Danni Daniels In: One High Class Pinup Slut

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I had a feeling some scorching hot studio updates were coming to Danni’s website since she’s been doing amazing solo and hardcore LIVE shows on Chaturbate.com lately. “One High Class Pinup Slut” presents Danni with a new look and the best production values I’ve ever seen on a trans adult entertainment site. The photography is amongst the best of the best and Danni looks absolutely exquisite!

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Her solo masturbation sequence is filmed in a way that I’m sure has long-time fans literally shouting, not to mention cumming as hard as she does by the end of the scene. DanniXXX.com is not part of the tgirl-network.com where she’s April’s Guest T-Girl. But this brilliantly sexy set is cross-posted there. This is a detail I noticed at the time that Danni’s killer hardcore scene with Sunshyne Monroe of Sunshyneland.com was released on the 17th.

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Back to that cam show I saw, it was with a guy whose accent was British I’m pretty sure. At first the muscular stud was wearing a robe while Danni was sitting beside him completely naked. Then he stripped and stood before her with a big raging hard erection that she began sucking on. He straddled her and some frottage made Danni’s cock just as hard and they had an aerial camera view of him fucking her doggy style! His technique was good but thinking back on the way Danni fucked Sunshyne in the tgirl-network.com studio shoot I mentioned, he didn’t do anything she couldn’t do herself. You can see that sort of action on chaturbate.com/dannidaniels


Sunshyneland: Sunshyne and Martin

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Just in case anyone has forgotten how well Sunshyne Monroe can fuck, here’s a hardcore update to remind us. Martin Mazza has been passed around as a popular boy toy amongst several TGirl Network models. There’s actually a story line you could piece together about the exploits he gets himself into with these beautiful trans women.

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In this scene, Sunshyne wades in the shallow end of a pool in a luxurious Spanish villa, receiving a compliment from the handsome man. She looks ravishing in her bikini and her flirtation leads to emerging from the pool and presenting Martin with a large full breast to devour. He gets to repeat the process with her other bare boob and to kiss passionately her as well.


When Sunshyne asks if he wants to suck her cock, Martin looks so excited as he takes a peek inside her bikini bottom. This guy is such a tease, kissing and licking all around her sex before exposing it from the garment. But soon he’s sucking her cock expertly and she develops a big erection that Martin has plans for.


“Do you want to fuck me?” he asks and she’s almost ready to. When she’s on her feet before the kneeling man in the next sequence, her erection juts from her thighs ready to get down to business. Martin continues to enjoy sucking it and when he stands up to face her and releases his prick from his jeans, it’s as hard as Sunshyne’s dick! The next thing you know, the cute guy is on all fours taking a doggy style railing from the trans beauty. They’re both fully naked during this powerful fucking and Sunshyne also fucks Martin from behind while they’re standing up! I really love the way she encircles his neck with her fingers, then grasps the low ceiling to increase the speed of her jackhammer thrusts! Martin’s thick cock is swollen stiff as he takes this relentless ramming. See how they cum on Sunshyneland.com or on TGirl-Network.com!

Tiffany Starr: Goldilocks and the Three Dildos

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“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and the older still “The Story of the Three Bears” are two variations of an old fairy tale. The original tale tells of an ugly, old woman who enters the forest home of three bachelor bears whilst they are away. She sits in their chairs, eats some of their porridge, and falls asleep in one of their beds.

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When the bears return and discover her, she starts up, jumps from the window, and is never seen again. The other major version brings Goldilocks to the tale (replacing the old woman), and an even later version retained Goldilocks, but has the three bachelor bears transformed into Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear. What was originally a fearsome oral tale became a cosy family story with only a hint of menace. The story has elicited various interpretations and has been adapted to film, opera, and other media. “The Story of the Three Bears” is one of the most popular fairy tales in the English language.

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“Goldilocks and the Three Dildos” starring gorgeous Tiffany Starr is my favorite porn adaptation. It begins with Tiffany returning from a costume party and feeling horny. She promises dildo play with help from a friend, but first she wants to sex us up with some stripping. A panty tease from behind is followed by the exposure of her full breasts when she turns around again.


The next time she presents her cute bottom again, she actually lowers her undies. You’ll notice the sex toys on her bed while she does naughty things with her butt cheeks. Then she hops on the bed to consider which dildo is best. Tiffany strokes her cock to a nice throbbing erection for quite some time. Then she gets assistance with some penetration by a butt plug from a mysterious female hand.


She gets fucked by the plug while on her back and she’s in the doggy style position when getting banged by the biggest and most phallus-like toy. Tiffany is writhing, moaning and jacking off on her back again when getting her tight ass pounded by the pink dildo. Then the second hand gives Tiffany a handjob! But the notoriously heavy cummer finishes herself off with her black gloved hand and drenches it with creamy white cum!


