UK-TGirls: Oh Miss Kross!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

UK-TGirls photographer Kalin takes advantage of streams of natural light to bathe upon Sadie’s athletic physique in “Oh Miss Kross!” The video synopsis reads: Nordic seductress Sadie Kross just loves to get her kit off for UK-TG! Returning today for her 8th explosive exclusive, she once again has our biceps pumping with this decadent display of absolute naughtiness – bollock naked and spread out on her gym mat as she plows her tight little button hole with her one of her many fuck toys. But the video begins like a sexy workout video you could see on television. That’s until about a minute in while when stretching to touch her toes, Sadie uses the other hand to touch the bulge in her sweats. Okay, get the kids out of the room now. Sadie’s panties don’t contain everything within properly once her sweat shorts are removed. Plus, there’s way too much deep cleavage for TV. Her workout includes how she manipulates her large boobs once she bares them and then works her arms with barbells. The next muscle she works out is the stiffening uncut one hidden in her designer panties. She withdraws it and exposes the pink, bulbous head, giving it a few strokes. It’s straining hard within a few moments and Sadie displays her true flexibility while sitting down to do more difficult leg stretches only someone with real training could accomplish. This is not just a scene with a workout theme, but a real workout that happens to includes an amazing display of masturbation. When Sadie positions herself to do push ups, you might find yourself wishing you were laying on the mat beneath her for every downward movement she makes. The swollen head of her cock touches the mat with each downward pump. Then she produces a long pink sex toy. You’ll know what muscles she’ll be working out with that. While pumping her primary muscle, she penetrates herself furiously with the toy. Sadie includes some finger banging, but that’s not even necessary when she gets to the point near climax. All she needs to do is jerk her big cock until she cums! To learn more about this stunning beauty from Finland, check out the exclusive interview by PornOCD. But more more explicit eroticism to stream or download, visit UK-TGirls.

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on

Sammi Valentine Then and Now

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentie
2009 Interview with Sammi Valentine

I just raved about Sammi Valentine on July 15th for her debut on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 website network. While watching her second scene filmed, I realized I’d forgotten to mention my 2009 interview with Sammi. I took another look at it and thought to myself that she still looks as incredible now as she did seven years ago! In her follow up scene, Sammi reintroduces herself and part of her naughty dialogue includes how she’s going to cum. She’s a bit more kinky and dominant this time around as she moves through her striptease. She makes her full breasts dance and her big erection looks like an invisible hand must be holding it up at times. Eventually, Sammi is seated, jerking off furiously until she shoots a huge load of creamy white cum. I’ve added a few more photos from her UK-TGirls shoots to our original interview along with some new announcements. If you haven’t read my interview with Sammi before, I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have, I think you’ll be amazed at how little she’s changed.

UK-TGirls Set Two
UK-TGirls Set Two       

Sammi Valentine Arrives on UK-TGirls




Watch the Trailer on UK-TGirls
Watch the Scene Trailer on UK-TGirls 

It’s about time that Sammi Valentine has arrived on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 set network! Photographer Kalin captured the English T-Rose magnificently too. You can watch a short trailer of the 16 minute video on the UK-TGirls landing page. Sammi is already in action in the video preview stroking her big cock in the kitchen and fucking herself with a big toy! She’s only wearing tall, strappy sandals at the point where the trailer fades to black. But if you stream or download the full scene, you’ll get all the preliminary action. For example, she looks really hot with her ribbed dress on when she introduces herself. If you’re a long-time Sammie Valentine, you’ll notice that her ink, curves and pierced nipples are all new to what you’re used to seeing. Sammie is still wearing her cute trademark braces, but this is the first time I’ve thought of her as voluptuous before with her hourglass figure. Beneath her flat tummy, Sammie plays with the growing thick member in her sheer black panties after removing her dress. She literally slaps her big, juicy pecker to hardness then gets to fapping away. Seeing how Sammie’s cock points to the ceiling when she sits on the counter isn’t something you’re going to forget for quite some time, especially if you save this UK-TGirls MULTISITE scene for keeps.

