TS-CastingCouch Review: Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles

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On Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com, Jenna takes a seat wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and socks, looking purely innocent. She tells us she’s from Orlando, Florida in a brief opening interview and that she just moved to L.A. She’s been webcamming for about two years (and that’s where I know her from – Chaturbate.com/JennaGargleshttps://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=APi5&campaign=ey5B5&room=jennagargles and she’s amazing to see LIVE.

Jenna is also pretty awesome to watch here on video. She talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she fantasizes, yet hasn’t done yet. She mostly likes to be dominated, but she can switch roles with the right person.

As Jenna becomes more established in the adult industry, she’d love the experience of working with some of her favorite porn stars. The interview wraps up when Buddy asks Jenna to show more of herself. She stands up, as directed, and jumps right into striptease mode. Jenna turns it on in a flash (no pun intended)!

Jenna is wearing all white lace lingerie under her casual wear and before she dazzles us wit her upside down heart ass, she gives us a glimpe of her cock. It’s getting hard already and it’s a pretty big one! She’s also hiding some dangerous curves beneath her outfit. Once stripped down to her bra, panties and socks, Jenna parts her thighs open and mentions that she’s falling out of her panties.

While pumping her now stiff cock up and down with no hands, Jenna remarks that “he” likes you and why not? She’s a pretty girl with a big penis. I have no problem with however that beautiful member likes to be addressed.

Just when I think Jenna’s large rod is fully erect, it keeps rising up higher. She gives it a few firm strokes and then makes the best possible use of her casting couch. She raises her long legs high in the air in the spread eagle position. Mercy!

She gives us a long, unbridled look at her winking rosebud, then coaxes pre-cum out of the tip of her swollen schlong. That’s just what happens in the first half of this delectable TS-CastingCouch.com debut. Did I mention that Buddy does the honors of stroking Jenna’s huge dong somewhere down the line? Did I mention Jenna’s big, creamy white cum shot at the end? Don’t forget to check them out when she’s on cam. Register for free and give her a follow on Chaturbate.com/sJennaGarglesChaturbate.com/JennaGargles to be notified of her next show!

TS-CastingCouch: Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx!

Wowsers! Gia Staxxx was well worth the wait! This beautiful Grooby newbie will turn a few heads I’m sure. What a face, what a body and what a cock! Enjoy this beautiful tgirl jacking off on The Couch! Producer Buddy Wood added, “I had talked to Gia several months back but she was only in L.A. for a few days and we were unable to schedule a day to shoot. I saw she was in town again and I jumped quick. She’s sexy!! Pretty face, long legs, smooth bronzed skin and an ass that you just wanna bury your face in. She was turned on and rock hard the entire shoot and was fantastic and showing off her pretty pussy hole and cock for the camera. Fun girl. Should be seeing more of her.”

Beautiful Gia takes a seat on the TS-CastingCouch.com centerpiece and tells us she’s from Denver, Colorado and her plans are to move to L.A. permanently. When asked what turns her on, it’s either Gia pounding someone out or getting pounded herself! She’s fantasized being gang banged at a music festival. “She goes right to work,” Mr. Wood exclaims when she jumps up when prompted and starts shedding her clothes. Her striptease seems to turn her on as so many of her fans will be. Gia’s lovely cock is almost as hard as it can get the first time she exposes it! Gia strokes her uncut member firmly for a few moments before getting further undressed. She’s not shy about laying back on the couch beating off with her ass raised to show you everything she’s got.

Gia’s rear exposure comes with something extra I’ve grown accustomed to hoping for. Mr. Wood doesn’t fondle every TS-CastingCouch.com model on set, but he does so with Gia. He rubs and compliments her fun spot before curling his fingers around her stiff cock shaft and he gives it a few firm pumps. She continues masturbating herself and then he takes over again later. The closeups on Gia’s face are mesmerizing and her naked body is equally exquisite. I think you’re gonna love her facial expressions and you might be making the same kind yourself if you’re timing your pending orgasm to meet hers. I cannot believe how much cum this babe shoots. Now it’s your turn!

