Pure-TS: You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s

MP4 Scene Trailer 

You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s. Scratch that because you’re allowed to hang out with Natalie Mars Natalie Chen and Natalie Anderson. This denial only applies to beautiful Kimberly Sin from the May 13 Pure-TS update because she’s not a Natalie. You’re a special guest no matter what your name is.

The Natalie’s are the coolest chicks at school. They run the place and Kimberly the cheerleader just doesn’t fit in. These posh debutantes look fierce, act fierce, and soon they are going to get fucked fierce. These three fiery redhead babes need to get an A from their professor, and Natalie Mars knows just how they can accomplish this.

Does this seem like an erotic spoof on the fantastic 80’s teen movie Heathers? You got it and Natalie Mars brilliantly portrays the Heather Chandler character who said, “You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie.”

That video preview above shows us beautiful mega star Natalie Mars getting a bareback reverse cowgirl railing from Natalie Anderson on the right and Natalie Chen on the right. Naturally they’re envious but receive the same treatment eventually.

Not only that but they engage in lots of passionate kissing and oral trans lesbian sex also. But they take turns sucking Christian’s massive man meat first. Natalie Mars is first to get fucked by the Pure-TS.com founder as well as the last girl. But the other two Natalie’s, Miss Anderson and Miss Chen are not at all minimized and their performances are stellar quality as well. This is award-winning caliber porn. I’d be shocked if it didn’t get multiple nominations at the end of 2017.

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TGirls.Porn: Candy Licious & Nala

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I’ve wondered for quite awhile if we’d ever see two hot sisters going at it. History has been made with two of my favorite stars; Candy Licious and Nala! I think of these girls as primarily straight but if I knew nothing about them, I’d be convinced they were 100% trans lesbian. It’s all about chemistry and their connection is electrifying!

Omar Wax presents a scrumptious sequence of these two returning home after a night on the town. Candy’s state of attire is super sexy but not out of control. Nala is wearing a denim jacket with her high heels but the only other articles of clothing are a lingerie halter and matching panties. When Candy asks what inspired the skimpy outfit, Nala confesses that she likes girls and her intention is to turn her on. Candy admits that she’s had a couple of experiences. You might remember her explosive hardcore exploits with Coco Dahlia and Chanel Santini on TGirls.Porn. To list every detail about this scene I like would take forever. But the things I wanted to happen most happened; passionate kissing, intense breast play and cock stiffening blowjobs and out of this world fucking.

While reading the brief interviews with each model, I’m a bit surprised by the turnout because it’s intense and revealing. This TGirls.Porn confessional goes perhaps deeper than ever and I appreciate the candid nature of it. I haven’t had the privilege of talking with stunningly gorgeous Nala but my Interview with Candy Licious was a great honor and so much fun! She’s so honest and candid and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Candy: “I knew the day would come when I finally get it on with a girl who I’ve been feeling for quite some time! I mean we were friends first but I feel like that’s how most relationships begin anyway so it felt more organic than just a wham bam sort of deal. I’ve played around with girls before so I know my way around. Truly didn’t expect this scene to play out the way it did. Let’s just say a certain someone was feeling me just as much.”

Nala: “When I built up enough courage to give performing with another girl a chance, have to admit I was skeptical. Wasn’t until it was revealed that whom I’d actually be performing with before I was all on board. If I’m being honest not until we locked eyes didn’t think the chemistry would be there. I felt this uncontrollable attraction to her mind, body existence. She is quite the woman!”

Pure-TS: Super Fit CD Kyra Kork Shows Off

With a body like that, who wouldn’t want to show it off? Back in January, I raved about an explosive bareback Pure-TS scene with founder and operator Christian XXX and CD Kyra Kork. I loved the contrast of such a beautifully built and strong model portraying such a dutiful submissive. I wondered what would happened when she returned to the site and was completely satisfied by the way things turned out! Unlike the first time where Kira was kneeling by the side of her master, she’s treated more like a girlfriend when her follow-up scene opens.

They’re at the start of an intense standing makeout session with another breathtaking view of Kira’s killer ass again. It’s clad in panties still but I promise you’ll see every single inch of it soon. You’ll see it getting pummeled mercilessly! But first, Kira gets her cock bared and stroked a bit before she sinks to her knees to give Christian a blowjob. He’s got a massive hardon before she even takes the bulbous head between her eager lips.

