Pure TS – Japanese Superstar Miran Gets Barebacked and Creampied

Miran is an international superstar new-half from Japan and the Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 “Best Internet Personality” winner. The official synopsis on Christian’s frequently updated (an understatement) reads: …she and Christian get together for a volcanic sex session! He fucks her petite ass bareback in every position, including some acrobatic ones. And after she cums all over herself, she begs him to fill up her ass with his cum.

This is Miran’s fourth scene on Pure-TS.com since the Spring of 2015. As they’re about to kiss as their latest scene opens, Christian comments, “You’re back… all mine,” in reference to her return to the United States. He’s fully dressed and she’s just wearing a bikini and chic, pricey designer pumps. As they kiss passionately, one of his hands is in plain view and it’s not making any bold grasps. But when you see his other hand, Miran’s beautiful cock is in its grasp protruding from the side of her swimsuit.

When he turns her to his side to kiss her neck, Miran’s dick is hard enough to crack walnuts with, suspended by her bikini pouch. Christian begins to pull down Miran’s bikini top, exposing her large firm breasts that show no tan lines. He also begins stroking her shaft below her shiny exposed cockhead and cups one of her boobs. He tells her how much he loves her cock and they kiss deeply again as she stands in front of him with her ass pressed against his crotch. I’d bet my life savings that Christian’s got a boner beneath his jeans by this point. The passion turns a bit rough with Christian clasping his hand around Miran’s neck. This is going to be a rough one.

He’s got a pressure hold on both of her arms too! How is she going to handle it? Once out of this standing wrestling move, she reacts by facing him and pressing her body against his tightly. He then pulls her panties down to reveal that her incredible ass is fully tanned also. Christian kneads her firm bottom and also spreads her cheeks wide. He then sinks down a bit to help Miran remove her panties completely and her hard cock seems a bit out of proportion to her petite 5’5″ frame. It arcs upward in the air and Christian takes the head and first few inches of her erection inside his mouth.

Christian gives the amazing cock that’s actually fucked him powerfully in a previous Pure-TS.com scene a talented blowjob. When he rises, Christian and his mammoth cock make him appear like a giant as he stands beside Miran. She sinks down to her knees to return the oral favor, jerking her stiff dick while she sucks away at his. Christian forces an intense skull fuck, then lifts her up as if she weighs nothing. He extends his arms at full length so that her back is pressed against the wall behind her. Miran’s swollen organ is right in front of Christian’s face and he gives her head again and tea bags her drawn.up ball sack. Then he spins around and carefully places Miran on the sofa to give her a rimjob while she faps her hardon.

After another brief blowjob, Christian eases his huge bare cock inside the Japanese beauty in the missionary position in this incredible Pure-TS.com update. Back to my question about how Miran takes rough sex? She does so like a champ in a variety of position changes and your favorite sequence might be when she’s riding her man’s enormous prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her thick hardon swinging and bouncing all over the place! Or maybe it will be the simultaneous cumshots!

Two Tgirls – Kira Crash & Nikki Vicious – The Pawn Store

MP4 Scene Trailer

This TwoTgirls scene is the type of video that I’d recommend letting your first climax explode in multiple jack off sessions before you get to the end of it. The foreplay scenes are enough to make you lose your cum before the actual fucking begins. Svelte brunette Kira Crash is magnificently funny as well as super sexy and she’s been featured on this site many times before so be sure to take the entire tour.

