TheEnglishMansion – Elizabeth’s House Maid

In “Elizabeth’s House Maid” featuring Governess Elizabeth and Tiffany Real Doll, Governess Elizabeth is enjoying an afternoon of reading and relaxation at The English Mansion, but has been waiting far too long for her maid Tiffany to bring her champagne. When she appears with no excuse, she is taken in hand with a swift spanking. Tiffany then starts to dust the room, a chore she should of completed earlier but ends up making dust fall on Mistress, so again she is put over the knee and spanked harder and longer. Elizabeth then decides to train Tiffany on her big rubber strapon, fucking her mouth with it before stretching her ass with her gloved fingers and a big pink dildo. Tiffany is then fucked with her first ever strap-on, the big length sliding in and out as she gyrates her hips with new found pleasures. Mistress is so pleased with how the training is going that she allows Tiffany to be tied to the treat chair for a few minutes of intense pleasure. That’s the official synopsis of this scorching hot tryst on with one of the UK’s finest and most experience Dommes with an all-time favorite tgirl of mine, Tiffany Real Doll. There was no way I was going to miss out on what went down across the pond from me here in the Sunshine State, USA. Allow me to elimimate the reduncy of repeating the action and skip forward to my favorite parts of this scene. The first sequence that really captures my attention is Governess Elizabeth paddling Tiffany’s bare, upturned bottom. The Domme’s breasts are jiggling in their bra cups and Tiffany’s exquisite butt cheeks are blazing red! The pretty sub wears a cock ring and her tightly drawn-up balls look like they’re inviting a pair of thighs brushing against them as her ass is deeply penetrated. I’m imagining how horny she would be at the claimed four weeks of chastity. Then the beautiful Governess has Tiffany lick her sex toy as if she’s about to suck a real cock. Speaking of cock, beautiful Tiffany’s stiffness is fully released from the CBT device as her tight ass is finger banged by her tormentor’s gloved fingers. Tiffany is then toy fucked and strap-on railed! I’ve leave you with the visual image of Tiffany Real Doll’s enormous cock being jerked by Governess Elizabeth’s bare hand in this must-see update.

TheEnglishMansion – Miss Foxx, Miss Jessica Dee – Kept In Line

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Miss Foxx’s house girl is due some training to keep her in line. Mistress tests a new remote control vibrating plug which is inserted deep into Jessica’s ass, varying the intensity and noting the responses, her poor chastity clad cock leaking pre-cum from the deep pleasure. This is then followed by an OTK spanking, to balance the relief, her cheeks becoming nicely engorged, preparing her for the cane strokes to follow. Finally, she is left on the punishment chair, nipples pulled tightly, gagged with a big dildo and vibrator on her caged cock. This is the official synopsis of “Kept In Line” featuring stunning pro Domme Dubai Miss Foxx and kinky model/producer Jessica Dee from iwantclips and In this scene from The English Mansion, Miss Foxx summons Jessica and compliments her pretty outfit. This moment is like the calm before the storm. Jessica is instructed to spin around on her tall heels and to show her Mistress that her butt plug is in place. Jessica raises the hem of her dress to reveal her curvy bottom which is clad in sheer baby blue panties. Her full thighs are encased in black stay-up stockings, but the focus becomes Jessica’s sexy bare bottom when Miss Foxx lowers the panties. It’s impossible to miss the large sexy toy embedded inside her. It’s time to ramp up Jessica’s training says the Mistress while patting the curvy bottom, pleased that she’s got her sub’s clitty locked away. The beautiful vision of Miss Foxx is coupled by pretty Jessica standing with her dress raised to reveal her cock in a chastity device above a full, shaven ball sack. This training that Jessica is quite accustomed to with several stern English Mansion dominas is implemented today by Miss Foxx for the delight of control. That control is enhanced by the device Miss Foxx will use to power the big electronic butt plug buried deep inside her tight ass. The Mistress is a world traveler who will be able to control this wi-fi device on her sub when they’re apart. Is that a great way to totally control a bitch or what?! I think it’s much more fun when it’s not long distance however as in this case with Jessica’s smiling face revealing the pleasure of the electronic pulses coursing through her slutty bottom. We get to see Mistress run her long talons across the portion of cockhead exposed through her CBT device and her pink balls as she sits with her legs wide open. Jessica is abruptly forced to stop and sent off to fetch a cocktail next. Then her pert rear end is reddened over bent knee. There’s high heel polishing to follow along with a harsh flogging and then a caning! The most elaborate torture involves a magnificent BDSM contraption you get a hint of from the preview photo gallery. I’ve been closely following the wonderful progress of this lovely British submissive since my Interview with Jessica Dee was conducted. That’s why is came as no surprise to me that I’d absolutely adore this update on the