Her slutty cock sucking technique looks magnificent and soon she’s hoisted upon the white leather sofa on her hands and knees. The sight of her firm round ass getting penetrated by Christian’s huge member is everything! She’s gaping once she’s on her back holding her ankles in the air. She also strokes her cock firmly for the next dicking down.

Her incredible ass is the star of the cowgirl riding sequence and her pretty member takes center stage and bounces up and down in the reverse cowgirl footage! Once again pretty Kira opens her mouth wide when Christian is ready to release yet another big Pure-TS.com cum shot! By the way, she’s equally hot as a blonde as she is a brunette! Keep your eye on Kyra Kork. 

Jizzy Jezebel on Pure-TS & TSPOV

Before going into the bareback hardcore scene with gorgeous ingenue Jizzy Jezebel on Pure-TS, I think it’s not off-topic to recall her debut with Christian XXX on his TSPOV website that preceded it.

I was first seduced by the synopsis that reads: Jizzy Jezebel is a curvy cam model that doesn’t have a lot of experience with big cocks. But she is eager to get a hold of one and stroke and tease and jerk it until he cums all over himself. This big booty queen will inspire you to orgasm!

I then realized I’d seen this babe performing LIVE on Chaturbate and I’ll provide the link so you can follow her after these two reviews. On TSPOV.com, Jizzy emerges from the shower in a thirsty white towel to be greeted by Christian’s massive hardon as he lies on the bed waiting. These POV scenes focus on the trans model so often that if you’re not familiar with the prolific dick, you might not even know who it belonged to without a watermark on the video. You don’t see his face, but you see plenty of the model’s. Some of these scenes include fucking, but this particular one includes Jizzy stripping naked while lusting after the big schlong and using the sexy voice partly responsible for the success of her live webcam shows. Jizzy stroked the swollen meat with one and sometimes two hands, rubs it across her big tits and ass, sucks it and says, “Gimmie that fat load, baby,” jerking streams of spunk out of the throbbing head. The Southern beauty tastes a bit of Christian’s jizz before this TSPOV.com update “Amateur Cam Model Jizzy Gets Busy” comes to an end. “Big Booty Newbie Gets Jizzy Creampied” is her Pure-TS.com debut.

Some TSPOV.com videos include fucking but Jizzy’s didn’t and I wanted to see her getting laid. On Christian’s other trans site, we get more of a couple’s scene with more photos and dialogue with the two horny characters all over each other in a Las Vegas hotel room. Jizzy moans softly as Christian bares and handles her plump bottom.

She begs him to play with her big tits and he devours them. He’s so glad she’s not wearing a bra or panties and she wastes no time sinking to her knees to suck his hardon. Jizzy jerks the shaft while tea bagging the balls and her legs are tossed high in the air in preparation to receive a rim job that has her gaping.

Christian’s first cock drilling is in the missionary position. Jizzy takes a pounding next in the doggy style position, cowgirl and in reverse! Jizzy jerks off while getting boned side saddle until she gets a jizz creampie in this torrid Pure-TS.com update.

So that’s two reviews in one and for more of Christian’s incredible partner, you can register free and follow her in the Trans area on chaturbate.com/jizzyjezebel!

Two Tgirls – Kira Crash & Nikki Vicious – The Pawn Store

MP4 Scene Trailer

This TwoTgirls scene is the type of video that I’d recommend letting your first climax explode in multiple jack off sessions before you get to the end of it. The foreplay scenes are enough to make you lose your cum before the actual fucking begins. Svelte brunette Kira Crash is magnificently funny as well as super sexy and she’s been featured on this site many times before so be sure to take the entire tour.

The official synopsis reads: “I’m Kira Crash, and this is my porn I MEAN pawn store!” Kira Crash is minding her own business at her latest job, the pawn store, when out of nowhere a customer comes in with a CRAZY contraption! Nikki Vicious wants to sell her fuck machine! Kira Crash asks Nikki Vicious more about the fuck machine and she reveals that it was used in the 2016 Two Tgirls Christmas special, what a hot item!! Kira wants the fuck machine badly, but only for the right price! She asks Niki Vicious if she can test it out for her, this is when things really heat up…

The clothes come off and the machine powers on, in and out of Nikki Vicious’ ass the big dildo goes! Wanting to get in on the fun as well, Kira Crash rides the fuck machine for a bit too! When the girls have had enough they ditch the machine and Kira Crash fucks Nikki’s ass hard and long with her MASSIVE cock! Let’s just say Kira Crash will be paying top dollar for Nikki Vicious’ fuck machine now! The negotiation sequence provides build-up time to get you all worked up for the moment when Kira takes off her frock and eagerly helps Nikki undress. This is the first “Damn!” moment, yet there’s so many more to cum.

