DDF Femdom: Anissa Kate Crossdresses Boyfriend

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Beautiful 5’4″, 37D-23-35 Anissa Kate is a French Domme who wakes up horny one night and decides to crossdress her boyfriend Mugur in the first part of this DDF Network bareback hardcore House of Taboo scene. As he sleeps, she climbs out of bed naked and quietly gathers some feminine articles of clothing she wants to turn him on with. First she rolls a pair of fishnet stockings on her gorgeous legs. Panties and a bra come next. She slips into a latex dress and a pair of open toe heels completes her all black outfit. After putting on some lipstick, Anissa Kate hops on the bed to awaken her boyfriend. She lets him know she’s not sure if he’ll like her surprise. When she says she has a blonde wig to make him pretty, the cute dark-haired guy eagerly replies that he’ll be a blonde for her. She runs across the room and returns to the bed with a wig, collar, corset, stockings and high-heeled mules for him. This guy has a muscular form and he looks a bit silly in the wig, but he’s quite sexy, so this it’s lots of fun watching Anissa Kate helping Mugur dress like a slutty girl. Once Mugur is fully dressed, she toys with the bulging cock in his panties she calls his clit. “Mmm, what a big clit,” she purrs when he releases it. She slaps his big hard dick a few items, then gives him a blowjob shot in POV footage.

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

The playful kinky femdom scenario continues in Part 2 of this Full HD fetish video as Anissa Kate straddles her crossdressed stud Mugur and gives him a handjob before taking his big dick into her trimmed pussy. She’s still dressed in latex dominatrix garb as she rides her new girlfriend’s hard cock. Anissa Kate then turns around to ride Mugur reverse cowgirl style. Mugur finger bangs his dominant girlfriend while ramming his cock in and out of her from below. She still has her panties on and wants them off and in his mouth. After sitting up to make Mugur suck on her undies, while he jerks off, she bends over on the bed so he can fuck her doggy style. Then he also fucks Anissa Kate’s tight ass! Their positions change to missionary and pile driver with the crossdressed boyfriend pumping Anissa Kate’s ass harder yet. Later, she places her stocking foot upon his corset clad chest and removes her latex dress. Her big tits are spilling out of her bra until she removes that too. She get’s Mugur to suck on her pedicured toes while he jerks off next. Then she has him sit up so she can jack him off. Finally, his big dick shoots a big creamy load of cum across her large breasts and into her deep cleavage. After his cock is spent, she has him straddle the bed to rub his cum across the surface of his bubble butt. With a bit more domination left to go, she applies lipstick to her boyfriend and this DDF Network femdom crossdressing scene on House of Taboo comes to an end.

Pure-TS: Busty and Beautiful TS Teen Aspen Brooks Sept 10


Aspen Brooks is an absolutely perfect teen TS girl. She is tall, beautiful, busty, and loves the cock. Christian takes his time exploring her body and her big cock. Then he fucks her big ass in every imaginable position before cumming inside her sweet ass. This is the official synopsis of “Busty and Beautiful Teen TS Aspen Brooks Gets Loved Up and Fucked Bareback” on Pure-TS.


In her previous and first hardcore scene on Pure-TS, Aspen and Delia DeLions on Delia-TS used and abused Christian XXX who was powerless to resist their big cocks as took take turns fucking his ass until they came all over him. This time around, when Christian comes home, Aspen surprises him by popping out of the closet. Amused and horny, he starts kissing her. She looks amazing in a pricey bra and panty set and high heels. She grabs his crotch and he lowers her panties to expose her delicious looking cock.


Aspen jerks off as Christian manipulates and then devours the large breasts he’s bared. Then Aspen sinks to the floor in anticipation of the massive cock she craves sucking. Her own dick stiffens as she takes in the head and shaft and tea bags his balls. Christian then sinks to the floor and turns Aspen around to give her a rim job while she stands with her hands pressed against the wall. She he eases his huge erection inside her incredible ass while they’re standing up!


As I’m wondering why he didn’t sample some of Aspen’s girl cock before fucking her, he gets to it eventually and obviously thoroughly loves sucking it. As for Aspen, she obviously loves it and develops a raging erection. After kissing again and jacking each other off for a bit, they move things to the bed. Aspen arranges herself on her back for a missionary position screw. Her big tits jiggle and she masturbates frantically while getting her tight ass pummeled. There’s more mutual oral and a cowgirl ride that switches into reverse.


Christian has literally fucked Aspen out of her heels by the time they’re banging in the side saddle position. Even if you’re not watching this Pure-TS bareback scene, you could probably cum fast just listening to the sounds Aspen makes while getting fucked.

TwoTgirls: Computer ASSistance

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Anastasia Coxx is sitting on the couch trying to use her laptop. She’s having some problems so she calls Keelin Nyx over to have a look. Keelin asks Anastasia what she’s trying to do, she exclaims that she’s just trying to watch some videos. Things heat up when Keelin discovers that Anastasia is trying to watch some porn! Keelin tosses the laptop aside and knocks her down on the couch and begins kissing her.


This isn’t enough for Anastasia. Keelin takes off her clothes and rubs her big throbbing cock up against Anastasia. Anastasia sucks Keelin’s fat cock, then Keelin starts to fuck Anastasia in her tight little ass! In the end Anastasia ends up cumming all over Keelin’s face in orgasmic bliss! This is the synopsis producer and porn star Mayumi Sparkles wrote about Computer ASSistance on her TwoTgirls.com website.


