Two Tgirls – A Sensual Massage

Scene Trailer 

Watch Chelsea Marie get a hot sensual massage from Bailey Love right before they take turns fucking each other in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution! Chelsea isn’t having much luck with her favorite dating app today. She’s wearing a plaid shirt and denim cutoffs sitting on the sofa when there’s a knock on the door. Hopefully it’s her new massage therapist. It’s her alright, and Chelsea is so excited about her 5 o’clock appointment, not to mention how gorgeous Bailey looks in her t-shirt, jeans and wedge sandals. Once the girls are seated, Chelsea mentions that she really needs work on her back, that she’s really tight and hoping for a more sensual massage and the therapist ensures her that she’ll get the job done. The way Chelsea ocassionally grasps her sexy butt makes it seem like she’s just dying to be fucked, yet Bailey keeps things professional as she turns down the sofa and prepares for the therapy. While Chelsea removes her top, Bailey feels her client’s thighs and bottom to get some idea of what her tension is like. Once Chelsea has stripped down to her bra and panties, she lays face down on the pseudo massage table and Bailey gets to work. Chelsea is a bit surprised when her brassiere is removed, yet she’s quite comfortable as Bailey proceeds to oil her skin. The problem with the oil is that it’s getting all over the place including Chelsea’s panties. What choice doe she have but to get her client to remove them? Chelsea has to raise her hips to get out of the garment and when she lays back down, her stiffening cock is visible through her slightly parted thighs. Bailey touches it with the promise of going in deep and getting all the kinks out as she observes her client’s sexy ass and the lovely cock and balls between them. This is sort of like a bonus bareback scene for me. I would have rated it a 10 even if Bailey had fucked Chelsea. Chelsea fucking Bailey in return made this an absolutely extraordinary update on!

Two Tgirls – Kira Crash & Nikki Vicious – The Pawn Store

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This TwoTgirls scene is the type of video that I’d recommend letting your first climax explode in multiple jack off sessions before you get to the end of it. The foreplay scenes are enough to make you lose your cum before the actual fucking begins. Svelte brunette Kira Crash is magnificently funny as well as super sexy and she’s been featured on this site many times before so be sure to take the entire tour.

The official synopsis reads: “I’m Kira Crash, and this is my porn I MEAN pawn store!” Kira Crash is minding her own business at her latest job, the pawn store, when out of nowhere a customer comes in with a CRAZY contraption! Nikki Vicious wants to sell her fuck machine! Kira Crash asks Nikki Vicious more about the fuck machine and she reveals that it was used in the 2016 Two Tgirls Christmas special, what a hot item!! Kira wants the fuck machine badly, but only for the right price! She asks Niki Vicious if she can test it out for her, this is when things really heat up…

The clothes come off and the machine powers on, in and out of Nikki Vicious’ ass the big dildo goes! Wanting to get in on the fun as well, Kira Crash rides the fuck machine for a bit too! When the girls have had enough they ditch the machine and Kira Crash fucks Nikki’s ass hard and long with her MASSIVE cock! Let’s just say Kira Crash will be paying top dollar for Nikki Vicious’ fuck machine now! The negotiation sequence provides build-up time to get you all worked up for the moment when Kira takes off her frock and eagerly helps Nikki undress. This is the first “Damn!” moment, yet there’s so many more to cum.

After Kira sees how the fucking machine works on Nikki’s tight ass, she has to try it out for herself before making the deal. But that comes after she strips nude and has Nikki suck her extra-long dick while getting drilled by the horny contraption. The intimacy with these two foxes kissing while Kira’s tight bottom gets pumped is absolutely exquisite. Nikki gives Kira a balls deep cock sucking next and gets her salad tossed before Kira eases her big cock into her tightness in the doggy style position. As I stated before, it might be best to have already cum at least once before you get to this point. The bareback fucking begins before the midway point of this torrid scene!

Two Tgirls – Cookie Scout Girl Learns to Fuck

MP4 Preview
MP4 Preview

Mayumi Sparkles announces: Back by POPULAR demand! This week we feature Robin Thorn and Kiwi Coulis again! This is Kiwi’s second time doing porn ever! Her first time is another Two Tgirls exclusive! The only place you’ll find her is right here on Two Tgirls!


The Cookie Scout girls are going door to door selling cookies so that they can go to camp! Robin Thorn stops by Kiwi Coulis house and asks her if she would be interested in her cookies. Kiwi invites her inside to “talk” a bit more. Excited at the presence of the Cookie Scout girl, Kiwi offers to buy all of her cookies.


Thrilled that she will now be able to go to summer camp, Robin asks her how she can repay her. Let’s just say things start to heat up quite a bit for the Cookie Scout girl! Robin and Kiwi start to makeout with their hands are all over each other. The clothes come off and before you know it Robin is blowing Kiwi’s big hard cock! Robin, being the horny Cookie Scout girl that she is, starts to fuck Kiwi in her tight asshole. Kiwi DEFINITELY enjoys this! They fuck for a long time and then Robin pulls out and cums all over Kiwi! You have to see it to believe it!


