TSPOV: Marcella Marino Review

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Description: TS stunner Marcella Marino is an on camera virgin. She has come to Vegas to receive celebrated and this babe begins by getting stripped and engulfing your large ramrod. This brunette hair hottie has some real potential as that babe receives wild on your penis. The superlatively good part of the whole experience is her begging for your cum and then swallowing it all down.

Review: This 5’11” beauty, Marcella Marino, is from Dayton, Ohio. She weighs only 115lbs (46 kg) but with her small-boned frame, I’d say her stats are just right. In this 12:54 min TSPOV.com update, we have Pure-TS.com and BecomingFemme.com creator Christian XXX bring YOU into the action as the star. Point-of-View is what it’s all about and only Christian’s humongous schlong appears as well as the male is concerned.

You’re laying on your back naked on your hotel room bed when Marcella enters wearing tall pumps and sparkly blue lingerie. She tells you she’s been waiting for this all day while eyeing your bare cock. She was so bored in her college lecture and couldn’t stop thinking about you. She bares her breasts and asks if you like her pierced nipples. She can’t wait until her tits grow bigger for you she says.

Pushing down her panties to show you her firm butt explicitly, Marcella asks if you like that, too. Then she faces you again to show you her lovely, uncut cock. The head is just barely peeking out from its fleshy hood. She moves closer and sinks down to the floor, placing her hands on each of your thighs. This pretty young thing is so anxious to engulf the head of your cock inside her mouth. Your cock is throbbing with lust as she takes it into her hand. She pours a generous amount of oil down your shaft and gives you a firm handjob.

Marcella kisses and licks your hardon once the oil has dried a bit. Then she gives you a full-fledged blowjob! She strokes her own boner while sucking yours, too. Have you ever shot your load into a brown-eyed tgirl as pretty as Marella Marino? Get to TSPOV.com and see how close you’ve come.

TSPOV: Baby Rebecca

Super Cute Amateur TS Enjoys Sucking Cock on TSPOV.com features Christian XXX with Baby Rebecca. You may have seen Nerdy TS Cutie Gets Wild In Her Porno Debut on Pure-TS.com. If not, I highly recommend it. But today’s focus is on her TSPOV debut.

The gorgeous new Canadian model is in total POV mode entering your room wearing a matching pink bra and petticoats with tall strappy black sandals and she’s really been missing your cock. You’re lying back on the bed comfortably as she comes closer and exposes her lovely breasts. They’re so sensitive since you started her on hormone treatments. She’s also been practicing with the jeweled butt plug you bought her and she shows you that it’s firmly embedded inside her sexy round ass.

Baby Rebecca shows you her cock next saying how small it is comparing it to yours. “But Daddy’s is so, so big,” she murmurs as she drops to her knees to study it closer. She notes how long and thick your cock is and she takes a swipe across the sensitive underside with her tongue. Baby Rebecca loves the taste of your cock too. She gives you a handjob with both hands clasped firmly around your shaft which is straining hard.

Her bustline is growing and she hopes that one day her tits will be big enough for you to fuck. Baby Rebecca can’t manage the entire length of your stiff organ inside her pretty mouth but she makes up for it with enthusiasm.

She’s stunningly gorgeous also and knows all the right dirty things to say to make you shoot of like a geyser! You’re gonna love the way this submissive beauty takes your cum on her tongue in this blazing hot TSPOV.com update.

TSPOV: Big Dick Teen TS Fucks You Until You Cum

Big dick teen TS Jenna Gargles is a bad girl. This gorgeous misfit has been around the block already and has picked up a few tricks. She knows just how to get you off…by jerking your cock while fucking your ass with her massive tool until you explode in her hand. That’s the official synopsis of Christian’s new scene on TSPOV.com with Chaturbate and former Pure-TS.com model/performer Jenna!

I loved seeing Jenna bottoming for Christian previously and watching her on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate, but this is what I think is her best performance. The model talks one-on-one with you and Christian uses his huge cock as the co-star on TSPOV.com.

There’s a big difference from this and other video formats. Jenna lies on the bed barefoot in lingerie teasing you with her perky bare ass in this production. She’s still sore from the last time you fucked her. She turns around and sits up to withdraw the thing that’s creating the bulge in her panties. I case you didn’t read my last review of Jenna Gargles, she’s got a massive cock when it’s fully erect. If you’re touching and stroking your own cock, you’ll feel almost exactly what she’s feeling.

Jenna likes it so much when you watch her jacking off her big veiny cock. But she can’t wait to go down on you so she does. After the midway point of this scene, Jenna teases you by rubbing her sex bare ass on your erection. You jerk off together and before long she’s ready to fuck your ass! She tells you how tight you are after easing her large dick inside you.