I wanna know who made the beautiful model/producer behind tiffanystarrxxx.com climax! Perhaps I’ll find out someday there or on tgirl-network.com.

Jonelle Brooks and Mos

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Stunning Hungarian and Native American Jonelle Brooks and Thai trans girl Mos smile in a way that could make a guy who couldn’t get pussy in a monkey whorehouse with a sack of bananas on his shoulder feel like he could get lucky. Former Florida fox Jonelle Brooks makes the best of her time in Thailand teaching and camming live. But she still makes time to deliver the best of the best porn for us on her official website that won the TEA 2017 award for Best Solo Website! Her partner in this sizzling hardcore trans lesbian scene is Mos who’s best known for her prolific work on one of the best Asian adult websites. More details about all that later because I’ve got to talk about the sex first! When the scene begins, the camera pans up both stunning model’s fishnet stocking legs to their pretty faces. Jonelle and Mos are wearing closely matching lingerie as the American girl introduces the two of them. Jonelle modestly directs us to admire her partner’s body while running a hand across it, but we’re gazing at both luscious frames of course. Mos touches Jonelle too and her sexy friend asks her to stand up so she can more easily rub the bulge in the front of her outfit. The Thai babe’s balls are already threatening to fall out but Jonelle gets us to focus on that pert ass next. The girls both move up on the bed next to present both of their tantalizing butts. “Let’s see what she can do with that mouth,” Jonelle purrs, but we’re actually treated with the sight of them stroking each other’s raging hardons in front of us sitting side by side. Each boner is beautiful in its own right just like the rest of their owners. Jonelle’s is longer with the head exposed and Mos has a darker, thicker prong. As a blowjob specialist, I take note of the way Mos tentatively licks Jonelle’s swollen head and turgid shaft before going down on her deeply.


Jonelle manages to reach around and fap the Thai girl’s erection while enjoying getting hers sucked on. Both sets of big tits are exposed by the time they get into a frottage sequence, rubbing their hard cocks together. If you’re like me you’ll be wondering how much of both of them you could suck at the same time! It’s Mos who’s on top for this rod rubbing and she sides down to display more of her talented cock sucking technique again. A few moments later, Jonelle’s erection stands at a 45 degree angle just inches before her partner’s hot bottom as she lowers the Thai girl’s panties. Jonelle’s powerful cock is heavily oiled as its bare length plunges in and out of her partner’s tight ass doggy style and in the missionary position. After Jonelle gives Mos a tremendous creampie, she starts fucking her again an then Mos releases her cumshot! Allow me to direct you to jonellebrooks.com, the tgirl network and the Filmography of Mos on Ladyboy Gold.


Mandy Mitchell Presents Fisting Natalie Mars

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This production transcends the average porn scene by leaps and bounds. It falls into my personal adult industry category of a major event. Like many elaborate brilliant cosplay scenes, this one requires no storyline because the visual impact is so powerful. Natalie Mars gets a check-up from Nurse Mandy and that’s about all the set-up that’s necessary. The checkup for us begins between Natalie’s parted thighs and she’s wearing no panties. For Mandy, it starts at the bottom, beginning with an oral inspection of her patient’s prettily pedicured toes and working up gradually. Mandy also worships Natalie’s to-die-for open-toe platform ballets boots while dressed in a fabulous two-piece 420 lifestyle nurse costume with white fence net stockings and no heels. Natalie begins moaning as her cock and balls gets licked lovingly and then more aggressively. Then it’s Shibari time when Mandy whips out the ropes. The next sequence presents Natalie’s bare bottom with her goodies protruding from her closed thighs and her ankles are expertly tied. The butt plug embedded within her is huge! Mandy has moved to stand before Natalie’s face and when she lovers the lower part of her costume, her stiff cock springs out like a horny Jack-in-the-box. The head is licked and the first half of the thick shaft is engulfed. Mandy uses her hand to guide this picture perfect blowjob and Natalie sucks away like there’s no such thing as a gag reflex. Her wrists are tied so she’s forced to do all the work orally. After awhile, Mandy’s inspection of Natalie’s ass resumes. Some hard spanking is administered to test the resiliency of Natalie’s upturned ass as well as her threshold for pain. The act that proceeds the gaping action that comes next includes Mandy easing her erection is and out of Natalie’s tight ass. So I’m watching this powerful doggy style railing and thinking to myself that this is a surprise! Then it gets even better with more cock sucking and black dildo riding. There’s also some kissing and what happens next is what I’m unofficially naming the 2017 Butt Olympics and the stars are exquisite. Now it’s time to direct you to mandy-mitchell.com, tgirl-network.com and nataliemars.manyvidscom.

