scene, she’s all on her lonesome in this date like she was in her killer debut here also filmed by Omar Wax.

This is Candy in her Calvin’s and fishnet anklets with tall sandals shaking an ass that won’t quit! She reaches inside her undies to play with whatever is making that big bulge. Yet she doesn’t pull her big cock out right away.

Candy makes you want to do in that kitchen what most people do in bedrooms and in record time. Her butt moves like it’s engine-operated and her striptease is magnificent! As a matter of fact, I think Candy has my favorite set off buttocks in trans porn. Period. And that pretty face. Phew!

She stands with her dick flaccid and average in size at first. Within minutes, she’s kicking off her panties with a big juicy hardon! She produces a rather large black butt plug and then inserts it deeply within her tight ass. If that toy could only be your cock!

Between jerking off furiously, Candy releases her big schlong and makes it bounce up and down like a horny diving board. Don’t miss this killer Candy Licious update on TGirls.XXX and for more tremendously hot solo and hardcore performances, see her also on,, and in her scorching trans lesbian sets on TGirls.Porn!

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Grazi Cinturinha Gets Wet And Cums!

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The TGirls.XXX description reads: Grazi Cinturinha returns and she is horny as hell! Grazi is without a doubt one of our hottest Brazilian models! Super pretty girl with a smoking hot body, nice boobs and a perfect round booty! While she takes a bath, her sexy body looks even hotter wet like that! Grazi is indeed stunning! Following some naughty play while in the bath, she moves to the bed and strokes her cock all until she cums just for you!

The last time Grazi was on TGirls.XXX, she was topping and bottoming with a veteran performer named Marcus. Now the trans beauty is all on her own and that’s better for some of us jealous types. Even if we’re not necessarily jealous, some of us prefer a one-on-one masturbation to completion experience.

This lingerie and tall sandals striptease is simply in theory, yet powerful in impact. Grazi exposes her big round orbs in under two minutes. Just when you think she’s about to lower her panties and show off her schlong, she hides it and replaces that vision of her front with a rear one.

She then parts her globes for the most explicit view of her rear end that you could hope for. Grazi then spanks her ass and reveals her tight body naked in a full frontal view. Her uncut cock hangs bare and swings a bit before her coveted thigh gap. Although I’m not sure how much her thigh gap is appreciated with a lovely cock and set of balls between her curvy legs.

After removing her skyscraper sandals, Grazi massages her breast, jerks off and produces a huge red dildo to simulate sucking your cock with. Then she lubricates her voluptuous ass, finger bangs and toy fucks it deeply!

Grazi flexes and gapes her tender rosebud then sinks into the Jacuzzi. Grazi continues fucking her tight butt in the water, but perches herself along side the tub to jerk off more intently. Grazi is in bed with this TGirls.XXX update when she makes herself cum.

TGirls.XXX: Joss Amor

Description: We haven’t seen gorgeous Joss Amor in a while, so what’s the better occasion to bring this hottie back than a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Friday” series! Joss returns looking better than ever and ready to give us what we need! After she re-introduce herself for a little bit, Joss immediately shows off her big, firm ass! She pulls out her rock-hard cock and strokes it just for you! At the end, watch her as she cums and plays with her sticky load – all in another hot “Cumshot Friday” scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

If I got jealous of models, I’d absolutely hate Joss Amor. She burns in every single new video that features her. After a brief introduction in this special TGirls.XXX update, Joss has her cock out and she’s jerking off within the first two minutes.

Then she pulls aside the bottom panel of her lingerie to expose and rub her fun spot. Does she usually get down like this so fast? Not exactly. Back in the Fall of 2017 she had a lot of help from Soldier Boi in her hardcore shoot on this site.

Joss lubes up for a long, pleasurable masturbation session. She gives you time to drink in her wonderful physical attributes from head to toe in a way that will leave you feeling satisfied that you’ve seen all there is to see.

She engages at about the eight minute mark speaking in her sultry voice, talking dirty of course. And she finds different, creative positions to jerk off in.