The official synopsis reads: “I’m Kira Crash, and this is my porn I MEAN pawn store!” Kira Crash is minding her own business at her latest job, the pawn store, when out of nowhere a customer comes in with a CRAZY contraption! Nikki Vicious wants to sell her fuck machine! Kira Crash asks Nikki Vicious more about the fuck machine and she reveals that it was used in the 2016 Two Tgirls Christmas special, what a hot item!! Kira wants the fuck machine badly, but only for the right price! She asks Niki Vicious if she can test it out for her, this is when things really heat up…

The clothes come off and the machine powers on, in and out of Nikki Vicious’ ass the big dildo goes! Wanting to get in on the fun as well, Kira Crash rides the fuck machine for a bit too! When the girls have had enough they ditch the machine and Kira Crash fucks Nikki’s ass hard and long with her MASSIVE cock! Let’s just say Kira Crash will be paying top dollar for Nikki Vicious’ fuck machine now! The negotiation sequence provides build-up time to get you all worked up for the moment when Kira takes off her frock and eagerly helps Nikki undress. This is the first “Damn!” moment, yet there’s so many more to cum.

After Kira sees how the fucking machine works on Nikki’s tight ass, she has to try it out for herself before making the deal. But that comes after she strips nude and has Nikki suck her extra-long dick while getting drilled by the horny contraption. The intimacy with these two foxes kissing while Kira’s tight bottom gets pumped is absolutely exquisite. Nikki gives Kira a balls deep cock sucking next and gets her salad tossed before Kira eases her big cock into her tightness in the doggy style position. As I stated before, it might be best to have already cum at least once before you get to this point. The bareback fucking begins before the midway point of this torrid twotgirls.com scene!

Pure-TS: Natalie Anderson

In “Amazon Amateur Model Gets Fucked” on Pure-TS.com, Christian XXX is working on a business deadline when he’s approached by sexy Natalie Anderson asking, “Hey, baby. What are you doing?” She’s standing right behind him as he works furiously sitting at his office desk.

He’s yet to see the sinuous lingerie outfit his girl is wearing for him. He also doesn’t know she’s stroking her huge cock when she asks if he wants to take a break. Christian suggests that she do some gambling or something since they’re in Vegas and knows that she’s horny. He’s not feeling horny at all until he turns around and sees her in that torrid outfit and that big tool of hers hanging before her thighs. The deadline is going to have to wait.

Christian is too tempted not to take Natalie’s cock inside his mouth and he proceeds to do so. Her long rod is stiff in no time and Christian’s enormous cock is just as erect as he rises to give Natalie a kiss. He strokes Natalie’s tool firmly with his own emerging from his dress pants. The large mirror on a nearby wall accentuates Natalie’s sexy ass while they jerk each other off.

Natalie then sinks to her knees to give Christian an awesome blowjob.She manages to stroke both of their big hardons while giving Christian head and he then helps her get seated on the sofa. Christian helps get Natalie’s long legs up in the air, gives her a rim job, then prepares to enter her tight ass with his massive bare cock.

He proceeds to enter her as she jacks her large erection. A slow missionary position fucking evolves into a doggy style railing with Natalie’s hard cock swinging beneath her lithe form. The cowgirl jackhammer drilling focuses magnificently on Natalie’s curvy bottom and she jerks off frantically while getting fucked in the reverse cowgirl position.

See how this work break bareback fucking comes to its climactic ending on Pure-TS.com.

Pure TS – Horny Marissa Minx Gets Fucked After a Bubble Bath

Horny Marissa Minx Gets Fucked After a Bubble Bath is the Pure-TS.com follow-up scene of Australian Marissa Mink in Amateur Aussie Starlet Makes Her Hardcore Debut.

In this update, the website owner is lounging in a bubble bath when Marissa enters obviously horny. She’s wearing a towel as she begins massaging of one her large breasts and squeezing her cock through the towel. She drops her towel and exposes her voluptuous form, big tits and uncut cock.

Marissa leans over Christian and gives him a kiss, making his big dick stir in the sudsy water. Marissa joins him in the tub and leans back against Christian, moaning softly as he fondles her boobs and gives her a neck and shoulder rub. They move around to face each other and when Christian stands up, the head of his huge prick points toward the ceiling. Marissa proceeds to give him a blowjob while squeezing his shaft firmly.

