Interview With Astrid Shay

April 19, 2009

Astrid is from Burlington, Wisconsin, residing in Wind Lake and on her way to Los Angeles permanently.  This 38D-27-38 beauty has been featured on Bob’s Tgirls, Shemale Strokers , Shemale Club and Shemale Yum.  She’s a University of Wisconsin graduate with degrees in Archaeology and Economics who’s also studied Architecture at Harvard and UC Berkeley. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview!

Caramel:  You came across to me right away as friendly and modest and those aren’t exactly the traits of most models. What is it that keeps you so down-to-earth?

Astrid:  Well, I never really believed that I was a model.  I am still amazed when photographers get in touch with me and want to shoot or when during they shoot they talk about the look my face has or nonesuch.   Also I come from a family of high achievers; doctors, theoretical physicists, pilots, and all of them artists or musicians on top of it.  I have tried to be in that mold also but, have always found myself never reaching those levels. (Although I have my brothers beat on having a great set of breasts that are at least half mine).  In the end, I heard a statistic once that said some obscene percentage of all Americans are less than two paychecks away from being on the streets without a place to go.  That has a tendency to make you realize you might miss an opportunity to meet some interesting people if you’re not down to earth and don’t look down on people.


Caramel:  Life’s lessons that unfortunately too many people never learn. Who taught you how to ride horses, milk cows and shoot a tight group at 25 yards with a 9mm?

Astrid:  Well, growing up in Wisconsin and partly on a farm (yeah, it’s so cliche) my family taught me to ride.  My Grandma taught me to milk a cow and do the Viennese Waltz (much the same motions as giving a good hand-job, squeeze, pull, squeeze pull, avoid getting kicked in the head by the cow or guy!) and shooting, I learned how to handle handguns and  rifles like at age 6 but my brother who was in the military taught me the art of relaxing, meditating, and shooting, I think it’s in my family’s blood.  My grandfather was a sniper in WW1 and all of my family in the military has shot at sniper level.  Lots of Deer hunting here.  My God, I sound like I should be eyeing up land on a compound in Idaho somewhere!!!

Caramel: LOL, I see what you mean and if I didn’t know more about your talents, I could see you quite comfortable at a compound. I think I might be pretty good at the Viennese Waltz, too. *wink*

We have a few favorite movies in common. You’ve described Mickey Rourke’s film with John Lone “Year of the Dragon” as the only film by Rourke that’s worth seeing. I also think it was his best from the olden days of the 80’s, enjoyed his comeback and wanted him to win all three major awards for Best Actor. I thought he did a good job in Angel Heart with DeNiro and Lisa Bonet but it got panned. In fact, that period was when he made a series of duds. Have you seen Wild Orchid?  It was one of his dumbest movies, but beautiful to look at.  Have you seen “The Wrestler” yet?

Astrid:  I miss spoke so much in that there were a few other great movies that I liked with Mickey Rourke including Diner, and I enjoy movies with atmosphere and cinematography that is so visceral that you can feel the color and setting dripping from your chin like juice from a fresh pomegranate.  I haven’t seen many movies lately unfortunately but really would like to see “The Wrestler”. Any guy who thanks his dogs for being the only ones there for him, you have to see the movie.  OHHHH ………. did see “Milk” last time in Los Angeles and it really made me cry.


Caramel:  True animal lovers can relate to Rourke and “Milk” was incredibly moving.  You’re also a fan of Ang Lee’s films, “Eat Drink, Man Woman”, “The Wedding Banquet”, “The Ice Storm”, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and Yimou Zhang who made “Red Sorgham”, “Ju dou”, “Shaghai Triad”, “House of Flying Daggers” and  “Hero.” You also love movies by John Woo starring Chow Yun Fat. It’s obvious that you love martial arts but knowing that you loved “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” would you happen to be described as a hopeless romantic?

Astrid:  I am less a fan of Martial Arts movies and more a fan of Directors and the stories they tell that are poignant, deep in thought, and constructed like layers on a painting calm and subtle until the layers build and the tendrils of all aspects of the film are in place and you sit in bewilderment as you grind and sort through the creation. Although I also like “Mystery Men”, and the scene of Jim Carey trying to get out through the rhinocero’s bum in “Ace Ventura Two” (God, I laughed so hard I made the person next to me pee their pants!!).

I am a hopeless romantic, or recovering maybe. I like rhetoric and the give, play and eroticism of words put together face to face with another Homo Sapien.  There are few things that get me hotter and wanting to tear someone out of their clothes than if we have a conversation that should belong in an Oscar Wilde play or Moliere or David Mamet. I enjoy the erotic dance of emotions, thoughts, and rhetoric between two people.

Caramel:  You also have an eclectic taste in music and I love your playlist. You’re actually the only person I know in their 20’s who listens to Massive Attack, Stone Roses, Pixies and Kaskade. Who are some of your other favorites?

