Transational Fantasies: Janelle Fennec

Blonde bombshell Janelle Fennec looks absolutely stunning in her periwinkle lingerie and gladiator heels. Her rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and ivory skin remind you of a beautiful heroine in a fairy tale. She might look innocent, but the truth is that since she’s transitioned, she’s become quite the nymphomaniac!

She’s surprised too! But when you spy her pretty cock head poking out the top of her panties, you start to believe her. She starts telling you how much she likes taboo and pain–like testing the limits of how much she can take up her butt. She loves clamps on her nipples, electro-play, and sensory deprivation.

Fantasies, too. Like being taken captive, or being an abducted celebrity. Would you like to play with her? You can start by worshiping her feet. They are good enough to lick. Suddenly, your Queen is handcuffed and blindfolded. She could stay in this submissive pose forever, but she really wants to touch herself.

Then, you’ve got her face down and practically hog-tied. She submits to a good spanking and plays wither pierced nipples. “Now, get on your knees, crawl over, and wrap your mouth around my lady dick,” she commands you. “Worship this dick. Treat it like the princess it is.” She’s so horny she is dripping precum, and she treats herself to a taste. Do you want to taste it too? Eat her trans girl pussy out deeply too. “That’s how it’s supposed to taste,” she tells you. Then, cum back up and give her a kiss.

She bends over so you can lick even deeper. If you do a good job, maybe she will let you stick it in. Her feet and ass up in the air, show you how you’d take her. She pulls out a dildo and fucks herself, and then she gives you a sloppy blowjob. You shoot your load all over her face, and then she has her turn.

She jerks herself off and rides the dildo until she squeezes out a little puddle of trans girl jizz all over her stomach. Janelle is presented walking in a Las Vegas, Nevada apartment complex and inside one of the units. She waists no time unzipping her dress for her debut. She looks exquisite in bra and panties once taking the denim frock off. Then she takes her “poor, tired feet,” out of her heels. There’s so much foot fetish content in this update I can’t imagine an admirer of the peds being disappointed. There’s also a BDSM sequence with Janelle getting flogged while in bondage!

You might fine yourself cumming before you even see Janelle’s raging hard cock protruding from her panties which happens before the midway point! Don’t miss stunning Janelle Fennec debut! 

Transational Fantasies: Melina George 2

Melina George on asks: “Are you just going to stand there and stare at me? Cum over here. Get on your knees. Crawl over. Cum suck on these toes. You enjoy doing what you’re told, like an obedient slave.”

Classy trans girl Melina George loves getting her toes sucked, but you better not mess up her sea foam blue pedicure! She kicks off one of her golden, sparkly heels and you get to work. Suck a little harder, she tells you, so you stick her entire foot in your mouth. You’re a dirty little boy aren’t you? Can you stuff your face with both of her feet? Next, Melina pulls her sexy panties up her ass crack and smacks her cheeks. You’re still lying on the ground beneath her. She’ll let you spank and lick her hole if you’re good. For now, you just have to watch.

She gives you a quick peek of her swollen uncut lady cock, and you love it. It’s bigger than yours. But no touching! After what feels like an eternity, she lets you lick her uncut dick… and then you swallow it whole. Next, you suck on her all natural, cute hormone titties. Then, it’s on to the bed, where she’s waiting, ass and dick on display, your favorite position.

So, you fuck her deep and hard, and she takes every inch of you. After you shoot your load in between her heavenly ass cheeks, she lies back and squeezes out a big, drippy mess for you to clean up together.

This is the full synopsis of a new scene featuring a bold, confidant and confrontational trans beauty. Melina is spellbinding in her dominance that begins with bare foot worship before she actually strips nude. And that’s a tortuously slow process that focuses on her curvy rear end and closeups on her gorgeous face as she proceeds to talk you through her demands.

Blessed with a lovely set of breasts and a strong delicious looking cock, Melina George is one of the finest looking ans sweetest sounding trans models in the industry today. She doesn’t work as often as many of her fans would like. That’s why it’s a special treat whenever she makes an appearance. I dare to say that this performance is perhaps Melina’s best ever.

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Transational Fantasies: April Gillespie

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Description: It’s almost quitting time at the office, and when you cum in to check on your employee April Gillespie’s progress, you get an eyeful. Beneath her glass desk, you spy a cute little trans girl ball poking out. Did you know you had a girl like her working under you?

She hopes you don’t mind. And in fact, you are very intrigued. You want to touch it. So you crawl beneath the desk and grab a closer look. This little cutie has a BIG cock for you to play with. What’s that? You want to eat her pussy too? She happily bends over the computer chair so you can lick her. Her balls and cock hang down in your face, only making you more excited. You can hardly control yourself, and she starts to sense that you want to fuck her.

You rub your cock against her tight hole and stick it in. You fuck her hard from behind, then flip her on her back and pound some more. She sucks you off before riding your cock. Bouncing up and down on the Joyrider, her huge lady cock flops all around. Finally, she shoots a humongous load of girl jizz all over the glass desk, licks it up, and drools it all over herself. I’m tagging the name Annie Trappington with the name April Gillespie to avoid any confusion about this extraordinary model I’ve raved about several times. I can’t miss any of her updates because I know I’ll always be mentally stimulated as well as physically turned on by her shoots.

