Yasmin Lee and Robert Axel on TS Seduction

On a mission to protect a high profile witness, Yasmin Lee is all business. Her professional demeanor, however, is thwarted by the sexual chemistry between her and the man she is hired to protect. The tension builds and the will power to resist each other diminishes. This amazing film is less about BDSM and more about actual seduction. There’s some serious Domination /submission but without the props you normally see in many of the Kink movies. Although I love the niche, I appreciate that this particular TS Seduction film is about the experience – sans props, devices or dungeons.


While protecting Robert Axel, Yasmin can’t help but peak at Robert undressing for bed. She surprises him by entering the bedroom, saying she’s double-checking the security.  while he’s down to his underwear, then surprises him again when she sits on the bed and sets her seduction in motion.  I love this movie and the fact that in spite of her mainstream movie success, Yasmin Lee keeps coming back to this amazing website.  Seems like old times. 😉

Yasmin Lee Returns To TS Seduction

A multitude of mainstream moviegoers were shocked, amazed and amused by the Thai, Cambodian, Chinese and Brazilian actress Yasmin Lee’s full frontal nudity in The Hangover Part II as “Kimmy”, the transsexual sex worker who had sex with Stu, played by Ed Helms. today, Yasmin Lee is one of the most well-know transsexuals in the world and I realize that I might be preaching to the choir here. So let me get on with what I thought of the latest of Yasmin’s 30+ TS Seduction movies.


The plot this 48 minute movie unfolds quickly. Sex therapist Lee tells Cameron Kincade to get undressed and he complies. Then Yasmin shows him several porn photos to find out what turns him on. He’s not sure about the action in the transsexual photos, but finds the models beautiful. He finds it hard to admit that he’s ever want to be in the submissive role. He definitely doesn’t want to perform oral sex on a transsexual. However, Yasmin has private photos of him doing just that. Having him right where she wants him, Yasmin “forces” him to go down on her. The hardcore footage is bareback and although this isn’t really a BDSM film, Yasmin Lee has proven once again that she’s on of the finest transsexual dominants in the adult industry.


I loved the video and I also enjoyed the 6 minute closing interview. You can see more of Yasmin Lee’s movies on TS Seduction and Kink On Demand


Yasmin Lee and TS Seduction Pop Shots Vol.1

Yasmine Lee’s new 35 minute video is incredible, but with over 30 TS Seduction videos under her belt since 2008, what else would we expect? She’s also featured on TS Pop Shots Vol. 1 by KinkOnDemand.com with Paris, Sasha Strokes, Britney Markham, Sunshyne Monroe and Chasity Micheals. If you don’t want to join TS Seduction, Kink On Demand is where you can go to download only the sets you want to from the network.  

Yasmine Lee’s Trick Or Treat

I love that Yasmin Lee has broken into the mainstream Hollywood arena with that unforgettable work in The Hangover Part II, but I really love the way she hasn’t forgotten about her huge fanbase in the adult entertainment world. She’s back at TsSeduction.com with a Halloween thriller proving that a major talent can remain grounded in both worlds and keep coming out on top, literally.  

Download Yasmin’s intense and hardcore work over the years at TsSeduction

Yasmin Lee at Wikipedia

I’ve been following Yasmin Lee since her early days as Nohealani and it’s been amazing to watch her star continue to rise over the years. I might be late catching this, but I didn’t know she had a Wikipedia page until now. There is a “Rate This Page” option at the bottom and I hope you’ll give it high marks. Also, check out her latest work at TsSeduction where you can also comment on her several full-length films. Yasmin Lee never fails to get an A+ or less than 5 stars from me whether it’s from her adult or Hollywood performances.

Download Yasmin Lee’s archives at TsSeduction

TS Yasmin Lee

So here’s the set-up for the new movie: Yasmin Lee sweats in the soaking desert heat that fills her palace. Her well trained slave diligently fans her sleek, sexy body as distant horn sighs in exotic rhythm. This is Yasmin’s palace where we’ll see her every wish being serviced by a hot, obedient servant.

Made to worship her, the slave does his job, trying desperately not to get turned on by kissing her feet and body. He does not want to do anything that he is not given permission to do.

Yasmin Lee In The Hangover: Part II

For those who aren’t familiar with Yasmin Lee, here are a few recent trailer galleries from her several  TS Seduction movies:

Did you know that Yasmin Lee has a supporting role in The Hangover: Part II? Phil, Stu, and Alan travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding only to find themselves in another post-blackout misadventure and I can’t wait to see where Yasmin fits in as Kimmy.

She was also “The Succubus” in the 2011 release of the horror film and box office bomb “Red Ice” but the exposure has obviously led to her appearance in a movie that will no doubt sweep Memorial Day 2011 sales.

Congratulations to Yasmin for breaking into mainstream Hollywood films. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing down the Red Carpet. It’s wonderful to see that her hard work has paid off and her dream as an actress is coming true beyond adult entertainment.