Christian holds her by the hair while she’s giving head, but not too forcefully. Soon she’s got one sexy leg draped across the edge of the tub with her big round ass facing him. “Fuck that ass, baby,” she begs with her sweet, high-pitched voice. “Fuck me.” Christian complies, easing his long, fat cock inside Marissa’s tight ass slowly. Her tits sway and her cock and balls jiggle as Christian establishes a smooth, steady rhythm.

Outside of the water, Marissa sits with her heels pressed against her ass and performs another blowjob. It’s much more forceful this time around. When Christian is ready to take Marissa’s ass again, she climbs on top of him and sinks down on his raging hard tool for a cowgirl ride. This drilling is more powerful than the bathtub fucking and the missionary railing is equally rampant. There’s more oral action between position changes and Marissa’s goodies bounce and sway wildly during the reverse cowgirl bareback sequence.

Marissa’s hot ass is rewarded with a creampie at the end of this torrid Pure-TS.com bareback scene. Don’t miss either of this Australian beauty’s scenes with Christian XXX. Also is you like oral and hardcore action that focuses primarily on the trans model with you as her partner, be sure to take the TSPOV.com tour.

TSPOV.com – Brooklyn Roberts


TSPOV.com is the new sister site of Pure-TS.com by Christian XXX geared more to trans porn fans who want to focus mainly on the model rather than the male porn star and owner/webmaster. In this scene, gorgeous Brooklyn Roberts enters the bedroom telling you she’s missed you and that she’s super horny.


This brand of point-of-view porn is a major success when applied to this hung fox stripping and using her naughty dialogue to get you going. Whether you’re a fan of Brooklyn’s hormone boobs, killer ass, long legs or enormous cock mainly, all your desires will be well represented. She looks like a sexy librarian with her specs on as she grasps your cock and guides it toward her mouth within the first three minutes after an explicit little butt show.


Brooklyn jerks her growing organ while stroking and sucking your hardon. Then she straddles you like a lap dancer, giving you a full view of her sexy wide bottom rubbing against you. She strokes your member until it’s raging hard for you to plunge inside her bareback. Then she humps up and down on your tool while uttering a steady stream of obscene comments.


She sucks you off again and plays the cock rubbing game with you next. Your pre-cum mingles together and then she rides your stiff prick while facing you. Brooklyn’s tight abs flex and her huge cock bounces up and down as she rides you in the cowgirl position rapidly. Then she sucks you again and bends over on the bed, begging you to fuck her hard again!


She also spreads wide for you to give her a missionary position railing! When you withdraw from her tight ass, Brooklyn lays back and masturbates for you. Her schlong looks absolutely enormous as she strokes it firmly. But the totally nude babe you’ve just fucked the hell out of still needs more of your hard cock.


You periodically pump her massive erection while looking down at her, driving your hardness in and out of her. How would you like this to end? Would you like to see Brooklyn Roberts on her knees on the floor taking every last drop of your cum in her pretty mouth? See how this torrid action plays out for you on TSPOV.com.


Brooklyn Roberts is also absolutely incredible on Christian’s original sister site Pure-TS.com in two one-on-one bareback scenes, a threesome with Christian with Kinky Kora and another one with newcomer Nikki Vicious!


Pure-TS: Sofia Sanders


Forget the soccer… Let’s fuck instead! on Pure-TS.com 


Sofia Sanders and Christian are soccer fans and their nations are playing each other in a huge match today! Christian comes to pick her up, but she isn’t ready to go just yet. First she wants to play a different type of game. These two mature performers are hot and horny for each other and it really shows!


“Mature Latina Sofia Sanders Fucks His Ass Raw” was the Pure-TS.com debut of gorgeous Sofia Sanders before this new release. I’ve been a fan of Sofia Sanders aka Deborah Falcon from El Paso, Mexico for quite some time. I know that her approximate stats are 5’9″(175 cm), 160 lbs(73 kg), 8″(20 cm). After the comical argument over U.S.A vs Mexico soccer teams, things get serious when Christian sees her big bare tits. He devours them, sucking on her large nipples, then reveals the dusky cock that stands out from her crotchless panties. He kneels down to give it a good sucking and then Sofia returns the favor. She tweaks a sensitive nipple while giving head and then removes her jersey.


