Trans500: Pounding Ms. Lianna Lawson

Description: Today we have someone that simply just screams SEXUALITY. Lianna Lawson makes her debut today taking in some hardcore huge dick up her tight thirsty ass. Who wouldn’t want a night with this beauty? We know we definitely would. What a better way to start off the weekend. Lovely Lianna Lawson in “Pounding Ms. Lawson.”

Mike Panic is in the friend zone with Lianna Lawson which explains how he can keep his cool while she tries on a few outfits to go out in and asks for his opinions.

He pretends he’s not aroused, rather bored and frustrated by her bad choices in clothing. She’s dressing for a date with some guy and a daydreaming sequence reveals that Mike is secretly hot for Lianna.

Since this is a dream sequence, with Lianna dancing and crawling on her knees in a most sinuous outfit, we shouldn’t be surprised to find Mike getting his cock sucked by her in the next sequence with a look of surprise on his face.

The magically naked man tosses Lianna’s salad to return the favor of her blowjob. Then he sucks her dick to an erection before easing his cock inside her tight ass in the missionary position.

Mike gives Lianna a passionate pounding. Lianna even holds her butt cheeks open for his powerful thrusts! Next comes some hair pulling and a ferocious pile driver railing.

After an explosive ending, the logo appears to remind us what branch of the network is responsive for this bareback masterpiece.

To see the amazing trans model trans model from “Pounding Ms. Lawson” LIVE, go to!

Trans500: Natalia La Potra – Simply Natalia

Scene Trailer 1

Description: Hey folks. Welcome back to another update with one of the sexiest girls making her debut. Natalia La Potra is one of those girls you won’t soon forget. Sexy as fuck in her glasses, she just loves playing with herself in front of the camera.Let’s get right to the action. Gorgeous Latina model Natalia La Potra makes me proud to be a Floridian. As if I had anything to do with her good looks and amazing performances as a neighbor. You may get a similar good when a star you admire is local and get what I’m saying. It doesn’t really mean anything – just a fan thing.

Sample Photo Gallery

Josh Stone’s is one of the few sites that seems to have an unlimited production budget, so anyone who saw this update coming knew that Natalia was going to look phenomenal. All she had to do for that part was show up. But let’s bring our focus to her performance.

Scene Trailer 2

If you like bold, confidant trans women, just watching Natalia posing on the balcony of some plush South Florida pad will get you going. She doesn’t look like she owns the apartment she’s in. Natalia looks like she owns the city. About forty some seconds into her debut, Natalia has a nip slip. Otherwise, there’s no nudity right away and it’s such a smooth and tasteful directorial approach. Natalia’s striptease is an absolute killer that evolves into a raunchy and explicit masturbation that ends with a big juicy cum shot! Well, not quite. The viewer is tortured by watching Natalia’s big dick lurch as sway still hard and throbbing for several moments after her explosive climax.

Trans500: Cocking Ms. Castro

Scene Trailer

It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen. Bruna Castro is back once again to do what else but ride huge ,thick cock! This gorgeous lady is known around town for her dick riding skills.Here at you know we don’t disappoint when it comes to these big cock hungry asses. Our boy is enjoying every second of it. Can you blame him? Now let’s get right to the action.

Scene Trailer

Sao Paulo, Brazil native Bruna Castro is a trans adult entertainment veteran actress. Her resume lists studios that have long come and gone but none of them have exceeded in capturing her greatness. I’m not sure about Bruna’s co-star’s name but he’s a veteran actor as well. I could swear he was starring in Brazilian trans films when I started doing reviews over a decade ago. He doesn’t join Bruna until after she’s stripped down to her tall pumps naked and stroking her big boner. She immediately begins grabbing the bulge in his shorts in the outdoor section of a spa. He responds by pinning her against the wall and diving into her curvy ass face first. Now they’ve both got raging hardons and Bruna lowers the man’s shorts to give him a kneeling blowjob.

