DDF Femdom: Anissa Kate Crossdresses Boyfriend

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Beautiful 5’4″, 37D-23-35 Anissa Kate is a French Domme who wakes up horny one night and decides to crossdress her boyfriend Mugur in the first part of this DDF Network bareback hardcore House of Taboo scene. As he sleeps, she climbs out of bed naked and quietly gathers some feminine articles of clothing she wants to turn him on with. First she rolls a pair of fishnet stockings on her gorgeous legs. Panties and a bra come next. She slips into a latex dress and a pair of open toe heels completes her all black outfit. After putting on some lipstick, Anissa Kate hops on the bed to awaken her boyfriend. She lets him know she’s not sure if he’ll like her surprise. When she says she has a blonde wig to make him pretty, the cute dark-haired guy eagerly replies that he’ll be a blonde for her. She runs across the room and returns to the bed with a wig, collar, corset, stockings and high-heeled mules for him. This guy has a muscular form and he looks a bit silly in the wig, but he’s quite sexy, so this it’s lots of fun watching Anissa Kate helping Mugur dress like a slutty girl. Once Mugur is fully dressed, she toys with the bulging cock in his panties she calls his clit. “Mmm, what a big clit,” she purrs when he releases it. She slaps his big hard dick a few items, then gives him a blowjob shot in POV footage.

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

The playful kinky femdom scenario continues in Part 2 of this Full HD fetish video as Anissa Kate straddles her crossdressed stud Mugur and gives him a handjob before taking his big dick into her trimmed pussy. She’s still dressed in latex dominatrix garb as she rides her new girlfriend’s hard cock. Anissa Kate then turns around to ride Mugur reverse cowgirl style. Mugur finger bangs his dominant girlfriend while ramming his cock in and out of her from below. She still has her panties on and wants them off and in his mouth. After sitting up to make Mugur suck on her undies, while he jerks off, she bends over on the bed so he can fuck her doggy style. Then he also fucks Anissa Kate’s tight ass! Their positions change to missionary and pile driver with the crossdressed boyfriend pumping Anissa Kate’s ass harder yet. Later, she places her stocking foot upon his corset clad chest and removes her latex dress. Her big tits are spilling out of her bra until she removes that too. She get’s Mugur to suck on her pedicured toes while he jerks off next. Then she has him sit up so she can jack him off. Finally, his big dick shoots a big creamy load of cum across her large breasts and into her deep cleavage. After his cock is spent, she has him straddle the bed to rub his cum across the surface of his bubble butt. With a bit more domination left to go, she applies lipstick to her boyfriend and this DDF Network femdom crossdressing scene on House of Taboo comes to an end.

Caramel’s Interview With Miss K of Deathline

I was a fan Miss K of Deathline long before we got in contact with one another. I’d developed several questions for her in my mind for about three years. When we finally got in contact, she answered every on of all of my questions in depth. I’m honored to present our interview to you.  

Foxy Angel and Friends

When I moved to Florida 10 years ago, one of the first things I wanted to know was who was the transsexual adult queen of the Sunshine State. It didn’t take long to spot this 5’11” 36D-24-36,. 8″ brown eyed blonde Foxy Angel. Over the last decade, I’ve seen many other talented beauties share the spotlight with her, but this bombshell still reigns as far as I’m concerned. She’s so about secure enough with herself enough to expose us to some of her hot gal pals who either live in Florida or have moved on to other great states. See if you recognize some of them and enjoy the galleries.


South Florida’s Foxy Angel and Friends


Tranny Surprise Update

These photos are from the latest three Tranny Surprise movies: Juliana De Sousa in “Snake Enchanter”, Mirela Abelha in “Tranny Adventures” and Danyelle Carvalho in “Date Out” and if you’re already a member, you’ve already noticed that the photo sets are growing larger and sharper. They’ve been going strong for just over 13 years now and the quality of the content shows it.  

Kevy Codine

Kevy Codine is extremely effeminate, but not a tgirl by definition. Kevy isn’t even dressed as girl here. He’s a striking young gay male and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cutie like this here who might make someone out there question their sexuality.If you don’t want to see Kevy nude, don’t click on his photos.

But when I came across Kevy Codine, I knew I had to bring this androgyne into the Caramel’s TGirls mix. This long haired, slender young thing comes to us from Ithaca, NY. You can see more of Kevy at BoyCrush. At any rate, My Interview with Roxy Red last year turned me on to something entirely new, so let’s just say I’ve been following up on this burning subject very diligently. I hope you’ll see the same great qualities I’m seeing and will just enjoy the view.

Miss K

Years ago, I learned about a tgirl named “Miss K” and every now and then, I’d be elated to see her doing one thing or another on the Net. Mostly it was her modeling. Color me superficial, but I was mainly excited about seeing the latest look of this dark, edgy, enigmatic beauty.

After finding her at The Dragnet, I delved deeper into the life and times of this stunning transgendered photographer, model and musician. I learned about her music and digested her musings at The Dragnet. Miss K to me was the type of person I could imagine being friends with, but would probably never bump into even online. Then one day, I got a reply to a post I’d made from her saying she enjoyed reading my interviews. It was a great honor to learn that someone I’d admired actually knew something about the work I’m so passionate about.

I’m excited about interviewing her soon, but I’d like to share with you how challenging this one will be. Miss K is one of the best transgender writers of our time and she is incredibly deep. This ain’t gonna be easy. To get a better idea of what I mean, see what she has to share at her Dragnet5.0 site and self expressions at her Tumblr One and Two Sites. Miss K is stunning, but she reinforces that the sexiest thing about a tgirl is what’s between her ears.   

I cannot wait to share my discussion with Miss K once it’s completed. Meanwhile, just click on her photos to learn more about her.     

Miss K and The Dragnet 5.0

Miss K’s version 5.0 is amazing and I’ve been following her since the beginning of work for almost 10 years now (in other words, since Version 1). I adore her new work and musings at The Dragnet and I hope you’ll check out her art, writing and screensaver worthy photos. She’s quite amazing and as you can see, very easy on the eye.