Sofia’s big cock expands to a full erection while she sucks Christian’s cock. Next, she lays back on the bed to receive a salad tossing. You’ve got to hear the way she moans while getting her rim job. She gets louder and starts speaking Spanish once her curvy round ass gets drilled bareback. After another oral invasion on her firm backside, Sofia gets a tremendous doggy style railing. She looks stunning wearing nothing but a pair of tall sandals and some jewelry.


Her ass, her legs and her jiggling tits are a joy to watch and the side saddle fucking leads to a torrid cowgirl ride. Wait until you see the way beautiful Latinx veteran star Sofia Sanders drains the porn king’s cum in this fantastic Pure-TS.com update!


TSPOV.com Jenna Tales


On TSPOV.com Jenna Tales is a beautiful maid with a fantastic cock. This pinup beauty gets down and services a big dick before opening up her ass to take a nice pounding. She gets fucked in every position before having an explosive orgasm of her own!


From Pure-TS.com owner and operator Christian XXX, we have a new site that I just might like more than the original trans blockbuster website. But first let me tell you about beautiful Floridian trans model Jenna Tales and what happens in her magnificent TSPOV.com debut following two bareback scenes with Jenna on Pure-TS. 


The horny French maid scenario never gets old to me and seeing Jenna bent over feather dusting in the study will be refreshing, exciting and new to you too. The man side of me likes seeing the male also featured in porn, but this is all about Jenna. The huge cock she’s featured with is sort of like a mysterious co-star. After sauntering around the room uttering all sorts of naughty phrases, Jenna bares her large breasts and then bends over. Her incredible ass is bare and her genitals are visible between her thighs. Well, her smoothly shaven balls I mean. Then she removes her tiered maid’s skirt. She sits on the sofa to stroke her big cock to a full erection. Her dirty dialogue compliments her little fap session and then she’s got that huge familiar cock inches before her pretty face.


Jenna performs a blow job that looks out of this world in the POV fashion we’re expecting to see. She strokes the part of the shaft she can’t manage inside her mouth and continues jerking her own hard cock. This babe looks virtually flawless even with red lipstick smeared across her face. She sits back to rub both of their big dicks together, then goes back to sucking and stroking again.


This session could have been successful as just a blowjob scene, but next Jenna sinks her sexy ass down on the big man’s mammoth rod bareback. She jacks her thick boner while humping up and down on the enormous tool and when she releases her heavy hardon, it points toward the ceiling and swings around with the hard fucking she’s getting. Jenna is completely wild with lust and pleasure at this point.


Jenna’s ass is to die for as you can clearly see and you also see it getting pounded from the back in the reverse cowgirl position. Then there’s incredible aerial footage off the doggy style railing! Jenna starts speaking in Spanish and I’m almost surprised she’s not speaking in tongues by now. She lays on her back once that huge cock is withdrawn she she beats herself off while getting her fun spot diddled.


There’s more intense oral action and Jenna receives one last bareback fucking while she’s furiously jerking her hardon. After getting choked a bit and a brisk slap across the face, Jenna totally looses it. A big blast of creamy white cum ejects from her big hard cock in this extraordinarily torrid TSPOV.com bareback production.


This 26 year old, 36DD-26-46 Latinx bombshell is also spectacular in two killer scenes on Pure-TS.com – a solo railing with Christian XXX and in “TS Girlfriends Fuck Their Submissive in Vegas” where she and megastar Aubrey Kate double fuck the hung porn king/producer!

TSPOV.com – Natalia La Potra


Natalia La Potra is a beautiful Latina with a MASSIVE booty! She uses wraps her big lips around a cock, sucks him long and deep, before bouncing that ass on his dick. Watch her orgasm and then swallow his creamy load all for herself. This is the official synopsis of the first scene on TSPOV.com


Florida gets it’s fair share of criticism, but one thing no one can deny is the abundance of trans beauty in the Sunshine State. Natalia La Potra makes me think, “Jacksonville represent.” It’s about an hour and a half from my Gatorland and this Latinx fox is absolutely stunning. She’s the first star you’ll find on the new TSPOV.com website from Christian XXX who also owns and operates Pure-TS.com.