Astrid:  Stone Roses first album is just mastery, Massive Attack from a Trip Hop perspective incredible, Pixies and bands like X, out of that era created so much of the groundwork for all these later bands.  Hell I also like Texas Country also. Actually I do like Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars, Yellowcard, Seether, Theory of a Deadman, Powderfinger, and others although, I do find the whining and pining of bands like Coldplay a bit much now.  They live in a $20 million dollar London townhouses with Gwenneth.  I am always looking for music that inflicts wonderful harm and savagery on my grey matter.  But as for some of the bands I listed like The Pixies, Siouxsie Sioux, Stone Roses, Massive Attack, Kaskade, Sasha and Digweed, Clifford Brown, etc my brothers were older than me and I sort of got a dose of their music and the stuff I picked up on.  My household was always bathed in music from Jazz, to experimental percussion beats, to pop bands and such.


Caramel:  Who are your favorite painters?

Astrid:  Robert Rauschenberg, Titian, Degas, Pollack, many others on some level and in different mediums.

Caramel:  I’m going to try and get off film and music soon because this could go on for days on these subjects.  But what bugs you about the work of the French painter Claude Monet?  Was it something about the artist or do you dislike Impressionism?

Astrid:  I think it was having to see that same “Water Lilies” poster OVER and Over again at college in so many dorm rooms!!!!  It was like HEY!!!!!! pick something else.  I guess I just find impressionism at its height very non committal and lacking in grab you by the throat statement of opinion in many ways.  But I find Degas statues and the surrealistic interpretations in paintings by some impressionists to be more expressive and definite.  I am sure Claude was a wonderful drinking mate!  I just equate his work on the same level as walking into a Laura Ashley store and being excited. Flowers are easy, too easy. LOL! hope that makes some sense.


Caramel:  It makes perfect sense to me. I studied at SMFA in Boston, Astrid and if one of my roommates hung a “Water Lilies” painting, things wouldn’t have worked out for us.  It’s one of Fine Art’s most over-rated series; good work but not what I think it’s cracked up to be. But hey, it works so well in the home if you shop at Laura Ashley.

You’re a fan of the late, great Helmut Newton’s work, bless your heart. Who are some of your other favorite photographers?

Astrid:  This might amaze you but, Victor Hugo the writer, actually did a number of photographs that looked like he was on an absinthe trip that I find so incredible.  I love photographers who mess with perspective and peel back the layers on reality in many ways.

Caramel: I’ve got to turn you on to Joel Peter Witkin then, a photographer who shot a masterpiece with the TS pornstar Dana Douglas I met at 17  in NYC, but was to shy to approach.  Click here for a sample, but at your own risk. His work can be pretty unsettling   Okay, enough about art.  You graduated UW Madison with degrees in Archaeology and Economics.  Do you ever miss your career in investment banking?

Astrid:  I wasn’t actually the banker, but the liaison with the computer skills and background that would hold the hands of the CEO’s and CFO’s and keep them distracted while my cohorts would tear apart the trading floor.  My technical skills were great, but the powers that be always felt my communication skills and diplomatic way of being able to chat and soothe the savage beasts was more important.  Once again though I think “the power of the breasts” was significant though.

Caramel:  LOL….yes, that can give you a certain edge.

Astrid:   Actually, I  really never was into the whole investment banking world or the technology.  I just had a natural talent for being able to assess a situation, cut to the chase, and make everyone feel like their needs had been met.  It was about the cash not about the love of the job.  I would have much rather been doing my design work, or writing, or fretting about whether I needed; more of a waist to look better as a girl.

Caramel:  How did your interest in archaeology develop?

Astrid:  Five channels on the TV and it always seemed that there was either a National Geographic special on or Jaques Cousteau doing his thing.  Really, I was obsessed with space, flying, and astronomy as a child growing up mostly but archaeology and looking at the discovery of how civilizations and people responded to the stresses in an environment always was interesting.  I wanted to be that Marine Archaeologist diver who found the Greek Statue in the Aegean sea. Plus the Aegean Sea, Egypt, and Italy was much more sexy than Waterford, Wisconsin.


Caramel: How did you like Harvard and living in Cambridge, MA?  I lived there for a year and found it stuffy and boring, except for the nightclub ManRay where Tara Emory used to hang out.

Astrid:  I liked Cambridge although I have a thing about people who started at third base and think they hit a home run. I guess I just felt like the token middle-class kid so that most people there could feel like they were down home or something.  Let’s just say myself and my Aussie friends, who were always so much less pretentious, always had a good time and understood each other much better.

Caramel: You’ve lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Texas and Manhattan. Do you ever miss the East Coast?

Astrid:  I miss things about the East Coast and there are many wonderful things there.  I just find that my mentality and my demeanor about others fits in so much better in the Southwest and West Coast.  I hated that people in Manhattan and Boston would always be amazed that I could think and express myself coherently, but couldn’t believe I went to a public school in Wisconsin.  In the upper East Coast, the provincialism that they always think they are the only ones that know better and the dismissive attitude towards the rest of the country just made me want to kneecap someone who went to Phillips Exeter.

