Interview With Eva Lin

October 11, 2011

I’ve been following Eva Lin’s career since her recent adult entertainment industry debut this past June. Eva is one of those rare models / performers who has experience a high level of success in a short amount of time. One has to wonder when looking at a girl so gorgeous if she’s going to turn out to be a diva bitch from hell, especially after seeing her act the part so well on video. It’s inevitable, but what I found in Eva was a modest, down-to-earth person. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview.  

 Caramel: I noticed with your amazing adult website debut at TsSeduction with Parker London, you seem to have no accent I could pin down if I knew nothing about you already. People say I have no dialect and unless we’re very familiar with me or if I’m angry, they can’t detect my ethnic background. You’ve only been in the States since you were 17. Does your original Filipino accent ever come out?

Eva Lin: When I watch my videos or listen to a voice recording of myself I feel like I do have an accent. But a lot of people seem to not think so. I guess when I am really upset that’s when it becomes prominent (lol).  I actually originally came to the U.S. when I was 9, but have been back and forth until I was 17 where I have not left to go back to the Islands.

Caramel: Most of the time, TSSeduction performers do the topping and cut, it’s a wrap. Whose idea was it to switch in that film? Was it the director’s request or your idea?

Eva Lin: It was my first shoot and it was definitely the director’s (Tomcat) idea. My first ever film and I was so nervous, but Tomcat was such a nice guy he made me feel so comfortable. When contacted me for the shoot, I was notified that I would only be topping. But when it came to the set, Tomcat said it was going to be a scene where I was dominating the guy fully by giving it to him and making him give it to me. It was Hot!! I think being dominant is not just about who is topping or bottoming. It is about the energy or presence of each individual.

Caramel: No arguments from me. What prompted you to change your stage name from Estelle LaMore to Eva Lin?

Eva Lin: First off Grooby Productions had mistaken my name from Estelle LaMore to Estelle Lamour. Estelle Lamour was never a name I wanted to go by and I was a bit frustrated. Second I went out with a good friend to a club celebrating OC Pride and there were paparazzi interviewing my friend and I. When I was asked my name it was too long for me to spell! So I am not going to wait for a third irritating incident with my former name.

Caramel: What does the tattoo on your back represent?

Eva Lin: I got that tattoo when I broke up with my very first boyfriend and It means “Trust No One” in Chinese.

Caramel: I love that. Did your nipple piercing hurt badly?

Eva Lin: Yes!!! It hurt like nothing else! I had taken them out now for sanitary purposes. Just because I am in the industry and I do not want to risk them getting infected. =)

Caramel: A transsexual friend of mine of many years from the Phillipines was often frustrated when people confused her with being a Kathoey ladyboy from Thailand. They’d speak to her as if she could hardly understand English and when she told them she was Pinay, they’d give her a look as if to say, “No fucking difference to me. You’re just another Asian ladyboy.” Was it difficult for you to make it your ethnicity clear to people in the adult industry and were you ever mistaken to be a Thai TS?

Eva Lin: I often have a lot of people guess that I come from so many different ethnic backgrounds other than Filipino. I take this as a compliment because it only means that I am exotic. And for those individuals who want to talk to me like I can’t speak English… That is a lack of intelligence on their part and not mine. On one of the profiles of me online I am mistaken to be a Caucasian girl. I think I change my look so much that people constantly have to ask me where I am from. I am just an exotic woman! =)

Caramel: Are you attracted to other transsexuals and/or genetically born females? Your second TsSeduction film co-starring Sebastion Keyes and Honey Foxxx and I couldn’t help but notice the  scenes with Honey topping you. I know you love men, but the chemistry between you and Honey seemed so fluid that it had me wondering if you were bisexual.

Eva Lin: I am just a sexual person. I am more about the chemistry other than basing it on gender binary (which I think should be crushed) or sexual orientation. I have only been this way recently as I ventured into my love for porn. I was so closed minded when I was in relationships with men in the past that I drove the relationships down into the ground. So with lots of yoga and meditation, I learned to let go of my insecurities and embrace my sexuality. I love Honey and we are actually good friends outside of the scene. She is such a sweetheart and who wouldn’t want to make some lovin’ with a girl like her! Such a gem. Although I am a virgin when it comes to genetic females, but I am open to the idea of being with one intimately.