She makes this scene that requires acting ability look fun and easy and April heats things up quickly when you, her boss, expresses interest in the tell-tale bulge between her legs. Her big dick is already lengthening and thickening by the time she withdraws it from her panties. Then while sitting at her work desk April makes her erection bounce gently before taking hold of it. She’s still got some work to finish up on. This is so creative – I’ve never fantasized about a secretary working with her schlong hanging out in the open like this.

April takes things to an even more erotic level by the way she lets out high-pitch moans while bent over. Her ass is incredible and if you look closely you can see a small bead of pre-cum developing at the tip of her bulbous cock head. The simulated fucking and dildo sucking footage is mesmerizing. There are some surprises so hot I don’t want to spoil them for you. But I must add that the climax sequences captured in slow motion and regular speed are right up there with the best of the best on

Transational Fantasies: Jacqueline Wojownik

The official description reads: A Midwest girl who recently moved to Washington, the gorgeous porn newbie Jacqueline is beginning her transition journey as well. She’s become more confident since coming out, and she is learning how to command a room. All that she asks is that you make love to her just like you would any other girl. The versatile cutie starts telling you about a really hot hookup she had with a guy… and it was his first time with a girl like her. She spreads her legs wide open and starts to stroke her long shaft as she talks. Her legs and feet look incredible, wrapped up in fishnet stockings. They’d look even better wrapped around your waist. At last the brunette beauty strips for you completely, and she bends herself over the couch. Her cute, pink balls hang down before your face, and you lean your face forward into her ass crack. You tongue her trans girl pussy deeply and smack her butt cheeks. You do such a good job eating her out that she rewards you with a really messy blowjob. She even lets you finish all over her statuesque face. Jacqueline wants to get off for you too, so you watch her lie back and pump her lady stick. She whimpers softly, biting her bottom lip, until she shoots huge spurt after spurt all over her sumptuous neck, all natural titties and flat stomach.

I’ve never heard of Jacqueline Wojownik before, but I think you’ll be totally charmed and smitten with her if not at least satiated for the time being. Judging by how well she does here I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing her again. This 20 year old model has interests that remind me of peers I went to art school with.

She has a nice, sultry, sexy voice that’s somehow soothing to me. Considering that she goes into depth about herself, that’s really important. Even when she’s quiet, like when she’s simulating sucking cock with a cum-spurting sex toy, she’s incredibly sexy. I love hearing the sexy things she says while bent over on the sofa wearing ankle restraints. I love it when videos get kinky!

Transational Fantasies: Cassie Woods

The Official synopsis reads: Today, cute Midwesterner Cassie Woods makes her debut for our members. This doe eyed darling loves performer oral and considers herself more of a giver than a taker. She also doesn’t have a gag reflex, and she likes receiving facial cum shots.

In fact, anything you can think of, she’s willing to try. Cassie starts getting turned on while telling you about a hot hookup she had with another trans girl. So, she begins stroking herself beneath the little black, strapless dress she is wearing. She slips of her black panties, but keeps on her heels.

Seeing her pretty love stick poke out under her dress drives you wild! At last, she strips completely and lets you soak up every inch of her body. She can’t believe how good it feels to be so hard for you. Then, face down and ass up, she waits for you to lick and fuck her trans girl pussy. Finally, she tugs on her magic wand until she squeezes out a white and sticky surprise.

Yeah, Cassie is cute alright and I love that thing she’s always doing with her tongue. I love that there’s a full interview that goes from non-sexual things she likes and future dreams to her strong sexual desires. She goes into an account of a past experience that should have you beside yourself with arousal. Then she silently strokes her rock hard cock before you.

I’m not going to go into all the exciting details about Cassie’s first ever performance, but that tit-jiggling, frantically stroking climax she has is incredibly special.

Transational Fantasies: Chelsea Marie 3

The official synopsis of this update reads: As soon as you arrive at your Mistress Chelsea Marie’s door, she makes you drop to your knees and crawl behind her sexy, high heels. Just like a good slave, you immediately begin worshiping her feet.

She stretches her little piggies nice and wide, and you imagine putting your tongue in between every single crevice. She rubs her soles together, and you fantasize about slipping your pulsating cock inside them. After much anticipation, she allows you the privilege of sucking her toes. Then, she takes her bra and panties off, so you can see her tattooed and taut body completely.

You cum closer, as she commands, and you start to lick her big, veiny balls. Next, she spreads her ass cheeks wide apart so you can devour her trans girl pussy. After its nice and wet, she’s face down on the couch, sucking her thumb, and waiting for you to pounce. She squeezes her gorgeous breast, causing them to lactate, and her lady balls shake back and forth as they hang down between her legs. Then, you move your attention to her flexing hole. Oh, how’d you’d love to make your Goddess gape. But you’ve done such a good job that she rewards you with a blowjob first. She sucks your dick passionately and without using her hands. Then, she rubs your cock head against her hard nipples, and instructs you to fuck her ass.

