Lola Long’s Long Cock!


I have a little background information to share about this shoot because it’s about my Florida neighbor and friend Lola and her debut! September 27, 2016 is when I presented the exclusive TS Dreamland caramels-interview-with-ts-lola-long so I knew a bit about what was to come soon after. Now I almost feel like I was there watching this smoking hot Jack Flash solo debut.


My super pretty and hung sister from another mister runs her own solo site also. If you’ve joined or at least previewed, you have a clue about what her shoot with Jack was like. But since I’m in a horny mood, let me spell a few things out for you.


Jack moves through his erotic opening interview with Lola indulging her to confess some of her sexual preferences before directing her to stand up for some full-length footage. They mention a trans-friendly resort that I’ve thrown some pretty wild parties at and Lola proceeds t o remove her black body stocking. Moments later, she’s gloriously nude, tweaking one of her sensitive nipples and stroking the big, beloved cock that make people do double takes.


Once Lola is stroking her large prick while sitting on a wicker chaise lounge, Jack’s interview resumes. She blushes sweetly when asked about her sexual fantasies. Wait until you hear the type of naughty fun she’d like to have. Then she stands up and when she makes her hips sway from side to side, her heavy schlong swings about her thighs. It looks like it might knock the hell out of any decorative object placed on one of the tables of Jack’s tables if it were any closer.


At this point, Lola shows us that her huge tool isn’t the only magnificent draw to her lithe body. This occurs when she bends over with her bare ass facing the camera. But then it’s back to Lola squeezing the whopper it often takes two hands to handle. The bulbous head and a great amount of the shaft is still visible when she faps with two closed hands. Lola tells us just how big it is at this point in her fabulous debut (Congrats and love ya, girl!).