Caramel:  You’ve mentioned that you’ve enjoyed sex in unconventional places and positions. Please elaborate!

Astrid:  I like public sex.  I don’t believe in losing the moment and the mood.  Its the old chestnut of the separation of public and private that really makes it interesting; the feeling of people watching something intimate.  Positions-wise, when I am with a boyfriend or girlfriend there’s a lot of rug burns and falling injuries and laughing when it comes to sex.  Love that!

Caramel:  I’m so glad I asked you about that!  Needless to say, you have an incredible figure. What do you do to stay so fit?

Astrid:  No, there are so many tgurls out there that have an incredible figures like Natassia Dreams for one.  I have an alright figure because I jog, do weight workouts, spinning, volleyball, surfing, and walking actually.  Although ff I get my workout clothes on, I better be falling down from dizziness after I am done with it because otherwise its a waste of time.  Right now after living back in Wisconsin from the winter, I’m off my routine and miss it.  Hopefully when I am back in a better climate I can really get back in shape again and work on just my center, posture, and flexibility also.  Also I eat more protein and avoid getting my carbs from breads and grains as much as possible.  That and I survive on Fudgesicles and bomb pops!!!!  Okay no I don’t!

Caramel:  What are your favorite features?

Astrid:  AARRGGHHH!!!! Um, really I can find fault with so much on me.  When they are really in shape I think I have nice legs up till you get to the upper thigh!!  HAH!!! Umm my breasts seem to be a hit.  Really though I don’t see the features that people rave over on me in the mirror.  I think my best feature is my sense of humor actually and my ability talk to anyone.

Caramel:  You’re certainly modest. Whether you see those physical features or not, the rest of us do, believe me.  But what I find even sexier is what’s between your ears.  I’m just saying.  A good humor sense of humor is sexy, too.

A lot of transsexual models and performers only work with men. You’re going to be shooting with one of my favorite models Jasmine Jewels?  Would you consider your sexual orientation bisexual?

Astrid:  Well actually, Jasmine is doing the photography for my shoot with Shemale Club, but I am bisexual and have been since I figured it out at 13.  Really I look at individuals and find that individuals are sexy and interesting not what their gender is or their sexual orientation. I like people for who they are as a person and the physicality of them.  I always liked the way the girl described it in “Chasing Amy” “Why limit yourself to 50% of the world?

Caramel: That last comment just gave me a chill. I love it! Thank you so much for your time, Astrid.

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  1. Well Cara, one nice thing about your interviews is that you never take the
    person or the question lightly. And that is empowering because they’re
    filled with the only kind of information that matters — info that’s relevant
    to the reader. As for Astrid she confirms my long held belief that there are
    basically three kinds of women for guys to choose from — “trophy babes”,
    beautiful lasses to be seen on your arm with little or no concern about her
    personality, mind or spirit. Then there are those girls who really are sex objects in the truest meaning of the term; exhibitionists who enjoy keeping themselves easily accessible to as many sex partners they can manage over a short period of time. Then there girls like Astrid who resonates a sense of comfort and place, making her a great companion with beauty and style that inspires, intelligence and grace that is incredibly intuitive as it is impressive, yet boldly injected with a passion of such stunning intensity, versatility and confidence that with the understanding that style should evoke as well as engage they transcend compromise, and command your immediate full and complete attention. With an abundance of energy that’s never out of reach.

  2. chcialbym zagrac w filmie porno jestem polakiem mlodym przystojnym 22latkiem czekam na odpis pozdrawiam buziak:)

  3. Astrid has the ability to make really classy looking pornography, and the photos on the front page of your blog today really illustrate my point.

  4. Caramel,

    We have chatted on and off. I am serious about an affiliation or discussion. I just had the time to review some of what you have here and I am very impressed at your approach to this type of biz. So very professionally done.

    How might I go about this with you?


    Tia Tizzianni

    1. I’m flattered and we’ve been batting the idea of collaborating back and forth for too long. I’ve been impressed with you work for years now. A lot of what we do is quite similar, especially the bdsm and topping and I will contact you via email. Thank you for reminding me that we’ve got to work together and soon.



  5. Thanks for the interview.

    Wow, Astrid is beautiful, smart, and seems like she could hold up her end of a conversation with ease. Now if only we could get her out of the business…

    …but then again, I wouldn’t get to see how beautiful she is. I’m not passing judgment girl. Keep doing what you need to.

  6. Not all Harvard people are that stuffy, but yeah, unfortunately it’s common. Oh well, if only I knew you were around when you were.

  7. I think she is the most beautiful shemale I have ever seen .I really do think I love her even though we have never met .I wish we could chat someday .I hope she has a fun and happy life .She sure looks happy .I wish her all the happiness in the world !!!!

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