Honey Foxxx on Black TGirls



“I’m back in black…giving you a little fetish wear,” gorgeous Honey Foxxx announces in her latest Black TGirls video. She unzips herself while sitting on the bed and turns around to give you a dazzling rear view. I don’t like to play favorites, but Honey is one of my all-time faves in the adult industry. Photographer Kilakali has shot her in HD/hi-res perfection and, as if just looking at her isn’t sexy enough, Honey talks dirty while she spanks and bares her ass. She strips pretty slowly, but you have 13 minutes to take her in. One of the things fans love most about Honey is her gargantuan cock. People like me, who don’t care about size, find her absolutely exquisite in spite of what she’s packing between her legs. But I think just about everyone will be fascinated watching Honey stroking her organ from flaccid to rock hard. She uses a genorous amount of lube and asks you politely to, “Look at all that precum.” You simply must watch all of her incredible performances on Black TGirls.

3 thoughts on “Honey Foxxx on Black TGirls”

  1. I love Honey Fox! She have a beautiful face, toned body, and a pretty smile. But I’m worried about Honey Fox. Since Transgender killings are rising, I’m afraid someone might hurt or kill Honey Fox. When will Hate Crimes end in America?

  2. If it’s not getting any better soon, what American victims going to do? We all can’t run and hide forever. But America is so built-in on hate from past histories, to it got to the point where Hate is the only thing America knows. I’m one of the few Americans who is not prejudice against anyone. I love everybody. I believe, that Love is more powerful than Hate. And the USA is weak on love, strong on hate. I give my respect to all victims who lost their lives from Hate Crimes, that the kkk cops don’t look into. Great shooting job, USA.

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