Natalia greets us wearing a pink bra and panty set with tall sandals. She turns around to raise your pressure and arousal by jiggling her magnificent ass. Then she exposes her pretty tits and squeezes them saying that they’re tender and need to be sucked on. Natalia has her own original look and style, yet she reminds me of a trans porn legend named Sylvia Boots from the olden days.


I could go into explicit detail about all the position changes, but my favorite part happens to be the missionary position fucking. It’s not necessarily my favorite sex position in real life, but it frames Natalia in all her glory. This is subjective however. Ass lovers will most likely prefer the doggy style footage.


I don’t have any problem getting into POV porn that doesn’t focus on people with cocks that don’t look like mine. My cock has no bias. Whether it’s a hot trans girl, trans guy, or cis porn star, I get turned on by the performance of the principal model. It doesn’t hurt when the “mystery” co-star is hung like a horse. In this case, the trans star’s cock is massive, too. 


I don’t care what your gender identity is or what you’re sexual preferences may be – Natalia La Potra is one amazing and gorgeous performer you really ought to see in action on TSPOV.com  from the creator of Pure-TS.com and I think that just about anyone would be amazed after seeing what I’ve seen. Porn this hot might even make total transphobes horny. Everything that leads up to Natalia’s tremendous cum shot and Spanish language expletives while soaring through her toe curling climax makes this TSPOV.com scene an instant classic.


Pure-TS: Amateur Aussie Marissa Minx Makes Her Hardcore Debut


Marissa Minx is a tall and striking TS starlet that just arrived from Australia. This is her first scene EVER in porno, and she is FANTASTIC. She attacks the cock with gusto and then gets a nice bareback pounding in her big booty. Let’s hope we see much more of Ms. Minx! G’day mate!


When “Amateur Aussie Starlet Makes Her Hardcore Debut” begins with the horny pair making out while standing you’ll notice that Marissa isn’t wearing any panties. The uncut head of her cock is visible beneath the hem of her pleated skirt. Christian XXX who owns and operated Pure-TS fondles her breasts and fully exposes Marissa’s pretty dick with his crotch placed against her full bottom. Marissa sinks to her knees and Christian opens his pants to let his mammoth hard prick spring upward before her face. She makes a great show of tea bagging his big balls and licking the shaft before taking the swollen head inside her mouth. The bare breasted babe gets her hair pulled while performing what looks like an amazing blowjob.


Marissa squeezes her big tits and when she’s ready to get fucked, she moves up to the sofa with her sexy ass raised high. She moans softly through the treat of a rim job and comments on the size of the bare cock that begins pumping in and out of her. She’s just barely wearing her top while getting pounded in the side saddle position. Her big boobs jiggle inside their top with nipples exposed and her cock and balls undulate this way and that. Marissa removes her top just before straddling Christian for a furious cowgirl ride. Her big ass is also magnificently displayed when she gets fucked while on her back.


Marissa’s cock swings around in circles as soon as she begins riding the huge rod in the reverse cowgirl position. Although Marissa looks tired and spent by the time she takes the porn king’s cum shot inside her mouth, she looks absolutely beautiful. Christian does great interviews about his co-stars and that’s when I remembered that Transformation Magazine, where I’m a contributing writer, featured her once. Her voice is as sweet as honey when she describes her railing as the best American dick she’s ever had. She’s had some before at home, but this Pure-TS scene is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marissa began her transition at 17 years old. She doesn’t say put some more shrimps on the barbie because she doesn’t do seafood. I’m thinking she doesn’t do stereotypes, either and she’s a great sport who doesn’t mind a little playful teasing. What a stunner!