She keeps jerking her huge lady boner while riding, until she squirts a huge load of jizz all over the linoleum floor, still with the dildo balls deep inside. Fresh cum still leaks out of her cock, and she tells you to lick it dry. You can leave now, but you have to crawl all the way out to your car on our hands and knees.

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Mancini Plans To Rebrand Transgender Adult Properties

Original Article
Rhett Pardon
Nov 22, 2017 12:29 PM PST

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Mancini Productions announced today that it plans on rebranding its transgender website Shemale Strokers and DVD series “Tranny Panty Busters” to conform with contemporary acceptable terms used in adult entertainment and elsewhere.

“When we started back in 2002, the words ‘shemale’ and ‘tranny’ were the acceptable terms. Over the last 15 years, those two terms have come to be viewed as slurs,” said company owner Sammy Mancini, who noted that a new flagship site name will be rolled out in December.

“While several years ago we removed those two terms completely from our websites, the actual names of the websites are brands that are difficult to change for a variety of reasons,” Mancini said. “However, in the interest of standing by our friends and peers in both the trans adult and LGBTQ community, we are in the process of changing the names of our sites and DVD titles.”

The rebrand initiative is the first in a series of changes scheduled for Mancini’s properties scheduled throughout the rest of the year. The DVD series “Tranny Panty Busters” will be shortened to “Panty Busters.”
Mancini said that’s new name will also more accurately describes “all the beautiful trans girls and overall content theme that have made our sites so popular.”

Mancini began shooting transgender adult movies in 2002. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs).

This year Mancini Productions relaunched Shemale Strokers through Exquisite Multimedia exclusively distributes Mancini Productions DVDs.

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Evie Eliot on Shemale Strokers

“Sexy Trans Girl Is Whippin’ Up Something Sweet For You To Eat!” is the name of the latest smoking hot performance by Evie Eliot on Shemale Strokers!

Lovely, leggy Evie Eliot wants to whip you up something hot in the kitchen. She’s been waiting for you all day, so she wastes no time stripping into her panties and heels. She whips out her huge cock and starts stroking herself. With her legs spread wide, her dick pokes out of her skimpy thong. She finds a couple toys to stick up her tight hole and keeps playing for you. Then she gets on all fours so you can take her from behind after admiring her gorgeous ass and feet. She tightly grips her swollen member as she gets closer and closer to climaxing. At last Evie leans back on the counter and squeezes out a gooey treat for you to eat.

Now that’s the official Shemale Strokers synopsis. What I’d like to add is how sexy it is to see the Welsh beauty change up her look so often. This time her hairstyle is perfect as she’s acting as a sexy housewife. Even the nightie and tall wedges that she removes fit the part to the tee.

Evie makes a great erotic display of fondling her lovely breasts while moaning loudly. She’s teasing by standing and sitting on the counter without removing her panty yet. The producer zooms in on her long legs and sexy peds for foot fans and then closes in on her hand inside her panty. Eventually Evie withdraws her lovely cock and begins stroking it to a full erection. She then sits on the kitchen counter with both feet up and her cock sticks up,too!

Then she stretches out to masturbate more comfortably. Next, Evie fins an anal plug to toy her killer ass with. That’s not the only toy she uses. I’ve only described about half of this Shemale Strokers scene. You just have to see how Evie Eliot makes herself cum!

Nala on Shemale Strokers





Nala speaks! I’ve heard her sexy voice in solo and hardcore scenes on other websites before, but in her Shemale Strokers debut, this svelte beauty really goes into depth about herself. Nala tells us where she was from and goes into detail about her transition and the first time she had ever had sex. Well that last part was brief, but the main event comes quickly. Nala’s striptease begins with a devastating rear view with no undies on. Moments later, she’s stroking her cock while standing completely nude. Once Nala is seated on the sofa, her long, uncut dick is raging hard. There are too many position changes to list here. That would take all day to describe. Speaking of days, I’m thinking she must have had a few with no orgasm because of the way she climaxed. That’s when I noticed that her belly button is an innie. 81 hi-res photos compliment Nala’s sizzling Shemale Strokers video. Check out the trailer!

Skai on Shemale Strokers





Take a look at the Trailers section on Shemale Strokers to see Skai in action. Or maybe you shouldn’t if you don’t want to see a preview of her cumshot before watching her full-length video. I know absolutely nothing about her other than she’s cute as a button and one of the best new performers on the site. The whole scene focuses on her love for sucking cock. Since it’s a solo session, the only cock in it is Skai’s and it’s huge. It actually looks a bit out of proportion for her petite frams. Skai aka Tama has a succulent looking pair of hormone boobs with puffy nipples and a nice, smooth completion. There’s no big introduction in her scene and she tells us the perfect size dick for her matches the clear one she’s holding. Skai jerks off and makes her own tool hard and wastes no time in fucking herself with the dildo. I said her skin tone was smooth before. Actually, it’s almost flawless. When she shifts her body around, you can see her tight abs flexing and her legs and ass are gorgeous too. She’s also loud and vocal. Watch your sound level or your neighbors will think you’re fucking some horny ass girl with a sweet, high-pitched voice. Okay I’m done. Just cum with hung, pretty Skai on Shemale Strokers.