Even better yet, Jenna milks the cream out of your hardon while she’s humping you! She also tastes your big load in this incredible TSPOV.com update. If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of Jenna Gargles on Pure-TS.com. Don’t forget you can also cum with her LIVE on chaturbate.com/jennagargles!

TSPOV.com: Megan Sweet Amateur CD Swallows Your Cock

My platonic male friends new to the tgirl scene often ask me how to deal with their attraction to crossdressers. They need to know if it makes them gay. Using super cute Megan Sweet as an example, I’d say if he wanted Megan to show up in male mode and not crossdress, chances are he might be gay, but if he wants Megan the way we see her on Christian’s TSPOV.com website, I’d say most likely bisexual. I don’t know of any males who are into CDs that are 100% straight. Males comfortable with transsexuals can be totally straight, but I wouldn’t know the statistics on the subject or even if there’s any reliable data anywhere. I say let’s stop worrying about labels and just go with what we like!

You’ll like Megan Sweet even more when she’s in lingerie sucking cock. The whole point is that she cock she’s worshipping isn’t Christian’s but yours. So she finds you sitting back in your hotel room chair playing with yourself. Megan struts over to you in her tall heels and lingerie set saying that this is what she’s been waiting for all day. I like the attention Megan pays to detail with things like hair, makeup and her manicure. She’s fully aware that co-starring with the world’s most prolific tgirl fucker ensures major exposure. Megan Sweet makes the best of her first big moment here. This is clearly not Megan’s first time at the rodeo. She knows how to pose and show off her sexy almost bare ass. She also makes a great show of stroking her own cock before attending to yours. I absolutely love her handjob and cock sucking techniques! I also adore the way she takes a facial.

The first spurts of cum hit right above her upper lip, but Megan makes sure to savor all the rest in this torrid TSPOV.com update! I’d love to see Megan Sweet getting fucked also. Someday I hope to see that either here or on Pure-TS.com.

TSPOV: Jadyn Evergreen

There’s no doubt in my mind why Jadyn Evergreen’s direct dialogue begins with the model laying in bed with a focus on her bare legs. They’re incredibly shapely and she’s a big favorite amongst foot lovers also. I’ve seen fans go absolutely nuts over her on Chaturbate. TSPOV and Pure-TS founder and operator says, “Jadyn Evergreen is a very popular cam model with a tight and toned figure. She enjoys pleasing men especially when she can get tokens at the same time. Watch her jerk off this lucky cock with gusto!” This reality-based scene continues with you and your cock as the object of Jadyn’s desire – not Christian. He absolutely stars on Pure-TS.com but on TSPOV.com, you’re in the driver’s seat with the model. Raven begins stripping out of her exquisite bra and panties with seductive dialogue, the kind of dirty talk she uses while performing live. After exposing and squeezing her natural hormone breasts, Jadyn turns around and backs her curvy ass for you for another kind of show. This show involves the dropping of her panties. Jadyn then sinks her lovely naked form upon the floor between your thighs. Of course what she finds is your throbbing hard cock! You’re the co-star in her latest cam show. Well, not really but your stiff cock is Jadyn’s co-star. How long do you think you could last after Jadyn double-fists your erection and then places it against her heart-shaped butt cheeks? She lets you finger her tight ass while stroking your hardon. I believe that she’s going to withdraw every ounce of cum from you and even taste it! You can watch her LIVE on chaturbate.com/jadynevergreen to find out the many other torrid things Jadyn likes to do. But don’t forget to have fun with this incredibly hot update on TSPOV.com.


TSPOV.com: Kourtney Van Wales Cums & Then Makes You Cum

“Kourtney Van Wales is beautiful TS MILF that knows exactly how to get your dick hard and get you off,” says Christian XXX of TSPOV and Pure-TS. “But first she gets so turned on that she cums first! What an incredible lady!” he adds. I totally agree and I can back that up with my January 18, 2011 interview with this amazing trans woman. I can see how the sequence of this scene’s title makes so much sense from the very beginning. Kourtney is gloriously nude on the sofa stroking her big erection with her large breasts jiggling. It looks like she’s close to achieving orgasm already! What’s a girl to do when she just can’t wait?

Unlike his Pure-TS.com videos, the model is the star 100% with the exception of Christian’s massive cock. This is a stroke of porn genius to cater to trans porn fans who really want it to be all about their favorite trans porn actors. They often go into lurid detail with you about what they’re going to do with you. I this case since you’ve caught Kourtney jacking off at home, she stands up, turns around and bends over with her heart shaped ass looking incredibly inviting.

