Interview With Kevin Dong of Canada TGirl

February 7, 2013

I asked Kevin Dong for an interview not only because he’s one of the best TS photographers in the industry, but also because he has a great personality. I think it’s important for us to know who the respectful gentlemen are who bring us such amazing work and work tirelessly at it. During our discussion, I also got insight into what makes this transsexual admirer tick and what drives his passion. Kevin is someone with inside information other guys can learn from. I know that many transwomen who read our interview will also take a liking to this talented guy. His modesty is as enchanting as his work. Kevin has worked for Shemale Yum, Shemale.XXX, Shemale Pornstar and Black TGirls prior to the launch of his own Canada-TGirl website. The content is fresh and new and his standards are high. Kevin’s special brand of presenting some of the most ravishing models and performers we’ve ever seen quenched my thirst for something hot and satisfying. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview.  


Caramel: Hi Kevin. Thanks for doing this interview with me. I am a huge fan of celebrated your work with Grooby Productions and your stellar website Canada-TGirl. Five of your models have secured their spots on Shemale Yum’s Top Ten, Casey Lay, Chloe Rose, Danika Dreamz, Jizelle Moore and Maiden Heaven. How did you find your stunning models?

Kevin: First and foremost, thank you for interviewing me. It’s great (and strange) to know I have fans and people who care about the work I put out. To answer your question, I find my models in the most different ways. Some of the models I found on dating websites, simply messaging them from my profile and getting a conversation going. I would not tell them I am Kevin Dong right away and feel them out before proceeding with any business talk. Other girls I find on escorting boards – those are usually girls who are most willing to do shoots. Lastly, I get referrals from other models and from Grooby Productions themselves.


Canada is a very spread out country with a tiny population of 33 million people. It’s challenging to find new models all the time and to keep the quality up to what people are expecting to see. I have to use every resource and advantage I can in order to ensure my livelihood in this profession. I pride myself on the resourcefulness I have been able to display in acquiring the most exclusive and impossible to get girls. It often takes me multiple phone calls, meetings, and negotiating to bring us girls like Chloe Rose, Jizelle Moore, and Denni. TS escorts make a lot of money in Canada, and with sugar daddies on the side, you will have to be really special for them to give you any attention. The demand for TS girls is high, but the supply is low – so the girls take the pick of the business they want and don’t want to partake in.


Caramel: Was it always your plan to eventually run your own website?

Kevin: Absolutely. When I met Frank and Steven and found out about the Grooby way of life, I knew that I had to have it. There were too many aspects to the job that I really enjoyed. Of course, back then I never knew Steven would trust me with making a website, or that I would become a decent photographer. All I could do was work hard, trust blindly, and hope for the best.

Caramel: How did you learn how to take such sharp photos and films?

Kevin: I struggled a lot with my work in the beginning. Some bad advice coupled with inexperience added up to some pretty bad initial shoots. I knew that I was messing up, and couldn’t let that happen, so I researched, watched video, and talked to people. Finally I just picked up the camera and practiced. It all worked out well in the end.


Caramel: Is running your own site stressful?

Kevin: It’s absolutely stressful! It’s a big responsibility and a lot more work than people think it is. In-between looking for models and booking shoots, producing, filling out paperwork, corresponding with other staff, marketing, updating it’s really a never ending job. I get up at 7am daily and work all week through the weekend. I haven’t been on vacation in years.

Caramel: I really admire your work ethic, but be careful not to burn yourself out! Do you ever worry about running out of models to film and take photos of?

Kevin: No I am not worried, because there will only be more girls. There certainly won’t be any less!


Caramel: I’d like to get some advice from you for aspiring photographers. What equipment do you need to own before you can even think about going pro?

Kevin: I would discourage people from becoming pro porn photographers. It’s a pipe dream, and unrealistic unless with an established company like Grooby. That being said, you probably don’t need much. A decent DSLR camera, an HD video camera, and a set of lights. That’s all you need. Oh and balls. You’ll want to bring those with you.


Caramel: I’ll bet! What mistakes do new photographers frequently make?

Kevin: That’s a tough one to answer because I don’t know any new photographers except myself. I think my biggest mistakes had to do with lighting, angles, and focus.


Caramel: Do you have groupies as so many professional photographers often do?

Kevin: Hah! No I don’t have groupies. I’m a loser.


Caramel: Oh sure and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. I’ve seen you with Empress, the beauty above among others and they don’t appear to think so. Who are your biggest influences as photographers and producers in the adult industry?