After Kira sees how the fucking machine works on Nikki’s tight ass, she has to try it out for herself before making the deal. But that comes after she strips nude and has Nikki suck her extra-long dick while getting drilled by the horny contraption. The intimacy with these two foxes kissing while Kira’s tight bottom gets pumped is absolutely exquisite. Nikki gives Kira a balls deep cock sucking next and gets her salad tossed before Kira eases her big cock into her tightness in the doggy style position. As I stated before, it might be best to have already cum at least once before you get to this point. The bareback fucking begins before the midway point of this torrid twotgirls.com scene!

TSPOV.com Jenna Tales


On TSPOV.com Jenna Tales is a beautiful maid with a fantastic cock. This pinup beauty gets down and services a big dick before opening up her ass to take a nice pounding. She gets fucked in every position before having an explosive orgasm of her own!


From Pure-TS.com owner and operator Christian XXX, we have a new site that I just might like more than the original trans blockbuster website. But first let me tell you about beautiful Floridian trans model Jenna Tales and what happens in her magnificent TSPOV.com debut following two bareback scenes with Jenna on Pure-TS. 


The horny French maid scenario never gets old to me and seeing Jenna bent over feather dusting in the study will be refreshing, exciting and new to you too. The man side of me likes seeing the male also featured in porn, but this is all about Jenna. The huge cock she’s featured with is sort of like a mysterious co-star. After sauntering around the room uttering all sorts of naughty phrases, Jenna bares her large breasts and then bends over. Her incredible ass is bare and her genitals are visible between her thighs. Well, her smoothly shaven balls I mean. Then she removes her tiered maid’s skirt. She sits on the sofa to stroke her big cock to a full erection. Her dirty dialogue compliments her little fap session and then she’s got that huge familiar cock inches before her pretty face.


Jenna performs a blow job that looks out of this world in the POV fashion we’re expecting to see. She strokes the part of the shaft she can’t manage inside her mouth and continues jerking her own hard cock. This babe looks virtually flawless even with red lipstick smeared across her face. She sits back to rub both of their big dicks together, then goes back to sucking and stroking again.


This session could have been successful as just a blowjob scene, but next Jenna sinks her sexy ass down on the big man’s mammoth rod bareback. She jacks her thick boner while humping up and down on the enormous tool and when she releases her heavy hardon, it points toward the ceiling and swings around with the hard fucking she’s getting. Jenna is completely wild with lust and pleasure at this point.


Jenna’s ass is to die for as you can clearly see and you also see it getting pounded from the back in the reverse cowgirl position. Then there’s incredible aerial footage off the doggy style railing! Jenna starts speaking in Spanish and I’m almost surprised she’s not speaking in tongues by now. She lays on her back once that huge cock is withdrawn she she beats herself off while getting her fun spot diddled.


There’s more intense oral action and Jenna receives one last bareback fucking while she’s furiously jerking her hardon. After getting choked a bit and a brisk slap across the face, Jenna totally looses it. A big blast of creamy white cum ejects from her big hard cock in this extraordinarily torrid TSPOV.com bareback production.


This 26 year old, 36DD-26-46 Latinx bombshell is also spectacular in two killer scenes on Pure-TS.com – a solo railing with Christian XXX and in “TS Girlfriends Fuck Their Submissive in Vegas” where she and megastar Aubrey Kate double fuck the hung porn king/producer!

DDF Femdom: Anissa Kate Crossdresses Boyfriend

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Beautiful 5’4″, 37D-23-35 Anissa Kate is a French Domme who wakes up horny one night and decides to crossdress her boyfriend Mugur in the first part of this DDF Network bareback hardcore House of Taboo scene. As he sleeps, she climbs out of bed naked and quietly gathers some feminine articles of clothing she wants to turn him on with. First she rolls a pair of fishnet stockings on her gorgeous legs. Panties and a bra come next. She slips into a latex dress and a pair of open toe heels completes her all black outfit. After putting on some lipstick, Anissa Kate hops on the bed to awaken her boyfriend. She lets him know she’s not sure if he’ll like her surprise. When she says she has a blonde wig to make him pretty, the cute dark-haired guy eagerly replies that he’ll be a blonde for her. She runs across the room and returns to the bed with a wig, collar, corset, stockings and high-heeled mules for him. This guy has a muscular form and he looks a bit silly in the wig, but he’s quite sexy, so this it’s lots of fun watching Anissa Kate helping Mugur dress like a slutty girl. Once Mugur is fully dressed, she toys with the bulging cock in his panties she calls his clit. “Mmm, what a big clit,” she purrs when he releases it. She slaps his big hard dick a few items, then gives him a blowjob shot in POV footage.

