TS Jamie French and Ada Black in #nomakeup

TS Jamie French is reading Transformation Magazine Issue #92 while Ada Black does dishes in the 1st of four installments of #nomakeup. It’s obvious that Jamie is thinking, “Fuck the dishes. Do ME.” Well, she doesn’t actually say it out loud, but she makes it happen and they really do look great with no makeup on. The full photo set is hot as fuck, too (with over 125 hi-res images!).


Tied on TS Jamie French


Do you know what it means to be spit roasted? It’s that thing when someone is sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time.


So anyway,  Ada Black is taken backstage by rock star TS Jamie French and told to behave until she returns. Naughty Ada can’t resist exploring with the audio equipment and instrument and she gets busted by Jamie and Stefani Special. She’s in big trouble and Stefani is an expert with rope work. She uses her Shibari skills on naked Ada in the “Tied” video and picture set. After seeing the 1st installment of “Tied” I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale on TS Jamie French!


TS Jamie French and Ada Black

Areeya – Classy Girl to Slutty Maid

Ada Black has recently moved from NYC to Texas and she hooked up with TS Jamie French for a sizzling hardcore set entitled, “Bad Kittiez” Check out these purrfectly pornographic photo and video galleries:



You can watch the video preview of Part 1 of 3 on the Official TS Jamie French website!


TS Jamie French Update

TS Jamie French doesn’t just think outside the box. She makes you think about the fact that there just might not be any so-called box. That’s what I love about her the most. About her new sets, Jamie says, “Tanned, oiled feet, white soles, pink nails… combined make up is one of my favorite things. She asks, “Is it weird to say that I’m totally into my own feet?”




Side Shave 1 of 2 is live on TsJamieFrench.com – The first sets since her new haircut.

Eva Cassini – Candy Pet 1 of 3

Click on Eva Cassini and her girlfriend, the proprietress of TS Jamie French, for a preview of “Candy Pet Part 1”.


I have yet one more reason to be a huge fan of Eva and Jamie. When I read, “after a long day of domming sissy bitches…” it reminded me that they both fully understand certain controversial aspects of BDSM that so many people shy away from. Anyone who “gets it” will know they understand the lifestyle and have real time experience. By the way, they’re still incredibly hot.

TS Jamie French Presents Dirty Blondes II

TS Jamie French and Eva Cassini are still hot and heavy, but they also deliver amazing content with others. That’s my kinda couple! Dirty Blondes II is the follow-up to Mia Davina’s 1st ever hardcore video and for the new photo and video set, Stefani Special is Jamie’s special guest. Members of Jamie’s great site have seen Jamie and Stefani going at it before (with rave reviews). Here are two sample photo galleries of the new production. One of the best ways to view the Windows Media video previews is to save and watch them on your own computer.





Visit the official TS Jamie French website to see the Dirty Blondes II flash preview!