Watch Gia’s Free Scene Trailer!

TS-CastingCouch: Horny Tegan Last Cums On The Couch!

Producer Buddy Wood said, “Tegan Last, aka Tegan Toxic, is a sexy and slender trans girl who was in LA for Dom Com. We had talked about shooting after Radius Dark referred me to her. She’s already shot a bit but was new to me so worthy of an audition on the couch. I was very impressed with her body and overall look. Tight and toned with a cute face, smooth skin, and sweet ass and an impressive cock. She’s nasty too! Loves to be spanked and sucks cock like a champion!! Definitely be seeing more of her!!”

Model and musician Tegan takes a seat on the casting couch to explain what she does for a living and her sexual preferences. She loves the rough stuff and she’s more submissive than dominant. She can switch however. Tegan’s BDSM bucket list includes being tied up and a gang bang could be entered into that scenario. In a skimpy tank top, shorts and barefoot is how she presents herself in the beginning of this TS-CastingCouch.com video until Buddy encourages her to stand up and start stripping.

I don’t know if Tegan is a vegan, but I’d bet on it. Her lean form just comes across that way to me. She has curves in all the right places and interesting ink to explore. One moment she’s standing up in a matching bra and panty set. The next moment, she’s laying on the couch with her ass tilted so high you can see her tempting little starfish. Above that is a big set of smoothly shaven balls and the stiff cock she’s stroking!

One of my first true favorite sequences is when Tegan spanks her amazing ass while bent over, leaving red marks upon it. Then Mr. Wood’s hand enters the frame and curls around her swollen cock shaft! Clear beads of pre-cum flow from the tip. He adds some of his own spanks to her luscious bottom. After she’s writhing in heat, my next favorite part of this TS-CastingCouch.com update comes. Tegan is sucking Mr. Wood’s erection! She deep throats his cock while stroking her own hardon. Then she convulses in orgasm, her reddened member sending forth a creamy white load of cum!

Well Hung Jamie Lee Comes To Buddy’s!

Description: Jamie Lee is a gorgeous young tgirl who I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of. Jamie has a magnificent booty and a big delicious cock! Enjoy this hot black tgirl stroking her cock and shaking that superb ass on Buddy’s Couch!

This gorgeous new model making her TS-CastingCouch.com debut is originally from Georgia, but she’s lived in California for about five years (since she was 19 years old).

She’s lived in both the Bay Area and in L.A. and considers herself an easy-going girl who’s down-to-earth. She likes art and she hasn’t officially done porn until now. Jamie Lee loves many men and enjoys a lot of gay male porn.

She likes the contrast of her petite softness against rough dudes and loves seeing gang bangs too. Jamie Lee prides herself on giving great blowjobs and she really wants to try that gang bang seriously some time!

She has a big cock and loves to satisfy hung men. She likes having sex with her socks on, yet the Calvin’s obviously aren’t necessary. She also doesn’t mind allowing Buddy to sample the goods. You know it must be so good to be a trans porn producer having played with hotties like Jamie Lee and so many others over the years.

Buddy gets to play with Jamie Lee’s big cock and her tender rosebud as well. His digital manipulation shows how tight she is and I’m not talking about what the producer is doing with his camera! He uses one hand to jerk her massive schlong but there’s still enough shaft left for two hands. Watch the super pretty new model Jamie Lee cumming on TS-CastingCouch.com!

Femout Newbie Asami Watanabe

I first learned about the new Buddy Wood model Asami Watanabe from her debut on his TS-CastingCouch.com website. I find her super cute just like her producer and gives her a brief interview. Asami is from the Bay Area and now lives in L.A. She studies Mechanical Engineering in college. What turns her on is hentai and bondage, public play and voyeurism. She’s a bottom and self-described “pillow princess” who’s always wanted to be in a bukkake shoot.

She’s into girls when it comes to relationships, but she loves cum. Buddy mentions that she has great legs and she does. Why the Chuck Taylor’s? Hey, it’s rare that a shoot is perfect, especially before the nudity happens. After Asami has done a bit of stripping, she bends over the couch and presents the most well-rounded bottom!