Bruna handles her partner’s big dick so well. But eventually they have to move things indoors. It’s just easier for the guy to fuck the hell out of Bruna on a comfortable bed. She’s 100% nude getting railed doggy style, in the reverse cowgirl position and then with her heaving tits and jiggling cock and balls facing him. They’re fucking in the missionary position as Bruna jerks her hardon furiously, sending streams of cum blasting across her tummy. Bruna gets her beautiful torso and cock sprayed with jizz before this amazing update comes to an end. This video and photo set is from the IKillItTS .com branch of the network. You’ll also have access to Bruna’s two blazing hot solo performances from the branch of the Trans500 network!

Trans500: Double the Fun with Korra and Megan

The Trans500 network blows me away yet again with a Trans At Play area update with the original pairing of Korra Del Rio and Megan Sweet! It begins with solo modeling – Megan posing in bra, panties and heels to a typically sexy soundtrack of R&B wafting in the background.

She strips topless, gives a peek of the goodies overflowing her undies from the front and back. Then Korra takes it from there all be her lonesome. She strips topless as well and then the two beauties are together.

At first, they dance for you like two scorching hot strippers unfamiliar with each other. This is an awesome way to build up the anticipation of Korra and Megan fondling each other’s progressively exposed bodies and sharing white-hot kisses.

We’re instantly transported from the confrontational striptease to the voyeuristic bathtub sequence. It’s extremely intimate and deliciously flirtatious. They haven’t seen each other in awhile and take a moment to stand up from the bath water to inspect the dynamics of their superb bodies.

Sitting at the edge of the tub, they entwine fingers and begin to kiss again. They continue making out after moving to a seat near the tub. The arousal they’re feeling begins to display itself during this sequence. One of these foxes instigates oral sex and she sucks her partner’s cock to a raging erection!

The favor is returned and both Korra and Megan are at the same state of arousal when they move their lovemaking to the bed. See for yourself how this killer scene plays out on the network! One of these babes has her own official website. Check out! Watch the Free Scene Trailer on

Trans500: Ms.Big Booty Beth

“Ms.Big Booty Beth” is the 11th Trans500 network update of gorgeous Lexie Beth – a torrid hardcore session with a relatively new porn actor named Terrence. The theme is a silent scenario of a good looking guy carving out a spot to lay down poolside. He doesn’t seem to be plotting to hook up with Lexi who’s already there relaxing a few feet away from Terrence. She sends texts on her phone and after he checks out the menu, he can’t help checking Lexi out.

It’s impossible to not take in the sight of Lexie baring her big tits and spritzing them with oil. She’s eager for him to help when he asks if she needs assistance. After getting lubed up in the front, Lexie rolls over to get her big booty spritzed. He eventually spritzes Lexi with cum but that doesn’t happen until much later. Terrence kneads Lexie’s expansive bottom flesh like dough and he’s careful not to miss a spot.

She giggles when he says how cute her wrinkled rosebud is. Those giggles turn to soft moans when more and more fingers penetrate her tight passage. When Terrence rises to move to the next stage of his seduction, there’s a predictable big bulge in his briefs. The voluptuous babe rises to have her bare breasts devoured by the shredded stud. Lexie does a little dance for him between smacks across her ass cheeks.

Terrence loses his briefs and his hardon hovers before Lexie’s mountainous mounds. He then slaps her glutes with his erection, but he decides to give her rimjob before fucking her. Later, Lexie decides she wants a taste of that big cock before it begins fucking her. A casual then somewhat forced blowjob follows and then Terrence gets a mouthful of Lexie’s cock! Lexi gives the stud one more deep sucking and then a rough doggystyle ride begins in this blazing hot update!

It doesn’t matter if you join through or for full access to the entire Trans500 network of 6 sites!

Trans500: Megan Snow in Meet Ms. Snow

MP4 Scene Trailer

My understanding is that beautiful Megan Snow aka Megan Kummings was born in Phoenix, Arizona and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Her stats are approximately 36DD-28-38, 5’6″(167cm), 155 lbs(70kg), 9″(22cm) and this update came as a complete surprise to many of us. For me it’s because I’d call it going out of her comfort zone.