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

The playful kinky femdom scenario continues in Part 2 of this Full HD fetish video as Anissa Kate straddles her crossdressed stud Mugur and gives him a handjob before taking his big dick into her trimmed pussy. She’s still dressed in latex dominatrix garb as she rides her new girlfriend’s hard cock. Anissa Kate then turns around to ride Mugur reverse cowgirl style. Mugur finger bangs his dominant girlfriend while ramming his cock in and out of her from below. She still has her panties on and wants them off and in his mouth. After sitting up to make Mugur suck on her undies, while he jerks off, she bends over on the bed so he can fuck her doggy style. Then he also fucks Anissa Kate’s tight ass! Their positions change to missionary and pile driver with the crossdressed boyfriend pumping Anissa Kate’s ass harder yet. Later, she places her stocking foot upon his corset clad chest and removes her latex dress. Her big tits are spilling out of her bra until she removes that too. She get’s Mugur to suck on her pedicured toes while he jerks off next. Then she has him sit up so she can jack him off. Finally, his big dick shoots a big creamy load of cum across her large breasts and into her deep cleavage. After his cock is spent, she has him straddle the bed to rub his cum across the surface of his bubble butt. With a bit more domination left to go, she applies lipstick to her boyfriend and this DDF Network femdom crossdressing scene on House of Taboo comes to an end.

Sammi Valentine – Sexy British Escort Gets Fucked Bareback


Pure-TS Synopsis: Sammi Valentine is a beautiful blonde British escort that meets one of her special clients Christian for a romantic and passionate bareback experience in her flat.


If you’d asked me to guess which one of the hot trans girls Christian would hook up with on his latest UK trip, superstar Sammi Valentine would have been on my short list. She and Christian are presented making out while standing in “Sexy British Escort Gets Fucked Bareback”. He’s dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and she’s wearing a white bra, panties and stockings with black mules.


Christian handles her aggressively all the sudden and bares Sammi’s large breasts with their pierced nipples. Holding her from behind, he has one hand clasped around Sammi’s neck and the other firmly squeezing the growing bulge in her panties. He turns her around abruptly and pushes her panties downward to expose her full rounded and sexy ass. He manipulates her cheeks like a baker preparing dough while they kiss. When he turns her around once again, Sammi’s lovely cock is exposed. Christian kneels down to suck it completely erect. Sammi makes herself more comfortable by sitting on the sofa and this blowjob continues. She strokes her big cock rapidly when he moves up to devour her boobs and nipples.


Christian is shirtless with his jeans open and his massive cock is hanging out so Sammie takes hold of it. They kiss again and Sammi sinks down to her knees to give him head. This footage is shot in profile and POV as Sammi sucks and masturbates. Sammi still has braces obviously, but her blowjob skills look amazing. When she can’t necessarily go very far down the shaft, she uses her hand to jerk it hard and fast. This scene really evolves into a forceful skull fucking, but it if it’s uncomfortable, has no effect on Sammi’s raging erection.


Once Sammi and ready, willing and able to take Christian’s huge cock bareback, she hops on the sofa bottoms up. But instead of just fucking her right away, Christian beats of while giving Sammi a rim job. As she squeezes her big dick between her thighs, Christian enters her amazing ass, commenting on how tight it is.


Christian literally fucks Sammie out of her shoes in the doggystyle position. I’ll leave the rest for you to see for yourself on Pure-TS.

Caramel’s Interview with Alina Wang


As you can see, Alina Wang is a stunning model. She lives in London, England and she’s originally from China. Alina was a little shy when we first got in contact. Somewhere along the line in one of our discussions, I guess I hit a nerve with one of my questions. It broke the ice and Alina let loose with what led to one of the most candid and erotic interviews I’ve ever conducted. I hope you’ll enjoy my NSFW TS Dreamland Interview with Alina Wang.