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Original interview on April 30, 2013 updated on October 27, 2015

Self-proclaimed blonde bimbo party slut Eva Cassini has closed her official website. However, she’s been performing on since August 12, 2012 and continues to webcam regularly.


Photo by TS Jamie French
Photo by TS Jamie French
Photo by TS Jamie French
Photo by TS Jamie French

24 year old Eva Cassini of North Texas was nominated for a 5th Annual Transgender Erotica Award in the “Best New Face” category and has appeared on Shemale Yum, Frank’s TGirl World, Bob’s Tgirls and Shemale.XXX. She’ll soon be featured on Shemale Strokers and will also soon be seen in a hardcore scene in Joey Silvera’s upcoming release for the She-Male Idol series. I’m not at all surprised about her success, but I wanted to find out what made her tick. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview! 

Caramel: I loved your Shemale Yum debut last Fall. How did you like the results?

Eva: PERFECT! My debut made me Shemale Model of the Month for October 2012! Very happy about that!

Caramel: Yes, congrats! Going back to the beginning, how old were you when you first realized you were “different”? When did you first being to identify as a girl?

Eva: At about 15, I was noticing things in my head weren’t “normal” and realized after research (yay for the Internet lol ) that the feelings I had inside were actually something big and I knew I wanted to change but couldn’t for some years because of family issues and lack of money.

When I first really started identifying myself as a female, was when I was still in high school, but not very publicly. Just my family and close friends, and my dad’s side didn’t care for it, but my mom’s side really had no problem with it and helped me emotionally and supported me with expressing my inner self at home.

Caramel: Were you attracted to girls initially? Boys? Both?

Eva: I was and still am attracted to females. I am also quite attracted to tgirls. Some men are attractive ( Robert Downy Jr. lol ) …but not that attractive to men in general. If a man has nice qualities and is handsome, humorous, and clean, then I really have no problem. But I only dated females for the longest  time. Now I date Jamie French, the love of my life. We’ve been together for about 10 months now, and we are so close emotionally, intellectually, and professionally. She’s for sure the one who got me into porn, I asked and she was like ” Hell yeah, you got that “it” factor!”


Caramel: Congratulations on your relationship with Jamie. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. I first saw you together on YouTube in the “Bedroom Music” video you made. I began wondering if Jamie would introduce you to the adult industry and glad that she did. A lot of us are pleased about that. So, describe the first time you looked at yourself fully dressed. When did you first go out en femme and what was it like?

Eva: Haha…when I first saw myself dressed, I felt very comfortable, but of course, clothes don’t make the tgirl. Hormones and surgery does. Right after I got out of the Navy in 2010, I started taking hormones and went full-time. When I started going out, my style was simple and easy to replicate. But I knew that it gonna take time to get my body where I feel comfortable enough and more in my own skin. Now for most of my life, I was really quite feminine. Never really masculine at all. Even when I tried to “cover”/”hide”, I could never develop bulky muscle. I’ve always been pretty thin and femme. So 3 years later on hormones and just recently had a boob job in Jan this year…I feel the best confidence ever. I strut and sway outdoors and around public. There is no more fear of getting “clocked” or “found out”. And plus anyways….even with working in porn, I give no shits if someone recognizes me lol…Usually if that does happen, they are a fan anyways, so no harm. But the coolest thing is so many guys ( especially on where I cam about everyday ) don’t believe I have a cock and balls LMAO.

Caramel: If I’d seen you on the street, before or after your boob job, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have clocked you. Do you plan to ever undergo SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery)?

Eva: I do, surprisingly enough. But, not for a few years at least. My cock is what makes me in this business, for being “shemale” lol. When I do decide to do it, I am going to make sure I have all my ducks in a row, because it is a big surgery and also very costly too. Yet another reason why it is a handful of years away.

Caramel: Did your parents support your transition?

Eva: It is half and half. My father’s side didn’t take it well, nor are they still. We don’t talk much anymore, if even at all. It is sad but true. But, my mother’s side has been incredibly supportive. No one has spent a dime on my transition, I earned every penny that’s been spent on it – Hormones, clothes, make up, and boobs.

Caramel: Were you nervous about your January 9th, 2013 breast augmentation as the days drew closer?

Eva: Haha! Kind of. Really the fact that it has been my first and only surgery I have ever had, that nervousness was to be expected. Aside from that, I was in awe and still am. A good awe. I didn’t get the “butterflies” till I actually got into the waiting room with Jamie sitting next to me holding my hand before being swept to the “prep” room. After about 15 min, the nurse calls us back. I get dressed in that smock and then laid back on the bed on wheels to wait for the doctor and the “hammer lady” to knock me out. This is when the butterflies really started flapping their damn wings, but Jamie talks me through it and told me that, ” Don’t worry, that needle is the only thing you are going to feel, then boom, you wake up to get wheel chaired out to the car!” She said endearingly to keep me calm. She’s definitely the girl for me, I love her.

Caramel: Jamie is awesome. I was a big fan of her first website, now the new one and she charged me a very reasonable rate for her art work. Details about that are in my interview with TS Jamie French. So how did you and Jamie meet Bob Maverick of Bob’s Tgirls?