You should also check out for LIVE webcam performances. You can download this torrid release on the website in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Two Tgirls – Land of Whorekraft

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer

On Two Tgirls Robin Thorn, one of my favorite performers, tops a new favorite trans performer Kiwi Coulis I know mostly from her incredible live Chaturbate performances in room kilicoulis. Kiwi is the blonde and I love the passionate kissing that leads to Kiwi exposing, fondling and sucking Robin’s cock. The topless smooching is especially hot when Kiwi straddles Robin who sits back on the bed against the wall. The best foreplay moment for me comes when naked Robin removes Kiwi’s panties. These girls look absolutely amazing. Robin primes Kiwi’s ass to get fucked with a rim job and some pretty hard spanking. As far as Robin’s doggystyle and missionary technique goes, it’s powerful, yet caring.


The official Two Tgirls synopsis reads: Kiwi Coulis and Robin Thorn have been waiting hours to play the new expansion to their favorite online game! Thoughts of gearing up for the new raids, and exploring all those new areas excite them! Finally they are able to get in the game after waiting in queue for so long. Their game play doesn’t last very long before they both start to lag badly! Before you know it the servers are down and the girls are kicked from the game!


Frustrated after waiting hours just to get in to the game, the girls put their laptops to the side and sit there in disappointment. Kiwi, exclaims that she’s frustrated that she was not able to do any erotic role playing. Robin, confused as to why Kiwi would care, reminds her that you don’t need a game to do a little erotic role playing! Before you know it, the two are kissing and making out. Kiwi Coulis sucks off Robin Thorn and gets her nice and hard. “How’s that for an expansion!?” says Robin. After Robin Thorn is good and hard, she sticks her big throbbing cock deep inside Kiwi’s ass! Robin flips Kiwi over and continues to fuck her missionary before blowing a nice hot load of cum across her face!


You can download this torrid release on the in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats!

TwoTgirls: Computer ASSistance

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Anastasia Coxx is sitting on the couch trying to use her laptop. She’s having some problems so she calls Keelin Nyx over to have a look. Keelin asks Anastasia what she’s trying to do, she exclaims that she’s just trying to watch some videos. Things heat up when Keelin discovers that Anastasia is trying to watch some porn! Keelin tosses the laptop aside and knocks her down on the couch and begins kissing her.


This isn’t enough for Anastasia. Keelin takes off her clothes and rubs her big throbbing cock up against Anastasia. Anastasia sucks Keelin’s fat cock, then Keelin starts to fuck Anastasia in her tight little ass! In the end Anastasia ends up cumming all over Keelin’s face in orgasmic bliss! This is the synopsis producer and porn star Mayumi Sparkles wrote about Computer ASSistance on her website.


I presented my interview with the bright and beautiful Keelin Nyx on that you can read by following this link. The reason why I haven’t done the same with the gorgeous Colorado native Anastassia Coxx totally escapes me. Perhaps I should start out by asking her for an interview, huh?


I’ve raved about every scene up to this one so far and if I said it was my favorite one, no one would believe me. So let’s just say I’ve never seen a hotter one. Keelin rails Anastassia like fucking is going out of style and she’s desperate to prove its relevance. Anastassia seems to love it so much that she doesn’t seem aware of any cameras rolling, nor does Keelin. It just looks so natural and you can stream or download this torrid release on the in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats!
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Two TGirls: Three Tgirls and a Sink

Ashlee Nova, Kinky Kora & Mayumi Sparkles in Three Tgirls and a Sink

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

When Ashlee Nova is having trouble with the sink, Kinky Kora from “Fixin’ Pipes” shows up to her house to save the day. When Kora bends over to have a look under the sink, Ashlee can’t keep her hands to herself. She fondles Kora’s cute little butt and gropes her. Ashlee Nova and Kinky Kora start to make out, Ashlee picks up Kora and sets her on the counter for a little more fun. She tears off her pants and begins to suck her off. After a bit she tells her that it’s her turn, Ashlee pushes Kora down to her knees in front of her and begins face fucking her. When they’re finished Ashlee bends Kora over the counter and fucks her BAREBACK in her tight little butthole! All of a sudden, out of NOWHERE, Mayumi Sparkles shows up! Horny as usual, Mayumi decides she wants a piece of Kora’s ass as well. After pounding Kora against the kitchen counter a while Mayumi then pulls out and cums all over Ashlee and Kora’s faces! Producer and porn actress Mayumi Sparkles sets up the synopsis succinctly, there’s not much left for me to do but rave about this Two Tgirls scene.


Mayumi’s co-stars are the type of “it girls” that any trans porn producer would crave featuring on their website, young, fresh, gorgeous and with their own brand of humor that compliments Mayumi’s trademark tongue-in-cheek opening scenarios. Two Tgirls updates have become a staple of my adult entertainment roster and I always look forward to the next release on the Two Tgirls 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB downloadable website.