She faces the camera and then exposes and strokes her cock to a lightening fast erection. It stands straight up toward the ceiling all on its own! Then comes another perfect apple bottom show, more explicit this time around. There’s more solid, pretty boner stroking and off come the bra, sneakers and socks.

Buddy continues directing her and her feet come off the floor in the most explicit type of full frontal masturbation sequences in the spread eagle position. She holds her butt open and if you’re not fantasizing fucking Asami missionary style, I don’t know what’s going on! Buddy gets to reach out and touch what we want.

Asami is a heavy cummer as this TS-Castingcouch reveals at the end! After “Asami Watanabe Cums For Buddy!”, I saw this pretty young thing on Femout.XXX next and this time we’re outside at Buddy’s crib. Asami re-introduces herself and strips by the pool, jerking off to develop a strong erection again.

Her outdoor masturbation is just as good here as it was on the other site. She doesn’t come quite yet, but you know how things usually turn out on Femout.XXX. Wet and creamy!


TS-Castingcouch.com – Stunning Lena Jade Brought A Buttplug!

“Lena is a girl straight from NYC. A very cool chick,” says Buddy Wood about gorgeous Lena Jade who is magnificent in her ts-castingcouch.com debut. “She had a big surprise for me on this audition. During the entire interview she had a butt-plug stuck up her ass. When she strips she finally reveals it. Obviously a very fun girl. Already making a name for herself in the Vegas porn scene.” The warm-up consists of trademark Buddy Wood footage of the model driving to the location of the producer’s home. After knocking on the door, he invites her inside the house and invites Lena to take a seat on his casting couch. Lena is encouraged to talk a little about herself and she mentions interests in music and art (which she’s really good at) and how she’s new to life in Las Vegas. She drove cross-country in a Subaru to her new home city. Lena then talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she’d like to try in the future. She explains a little about her tattoos while removing her sandals and pants and she mentions the surprise we’ll see a bit later. First we’re treated to the sight of Lena’s lovely bare breasts and she pulls her panties low enough to expose her stiffening cock and smooth ball sack. After she kicks her panties away, she sinks back to the couch ass up and we see the surprise she mentioned embedded deep inside her curvy ass! I wish more of my friends would great me this way. The perfect way to illustrate one’s love for anal sex is to drive to another’s house with a butt plug in place the whole time. It’s especially rewarding to see someone as stunning as Lena Jade “wearing” one while completely naked with a raging erection! Next comes the reward of being a producer with his own casting couch method of breaking a newbie into porn. Once Lena is on her knees with her fine ass facing us, he gets to clasp his fingers around Lena’s hardon and begin stroking it firmly. If you’re not in adult entertainment, this scene might make you think you’re in the wrong line of work. The ending of this scene comes with a toe-curling climax in which Lena’s creamy white cum shot is captured in slow motion. There’s an instant replay of her cream spurting between her cleavage. Well, the casting couch did it’s trick and Lena Jade has gone from being a killer webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/pinkyroader to an official TEA nominated porn star! She currently goes by the name Lena Kelly and she’s equally exquisite as a blonde.

Buddy Wood’s TS-Castingcouch.com

Model: Lena Jade
Model: Lena Jade

Buddy Wood’s couch has seen hundreds of trans model’s debut shoots and it’s time it had its own site! Hazel Tucker, Kimber James, Jane Marie, Penny Tyler, Tori Mayes, Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Kim Bella, Sofia Ferreira, Dahlia Diamond, Alexa Scout, Sarah Webb, Khloe Hart, Daphne Cruz, Nadia Love, Sunshyne Monroe, Nelly Taylor, Gaby and Natalie Foxx are just a few of the names who have had their first porn shoots with Buddy Wood over the years. TS-Castingcouch.com features the first shoots – and your first looks – and the stars of tomorrow. Some models may go onto other sites and some will not continue, but this is the starting point for them all. You may have seen some of the girls featured elsewhere already, but these are the first shoots.