The English Mansion: Used By Dominant Dolly Pt2

Used By Dominant Dolly Pt2 featuring Dominant Dolly and  Miss Jade Jones – 

Genuine Session Footage: JJ’s pretty pink nipples are exposed through her fishnet top and she’s strapped down to a bondage bench with her sexy legs suspended. Her cock is locked inside a CBT training device, but her full ball sack is visible. She’s forced to admit that she’s a whore by Dominant Dolly and also that she likes big cocks. That’s a good thing considering that the Domme is holding two huge dildos and because there’s a big live one beneath her latex outfit. Submissive Jade Jones is forced to show how skilled she is at fellatio with toy sucking. Next, JJ gets her tight ass penetrated by Dominant Dolly’s gloved fingers while almost gagging on a dildo. After teasing Jade’s sensitive nipples, DD’s big cock is raging in her latex but she exposes JJ’s instead, removing the cock and ball device and making her lick her own pre-cum from it. The Domme puts on a new set of gloves and begins stroking JJ’s erection. Jade’s cock is not small, but when the Domme releases her erection from her skintight latex catsuit and lays it across JJ’s, the sub’s pretty dick is dwarfed by the size of DD’s. Jade begins writhing with pleasure as her cock is rubbed by her tormentor’s. I’m so proud of the way she takes Dominant Dolly’s massive hardon. I’ve seen JJ go from amateur cult status to an favorite sub girl. Watching her get her ass fucked by the website’s most beautiful hung Domme with a real cock is simply spellbinding!

The English Mansion – Summer Strapon

Summer Strapon Featuring Lady Lucea on

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Lady Lucea is training her slut to suck real cock. She’s wearing her biggest black strapon and is ready to take it to the next level. Lady Lucea, whose body is in optimal condition, looks ravishing with the strapon jutting from her toned thighs. She strokes her phallus as if it’s a real cock while she humiliates her caged slut verbally. She takes her sexy slut out of the cage and wastes no time in getting her on her knees, easing the huge shaft into the eager bitch’s mouth and gullet, jamming it down her throat and showing no mercy as Lucea face fucks her hard. Pleased with the progress, she puts the slut on all fours and eases open her ass with her gloved fingers, making her beg for cock, which is then eased into the tight hole, stretching it unbelievably as the 10 inch cock opens her up. Slut is expertly pegged, the speed and power increasing, her prostate getting rammed hard as she starts begging for more and more, pleasing Lady Lucea so much, it won’t be much longer until she is ready for the real thing. Master’s real cock that the slut is getting prepared for is reportedly huge also. 

The English Mansion – Tricked Transformed Traded

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“I had finished University the previous year but had not managed to attain regular employment, despite diligently searching the papers. Today, I noticed an advert for a medical firm looking for test subjects my age and body type for a series of harmless trials. The payment rate was excellent, which would help with my bank overdraft and the start date was immediate. I eagerly phoned the number hoping I would be a suitable candidate and was amazed to get a same day interview with Nurse An Li.” This is what you hear as a mystery person’s face isn’t shown when following instructions to enter the Montague House Gender Reassignment Clinic. That’s because this video is shot in POV fashion and you’re the one meeting beautiful An Li who will be taking you through the process. Your overnight stay begins with personal questions about your background. You state that you’re completely straight and she laughs wickedly. The interview is a bit humiliating, but you manage to get through filling out the application. Then you’re instructed to take some medicine. You’re warned that you’ll feel drowsy so you might as well get comfortable. The drug takes effect pretty quickly. While feeling groggy, you can hear the pitch of your own voice rising as An Li gazes down at you. You’re unaware of how much time has passed and shocked by the sight of bare breasts. They’re not An Li’s. They’re yours! You’ve also had face feminization surgery and your blonde hair is long. You look absolutely beautiful and you’re wearing panties. No changes to your manhood have been made there. But the practitioner makes you turn over to inspect your new feminine bottom. Your girlish ass is silky smooth. The next step of your feminization is to learn how to suck on a phallus. There’s corset waist training to follow. What comes next as you straddle the table on all fours is losing your virginity. Obviously you’ve been tricked and transformed. An Li prepares you next to be traded. Find out what the next steps are on