A high point of this scene is Joss working a penis pump on her big dick. The result is a nice hardon that she continues stroking while massaging one of her sensitive breasts and nipples.

By the time Joss coaxes creamy white spurts of cum to blast from her swollen cock head, she’s stripped down to her stockings. Then she toys with her spunk before this TGirls.XXX update comes to an end.

Victoria Mazhevski Cums For You!

Filmed by – Teodor Grekov

Added – Jan 9, 2018

TGirls.XXX Description:

The Russia’s finest, gorgeous Victoria Mazhevski returns with her fourth solo scene. She’s horny and ready for more! Without a doubt, Victoria is one of the hottest models we’ve ever met from Russia. Watch this gorgeous blonde posing and stroking her cock until she cums for you!

This is Victoria’s 4th photo and video shoot on TGirls.XXX and it’s a climactic set you definitely won’t want to miss. She’s presented once again by Moscow producer Teodor Grekov. His signature camera work with its ethereal floating effect reveals Victoria laying on her back in red lingerie on a comforter next to a fireplace.

At just under the one minute point she’s sitting up with her breasts completely bared stroking her stiff cock. Mr. Grekov doesn’t seem to be directing in a way to intentionally suggest Victoria’s sexual preferences, but I get the impression that she’s either a top of a switch.

There’s just something about the way she carries herself, even while posing and masturbating, that tells me she really likes to fuck. There are moments where Victoria seems to suggest that she likes anal stimulation.

She does make her incredible ass the primary focus of this killer TGirls.XXX solo shoot. If you’re not a big fan of red lingerie, Victoria eventually strips naked from head to toe. The just-in-time footage of Victoria’s cum shot is incredible! It’s so intense and so full of creamy white wetness. Mr. Grekov’s extraordinary work is also featured on

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Shemale.XXX – Introducing Kellie Shaw!

On a hot website with a proper name change on the way, Radius Dark presents the delicious eye candy of new model Kellie Shaw from Phoenix, Arizona and writes, “Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model.

She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.”

While watching Kellie’s debut, I was wondering if I’d find her legs the most prime real estate of her body also. She’s wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals while seated at first so it’ll be easier to judge once she stands up.

The things I love most about her opening interview are that she loves reading and cooking. She’s had lots of public sex and doesn’t have a type. She’s open to gender and she’s addicted to anal sex. I wouldn’t have guessed by her super cute girl-next-door attire but she’s also into BDSM, specifically rope work. I’m almost too turned on to continue right now!

But moving forward, Kellie goes into detail about a time she had sex on a bus. I’ll let you hear it from Kellie’s own pretty lips. Her breasts are all natural and one of the first results of her HRT. Kellie loves her super sensitive and super perky boobs and they’re perfection in my eyes. I wouldn’t change a thing about her boobs or her slenderness. Any chick who’s tummy looks cute while she’s sitting it on the right side of physical fitness.

I could go on and on about the Kellie Shaw Shemale.XXX debut but this is a gem I really want you to see and hear for yourself. Lastly, my favorite physical traits about her are currently undecided.

I’m leaning toward that shapely ass for fucking and big cock for sucking but that’s when I’m not looking at her strong, lovely legs.

Nadia Vixen on Shemale.XXX


The beautiful hostess of has been a webcam host on since November 2005 and she’s been in the site’s “Hall of Fame” every month for five years straight. She represented and their sister site at the 2014 Transgender Erotic Awards ceremony in Glendale, California in February 2014. Her new Shemale.XXX video, filmed by Blackula, will give you an idea of how incredible her live webcam performances are. If you can manage to close your eyes and just listen to her voice for a moment while playing her video, you’ll fully understand that her exquisite looks are all she has going for her. Nadia Vixen is pure sex on two incredibly hot legs. The detail she goes into while masturbating and dildo riding is so original, creative and gripping, it almost made me blush. The Shemale.XXX photo set that comes with it is killer, too!

