DirtyTransDolls: Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Gagged and Locked Transdoll” is the 10 minute and 15 second DirtyTransDolls.com scene with Fetish Liz and Jessica Dee released earlier this year. Natalie Goth TV co-starred in the video observing her Mistress training Jessica in latex, tall pumps, cuffs and a ball gag. Liza reveals that Jessica’s cock is restrained in a cock and balls device with a small lock holding it captive. She makes her tremble by rubbing her long-nailed fingers all around her horny package without releasing it. Liza finally lowers Jessica’s panties and we get to see what’s been hidden beneath them. Her cock head shows through the clear plastic and her full balls are jutting out from the device. Gagged Jessica whimpers from the torment of getting a handjob, yet not quite being jerked off. She’s left wit ha pre-cum oozing cock and restrained in absolute orgasm denial. “Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass” is the kinkier, more torrid follow-up scene to “Gagged and Locked Transdoll” and of course I like this one even better! “one lucky girl is going to get fucked!” Fetish Liza announces while approaching Jessica with a huge strap on dildo. Jessica obediently responds to her Mistress, then follows orders to stand up and present the ass that’s going to get fucked today. The tight latex pants Jessica wears accentuates her lovely bottom and Liza has Jessica unzip them at the back. Soon, Jessica’s pale butt cheeks are quite visible and her balls eventually come into view as well. Once again her cock is restrained in chastity. Fetish Liza, looking beautiful in red latex and black high heel sandals lubes up her dildo, treating it like it’s a real cock, and she positions herself behind Jessica. Deep multiple finger banging first prepares the gorgeous, submissive transvestite for her dildo fucking. 10 minutes and 31 seconds is the run time for this irresistible hardcore update on DirtyTransDolls.com! This lovely submissive had not lost her virginity yet at the time of my Interview with Jessica Dee.

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