The English Mansion – Used by Dominant Dolly Pt1


Beautiful Mistress Dominant Dolly brilliantly torments her gorgeous gagged slave Jade Jones wearing a skin tight latex catsuit in Used by Dominant Dolly on The English Mansion. Her sexy slut JJ wears a latex corset over a fishnet body stocking as she sits gagged and bound with her legs open. She also wears pretty Mary Jane shoes and a CBT device on her cock and balls. She can’t talk much with a ball gag in her mouth, but then she’s not supposed to. Her pre-cum oozing cock does all the talking when the stunning Mistress takes hold of it for a brief moment. The stunning Domme stands behind her slave and rubs her pretty little nipples. JJ’s diminutive dick begins to jump up and down in its chastity as the top considers what to do next. When Mistress Dolly is presented in full frontal footage again, her big cock is raging hard within the latex, causing a profound outline. Jade has her ball gag removed to suck on Dominant Dolly’s fingers, but we know what she’d rather be sucking on. But she’s not allowed to. Her Mistress has her slave laying face down on a bench next. Her plump ass is exposed and there are red marks across the surface already. Her full balls are exposed and pre-cum is steadily dripping to the dungeon floor. The slave is made to taste her own honey and next, JJ’s hips begin to rise and fall from the penetration of her Domme’s gloved fingers. Find out what happens next on The English Mansion.

The English Mansion – In Service To A Lady

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer

The official “In Service to a Lady” video synopsis featuring Lady Nina Birch and Natalie Gothtv on reads: Lady Nina Birch is very demanding on her house slaves and expects exemplary performance at all times. When her sissy maid Natalie Gothtv is tardy bringing her breakfast and is dressed incorrectly, she is scolded and an immediate OTK punishment by hand and hairbrush is administered. After changing into her sissy maid outfit, Lady Nina inspects her and the cleanliness of the kitchen and is again disappointed with the effort made, resulting in further punishment to the hapless maid. I my October 25, 2016 interview with Sera Glam Trap, who identifies as a sissy, I touched on something I’ve never specialized in, but that intrigues me. It’s called Petticoating – a type of fantasy role play. I explained to Sera that this practice is said to have originated as a form of punishment in Victorian times although it may have come about even earlier. Petticoating enthusiasts enact this in order to achieve sexual arousal and often engage in the practice with the aid of a dominant figure who aims to humiliate them. Petticoating is sometimes referred to as pinaforing, pinafore eroticism, or pinafore. Unfortunately, Sera hadn’t experimented with Petticoating either. I plan to correct that someday and I think this is an appropriate time to reopen this discussion.


Let’s refer to this mp4 scene trailer where beautiful Lady Nina sits topless in bed admonishing Natalie for being Petticoated, yet not wearing her proper maid’s uniform. One of the things I like most about petticoats is that when a submissive wears a few to several layers, the crinoline is quite sheer most of the time. So if she happens to have developed and erection, it will most likely be visible. She might be in chastity, but I’d be able to detect the outline of a cock and ball device through them as well. Notice the way that slender Natalie’s plump buttocks seem framed by her petticoats. To me, this is almost like having a gift wrapped ass to spank, flog or fuck. While watching Lady Nina full breasts jiggling as she spanks her sissy’s pretty bottom red, so many of my senses are aroused. After Natalie brushes her Lady’s hair, she’s instructed to raise the hem of her pink uniform. The one she should be wearing is the black one for service since she’s brought breakfast. Not only would I have spanked her cute ass, I would have fucked it until she was wailing. But I’m just a lifestyle Mistress and Lady Nina is a pro. I’m still a little rough around the edges and often in search of instant gratification. I learned a lot from the Lady about new methods of humiliation once the sissy was dressed properly and flogged in the kitchen. But there goes that sexy bare ass of Natalie’s again. I simply must learn to use more restraint. My big horny cock often does the thinking for me in situations like this. But there are many different levels of restraint that the amazing Dommes employ on Sometimes the subs get fucked too.

The English Mansion – Mistress Sarah Jessica, Tiffany Real Doll – Dolly’s Punishment and Reward

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Mistress Sarah Jessica releases her submissive Tiffany Doll from her cage outdoors for some fun afternoon playtime. She checks her outfit and makeup and pats Tiffany’s panty bulge while holding her leash with her other hand. The pretty sub doesn’t have a hardon yet, but she will soon. The stunning Domme notices that the corset Tiffany wears is for waist training and makes leads her sub to The English Mansion garden. Both of their ass cheeks jiggling as they walk is an exquisite sight. Once inside, Mistress Sarah conducts a serious inspection, making Tiffany stick out her tongue. When Tiffany’s big cock is released, it’s fully erect and bobbing before her full, creamy thighs. Her Mistress is surprised that Tiffany isn’t in chastity. But she’s pleased by her cleanly shaven genitals. When Tiffany is instructed to straddle the sofa, her panties are still on but her large round balls and big cock are on display as is her delectable round bottom. Tiffany is told to lower her panties after a few spanks and the view of her goodies is magnificent. With a gloved hand, Mistress Sarah lubes and penetrates Tiffany’s tiny wrinkled rosebud. She rubs lubricant across the surface of her pink vibrator and gives Tiffany’s waiting ass a deep fucking. The sub’s thick cock is raging hard as she’s bent over pleasing her Mistress with her devoted submission in this deliciously naughty update on The English Mansion.


