Chelsea Marie and Michelle Firestone

Update July 27, 2016: Chelsea’s new website is!¬†

Original post from December 23, 2013:

Transbian sex doesn’t appeal to every TS admirer and there’s lots of amazing hardcore action with men on But if you love seeing fierce TS-on-TS content, her video and 177 image photo set with TS Michelle Firestone and other transsexuals are on fire! Michelle gets seriously railed in this video.

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9 thoughts on “Chelsea Marie and Michelle Firestone”

  1. A few time ago i said that i would love to see on Shemale.XXX a threesome scene where the shemale is f*cked very good ! And now i see it ! If in this scene was also some foot fetish would be the most exciting scene i saw in my entire life !
    Keep em coming Shemale . XXX !

    PS : I hope to see Michelle Firestone in a lot of hardcore scenes , why not create her own website and keep her natural look !

    1. Didn’t Tek do a little foot worship with Michelle in the threesome video with Michelle? ūüėČ Radius Dark’s videos always have at least a little ped focus. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle got her own site….by Grooby if she did. She’s in it to win it! ūüėČ

  2. I’ll bet there’s a lot of all of the above coming soon. Michelle is hot from head to toe and already a top TS star. 2013 has been a great year for her. I expect the same and more this year.

  3. Very interesting……i recently downloaded the pics that were taken from the threesome on Shemale.XXX and the pics show much more stuff that in the video and i hope that the ones from Shemale.XXX make another movie with that kind of stuff !
    There i can see also Geoffrey doing some anal action with Michelle ( in the video updated there is none ) , i think some foot fetish and generally more good stuff !
    That would be awesome !

  4. What do u think ? It’s possible for Shemale.XXX to release that video too ?

    PS : I recently saw another scene with Michelle from ShemalePornstar , absolutely awesome !

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