I presented my interview with the bright and beautiful Keelin Nyx on tsdreamland.com that you can read by following this link. The reason why I haven’t done the same with the gorgeous Colorado native Anastassia Coxx totally escapes me. Perhaps I should start out by asking her for an interview, huh?


I’ve raved about every TwoTgirls.com scene up to this one so far and if I said it was my favorite one, no one would believe me. So let’s just say I’ve never seen a hotter one. Keelin rails Anastassia like fucking is going out of style and she’s desperate to prove its relevance. Anastassia seems to love it so much that she doesn’t seem aware of any cameras rolling, nor does Keelin. It just looks so natural and you can stream or download this torrid release on the TwoTgirls.com in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats!

Watch More Traielrs and see more photos on TwoTgirls.com!

Caramel’s Interview with Alina Wang


As you can see, Alina Wang is a stunning model. She lives in London, England and she’s originally from China. Alina was a little shy when we first got in contact. Somewhere along the line in one of our discussions, I guess I hit a nerve with one of my questions. It broke the ice and Alina let loose with what led to one of the most candid and erotic interviews I’ve ever conducted. I hope you’ll enjoy my NSFW TS Dreamland Interview with Alina Wang.

Elle in Muppet Bikini Bareback




If you’re like me, you can immediately guess which studio a title like “Muppet Bikini Bareback” comes from. But since you wouldn’t know the content, I’ll describe it to you. That’s what I’m here for. Elle of Ladyboy Gold is a gorgeous young Thai transsexual who’s playing with her cell phone on her bed. Someone say “Hello, hello” and all the sudden a huge cock is right in front of her pretty face. Wearing her blue muppet print bikini, Elles exclaims, “Big cock! Wow, it’s very nice. Oh my God” Then she leans over, kisses the swollen head and starts sucking on it. It takes two hands to handle his whopper and a talented mouth considering that Elle wears braces. After what looks like a great blowjob, albiet without much depth, Elle lies back on the bed and takes off her bikini bottom. She gives an explicit little show, gets a brief fingering and that huge, bare cock sinks slowly inside her. This video is shot in POV fashion with Elle staring directly at you when she’s able to open her eyes. Instead of removing her top, which would be pretty awkward at this point, Elle simply exposes her nipples and squeezes them. We get another tight closeup and then Elle turns over for a doggystyle railing. She looks like she’s getting fucked by a giant because it’s Christian XXX of Pure-TS banging her and she’s so petite. In this position, Elle manages to take off her top so you can take her in fully nude. haven’t even described the first half of this scene yet. You can watch the full video on Ladyboy Gold. I also highly recommend that you check out Ladyboy Tube for more incredible previews.

Hello Ladyboy Ivy









Listen up, gentlemen. Imagine you’re in Thailand running a website and you’re the principal photographer. You get to meet some of the world’s most stunning transsexuals for lunch and take them up to your posh hotel room. They pose nude for you and you get to have sex with them and record all the action. You might as well name your website Hello Ladyboy. When I saw my first videos on this top shelf website, I thought there had to be two photographers in the room. But it’s the ingenious work of one man. He’s a class act and I love the way this solo act producer treats his ladies. You can tell how much he cares about them from the photographs and you can see it when he sucks and fucks them. About Ivy, I’ve gone into detail about one of her solo performances on another site before, but I’ve never seen her doing hardcore until I watched her on Hello Ladyboy. This exquisite 21 year old Chanel and Gucci-loving student is an absolute treasure to watch in action. You can tell that she’s giving her while sucking cock and especially when she’s getting railed especially hard. She takes a hell of a big dick in several different positions and keeps going long after shooting a her cum. I think the fucking continued for about seven minutes after she exploded. You can see how it ended, but it’s more fun to watch the full video on Hello Ladyboy.

My Futanari Stepsister Kindle Edition



In “My Futanari Stepsister” Daniel has just finished high school. He has ten weeks of holidays to kill before he can move to college and away from his bitch of a stepsister, Chloe. One night, while their parents are away, Chloe brings over a few of her closest friends for a sleepover, and they’re about to give Daniel an education he’ll never forget.

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  • Publication Date: August 6, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Ami on Hello Ladyboy





Who would’ve thought a new site would launch that’s good enough to competitors in the Asian transsexual porn niche? I’m not actually sure about what the other guys are saying about it , but if I were a producer of this genre, I’d be very concerned about Hello Ladyboy. “Romance” with 19 year old Ami of Bangkok, Thailand was the first video and photo set I checked out. A solo scene with this cutie pie would have been a big deal in itself, but this one is a torrid hardcore scene. It’s obviously shot by two photographers and one of them is Ami’s male co-star. I’m not sure what nationality he is because his face is hidden. I can’t determine his accent, but he speaks English very well. The process of two photographers filming Ami getting he small, uncut cock sucked seems like a simple idea. To me it’s ingenius. The man’s cock is uncut as well, but it’s much bigger than Ami’s. Her dick stands up at a high angle while she jerks his off. The HD footage of Ami sucking him is incredible. Then there’s the fucking parts. Let’s just say that whatever I wanted to see happen, happened. If you fall hard for Ami, there’s a whole gang of candids of her, too. Take a look at the original layout of Hello Ladyboy and you know what to do next.