UK-TGirls Multisite with Lilifer Wild

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

There are two hot photo and video sets with photographer Kalin’s new model Lilifer Wild on UK-TGirls which is now part of the Grooby multi-site. The whole package includes the relaunch of Canada TGirl and Asian American TGirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival website of Hazel Tucker. In her UK-TGirls debut, Lilith confesses that she’s a total cock and cum-loving slut. She’s very pretty and hung and she has an ass that won’t quit! Although she seems a bit shy during the initial interview process, no one plays with sex toys more lewdly and with more unbridled passion than this super horny sex kitten. Plus, she’s flexible enough to lick her own stiff dick if there’s no one else around to do it. In her follow-up scene, Lilifer reiterates clear that the word “slut” on her collar is to be taken seriously. She’s a submissive who needs to be used until she’s left spent and useless on the floor. She spanks her ass hard, not once, but three times and begin to strip. She simulates gagging on a cock with a huge black sex toy, showing you how wet, messy and devoted your blowjob would be. Then she bares her hormone breasts with their pierced nipples and turns around to finger bang her curvy ass and smack it harder than before! Lilith fucks herself with multiple digits then faces the camera again to whip out her stiffening cock. After jerking off for a bit, she skull fucks herself with a cucumber while stroking her dick furiously. Lilith fucks herself with the black toy she sucked on earlier next. She’s completely wild with lust when she rides the enormous dildo, her uncut hardon straining up and down wiht pre-cum oozing from its pink head. With a toy in her mouth and the big veggie in her ass, Lilith masturbates until a tremendous load of creamy white cum douses her fit form! Canada TGirl, UK-TGirls and Asian American TGirls will get updated regularly with at least three sets per week amongst them. Shemale Pornstar updates with one or two sets a week (alternating). That means members are getting an update every day of the week for only $29.99 of newly shot material.

UK-TGirls Multisite
UK-TGirls Multisite

UK TGirls Post-Op Beauty Ariana North


On March 31, I raved about the debut of Newcastle Upon Tyne born and bred Ariana North on UK-TGirls. That review can be found here on aka Mistress Caramel’s Pansexual Playground. What’s more exciting, the fact that there’s now a major studio backing an adult site devoted to solo and hardcore scenes with United Kingdom trans women, or that it’s inclusive of post-op trans beauties like Ariana? For me personally, it’s the post-op issue followed closely by the UK stunners in action. I’m so excited about both rarities in trans adult entertainment! Ariana’s follow-up video is a bit racier than her debut. Although Kalin opens the video with Ariana introducing herself in a business blazer, shell, jeans and pumps, her exposure of both wonderful fun spots is more deeply explored. Ariana’s masturbation is more intense this time around. Her breathing is heavier and while she played with herself on the bed originally, Ariana finger bangs her enticing opening on the floor in her exquisite UK-TGirls second video.

Jazmin’s Rampant Return on UK TGirls


Professional Dominatrix Jazmin Jagger is also a UK TGirls model/performer and a fantastic one at that. If you’re watching her video from a purely sexual standpoint, I can’t see how it won’t get you off. If you’re a lifestyle or professional Domme, take notes. Why waste time watching fake Mistresses when you can learn from an experience professional like Jazmin Jagger? The self-described big dicked Welsh bitch enters the room in her crotchless PVC catsuit prepared to tell you how one of her recent Domination / submission sessions went. Then she goes on to tell you some of the things she’d do to dominate you. She sits back on the sofa to stroke her huge prick to a full erection and also gives you a devastating rear view while masturbating. Then she proceeds to show you how she’d fuck you by demonstrating with a large black butt plug. Submissives should fully appreciate watching the Mistress fucking her own perfect rosebud with the sexy toy. She begins masturbating her lubricated prick with gloved hands and a tight cock ring encircles her shoothly shaven balls and the base of her large erection. If a submissive in the London area asked me to refer them to a brilliant Dominatrix, I’d definitely send them to Jazmin Jagger. Watch her latest explicit D/s demonstration on UK TGirls.

