Venus Lux Fucks Sissy1

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“Sometimes a girl just needs a release and what better way than fucking a sissy cum slut!” Did I expect to see sissy fucking on No, but then there are only a few trans women in the adult industry who are unafraid of embracing sissification and forced feminization. I think it’s a beautiful thing. Sure, it can be risky because there are morons out there who can’t seem to see the difference in sissies and trans girls. That’s a tremendous failure bred from ignorance.

Those of us who fully understand the major difference can fully enjoy an iconic trans model like Venus railing the hell out of a sissified male. She definitely picked a cute one too, who hasn’t been fucked in quite some time. She could have chosen a virgin sissy, but would they have been able to take her powerful thrusts? Would they have even agreed to be filmed? There’s another fun aspect about this production.

“Venus Lux Fucks Sissy1” shows what it’s like for a fan to have sex with a major porn star and anyone who knows anything about Venus Lux is that she’s down to earth. She could work with a plethora of major porn stars but she chose to work with a regular admirer to make this video and photo set happen. That’s pretty special and so is!

TransAngels: Let Me Teach You

After encouraging you to join Trans Angels for a $1 2-day trial, I realized I should review every single scene. I’m almost done and they’ll be posted here on Caramel’s TGirls and on In “Let Me Teach You”, poor Rob Yaeger doesn’t have any luck with girls. After he unsuccessfully tries his luck with her stepdaughter and her friend, experienced MILF Venus Lux takes Rob by the hand, and then the dick, to teach him how to treat a lady. Who better than smoking hot trans woman to give Rob a crash course in everything from kissing and eating ass, to the pleasures of anal sex? Don’t you wish you had a teacher like Venus?

This is the official synopsis of a scene I just had to see. First, I watched the scene preview and cracked up when one of the girls referred to Yaegerman as the creepy dork from next door. This major porn star is anything but and that’s why I found it hilarious.

I’m just a moderate fan of humor in porn but when I watched how the full-length scene plays out, the comedy gets even better. It takes us through skateboarder Rob briefly seeing MILF Venus baking in the kitchen. She thinks he’s such a nice boy and she’s unaware that he’s about to hit on one of the young girls in the living room. Venus is called in to take Rob away and she leads him into the kitchen for a questioning. Poor Rob is just a virgin who wants a girlfriend and he needs advice so badly.

Instead of giving Rob a scolding, Venus gives Rob a kiss, instructing him that he should let the girl make the first move. She also shows Rob how to fondle and devour a gorgeous set of full bare breasts. Rob also receives his first blowjob, gets to fuck her tits and toss her salad. Then he sinks his bare stiff cock inside her tight ass!

His no longer virginal cock makes Venus’s hardon spurt a big white creamy load in this fantastic update! Check out The Fuck Chronicles for more erotic adventures with Yaegerman and the official website for Rob’s incomparable Trans Angels scene partner.


Mandy Mitchell & Venus Lux

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Here’s a sample photo gallery of from the new “Pink Panties” gallery and mp4 gallery of “Mandy Receives a Massive Facial” with Venus Lux.

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery

The title of the video describes what happens after Venus gets fucked by Mandy doggy style and right after Venus rides Mandy’s cock in the cowgirl position. There’s also a lot of mutual oral action in this scene that had no call for a plot. Sexually speaking, it hits the ground running from the very beginning with Mandy and Venus making out on the bed in bras, panties and lingerie. There’s lots of intimacy to balance the powerful bareback fucking that ends with Mandy’s tongue awaiting the creamy white cum shot that’s so massive it hits it’s mark and goes way beyond. It’s like Venus Lux has a sexual shotgun between her legs that not only hits its target, but destroys everything in it’s path. In this case it’s Mandy’s mouth, face and hair. When I went to to see if it was there in the video preview section also, I didn’t find it in the updates yet. But I’d bet anything it will be there, also. I’ve been raving about the recent flurry of scenes on You can watch or download “Mandy Receives a Massive Facial” on the official website or with your TGirl Network multi-pass.

TS Dreamland Interview with Venus Lux


Take a look at the NSFW 1 minute and 12 second video trailer of the brand new full-length “Vanity” video on Venus has been featured with some of the largest adult entertainment producers and won numerous industry awards including AVN Awards Transsexual Performer of the Year 2015 and 2016, Best Transsexual Sex Scene 2015, XCritic Best Transsexual Performer 2014, Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA) Best Solo Site / Hardcore Performer / Best Scene 2014 and many more including numerous nominations. I hope you’ll enjoy the exclusive TS Dreamland interview by my amazing UK partner with the hostess of Venus Lux Entertainment.