As far as “Meet Ms. Snow” goes, I’ve been a fan of hers for a couple of years but this is the first time I’ve seen her on the Trans500 network. She looks ridiculously stunning in the preview video, but I wanted to see how her full-length debut here turned out. It’s a semi-hypnotic scene with high production values and a trance soundtrack that goes well with Megan stripping nude and pointing her hefty boobs and hard cock at you.

When the music stops, she strides across the room to take a seat to continue jacking off. There’s a dildo resting beside her but we get some wide angle and close-up views of Megan simply stroking her big dick first. We’re just under about nine minutes by the time she begins fucking herself with the glass sex toy. She’s quite vocal about wishing it were your cock and other utterances of dirty talk.

The penetration goes on for quite a bit of time, yet a minute isn’t wasted. The rest of the scene consists of Megan stroking her big tool until a huge blast of syrupy cum blasts from its swollen head. Nothing about this scene on from the network is shocking unless you’ve never seen a trans stroke and cum performance before. But as far as models go, Megan Snow is as exquisite as adult models come.

Trans500 – Chanel Santini in: Interracial Ass Banging

Wow! Today it’s on ladies and gentlemen. This gal is simply just fucking stunning. Just look at her, we can’t wait……….. Chanel Santini is making her debut with this hot, interracial scene. Her parents cut her off so she’s taken a babysitting job which she hates. The only thing keeping her there is huge black dick. Today it’s going down. She makes her move and the rest is history. She loves taking in huge, black cock. We give these gals exactly what they want. They all yearn for a huge ass stretching and we definitely give it to them. It’s the weekend so sit back, relax and welcome this gorgeous piece of TS ass. Chanel Santini in “Interracial Ass Banging”.

This is the synopsis I read this morning and it was all I needed to persuade me to check out the video and full photo set. The casting is a tremendous coup with 2017 TEA Best New Face Chanel and 3 time nominee for Best Male Performer Soldier Boi.

If you’re a or fan, you know that this production must have been shot recently. I love her new look, but then this model can basically do no wrong in my humble opinion. Soldier Boi has proven himself as a magnificent male performer in trans porn again and again. Both extremely familiar faces are gorgeous and their bodies are phenomenal, so let’s get to the main event – the performance. It begs the question, “What more can you ask for?” combined with top level production values and minimal, yet good acting enhanced by a dope soundtrack. If someone asked me to guess what studio these actors had a video and photo set released on today, I’d have been dead wrong. That’s what I consider another coup for

Haters are everywhere within the adult industry and the same goes for porn fans. If there are any Chanel Santini haters reading this, I hope you’ll accept that this performer is proving herself to be a legendary star. Get over it! Soldier Boi will someday receive the accolades he truly deserves. They’re long overdue and this scene proves it. The trailer alone explains why I give this network scene in the branch a rare A+.

Trans500: Ms. Carillo Takes That Dick

Scene Trailer

Culiacan, Mexico is where this voluptuous beauty Karla Carillo once again on the network is from. Before “Ms. Carillo Takes That Dick” with Antonio Aguilera and her Trans At Play solo performance and TS Girlfriend Experience tryst with monster cock Ramon, I was a fan of her official website. A fun way to warm up to her new scene with Antonio is to watch “Behind the Scenes with Karla Carrillo” on The blonde stunner from is the makeup artist who makes her extra pretty while Tony hangs out watching with a hardon in anticipation.

Sample Photo Gallery

Karla adds finishing touches to her full lips while wearing her gold bikini. She does a bit of clothed posing and there’s some post-coital footage with Antonio and Karla joking around. He can’t seem to get over the fact that Karla likes her sex so rough. Frankly, I can’t either. You can see what I mean just by watching the trailer. The BTS video doesn’t feature more sex, but it’s an awesome way to get insider information if you’re a porn producer or simply like watching production footage you don’t normally get to see.

