Chanel Santini in The Trans X-Perience #5!

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I promised some actual reviews of scenes from The Trans X-Perience #5 on back on December 12th and I’m here today to start delivering the goods.

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I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with trailblazing Chanel Santini who will look a lot different in her 2017 studio scenes, on and on She’s always going to be one of my top favorites I’m sure no matter what she does. Her bareback hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro only solidifies that faith.

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Her naughty schoolgirl pole dance routine includes a little butt slapping and nipple tweaking before her partner shows up. It also includes some finger banging and big dick stroking. Acclaimed director Joey Silvera has a horny little chat with the then 18 year old and then Latinx Mr. D’s raging hardon enters the frame waiting to be sucked on. Chanel gets her large organ sucked, her salad tossed and her sexy bare feet worshipped. Her top is drawn back while she’s otherwise naked with Gabriel giving her a masterful bareback fucking.

The Trans X-Perience #5 

Chanel’s vocal responses are wickedly torrid and when they’re about to switch from missionary to doggy style banging, Chanel’s big cock oozes a legendary stream of pre-cum. She stays hard and jacks off while riding Gabe in the cowgirl position and then she gives Gabe a rim job. He strokes his boner while she lubes her stiff dick in preparation to give him a powerful drilling. There’s still a lot more to come but I’ll close by stating that this The Trans X-Perience #5 is in competition with my other top favorites filmed in 2016. Happy New Year 2017! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

8 thoughts on “Chanel Santini in The Trans X-Perience #5!”

  1. It’s always good to see Chanel in action !

    As you say, Chanel will be looking a bit different in the near future . I , personally, hope that she doesn’t overdo it, and follow the paths of all too many naturally beautiful girls who chase “perfection”, and end up looking like candidates to appear on “Botched” !

    Chanel’s facial structure is , IMO, perfectly feminine, and any attempt to “improve” on that wouldbe detrimental . I can understand her desire for enhanced breast size, but again, less is more – I always appreciate a more natural look in breast movement and , for lack of a better word, droop . Two enormous immobile mounds plastered on the chest wall do nothing for me .

    The plastic porn princess look does work for some girls, but I’d be truly sad if Chanel went down the KJ route . Just my two cents !

    BTW, Happy New Year , Caramel ! <3 !

    1. OMG Botched brings back memories of KJ who we were a huge fan of. Actually more than just one. I pretty much see most augmentation as “botched” but there are exceptions. I agree that Chanel with FFS would be a nightmare. Why mess with perfection? Happy New Year, my friend. xoxo

  2. Chanel is beautiful the way she is . I love her feminine features and I like her chest small she’s like a young Domino Presley. Surgery won’t turn me off her though cause she’s a great performer taking and giving . Happy New Year by the way caramel 😉 big hug and kiss from Ireland xxx

    1. Happy New Year, Dan. Brilliant comparison to Domino Presley. We all went bananas over her in the beginning and we still are today. I’m hopeful that Chanel will have the same longevity. I see no reason she can’t go straight to the top. I’ll miss her original look I guess, but when you mention Domino’s early days, I’ve all but forgotten them.

    2. I still watch that vid with Christian when she comes downstairs in lingerie beautiful slim body so feminine .

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