Her huge hardon pokes between her thighs as she continues stroking it. Sadly she was going to fuck you earlier, but fortunately she has something that could be just what you’re hoping for, perhaps even more. Noticing that you’ve begun playing with your dick she insists that you stop to let her do it for you. Positioning herself between you open legs Kourtney rakes her fingernails lightly across your hard shaft and then curls her hand around it. “Does it feel good, daddy?” After giving you a long handjob, Kourtney decides to let you watch her jack off. She doesn’t stop stroking your prick and after awhile she stands up with her big erection glistening with oil. Then she plants her remarkable bottom alongside your hardon and grinds against it. She also gives you a fabulous tittie-fuck.

Do you want to see Kourtney shouting out her pleasure as streams of creamy white cum spray out of her swollen cock head? I did and that’s exactly what I got! I’m so glad that this gorgeous sex goddess is back. Check out my Interview with Kourtney Paige Van Wales and be sure to see her comeback on TSPOV.com!

TSPOV.com: Cute Redhead Trap Kimberly Sin Cheers You On

Kimberly Sin is a sexy teen trap in a cheerleader outfit ready to let you fuck her brains out. This femboi babe is going to be a real stunner when she fully transitions. Her skills and abilities at sucking cock and taking the cock bareback are already out of this world! That’s the official TSPOV synopsis.

The term ‘trap’ always make me think the only way I could be trapped is if I thought my date was a another trans and they turned out to be a cisgender (genetically born female). I love GG’s but I always want to know exactly what I’m getting. I’ve always thought that Kimberly Sins was beautiful before pro porn and unclear if she was on HRT or not. I’ve already raved about her like a top bitch in heat in my “Pure TS – Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums” write-up so I’ll just give you a few brief thoughts about her TSPOV.com performance with Christian who generally takes the back seat to focus more on the models with this site.

In this case his cheerleader announces that she has a little bit extra. She raises the hem of her skirt and exposes a semi-hard pecker and set of smoothly shaven balls. Then she turns around and mounts the sofa and reveals her sexy ass. She calls her unseen partner ‘Daddy’ and asks if he likes her cheerleader ass and with no panties the view is explicit. When Kimberly turns around and begins jerking off with her legs spread, she makes her cock even harder than before.

Even though my stiff cock doesn’t resemble Christian’s, it’s not hard to imagine Kimberly sucking me off and I think things will be the same for most viewers. Even if not, it’s so hot to take in Kimberly’s fellatio technique. Her own cock seems like it’s in your face when Christian’s hardon is beneath her open legs about to penetrate her bareback. After a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl ride she gets a doggy style railing and missionary too! See how this torrid scene ends on TSPOV.com and don’t miss her debut with Christian XXX on Pure-TS.com.


TSPOV.com: Aussie Stunner Gets Fucked Bareback

Marissa Minx is back with bigger boobs and a rocking body to boot. She knows just what turns you on, the combination of her dirty talking and sexual prowess will leave you gasping for more. This Aussie stunner loves to get fucked hard and loves big dicks too! When Christian XXX describes the return of beautiful Marissa, I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm that she’s also incredible on his other trans site Pure-TS!

But TSPOV is all about the model and Christian’s enormous cock is her co-star. The concept is that you’ll focus on just her and imagining that it’s your cock she’s attending to. Marissa takes a selfie while seated on the white leather sofa. Everything she’s wearing is either sheer or fishnet. Her nipples are visible and so is her cock and balls!

Then the sex goddess speaks directly to you. She shows off her new boob job for you and tells you how horny she is. When she turns around and displays her ass, it’s an explicit view and she makes her tender rosebud your target. “Do you want to see me stroke my cock,” she asks in her high-pitched voice and she pulls down her panties already knowing your answer.

Her uncut cock dangles and jiggles between her thighs and then she takes hold of it. When she sees your erection, she kneels to the floor and plants a kiss on it. Then she works the head inside her red-painted mouth. Obviously loving her job, Marissa strokes her own cock as she sucks you and she too develops a hardon! As you lay on your back on the soft carpet, Marissa takes hold of both of your stiff cocks and rubs them together. When you can take no more foreplay, Marissa sinks her tight ass down your shaft bareback!

She’s facing you at first but knowing you want to drink in the sight of her wide ass while riding your prick, she switches into reverse. She lets you drill her butt relentless in the doggy style position too! Then it’s a missionary position fucking that comes next. Find out how Marissa takes your cum in this torrid TSPOV.com update and don’t miss her on Pure-TS.com.

