Interview With Lisa Heart

January 2, 2012

Lisa Heart is a 28 year old British transsexual model/performer based in Hertfordshire, England. Her measurements are 34AA-28-32 and you may have seen her in Freddie’s British Trannies or TGirl Roses filmed by Joanna Jet filmed and directed for Wendy Williams.

Caramel: As you know, I’ve interviewed two of your close friends and co-stars, the models and webmasters Liberty Harkness and Sammie Valentine. Not to take away from those beautiful and successful stars, but I have to ask you why you’ve waited so long to introduce yourself as whom I consider to be the another one of hottest new TS models and performers from the UK.

Lisa: Oh thank you, why has it taken me so long? Well I think it’s because I am not sure how to go about doing the whole Web thing and as I have no one to do it for me. It’s kinda hard. It’s taken me four years to find someone to build a website I can afford to maintain. I might sound a bit of a cheap person, but if I had the money,I would do it all and pay everyone I work with. But the fact that I am just starting out makes it very hard and on this basis, the deal is, the webmaster builds the website for nothing and gets a cut of the profits when it starts making money. Most won’t do that as they want cash up front. I know that once things start getting better, I will start paying for photographers and film makers what they expect to be paid. As for getting any work in the industry, I have tried but no one seems interested even though allot of my fans have seen me and just love what I do, still I get no offers of work. So I’ve kinda given up asking now and just doing my own thing, getting shoots done less expensively.


I have a few guys to choose from whom I don’t have to pay, which is good and I go to a few industry parties, but even then they don’t seem interested. I would hate for them to miss out on me but I guess most are. So yeah I don’t really know about all this Internet stuff and advertising. I am trying to take porn to a newer level as well, I see the same thing all the time in pics and the pics I want to create are more implied, erotic and pics we call “ooo if that was”…like if am curled up on a chair you can see a tiny bit of my ass cheak or breast, I think that’s more of a turn on then just opening my legs or sticking something up my ass. Although I still would do that, but would have the erotic pics done first.

Caramel: Well the way I see it is you’re a great model and a fantastic performer. If I were a website owner or developer, I’d simply want to do my job and let you do yours. In fact, it’s pretty rare that TS models and performers actually run their own sites and produce their own work. That takes a whole other sort of talent and a keen knack for promotions. Everyone can’t be a hot model and producer at the same time like Joanna Jet, Wendy Williams or Joanna Jet. Hell, if I had that sort of talent, I’d have a production company of my own. Anyway, I’ve been following your career for quite a few years now, but I’m not exactly sure when I first saw you on the Net When did you first appear in adult films?

Lisa: I think it was 2005 when I got an email from a guy wanting to do a tranny video. I don’t consider myself a tranny, but it’s work and he wanted two others to do it with me. It was exciting, We ended up in Scarborough for four days in this rented house. What was great though is I got to do an extra scene for £150. I loved it although being a bit nervous and forgetting my lines but hey who has lines in a porn movie?????

Caramel: Lol. I don’t walk around calling myself a “tranny” or a “shemale” either and hopefully most readers realize that those are just porn terms. Also, it’s hard to come up with plot driven porn movies with great dialogue. I’ve seen it successfully done on a big scale but there is not an abundance of them without the cheese factor. But I digress. When did you first realize you were a transgender girl?

Lisa: When I was 12 and then started seriously when I was 20, so when I left College.

Caramel: I think you have such a pretty face and amazing legs, but what are your favorite features?

Lisa: I love my eyes and cock. My cock I will never get rid of. I love it, I also prefer my natural small bust instead of implants. They just look a bit wrong to me, plus its expensive. But would love to get my facial hair removed, but that’s expensive too.

Caramel: What is your preference when it comes to dating? Girls, guys or other transsexuals?

Lisa: Guys or girls and if I get with either, I stick with them. I don’t go off and get a guy if I’ve got a girl and vice versa. Being a Leo am very loyal.

Caramel: That’s very commendable. What do your fans request from you the most in terms of photos and videos?

Lisa: Point of view videos. I suppose from the guys’ point of view so that’s what I am going to next.

Caramel: Are you the more dominant person in a relationship or the more passive partner?

Lisa: I like to be on an even plane – just in a nice loving, friendly and caring relationship.

Caramel: Are you into BDSM at all?

Lisa: Light stuff, but not that keen. If it’s for work I am okay with it.

Caramel: What’s on your playlist musically these days?

Lisa: I like a lot of music, but I’m mainly into old skool dance tunes at the moment. I am going to produce my own music soon to put on my site with possibility of some sexual content for the music vids. I also like a bit of country and there is this one song I found the other day that’s brilliant by Harvey Settee “Highways Run Forever”.

Caramel: I’m getting that you’re a bit of a romantic! What would it take for someone to totally sweep you off your feet? What would the ultimate partner have to do on a regular basis to not only win you over, but keep you excited and totally in love?

Lisa: Oooooo that’s hard, someone who don’t get ill for a start. lol Someone not annoying as to suck the snot back into their throat through their nose soooo disgusting. A bit of muscle, not too much. Someone able to help me with stuff I don’t know about. Someone who is totally fine with me and my work and able to go out with me anywhere, able to introduce me to his friends and family. One who likes to shop and find me things I would like to wear and would look good in and who has some cash to help me with my facial hair. Someone who likes nice holidays in sun, to go on yachts and jet ski’s have a lot of fun. Someone good in bed and likes to try new things and able to dance and sing. Basically if you seen Ally McBeal (love that show!) the character Larry Paul he would be my ideal. I think I am a bit like Ally sometimes so made a video about that haha.

Caramel: I loved that show and know exactly the type you mean. Any plans for the future?

Lisa: Yes, I have my first website coming out next year. I have my 2012 calendar on sale at £5, will be producing some of my own music and got something very special in 2012. I am doing a car shoot with some films spoofs thrown in. I am still looking for work so anyone out there please get in touch. If you would like a calendar or if you like to send fan mail just email me at:

Lots of love to all my fans.

Caramel: Thank you so much, Lisa and best of luck with your new ventures this year!

Visit Lisa’s new website!


12 thoughts on “Interview With Lisa Heart

  1. Anja (TS Tied) says:

    So good to see my lovely friend Lisa on here. Thank you Cara darling. I go along with what she said re her cock and titties. Can’t understand why more people aren’t lapping her up, she’s stunning.

    • Well you know I’d certainly lap her up and you too, Annie. She seriously is an untapped resource and I predict she’ll become a major star. Thank you for your help with connecting us and getting our interview rolling. You’re accumulating quite a lot of debt from me! Let me know how I can repay you and Happy New Year! xoxo Cara

  2. Bill J says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lisa twice in her role as a TS escort. She is, as you say, absolutely adorable in every way. I’m hopelessly in love with her, but then I’m sure everyone else who has made love to her is as well!

  3. Michael says:

    Like Bill J I have seen Lisa as an escort – three times – she really is very lovely and I think would suit more subtle romantic scenes than the cornier raunchy stuff – you only have to watch the Lisa & Victor scene to get a sense of how she really is – wonderful.

    • First, you’re very lucky to have been with Lisa in person. Second, I just heard from Lisa today and she’s working on a brand new website! 🙂 Caramel

  4. Captain Elegant says:

    Lisa you are mesmerizing. I have watched all the material I can find with you in it and would love to know you better. I am humbly, your devoted fan. The Captain

  5. peter.whiting says:

    From those early days you have lasted the journey
    You are one classy lady way way out in front of the rest.
    We wish you good luck and good health.

    Take care your Dorset Admirers xxxxooooxxxx

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