Grooby Girls Xmas Special: Nikki Kittens!

I’m breaking a promise to myself with this post but I guess I’ll eventually get over it. I previously stated I wasn’t going to go nuts with Christmas posts simply because I don’t replay holiday porn. I cherish the holiday as much as anyone but can you imagine watching Christmas porn in Florida in July or August in the Sunshine State? It’s not gonna happen with me.

But seeing gorgeous, ultra feminine Nikki Kittens might cause one to consider doing just that or to circle back to her previous photo and sets presented by Vito. As a matter of fact, I just dug up two of her scenes I somehow neglected to rave about. I’ll do that and just backdate those posts and hopefully no one will notice how late I am with that. *wink*

But wait a second. Nikki’s Christmas shoot isn’t on the Canadian site. Vito shot this for her debut on! Is it as good as her four shoots on Let’s explore. First you have to imagine coming home and spotting a big beautifully wrapped gift box. Just while you’re wondering what’s inside, Nikki bursts out of the box, dressed like a horny Mrs. Claus.

This is Nikki in her finest and most polished form yet. She’s stunning in more casual modes, but this is her most formal scene. If I’m mistaken, it’s also her most vocal performance and it gets pretty naughty. I love her sexy French Canadian accent and it’s quite evident here.

Her lithe form in various stages of undressing is as enticing as ever. Nikki’s masturbation sequences evolve from playful and charming to nothing but deeply sexual. You might not even sense the change coming. All the sudden you might find yourself intensely aroused by what she’s doing and saying in English and in French.

The crazy part is that Nikki is cumtastically sexy while still wearing her black undies at the midway point of this update. The second half is spent stroking her rock hard cock and contorting her flexible form in several compromising positions while gloriously nude.

Nikki’s jerking off at the end results in her most outrageous filmed cum-splattering climaxes to date! Watch sweet Nikki’s trailer to get a better idea of what the full-length video is like.

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