Eva Paradis and Jake

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I don’t know exactly when Eva’s sexy man started calling himself Jake, but most male trans porn fans I know just call him lucky. I knew him by another name obviously as someone who’s bedded a plethora of stunning TS models, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Eva Paradis wanted to work with him. She’s looking colorfully gorgeous playing with her phone on the sofa when Jake approaches her. He confesses when she asks if he’s trying to seduce her. While rubbing the bulge in his jeans she discovers that he’s not wearing any underwear. Jake’s shirt is off and suddenly his stiff cock is pumping in and out of her mouth. When Eva sits up on the couch, her lovely bosom is spilling out of her bra cups, but Jake is completely naked. She’s got some catching up to do, so she removes her bra, but not too much of her super sexy lingerie. Eva’s cock is rock hard and she strokes it firmly and rapidly as she gives Jake a kneeling blowjob. Her big hardon bounces and swings when she stands up and moves to the edge of the couch.


When she bends over, Jake eases his erection slowly inside Eva’s tight ass. Those who like both trans women and male bubble butts will be erotically thrilled by the two sets of flexing cheeks flexing as the fuck in the doggy style position. Somewhere during Eva’s bareback cowgirl ride, more of her clothing is shed and she’s eventually hoisting herself up and down on Jake’s prick in just her stockings and her tall sandals.


Her big tits jiggle and sway when she switches into reverse and her hard dick swings up and down. Eva jerks off at times while getting drilled in the missionary position and at times she just allows her boner to bounce in time with Jake’s hard thrusts. She’s stroking it when Jake’s powerful fucking makes a blast of creamy white cum erupt from her swollen cockhead! Get to evaparadisxxx.com or to the tgirl-network.com to see how and where Jake unleashes his jizz.

Mia Isabella & Adrian – Special Room Service

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The beautiful superstar talent behind mia-isabella.com is lounging in a swank hotel room when she decides to call room service for something special on their secret list of services. The sound of a European male voice comes with a knock on the door and Mia tells him to come in. He says he’s arrived to bring her special cocktail, but she informs him that he can drop the pretenses. She wants the same service her friend was so pleased with earlier, so he moves closer to her bed and gives her a kiss.

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Adrian accepts Mia’s invitation to join her on the bed and they continue making out. Adrian wastes no time getting his t-shirt and jeans and sneakers off. When he does so, there’s a big bulge in his briefs. He removes his drawers and when he sits up on the bed with his big hardon pointing in her direction, Mia asks him if he wants her to taste him. He must say please, however.

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I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen a cute guy with a “bitch” tattoo before and I kinda like that. There’s no bitchassedness in the way this boy tops. But before that happens, he gets an obviously amazing blowjob. He proceeds to help Mia remove her bodysuit and enters her from behind.

A slow yet intense doggy style pumping evolves into a rampant railing! Then Mia rides Adrian in the reverse cowgirl position while stroking her own big cock. She’s quite vocal in this position and in the missionary position also. She whimpers and moans with pleasure, stroking her huge erection while Adrian pumps away, coming closer to reaching his climax.

Both Mia and Adrian release creamy white cumshots, but I’ll let you find out who cums first. This scorching hot scene is available on both mia-isabella.com and on her tgirl-network.com site that features all 28 incredible trans stars in the network.

Eva Paradis – Outdoor Shower Fuck

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Punishing The Cheater” was a superb scene with the stunning London-based Italian Eva Paradis and Bavarian star Kimberlee and a lucky bastard named Martin that showcased the verse skills of both trans stars. When Eva mistakenly leaves Kimberlee alone with her boyfriend, he cheats with Kimberlee and they fuck like bunnies. Eva returns home early and catches them in bed. She fucks Martin with a vengeance. In “Outdoor Shower Fuck” on evaparadisxxx.com there’s no storyline, but this torrid scene doesn’t need much of a plot.

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Beautiful Eva is relaxing in a lounge chair when a hot stranger takes a shower nearby after a swim. He develops a boner in his trunks from Eva’s presence and she introduces herself. She apologizes for touching his bulge, but it was just begging for it and he doesn’t mind at all. She asks if Spanish men are all this hot but he’s too horny to talk. Eva admires his shredded body and when she withdraws his big dick, it’s raging hard.

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Eva bares her large breasts and asks Antonio if he likes them, then encourages him to squeeze them. His upward arcing hardon is inches from her gorgeous face as he uses both hands to fondle her big boobs. Eva grabs Antonio’s straining boner and asks, “Do you want me to suck it?” Silence again from the stud because he’s too turned on and knows her question is rhetorical.


