Fresh Faced Scarlett Hart Debuts!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Scarlett Hart says she’s from Los Angeles, California and likes playing piano and taking long walks on the beach in her Shemale Yum debut as the website celebrates its 20th anniversary. She really likes dominant men and some of her turn ons are being choked, slapped, having her hair pulled. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found an actual Dom yet. Take notice L.A. tops! I don’t find the fact that she’s into Domination and submission surprising. She’s wearing only a bikini (at first) and there are no tell-tale signs. There’s just a certain gleam in her eye that says she might be a little bit kinky. Her name instantly recalls the novel written by Marcus Sedgwick and illustrated by Thomas Taylor. I’m not sure if this was the inspiration of her chosen adult industry name. About her debut video, Scarlett stands up to show her hot body and removes her top under Buddy Wood’s skillful direction. She grasps her boobs a little roughly, enough to leave finger marks. This bright-eyed fox would bruise pretty easily in a D/s scene. After lowering her bikini bottom, Scarlett takes a seat and begins playing with her lovely uncut cock. When she lays back on a towel at poolside, there’s nothing shy about the way she gazes at the camera lense with her legs spread open. As her cock thickens and lengthens more and more, the pink head is sometimes visible, yet it’s surrounded by a lickable sheath that also keeps it hidden at times. Buddy compliments Scarlett’s posing when she’s on her knees with her extremely fuckable ass facing his camera. Scarlet stands up to stroke her erection next, giving amazing views from every angle. Don’t miss the new 18 year old newbie with runway model beauty. You can watch the free Scarlett Hart video trailer on the longest running trans adult website – Shemale Yum.

Watch Scarlett Hart's video trailer on
Watch Scarlett Hart’s video trailer on 

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