TS Pussy Hunters: Venus Lux and Cherry Torn





In “Dominated by a Sex Doll with Tits and a Cock” Cherry Torn is anxiously awaiting her custom made Venus Lux Deluxe Fuck Doll to arrive. She’s so excited to have a toy that will do what ever she wants. The only problem is, this doll has a glitch and is stuck in “domination” mode. When Cherry tries to boss the doll around, The doll takes control. The genetic female porn star and director brings out the best in both actresses with a surefire D/s cosplay scenario. The theme of a Domme having the tables turned on her is one of my TS Pussy Hunters favorites. But I’ve never seen it played out like this before. The idea is brilliant and so is the bondage with Venus’s rope play on Cherry and the speed-shooting that rapidly propels us to the main event. The magic wand play on Cherry’s pussy leads to what looks to be an amazing forced blowjob When Cherry said in the opening interview that she likes being choked and made fully helpless, Venus was clearly listening. Soon she was soundly fucking Chery from behind bareback! The sight of the hung Domme’s ass flexing while pounding her submissive’s pretty pussy might make you cum before getting through two thirds of this spectacular TS Pussy Hunter video. Even If you’re not a fan of full-nudity, I can’t imagine how you could possibly not love this scene. And when the hell was the last time Venus came? You’ll see why that question, and something else, came up for me. If you prefer individual scenes from the massive network, visit Kink on Demand.

Venus Lux in Stairway To Heaven



I was running through the official Venus Lux website once again and I found a gem of a hardcore scene I somehow missed. It’s an interracial scene and the action shares the title of one of the best rock songs of all time. The action takes place on a public staircase. The multiple award-winning megastar has her red panties pushed to the side to play with her cock and a handsome black guy is at the top of the staircase watching her. When she notices his presence, she moves up along the stairs and begins sucking his extra-long erection. It takes two hands to handle his whopper when she’s not going down on it or slapping it against her full breasts. Venus strokes her own erection as she gives an awesome blowjob. Then she stands up, pulls off her heels and straddles the hung stud’s prick bareback! There’s some amazing arial, frontal and rear footage with her breasts jiggling, hard dick swinging and multiple position changes. There’s reverve cowgirl, doggy style and an incredibly powerful standing railing. Venus unleashes a huge creamy white cumshot that’s absolutely mind-blowing. Watch it today and a plethora of other top shelf hardcore and solo scenes on

Venus Lux Stars and Stripes



What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing. It just waved. What’s the quickest way to get away from more corny Independence Day jokes? Watch the video preview (and five more after that if you’re aroused by the first one) on the official Venus-Lux website. After watching her scintillating hardcore “Transsexual Romance” video performance with FTM Fucker James Darling, I just had to check out her July 4th solo scene. First I saw the photo set that comes with about 80 hi-res images. The pictures gave away how this erotic holiday story would end. But I had to see the full video for myself. You should too and Happy Fourth of July!

Venus Lux

Take a look at video preview on the landing page of Venus Lux on her landing page. You can see her resume there, too. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone who follows the adult industry to not know who she is, whether they follow transgender porn or not. I don’t know why it was so shocking to me that her new video is entitled “Your Whore” but I guess it’s because I’ve put her on the proverbial pedestal. Perhaps I’m being hypocritical because I think of myself as a lady, but at times, I want to be a total whore. And that’s okay. It’s also okay that in the video, Venus says, “I wanna be your little bitch, your cum slut whore.” It’s better than okay. She proceeds to tell you what she wants to do with your cock and what she’d love to have you doing with your mouth and tongue. She talks about how tight her ass is while bent over on the sofa playing with herself. She turns to face you with a pink sex toy and uses it to show you how she’d suck your cock. She’s not hard just yet, but you know that she will be, especially when she’s getting into fucking herself. Venus want’s it rough, too. Pull her hair while you’re fucking her, even choke her. She drives the toy in and out of herself while jerking her big cock furiously. She must not have cum in ages! I love this side of Venus Lux. Here are two of the 70 or so hi-res images that come with the video on her incredible website today:

Venus Lux Diamond Bra

You can watch a Video Preview of the “Diamond Bra” photos I’m showing on Venus-Lux right now. It’s deliciously explicit and there are some hardcore updates, too! This 2015 XBIZ/AVN award winning megastar says she wants you to shoot your load on her tits and in her mouth. She wants to shoot hers all over you! As I’m watching the video and listening to the way Venus sounds, I’m reminded that it’s not just her looks that made her so popular. She doesn’t even expose anything above a PG rating until the 5th minute of the 20 minute video. Her oral seduction is incredibly erotic. You might not make it to the part where she takes her cock out, strokes it hard and shows off her lovely ass. But if you do make it that far, this Venus Lux video ends with a voluminous cumshot spurting from her big red-flushed cock.




Venus Lux Shower Stroke

Check out a VIDEO PREVIEW of the brand new ‘Shower Stroke’ solo scene on the official Venus-Lux website. The 2015 XBIZ/AVN award winning pansexual megastar does her makeup in the mirror and proceeds to do what anyone who looks this hot would sometimes do. She gets turned on while preparing for a shower and seeing herself naked. Her cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with standing up by the eighth minute. Just as I suspected, the video ends with a tremendous creamy white climax from the President of Venus Lux Entertainment.