Caramel: That’s great to hear that you and Honey are friends, especially with all the TS vs. TS message board wars many of seem to think os getting worse than ever. Your films and photo shoots with Christian and Patrick at Shemale Pornstar are scorching, also. How did it feel for you, being pretty much a newbie to the TS sdult entertainment scene, to be asked to be featured at Shemale Pornstar? I think you’re more than worthy of the “Star” title, but what was it like to go straight to the top so fast?

Eva Lin: I don’t think I am at the top yet.. Those titles are only “Titles.” I don’t think I have acquired a reputable name for myself yet. Pornstars like Yasmin Lee or Kimber James are ones who are big in the transsexual porn industry right now. I am still a newbie and right now I am just still being me and having fun. =)

Caramel: How did your appearances at Shemale Yum originate?

Eva Lin: Robert Ouano who was a friend and photographer of mine was a friend of Buddy Wood’s, he contacted Buddy and introduced me to him.

Caramel: For your fans in love with not only you, but also smitten with your big cock, which you can make bounce and jump all over the place seemingly effortlessly, do you plan to undergo SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery)?

Eva Lin:  I don’t want to get anything on paper, but I love my womanhood. Every 7 inches of it. It is what makes me special and people who are attracted to me are attracted to me because of the fact. Right now I tell myself I would never get it done because I enjoy it too much. I love wielding it and using it at my command. =) But my mind can change at some point in my life. We all change our minds at some point in our lives. Don’t we?

Caramel: We certainly do. Do you still perform at Divas in San Francisco?

Eva Lin: Yes I do! I still dance there for fun! I am an exhibitionist and I love getting on stage and stripteasing. I also love the looks on the men while I am on stage. It is a way of me communicating with body language and I can see it when someone is turned on by it. I dance there every Wednesday or Thursday depending if I am in town.

Caramel: Since I’m nowhere near SF, I’ll be keeping up with you through your amazing website EvaLinXXX and on Twitter and Facebook!



12 thoughts on “Interview With Eva Lin”

  1. Another great interview.
    We did get her name wrong (blame it on Buddy!) but I think Eva Lin has a better ring to it, so we’ll take some credit for that (jk!).
    Eva Lin is a STAR … her early performances this year have shown that and she’s every bit as likely to be as popular as the models she’s mentioned.
    I’m a fan and I can’t wait to see more of her.

    1. Thank you, Steven! Eva Lin made it easy and was a joy to interview. Shame on Buddy Wood. I’m being the kidder now. His photos and videos of her are amazing. I’m a true fan too of both and you know how I feel about Grooby Productions! Thank you for stopping by and chiming in. I’m sure she’ll be flattered by your comments. xoxo Cara

  2. Great interview. I just recently saw my first photo set of this beautiful young woman and I was floored. She is a huge boost to the industry and I’m sure she will have a great career.

  3. A good interview but, I want to know more about her. She’s stunning! If someone knows how old is she?, what are her measures?, what’s the meaning of all her tatooes? Anything, I want (need) to know all about her!

  4. Really beautiful and nice girl, and what a amazing cock ! Mine is 7 inches too but hers looks thicker and tastier.

  5. Hello Caramel,

    I admire what you do with yur website. Clearly, you know about the TS world and help everyone understand and educate with collegate skill.

    I email TG pornstars often. They are usually rude if they reply at all. I feel like they do not respect their fans. My G rated and brief messages are always positive.

    I know people are busy, but is fishing money into their pockets the only way to get my emails amswered?


    1. Hi, S3x. I’m just a blogger who is a TS – not a TS porn star. However, if I were an adult entertainer who gets tons of emails from fans, I’d respond first to those who subscribe to my website. If I were also an escort, I’d reply to serious requests only on that front. Even the biggest stars do not make a lot of money from their individual websites. This is a niche business still, not mainstream porn. They’re not making Jenna Jameson money. I appreciate your kind words and I’m sure they do too. I’m not sure if you’re aware that some transsexual stars get as much hate mail as fan mail. I know that some rarely read any of it for fear of what messages they will get. My advice is to email only those you are seriously interested in meeting in real time. I want you to think about one other thing. a large percentage of TS stars don’t and haven’t responded to me either with simple interview requests. I don’t know why but at this point, I’ve stopped asking why.



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