Alexandra Vexx on UK TGirls


Alexandra Vexx of Cologne, Germany introduces herself and gets straight to down to business in her UK TGirls debut… the business of stripping. My first impressions were that she’s got a seriously pretty face, a figure that’s obviously well-exercised and she looks like she could be doing hair commercials. She’s wearing a collar and if you read the profile on her sample photo gallery, you’ll get some idea of how much of a kinkster she is. The video is shot in the kitchen, but I’m thinking a dungeon setting in the future would be incredible. Alexandra has great hormone breasts capped by pronounced pink nipples and when she’s masturbating while standing, a turgid erection develops. The head of her cock is blue-ish pink when it’s swollen. I noticed that she bruises pretty easily when she slaps the sexy ass she begins pumping a purple sexy toy in and out of a few moments later. One minute she’s standing with the dildo firmly embedded, and then she’s on the floor, fucking herself with it again. I’m not going to tell you what happens next because I really want you to see Alexandra in action. But before I close, Alexandra’s legs go on forever and I think she’s probably driven several foot lovers bananas. Also, when she gets into masturbating she gets the right kind of sex look. It’s not the kind that says, “Look at how sexy I am,” but the one that tells you she really enjoys what she’s doing. To learn more about Alexandra Vexx in a great interview, visit Porn OCD Reviews. Don’t miss her fabulous debut on UK TGirls.

Alexia Angel – UK TGirls



Alexia Angel parks her bicycle indoors and starts taking her clothes off. Her return to UK TGirls is performance-oriented as opposed to voyeuristic, not that I think any of us would mind seeing her that way, too. She makes lots of eye contact while losing her top and jeans and continues to engage her rapidly growing fan base while rubbing her cock through her panties. It’s fully erect when she exposes it, with a distinct upward curve. In other words, when Alexia is aroused while standing up, her sex organ stands up, too. She continues to play with it as she turns around to show off her sexy bare ass. Alexia reaches for a spritz bottle of lubricant and a large black dildo. Her curvy bottom faces us when she sinks down on the toy and begins moaning and hoisting herself up and down. Then we get a magnificent frontal view and a standing one. She’s moaning softly while fucking and stroking herself simultaneously. Then comes more of her pretty face lost in lust and Alexia’s perfect hormone boobs and back to her thick erection. Watch the full video on UK TGirls.

UK TGirls: Larissa Arazi









The last time I wrote about Larissa Arazi on UK TGirls, I mentioned how this Lebanese / Puerto Rican and part Iranian beauty took us on a private professional Dominatrix adventure par excellence. The most memorable part for me as a lifestyle Mistress was watching thrusting her raging hard, purple-headed cock up and down, saying that was the way she wants to see your dick bouncing while she’s fucking you. This petite London babe did an incredible follow-up video returning from a business trip with not one, but two clients. She tells you a little about where it went down and what happened. Then another training session with her begins. This is like watching a HD webcam show for submissives in need of a proper Domme. The body teasing is tortuous as she demands foot worship and gets down to stripping. She’s sort of wearing a Victoria’s Secret ensemble while she continues telling you what she needs you to do to please her. Larissa is tiny but she’s a powerhouse with an amazing cock that stands up at a ridiculously high angle when swollen. She plays Hide-and-Seek with her boner with her sheer black suspender pantyhose. Guess what? If you watch this UK TGirls video, you’ll get to see the Mistress shoot a creamy load of cum at th end. Keep in mind that she’ll order you to clean it up.

Sadie Kross on UK TGirls





Is this tall drink of water the first Finnish tgirl in the adult industry? I’m not going to go into the details or life and times of this fox because a good friend of mine did an excellent interview her. You can find it on his website PornOCD Reviews. I can tell you something about the third UK-TGirls video she flew to London from Finland to shoot, though. Sadie says her boobs need some attention. They’re big and it’s safe to assume that they need a lot of it. You can tell she works out from her tight tummy. As you can see in the photo gallery above, this Nordic beauty’s legs go on forever. She takes off her skirt to reveal her pantied butt and sits down to remove and kick away her undies. Then Sadie begins stroking her flaccid cock while staring straight at you. Her streamline form is like a work of art – her voice and accent high and sweet. Sadie’s masturbation produces a mighty big erection with a plump knob and she props herself up to give you a full profile view. Her full frontal is incredible and her red-painted nails are in sharp contrast with her pale skin. I’m going to stop here because describing the dildo fucking is going to make me too horny. See if “Sadie Laid Bare” has the same effect on you!