Caught Masturbating – Two Tgirls

MP4 Trailer

Mara Nova’s having a cheeky wank on the couch with her favorite vibrator. She thinks she’s alone, but she’s dead wrong! Out of nowhere comes Mayumi Sparkles, eager to assist her in any way possible. Mayumi takes the vibrator from Mara and fucks her with it a while. Bored out of her mind, Mara tells Mayumi that she wants the real thing. Mayumi gladly obliges and fucks Mara HARD with her big thick cock. The video ends with Mara blowing a huge load all over! This video has some anal, oral, toy play, masturbation and a nice cumshot at the end. You’ll be sure to love it! A new Two Tgirls classic! That’s the synopsis of Mara Nova’s return to Mayumi’s 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB downloadable website. Check out this MP4 trailer! I really love the mutual cock sucking, but my favorite part of Caught Masturbating is Mayumi fucking Mara with jackhammer thrusts in the doggystyle position near the end of the scene. I’ve had the honor of interviewing Mayumi Sparkles for Transformation Magazine and Mara Nova on and they are absolutely magnificent!

TwoTGirls – Beth Bell & Shiri in A Biology Lesson

Click here for the MP4 Trailer
Click here for the MP4 Trailer

I’ve been a serious Shiri fan since long before she became an official adult industry star. It was through social media and amateur porn I always thought was way too good to last long for free. Before this killer Two Tgirls performance, she thrilled thousands with her live performances. This redhead is one of the stunning performers I’ve ever seen with an intense brand of intelligence that always shines through in her work. This is why I find it so appropriate that she portrays a teacher in her Two Tgirls tryst with gorgeous Vegas-based Beth Bell! I especially love it when Shiri swats Beth’s sexy bare ass with her ruler after the two foxes exchange blowjobs. I also love the position changes and I think my favorite it the second doggy style railing in which Shiri’s tight ass is captured through Mayumi Sparkle’s lens. But then there’s also aerial and side footage of Shiri’s bare cock thrusting in of Beth’s derriere to oogle over, too. An wait until Beth looks at you with her pretty brown eyes right before a blast of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead and splashes across Beth’s face and hair! Shiri rubs every last drop of spunk from her lovely cock while Beth takes the head in and out of her sweet mouth. There are four options for download including 4k and look at the magnificent job Mayumi has done with the landing page of Two Tgirls.

Take The Two Tgirls Tour
Take The Two Tgirls Tour

Two Tgirls: Kira Crash & Cassidy Chase

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Check out this MP4 preview! At first I was disappointed when I learned that Two Tgirls founder Mayumi Sparkles wouldn’t be featured in last Friday’s update. When I found out the Kira Crash (formerly known as Sativa) was returning with newbie to the site Cassidy Chase in the first bareback scene, I managed to get over it. I chose to download the 4K (Ultra HD) 8.07GB version with other options of 480P (SD) 274.44MB, 720P (HD) 565.04MB, and 1080P (Full HD) 1.30GB. After being enthralled by Kira’s furious humping abilities, Cassidy blew my mind what it was her turn to fuck the cop back! That’s how “Fuck The Police” rolls out and here is the official synopsis: Cassidy Chase is driving along minding her own business, when all of a sudden she gets pulled over! Officer Crash has a problem with how fast she was driving and tells her that she’s gonna have to take her to pound town… er… Down town! Upon arriving at the police station, Officer Crash performs a strip search on Cassidy. When she’s finished she moves on to a cavity search! The two fuck HARD and BAREBACK and exchange some hot oral sex before Cassidy exclaims that she’s had enough and that she’s going to fuck Officer Crash! When it’s all over Officer Crash blows a huge load all over Cassidy’s face and tells her that she shouldn’t do the crime, if she can’t pay the time! Needless to say, Officer Crash let her off the hook! This video features Kira Crash (aka Sativa) and has Cassidy Chase debuting in her first ever tgirl on tgirl porn! This is also the first bareback scene on Two Tgirls! If you love a good tgirl on tgirl fuck flick where the girls take turns fucking each other, a tgirl in uniform, or total domination, then this is the video for you!

Mayumi Sparkles and Mara Nova in A Hard Sell on Two Tgirls

MP4 Video Preview
MP4 Video Preview

I love the Two Tgirls website so much, I’m working on a full website review. I write about 95% of my own copy for scene updates, but this is one of those times someone else explains everything and I don’t have to. Two Tgirls 4K, standard HD and SD website founder and star Mayumi Sparkles said, “Mara Nova is a door to door lube salesgirl. I guess you could say it’s a… “hard”… job, but someone’s gotta do it! She’s been going door to door all day, she arrives at Mayumi’s house and knocks on the door. Mayumi answers and is highly interested in the lube that she’s selling, but really needs to see it in action before she makes the decision to buy in. Mara Nova enters Mayumi’s house and is quick to show her a demonstration of the lube. She slides her pants off and applies a generous amount of lube to her big fat cock, she then begins stroking it up and down. Mayumi wants to try it out for herself so she grabs Mara’s big fat cock and begins stroking it up and down.

MP4 Preview
MP4 Preview

To sweeten the deal, Mara Nova blows Mayumi a bit and before you know it, Mara’s fucking Mayumi with her monster cock! Two Tgirls is the first site to feature Mara Nova in a tgirl on tgirl scene! You won’t find her in a predicament like this anywhere else!” Stunning Mayumi’s gorgeous co-star can be seen on her own official website


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