The English Mansion – Slut Teased & Denied

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

My favorite thing about chastity training is the prolonged orgasm denial of a submissive. I love making them squirm and ache for release for days on end. Gorgeous Miss Vivienne l’Amour from The English Mansion obviously hasn’t allowed her chastity trained slut to climax before sitting straddled above her in Slut Teased & Denied on The English Mansion. There are no tell-tale signs of disobedience when Miss Vivienne unlocks the device and grasps the sub’s cock, although it’s in a flaccid state. The slutty sub is strapped down to the table and there’s nothing she can do to stop her Mistress from slapping her uncut dick with her bare hands. I’m sure she doesn’t even want to resist when Miss Vivienne scoots herself up on the table and plants her pantied pussy above the sub’s face. The sub’s little clit is beginning to stir and swell and suddenly, the Domme is riding her face with her quim. She’s turned to face the slut’s platform heeled feet and stocking legs to look at the stiffening member she’s jacking off. To further humiliate the slave, the Domme moves her pussy away from her face while jacking her off. This moment however does not stop the captive cutie pie from developing a full erection. Miss Vivienne address her bitch boys who are watching this handjob not to cum a single drop. How would 300 cane marks to the feet even feel? Perhaps the sub who just accidently touched the Domme’s pussy with her teeth would know. Another hard dick slap draws nothing but another yelp of pain. We’re not getting much out of this cute, pathetically helpless captive today. By the way, the sub is Sammie from Strapon Fuck Slut. I never forget a cute submissive slut face, or tight ass for that matter. Seem if the same holds true for you at The English Mansion.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

The English Mansion: Tiffany Sex Doll

Lady Nina Birch has sent the Tiffany the well trained human sex doll to Mistress Sidonia for her perusal and sexual use. She wastes no time in examining the goods and testing the pliability of the real doll. After using the dolls tongue to lick her pussy she decides to try various fucking positions making sure she has an orgasm. The doll is then given a slow handjob until it shoots a big load of cum. Tiffany is then sent on to the next Mistress with a glowing report.


“This is Tiffany Real Doll,” says Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion. She is quite beautiful, perfect for dressing up and playing with for hours on end – just a total mindless, bimbo, fuck dolly. Well, girls do love playing with their dollies. What you may not realise is that Tiffany was once the husband of a female friend of mine, an aggressive, arrogant, sexist man who needed to be taken firmly in hand. That’s where Lady Nina Birch and I came in. We took him to one of our special holding cells at the Mansion where he was strapped tightly down and we proceeded to cut off all his male clothes (well he wouldn’t be needing them again), waxed his whole body (that did make him howl) and put him into tight chastity (the type with little teeth). After spending a few days locked away naked and cold, finally, he accepted the female clothes and wig we had left him for warmth. And once deeply asleep (we have our ways) we used locking bondage belts to secure them firmly onto him. We felt it was important that he put on the clothes himself and then learn to appreciate the feel of the soft silks and sexy lingerie we had chosen for him. Then we began the continuous 24hr mesmerizing videos and recordings which were broadcast into his cell encouraging him to embrace “her” new femininity, along with special hormones in the food. We continued our nightly visits, this time doing full make-up (the waterproof/24hr make up that doesn’t easily come off), and painting his nails and toes bright sparkly pink. Finally, he was broken – a great ceremony was made as “he” became “she” and one of our beautiful slave maids. We named her Tiffany. Disappointingly, however, many of the male traits were too ingrained and Tiffany was in need of endless punishments: for touching her clitty; peeping at or even groping up some of the other slave maids; and generally not being obedient- to name just a few. Lady Nina and I would not be defeated so we decided to take the extraordinary step of a total mind wipe. This would mean Tiffany would no longer be a slave maid but just a mindless bimbo fuck doll for everyone’s amusement. Again it took many dedicated hours of: mesmerizing mind control; long periods of sendep (sensory deprivation) bondage; and pain and pleasure conditioning – until finally she emerged and was perfect. Tiffany Real Doll is now passed around all the visiting domina’s at the Mansion. Occasionally her wife comes to see her and uses her, though she now has no memory of that unhappy old life. You can watch her in action as she is passed between three dominas on The English Mansion.