Kevin: To be honest I really like our guys Blackula and Buddy Wood. Joey Silvera and Jay Sin are two other producers I take notice of.

Caramel: You’re all the cream of the crop. So, you’re at a function or party totally unrelated to the industry and a stranger asks what you do for a living. Do you go into specifics about your trade?

Kevin: No, absolutely not. I just say something generic like sales, or consulting. I don’t really associate with civilians anymore for that reason. It’s just a waste of time.

Caramel: I don’t have much contact with anyone who knows nothing about the adult industry either. Nothing productive comes out of it. Do you also photograph genetic girls professionally?

Kevin: No, just transsexuals.


Caramel: I think of most straight males I know who admire and date transwomen as straight. Some are bisexual and some are and some are pansexual. I do not like lumping people into categories but what would be the best way to describe your sexual preference?

Kevin: I have no idea what I am. Definitely not straight. LOL! But I don’t like dudes. They gross me out.


Caramel: How old were you when you first found yourself attracted to a transgender and how did it make you feel? Did it worry you when you first discovered that you were not only interested in genetically born females but in transgenders as well?

Kevin: I must have been around 18 years old when I watched my very first tranny porn. I wasn’t sure what to think…did the lady sew that penis onto herself? Now what is going on there?? I wasn’t too worried. I was always a rebel so tgirls were just another thing for me. I thought it was normal, just like my strange obsession with buttholes.

Caramel: Who was the first transgender you were attracted to?

Kevin: Patricia Araujo.

Caramel: Wow, that’s a hot one. Joey Silvera shot her often. A lot of men who date transsexuals find that they can relate to them better than to genetically born females because they were also born male and aren’t high maintenance as GG’s (Genetic Girls)are. Is that the case with you?

Kevin: In my case it’s easier to relate to TS girls, because what GG is going to go out with a TS porn producer?

Caramel: They might be cool with it at first, but will inevitably freak out and say something like, “I’ll never be enough for you!” Convincing them otherwise is nearly impossible. Have you ever dated a tgirl who wanted you to ignore her penis during sex?

Kevin: No I have not had that pleasure yet.

Caramel: LOL. What are your favorite physical attributes in a transsexual or part time girl?

Kevin: The buttpussy.


Caramel: I’d love to see that term on Wikipedia someday. We’ve established that men gross you out but what about part time girls? Are you attracted to crossdressers, transvestites, femboys or twinks at all?

Kevin: No.

Caramel: Does anyone in your family know about your professional transgender work? Do your close friends?

Kevin: Yes – everybody knows. Some people I told myself, and some ill wishers also outed me.


Caramel: Oh, I’ve been down that road, myself. Do you ever bottom for tgirls Kevin? If not have you ever considered trying it?

Kevin: No I do not and yes of course I’ve considered it! I am in TS porn after all.


Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes and if so, do they ever surface in your work?

Kevin: As I was saying, I am quite fond of women’s rear ends. In particular, the anuses. This is evident in my work because I make sure to emphasize the closeups of my girls’ beautiful bumpussies.

Caramel: You have quite an edge over the average guy when it comes to dating transgenders. List for me 5 do’s and 5 don’ts for our male readers of this interview.




    1) Buy her flowers.

    2) Take her out in public.

    3) Be a man pay for the dates.

    4) Take care of your body.

    5) Take her seriously.


    1) Send cock pics.

    2) Talk about sex.

    3) Ask personal questions pertaining transition.

    4) Expect to get laid on the first date.

    5) Ask her to top.


Kevin Dong began his career as a photographer at the age of 22 and Canada-TGirl is one of the fastest growing in the history of adult transsexual websites!


4 thoughts on “Interview With Kevin Dong of Canada TGirl”

  1. Thanks, Julez. I wanted to find out what made Kevin tick as a person as well as a tgirl admirer and an industry professional. I’m thankful that he was so candid and a perfect gentleman. I’m looking forward to the work he’ll do in a few years when he’s about 25 years old. This is one instance where youth isn’t wasted on the young. 😉 Cara

  2. just 1 quick question when your having sex with a transexual after having sex for about 20, 30 minutes should u ask he/she if they need to fart? just wanted to know cause i will pull it out if they get a little gassy

    1. yes you should its a very polite thing to do, i do all the time with my transexual friend deal with the smell but its not long

    2. In my opinion, no. Even if that’s an issue, I don’t think it’s a question that should be asked. It might not land as a caring question and turn out to be a major turn off.

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