TGirls.Porn: Coco Dahlia and Valentina Mia in 4K

Coco: “For my first girl on girl scene where I only topped, I gotta say I was a little bit nervous but as soon as I saw her I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. That girl is gorgeous as hell and the sweetest thing. Like the kinda girl I’d hang with all the time. Soft lips and even softer skin. And I love guys obviously, but her tits were perfect enough for me to almost forget I’m just “bi curious”. Joking about that last part, but also like not at all haha! She almost sucked the life clean out of me through my cock I swear! Glorious plump tight ass too. From the moment we kissed to the second, I came all over her tits it was pure bliss. I really hope I get to work with her again cause that’s the type of girl you gotta keep close.”

Valentina: “After my first encounter with a girl, I craved more. I loved the sensual connection I feel with other ladies, so I had to take advantage of my opportunity with Coco Dahlia. Coco and I are friends, so I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I knew this would only happen if I spoke up about my desires, and I’m so glad I did. I loved kissing her soft lips and feeling those lips kissing my smooth, tight hole pushed me overboard. We had passionate sex beyond my wildest dreams. Feeling her inside me was like a dream come true. I wanted to make her cum so badly, and to my surprise she shot the biggest load I’ve seen a girl shoot before. She covered me in her glorious cum, and I think at that moment I fell in love.”

The first lesbian scene ravishing Coco was referring to is a blowout with gorgeous Chanel Santini. Her next scene on TGirls.Porn is with beautiful Candy Licious. If you’d like to read my interview with Candy, just click here. Valentina Mia also granted me an interview and you can find that one by clicking here. Don’t tell Coco, but I’m going to ask her to do an interview with me also. I hope she says yes!

About the 4K resolution Omar Wax filmed the movie in, it is absolutely gorgeous like the models he showcases. The outdoor introductory scene that sets up the naughty storyline is both horny and a little bit romantic. I love the intimacy throughout the blowout sex scenes, especially at the end. If you’re verse, there are so many elements here to turn you on. If you’re a bottom, you can imagine being in Valentina’s variety of compromising positions. If you’re a top, there are moments when Coco is fucking her partner where you’ll with you were bringing in the rear in a daisy chain. By the way, both incredible actresses are on the legendary sister site, and their profiles are:

Coco Dahlia 
Valentina Mia 

You can watch the Free Trailer of Coco and Valentina on TGirls.Porn

Interview with Valentina Mia


I think of Valentina Mia as a triple threat. She’s a major studio website model, successful webcam broadcaster and a mainstream social media sensation. She’s gorgeous, highly educated and sweet as cherry pie. After following Valentina’s multi-faceted career, it didn’t take long before I requested an interview. But I wish I’d done it even sooner. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with the stunning and talented Valentina Mia!

Femout.XXX Valentina Mia Encore




Since I’ve already raved about Valentina Mia before a couple of times since May, including here on June 8, 2016, I’m going to go into a bit less background information this time around. Today’s focus is on her second Femout.XXX performance. Photographer Omar Wax films Valentina quietly stretching out her hosed legs while sitting in a pretty orange dress when the scene opens. She exposes and toys with her nipples before rising from her seat to give you a mesmerizing rear view. Then she lets her dress slip to the floor and reveals more of her lithe torso. Perched on the leather share, Valentina exposes more of her lovely ass, teasing by slowly lowering the waistband of her pantyhose. Facing the camera, she lowers her hose just enough to give you a peek at her stiffening uncut cock. Then Valentina sits back down to begin jerking off. She pauses to remove her pantyhose, leaving her completely naked in her seat. Valentina’s cock is now raging hard and pointing upward as she draws both legs up. The shiny cockhead emerges from its foreskin and she fully exposes it when masturbating again. Mr. Wax captures the beauty in a variety of unexpected, original camera angles and the look of lust intensifies on her face as she brings herself closer to climax. Valentina announces her orgasm and cums across her pretty skin and that wraps up this fantastic Valentina Mia follow-up performance on Femout.XXX. You can also watch Valentina on webcam live on



Valentina Mia on Femout.XXX

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

This is exactly how Femout.XXX introduces gorgeous Valentina Mia: Texas Sweetheart & multi-racial Goddess, Valentina Mia is the epitome of grace & charm, but let her body do the talking. Standing 5’5″ 115lbs, Valentina is “fun-sized”, but don’t let her petite physique fool you; her uncut glory stand true to the adage: “everything’s bigger in Texas”. 110% versatile Her submissive slaves are loyal & can attest to the power of her gaze. Trust, after you get a taste her passion or sink your tongue deep inside her tight, smooth hole, you won’t be able to resist calling her “Mia” and becoming a devoted follower of Valentina’s cult. I just raved about hereon May 30th here when she took Reddit by storm with #transpassing. I knew that her Femout.XXX debut would be incredible because I’ve seen her performing LIVE several times before on Chaturbate. Her webcam room and that’s how her video on Femout.XXX filmed by Omar Wax opens. There’s no nudity until after about 2 1/2 minutes when Valentina reveals her pretty hormone boobs. There’s something so erotic about her slow striptease as she moves around gracefully on the bed. She shows us her lovely bottom and gives explicit views of her fun spot. Valentina’s big uncut cock is revealed about 7 minutes into her debut. I don’t know what you’ll find more arousing between the way she strokes it to a full erection or the sight of Valentina from behind completely nude almost doing a full split! Did I say almost? It doesn’t stop there with the debut of Valentina Mia on Femout.XXX.


Valentina Mia #transpassing on Reddit

Valentina Mia on Reddit
Valentina Mia on Reddit

Sometimes you just never know where your favorite adult entertainers will turn up next. I just found out that Valentina Mia aka sfoucaultt on Chaturbate is in the top post in #transpassing on Reddit. It’s an interesting and thought provoking thread. In other news, Femout.XXX will be presenting Valentina’s studio debut. Now don’t go rushing to Femout.XXX looking for Valentina Mia there just yet, but I’ve seen some of the photos photos and she looks smoking hot! Valentina looks a little different than she does LIVE of course, but she’s still got those pretty doe eyes, soft, luscious and tender hormone breasts and big uncircumcised cock many of us have grown quite familiar with. Oh, she has a killer sets of legs and a cute bubble butt, too. You’ll see her in formal wear, a summer dress and completely nude, stroking her long schlong soon on Femout.XXX but she was just on Chaturbate two days ago.

Chaturbate |TS Dreamland Cams sfoucaultt
Chaturbate: sfoucaultt