Eva: Jamie and I went to the 5th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards After Party” and were just schmoozin’ and boozin’ then he ( Bob ) sways over towards us and starts talking with Jamie. I didn’t know who he was at first and was halfway paying attention, as half of my concentration was to Steven and another tgirl chatting. Then Jamie taps my shoulder and says ” Eva, this is Bob…of Bob’s Tgirls.” I got excited and was very happy to meet him. He is so sweet and so a couple days later, he rings us up , he shoots us, and then the day after, we 3 went to a Deli and had a yummy lunch before I went off to my Frank’s TGirl World shoot lol! 🙂



Caramel: I love your work on both sites. They’re both glamorous yet edgy. So when did you first develop an interest in BDSM?

Eva: Well, more or less, when I started dating Jamie and had a true close partner sexually. Her and I are very into each others fetishes even when I told her to bite my nipple harder and harder and harder. She really does bring out the feral sex lusting, devil in me. 😉 She goes on about different restraining positions and contraptions and I’m like, “Hell yeah! Lets buy it/build it, and try it out!”

Caramel: My kinda couple. 😉 What can you tell me about, “GoPro HD NAKED HERO Camera” and “Object”?

Eva: The GoPro camera is a camera that is used for extreme sports and where “normal cameras” could get damaged. It is also quite small and used a lot in concealment which is how we intend on using it. “Object” is a movie. A porno/horror/suspense. It is going to be an actual TS porn, but also an actual “big budget Hollywood” looking film. It is not going to be campy or spoof-like. There is a story, plot, great cast, and great special effects. Jamie has been working on this project “Object” for a few years now, and when I came along, she asked for my insight, and since then, we have been intensely working on getting it finished this year of 2013. We both have our hands in it with writing, filming, directing, and acting. I’ll let Jamie handle more of the promotion of it, being as though it is her child haha.

Caramel: I’d imagine that being in a relationship with a foot fetishist, you get a a lot of pampering and an endless supply of the world’s best moisturizer. Do you have any particular fetishes?

Eva: HAHAHA, certainly! I have a smoking and latex fetish, which will be a staple in the content I am building up for my near future site. I am also into a bit of bondage, lots of nipple play, I also have a fascination to machines and medieval type racks. Although I have yet to get one ( they are expensive ) soon…soon ;). Hell, I may just go down to my local Home Depot and build my own contraptions. 😉

Caramel: – When did you lose your virginity and how did it happen?

Eva: Uhhh lol…I would say I was 15 and was dating a girl…as I sit here, I can hardly recollect hahaha…I forget how we met because we went to different schools but I do remember the birthday present she got me. My first blowjob! Then after a few weeks we thought, “Hey, I have a condom, and my grandparents aren’t home….wanna try?” That’s about it lol…Afterwards I took off the condom and inflated it with my mouth to make sure it had no holes in it……thinking back now, perhaps I should have done that “procedure” before intercourse! LMAO.



Caramel:  I think you’d make a great parent someday but that would have been way too young. So, what kind of music do you listen too?

Eva: My taste in music has been a bit of menagerie within the past few years. My faves are They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits, XTC, Primus, Beatles, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Gogol Bordello, The Commodores, and also my girlfriend Jamie French’s band Gravity Euphonic! Another great, whom I listen to is Jeff Bowers, the brother of my best friend. I have a soft spot for “underground” music.

Caramel: You’re living in Arlington Texas now, but were born and raised in North Carolina. You’ve also lived in Pennsylvania, Tennesse, Kentucky and Japan. Was most of your relocation due to your military service?

Eva: In chronological order, my re locations were because of mostly family disputes. NC, PA, TN/KY, PA, TX, PA, TX, then I joined the Navy and got stationed in Japan after tech school. I have seen many ports in Asia, then after I got out, TX, PA, this is when I went to school for my CDL and quite literally lived in an 18 wheeler as I drove cross country for about 4 months, then TX, then went from San Antonio ( living with mom and stepdad ) to living in Arlington. It would be less lol, but I tried to keep mending my relationship with my Dad’s side but because of me being TG, they just were to rooted and couldn’t grasp it.

Caramel: You were a U.S. Navy Gunnersmate. What inspired you to join the service?

Eva: In all honesty, it was because I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school. Luckily my stepfather was at the time in the Army and could give advice on the military and we all felt that joining any service would give me time to decide what to do with my life professionally, and also to give me solid steps to attain my transition. Although I wish I could have started my transition earlier, serving in the U.S. Navy made me grow up. I have no true regrets about it.

Caramel: If you ran a company, what kind of business could you see yourself owning and managing?

Eva: Honestly, porn. I would love to run my own porn company just like Steven does for Grooby. I have quickly learned the ropes for modeling, currently learning the behind the scenes portion, i.e. photography, editing, promoting, and managing. Then I will learn more and more about web developing, the financial side of it, and affiliate programs. So, that is really what I would like to run, my very own porn company.

Eva Cassini on
Eva Cassini on

Caramel: In addition to your cam.4 appearances, do you make custom videos for fans and perform via Skype?

Eva: Indeed I do! 🙂 Just recently one of my dear fans had a private with me, then we chatted, found out I love latex and he sent me $200.00 to buy a black latex catsuit to make a video for him whilst wearing it. The catsuit came finally in the mail and a couple days later ( after I conditioned the latex ), I shot the video for him. If any FAN would like a custom video, my rate starts at 300 ( more depending on length, quantity, and any other desired thing that I would need to go out of my way to get/buy or something I’ve never done but …money talks 🙂 . ) I also do private Skype shows. $35 minimum for about 15-30 minutes ( includes masturbation, tit play, fingering, and I cum on my hand and lick it off! ). If they want more, longer, or something that is labor intensive, the price does go up.

Caramel: Thank you so much for the interview, Eva!

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