Jizzy Jezebel on Pure-TS & TSPOV

Before going into the bareback hardcore scene with gorgeous ingenue Jizzy Jezebel on Pure-TS, I think it’s not off-topic to recall her debut with Christian XXX on his TSPOV website that preceded it.

I was first seduced by the synopsis that reads: Jizzy Jezebel is a curvy cam model that doesn’t have a lot of experience with big cocks. But she is eager to get a hold of one and stroke and tease and jerk it until he cums all over himself. This big booty queen will inspire you to orgasm!

I then realized I’d seen this babe performing LIVE on Chaturbate and I’ll provide the link so you can follow her after these two reviews. On TSPOV.com, Jizzy emerges from the shower in a thirsty white towel to be greeted by Christian’s massive hardon as he lies on the bed waiting. These POV scenes focus on the trans model so often that if you’re not familiar with the prolific dick, you might not even know who it belonged to without a watermark on the video. You don’t see his face, but you see plenty of the model’s. Some of these scenes include fucking, but this particular one includes Jizzy stripping naked while lusting after the big schlong and using the sexy voice partly responsible for the success of her live webcam shows. Jizzy stroked the swollen meat with one and sometimes two hands, rubs it across her big tits and ass, sucks it and says, “Gimmie that fat load, baby,” jerking streams of spunk out of the throbbing head. The Southern beauty tastes a bit of Christian’s jizz before this TSPOV.com update “Amateur Cam Model Jizzy Gets Busy” comes to an end. “Big Booty Newbie Gets Jizzy Creampied” is her Pure-TS.com debut.

Some TSPOV.com videos include fucking but Jizzy’s didn’t and I wanted to see her getting laid. On Christian’s other trans site, we get more of a couple’s scene with more photos and dialogue with the two horny characters all over each other in a Las Vegas hotel room. Jizzy moans softly as Christian bares and handles her plump bottom.

She begs him to play with her big tits and he devours them. He’s so glad she’s not wearing a bra or panties and she wastes no time sinking to her knees to suck his hardon. Jizzy jerks the shaft while tea bagging the balls and her legs are tossed high in the air in preparation to receive a rim job that has her gaping.

Christian’s first cock drilling is in the missionary position. Jizzy takes a pounding next in the doggy style position, cowgirl and in reverse! Jizzy jerks off while getting boned side saddle until she gets a jizz creampie in this torrid Pure-TS.com update.

So that’s two reviews in one and for more of Christian’s incredible partner, you can register free and follow her in the Trans area on chaturbate.com/jizzyjezebel!

TSPOV.com – Brooklyn Roberts


TSPOV.com is the new sister site of Pure-TS.com by Christian XXX geared more to trans porn fans who want to focus mainly on the model rather than the male porn star and owner/webmaster. In this scene, gorgeous Brooklyn Roberts enters the bedroom telling you she’s missed you and that she’s super horny.


This brand of point-of-view porn is a major success when applied to this hung fox stripping and using her naughty dialogue to get you going. Whether you’re a fan of Brooklyn’s hormone boobs, killer ass, long legs or enormous cock mainly, all your desires will be well represented. She looks like a sexy librarian with her specs on as she grasps your cock and guides it toward her mouth within the first three minutes after an explicit little butt show.


Brooklyn jerks her growing organ while stroking and sucking your hardon. Then she straddles you like a lap dancer, giving you a full view of her sexy wide bottom rubbing against you. She strokes your member until it’s raging hard for you to plunge inside her bareback. Then she humps up and down on your tool while uttering a steady stream of obscene comments.


She sucks you off again and plays the cock rubbing game with you next. Your pre-cum mingles together and then she rides your stiff prick while facing you. Brooklyn’s tight abs flex and her huge cock bounces up and down as she rides you in the cowgirl position rapidly. Then she sucks you again and bends over on the bed, begging you to fuck her hard again!


She also spreads wide for you to give her a missionary position railing! When you withdraw from her tight ass, Brooklyn lays back and masturbates for you. Her schlong looks absolutely enormous as she strokes it firmly. But the totally nude babe you’ve just fucked the hell out of still needs more of your hard cock.


You periodically pump her massive erection while looking down at her, driving your hardness in and out of her. How would you like this to end? Would you like to see Brooklyn Roberts on her knees on the floor taking every last drop of your cum in her pretty mouth? See how this torrid action plays out for you on TSPOV.com.


Brooklyn Roberts is also absolutely incredible on Christian’s original sister site Pure-TS.com in two one-on-one bareback scenes, a threesome with Christian with Kinky Kora and another one with newcomer Nikki Vicious!