Wet & Wild Morgan Bailey on Shemale.XXX



Morgan Bailey tells us she’s just finished a hot scene while topless on the bathtub. That warehouse scene shot for Shemale.XXX left her all sticky with cum. Her low-hanging balls are bursting out of her black panties and she turns herself on while turning us on. Morgan shares a valuable tip with us. Baby oil is great for not just making the skin soft, but also for getting cum off. I made a mental note of that while watching her tell us what she wants a man to do to her and apply baby oil to her killers legs and pretty feet. Her large tits get a generous coating and deep caresses. Then she moves the crotch of her panties to the side to make her big stiff cock. Morgan reminds us that a cock like this is for veteran asses. I can’t imagine that anyone would think of that monster as a “starter dick” when I think about it. After taking time to jack off while oiled up, Morgan the water running in the tub. She lets her raven hair down and gets her amazing physique all soapy next. I think this is the perfect place to stop. I wouldn’t want you to get too worked up. For more of this ravishing megastar, visit and watch her LIVE on chaturbate.comrealmorganbailey.

Savannah Thorne Rides Eli Hunter



Eli Hunter is lamenting getting dragged to his girlfriend’s mom’s house for dinner. She’s so difficult to deal with. If you like porn with a warm-up story and good acting, you’ll get it with Eli’s hardcore performance with Savannah Thorne. I already knew that Eli could act because I’ve seen him a gazillion times before. What I don’t see every day is a new talent that’s makes it look so easy. The sex is as incredible as I thought it would be. What I couldn’t possibly detect from the Shemale.XXX photo set was the chemistry between these actors. Savannah has a way of looking at the camera throughout the scene as if Eli doesn’t know there’s a hidden camera in the room. Blackula’s photography is top drawer as usual. But this video isn’t “the usual” TS porn fare. It’s extraordinary. There are multiple position changes and two great cumshots before this relentless pounding scene ends. There’s no possible way in my mind that this video could have been any better. Bostonian Savannah Thorne who was born in Goiânia, Brazil is absolutely incredible.

Shemale.XXX Luna Rose and Robert Axel





Luna Rose saunters over to the refrigerator in an ivory bra and panty set and black stay-up stockings. She looks inside, contemplates what to have for breakfast, then starts the coffee. Robert Axel enters the kitchen and all he wants for breakfast is Luna. As he kisses and caresses her, she looks so excited about what she knows is going to happen. Naturally, he’s got a boner in his briefs and she gives it a few squeezes. Robert’s morning feast continues with Luna’s amazing ass and just when you think he’s about to start fucking Luna, she sinks to her knees to give him a blowjob. Her full breasts and hard, pointy nipples are bare at this point and then, there’s some awesome POV BJ footage. The kitchen counter is the perfect place for Luna to place one of her stocking feet upon for Robert to sink his prick inside her from behind. There are more position changes, more delicious looking cocksucking and two glorious cumshots in this fantastic Shemale.XXX video. You should also see the first hardcore scene with these beautiful people on the site and Luna’s cumtastic shower scene!

Aubrey Kate Shemale.XXX Hardcore





I had the great pleasure and honor of interviewing beautiful Aubrey Kate of Las Vegas, Nevada for Issue #94 of Transformation Magazine. You can get a digital copy from SkinMagz or order the print version and get a subscription. Check out Transformation Online for shipping details. Wit that shameless plug out of the way, let’s talk about her magnificent new hardcore performance on Shemale.XXX. Studly John Smith asks a bartender what the girl traffic in the pub is like. He likes blondes and the bartender introduces him to gorgeous Aubrey Kate. She flirts openly, touches his “nice package” and asks a few personal questions. It turns out that she’s an escort, but John can afford it. So they go off to a private room where John ends up fucking the hell out of this beautiful sex worker. The scene ends with a fun little twist. You’ll see why Aubrey Kate is one of my all-time favorite performers and why I just had to interview her for the third annual sexy swim issue of Transformation Magazine. I know that’s a lot of information, so don’t miss this transtastic hardcore video on Shemale.XXX.