When we get down to the actual scene with Karla and Antonio, you’ll find that there’s no plot in this one. Karla shows off her seductive dance moves and Tony joins her for the hot sex that’s soon to take place. What surprised me almost as much as how rough the sex plays out is that Karla’s massive cumshot is briefly visible in the trailer.

I don’t assign numbers to my reviews because if I’m raving about a scene, that simply means it’s a must-see. But if I did give this Trans500 scene a rating, it would be a 10, especially considering the extra Behind Trans500 footage.

Trans500 – Shaidel in Sweet Solo Feline Frenzy

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on

This is the third network scene beautiful Mexican trans model Shaidel. I loved her solo debut on I really loved her hardcore scene with Lance Hart, producer/star of where he was given advice by his uncle about how to pick up pretty Mexican girls on Needless to say, he did very well. “Sweet Solo Feline Frenzy” has nothing to do with Halloween. It’s all about a cosplay seduction. I’ll never forget the time years ago when two of my trans girlfriends were wearing kitty ears at a party. I totally didn’t get it. One did it simply for fun and the other was deeply immersed in the world of pet play. It wasn’t until much later that I actually experienced pet play for myself, but that’s another subject I may continue with later. Back to Shaidel’s latest scene, she gets some help undressing from a mystery man. I imaging it’s the producer filming and perhaps the Trans500. founder. At any rate, once the sexy R&B track stops, topless Shaidel is on the bed almost bottomless. She writhes on the bed with the focus on her pliable and perky butt cheeks. Then she rises from the bed to shed more clothing. Back on the bed, Shaidel removes her little tartan plaid g-string and comes up with a sex toy to play with. She begins fucking herself with the phallus after showing us what she looks like while sucking cock. I already knew from seeing her with Lance’s sweet meat, but it’s fun using your imagination also. Shaidel doesn’t really do any talking, but with her sexy moaning throughout the scene, I don’t think speech is necessary. The tremendous buildup culminates in Shaidel’s pretty boobs jiggling as she jerks off furiously. Her orgasm is extremely intense and her cock shoots a stream of clear cum across her tummy.

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on

Trans500 Lana Davalos in: Lana gets her Ass Drilled

Scene Trailer
Scene Trailer

Lana Davalos makes her debut in the TS Girlfriend Experience section of the network with Fabio who I knew originally as Yago, perhaps the most popular male in Latinx trans porn. The Colombian beauty in “Lana Gets her Ass Drilled” plays an escort who arrives at Fabio’s palatial villa and follows written instructions to change into something sexy. She finds the cash she expected and seems satisfied with the amount as she begins to change. After calling her escort service inform them that everything seems to be in order, she wriggles out of her cute denim outfit and pours herself into a revealing black bodystocking. Try not to cum when first seeing Lana naked because we have a long way to go.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Fabio is patiently waiting in the dining area of the mansion when Lana pads down the staircase in stocking feet and poses like a runway model with her cock and balls jiggling. She straddles him like a lap dancer and gives him a passionate kiss. After allowing Fabio to feasts on her lovely breasts, she turns her back to him while still in his lap. Fabio begins stroking her cock while kissing her and Lana’s cock grows to tremendous proportions, standing straight up in the air. Fabio’s big dick is outlined by his dress pants as she lays back against him and raises and spreads her gorgeous legs.

Scene Trailer
Scene Trailer

She jacks herself off as they kiss and Lana stands up to get a rim job. Next, she sits down to help Fabio get his pants undone. With her hardon pointing up between her thighs, she jacks him off and gives him what looks like an amazing blowjob. When they decide to move into the living room to continue on the couch, Lana’s big cock bobs and swings in a way that seems to defy gravity. Lana’s large tool is still raging hard as she sucks Fabio’s big stick again.

The first position he fucks her in on the sofa is side saddle. A cowgirl ramming follows and then doggy style. It doesn’t matter if you join TS Girlfriend Experience or to see how the rest of the action plays out. You have full access to the fully downloadable network.

TS Girlfriend Experience
TS Girlfriend Experience