After giving Antonio a deep blowjob and rapid stroking, Eva stands up to show Antonio her exquisite ass. Her bikini bottom is still on as he devours her tits, but she lets her cock slip out while giving him a rapid handjob. When Eva turns her back to the stud, he slaps his big uncut dick across Eva’s firm bottom. Antonio removes Eva’s panties when she lays across the lounger. Antonio jerks himself off while the naked babe finger bangs her ass and rubs her cock. She then places the soles of her feet around Antonio’s throbbing shaft and gives him a silky smooth footjob.


The fucking begins with Antonio and Eva standing in the shower and he pumps in and out of her furiously from behind. This torrid scene is also available on tgirl-network.com. Check out all the updates.

Kimberlee & Bianca Nascimento

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This is a shared hardcore scene between ts-kimberlee.com, biankanascimento.com and the tgirl-network.com site with a plethora of SMC Productions stars. It begins with Kimberlee and Bianka lounging on a sofa chatting about men and other trans women.

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Bianka is excited to learn that Kimberlee has been playing with both recently. The Brazilian babe begins feeling up the Bavarian-born fox’s big tits through her dress, unzips her and gets a few firm squeezes in. It’s obvious that Bianka isn’t wearing panties because her cock is peeking out from her dress right before she begins to devour Kimberlee’s full boobs.

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After a sweet kiss, Kimberlee helps Bianka with the zipper of her dress and reveals her large breasts. Kimberlee stands up and compliments Bianka’s bubble butt and then they face each other, pressing their tits together. Kimberly is excited that Bianka’s cock is getting hard, so she sits on the sofa to make it even harder with her mouth.

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Once Bianka’s cock is fully erect, she has Kimberlee sit back to return the favor. Once her partner’s dick is fully hard, she sinks her cock inside her tight ass in the missionary position. Bianka has kicked of her pumps to get as much traction on the couch as possible for a long, hard drilling.

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Bianka slaps Kimberlee’s sexy ass when they switch into the doggy style position. Bianka pauses only to give Kimberlee kisses throughout the course of her tremendous railing. Both girls are completely naked by the time Bianka makes it a rough, hair-pulling fuck. When Bianka is ready to cum, she shoots series of jets of creamy white cum across Kimberlee’s big rack. You can join each great model’s individual websites, but to me it makes more sense to pay a few more bucks for the entire TGirl Network including Bailey Jay, Mia Isabella, Eva Paradis, Natassia Dreams, Tiffany Starr, Sarina Valentina, TS Jesse, Morgan Bailey and more incredible stars by joining through either kimberlee.tgirl-network.com or bianka-nascimento.tgirl-network.com.

Mia Isabella by the Poolside


These images are from The TGirl Network featuring Mia of mia-isabella.com holding court in a recent trip to Spain. I usually don’t go bananas over the release of a photo set. But when it’s a photo shoot with Mia Isabella, it’s not just a shoot but an event. Mia is one of those models that production teams pull out all the stops for. There’s no wiggle room for mistakes and I’ve never seen an error on her outstanding website. I can’t wait to see what’s soon to come. 


I’m not in the habit of labeling human beings “gods” or “goddesses” but when I consider the body of Mia’s work, I can see why people are tempted to do that sort of thing. To reach icon status at such a young age is quite an accomplishment. This Chicago native (also raised in Tennessee) of French, Puerto Rican, and Jamaican descent has a fashion degree from Paris Fashion Institute. At 21, she ran a boutique and took a hiatus from porn. Then she made a killer return at the age of 23.


Mia was among the adult starlets actresses who appeared in the welcome home party scene for SAMCRO President Jackson “Jax” Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam after his release from prison in the season premiere of the Sons of Anarchy finale, which aired on September 9, 2014. I’ve never missed an episode and Mia absolutely radiant on the small screen. It was pretty surreal seeing her on one of my favorite shows.


She stands at around 5′ 5″ and I remember way back when she was known as the “Cutest Little TS Chick with the Biggest Candy Stick”. I believe this was around the period when Mia had been featured on Playboy TV and Radio (multiple times).


Some of her accolades in adult entertainment since her debut at the age of 19 include a 2010 AVN Award nomination, Urban X and XBIZ Award wins in 2011 for Transsexual Performer of the Year, a Night Moves Award win in 2012 for Best Transsexual Performer and three consecutive XBIZ Award nomination from 2012 to 2014.


I wish I could tell you exactly what we’re going to see next on mia-isabella.com from Mia’s comeback, but if it’s anywhere near the standards of this elaborate pool set, I know it’s going to be magnificent. Mia’s website is part of the The TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.