Interview With Kitty Doll

January 14, 2013

R.I.P May 2019

On May 8th, 2019, Kitty was killed in a motorcycle accident while riding her Ducati on Bay Area mountain roads. She was dearly loved by many and will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Here is the link to her GoFundMe page which will cover the costs of her funeral, cremation, memorial, and taking care of her puppies Vicious and Tyson. Her GoFundMe page is PG so please keep that in mind when commenting.

Kitty’s Profile

I wasn’t at all surprised when I found out that Kitty Doll was as bright and interesting as she seemed to me. It comes through in her photo sets and even more so in her videos. I also wasn’t surprised by how fast she’s risen to porn star status. I could tell that we had many like interests and I just had to know what made her tick. I hope you’ll enjoy reading our interview:

Caramel: Sometimes you can look at someone and take an educated guess about what their racial or ethnic background is. I couldn’t do that with you, Kitty. What’s your origin and were you born in the U.S.?

Kitty: I get that a lot. I was born in Mexico City then moved to San Diego when I was five. My family is Mexican and Russian.

Caramel: How old were you when you began questioning your gender identity?

Kitty: I wanted to be a girl since I was a kid, but I didn’t really have any way to articulate what I was experiencing. Things became much more complicated emotionally in 7th grade when my body started changing. I didn’t really know about trans people, transitioning, hormones and feminization surgeries (besides boob jobs) until I was in college.

Caramel: When did you first begin dressing in female clothing?

Kitty: I first started dressing when I was about 6. I really liked wearing makeup, girly shoes, and a few times I tried on my mom’s fur coats. Her lynx coat was my favorite.

Caramel: Your measurements are 46-30-36. Was it an early dream for you to have an hourglass figure?

Kitty: Yes. I always wanted long hair, full breasts, hips and a squishy butt. I think I’m a bit more on the athletic side as far as my build is concerned. No complaints on my end.

Caramel: I love your hardcore work with trans Gina Hart. How and when did you first meet her and the San Francisco photographer Radius Dark who shot your photos and videos?

Kitty: Radius Dark tracked me down through my FetLife page and asked if I would be interested in doing a shoot for (Kitty’s Model Page) We met up a few days later in Union City and did a shoot. It was cool, my second time on cam, so I was a little nervous but had a nice time. I met Gina in June to shoot for the former site, TGirls Go Hard. That was a really fun shoot, we just played the whole time.

Caramel: Did he also shoot you and Gina together for Grooby Girls and TGirls.XXX?

Kitty: Blackula Photography shot Gina and me for TGirls.XXX (Kitty’s Model Profile). I’m not sure if we have anything together that’s going up on Grooby Girls. It was a funny situation. I was heading up to the room where I was shooting a solo scene and she was leaving her scene and we sat and caught up with each other.

Kitty’s TGirls.XXX Profile

Kitty: While we were both talking we realized we both had hardcore shoots booked with the same person at the same time, so, we giggled and realized we were going to play on cam again. She hung out with me while I was shooting my solo and we rehearsed a little that night for our hardcore ;).

Watch The Trailer

Caramel: I love the those sets and the latest one shot by Blackula, the threesome with Jacqueline Woods, as well. I also love your movie with Eris DeSaire. Was that you first hardcore scene with a genetic female?

Kitty: That was my first hardcore scene with a genetic female. It was by far the most fun I have had with another performer, but I’m gathering there will be more questions about Eris.

Caramel: Yep! Are you two dating?

Kitty: I’m going to try to not blush too much, well, not really. Yes, Eris and I are dating. We met for the first time at the Armory when we shot for I had butterflies in my stomach because it was only my second hardcore shoot and she is ridiculously beautiful. One of the most vivid memories I have from that day was hanging out with her in the Green Room.

Kitty: We were cuddling on the couch getting to know each other, learning what each other like sexually, limits and in general things that would help us be comfortable and have fun on camera. While I was petting her, I asked if she would mind if I kissed her, then I leaned in and we shared our first kiss. Our lips touched, the world disappeared and I felt the most electric connection I have ever experienced with someone else. Her body relaxed and she sank into my arms. It was beautiful. To say the least, the on-camera chemistry was just the genuine chemistry between us, I am so lucky. After the shoot, we spent the evening together walking around Haight St. and eating chocolate at a cafe, after having dinner at Whole Foods.

Kitty: We played a couple times at my home after our scene and about a month after our shoot, we were girlfriends and she was collared. I love her so much. Whomever paired us up at, I send you a million hugs, you introduced me to the girl of my dreams.

Caramel: That is so romantic and erotic. I am so happy for you both. I couldn’t help notice the way you match your lingerie with your hair. Do you always present yourself with such high polish and pay a lot of attention to detail?

Kitty: I am not nearly as polished most days to be honest. I have such big breasts that it’s hard to find clothes that fit. I usually wear tight jeans and a ribbed tank because they fit best and show off my boobs. However, some of the clothes I wear in my shoots is from my everyday wardrobe like the light-blue skirt from my TGirls.XXX set. I definitely am big on color coordination. For shoots, I always like to match from head to toe. My lingerie choice is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hair style, makeup, shoes, stockings, panties, bra, nail polish and any other accessories all come together to help me get immersed in my presentation.

Caramel: In one of your Grooby Girls solo scenes, I saw how excited you got with a vibrator. Do they turn you on in your private life, or was that just for the scene?

Kitty: Oh, I love vibrators. They are the unofficial third partner in my sex life. I also am a huge fan of forced orgasms, so I use them a lot for spoiling the bratty sub.

Caramel: Do you own a lot of sex toys?

Kitty: I LOVE SEX TOYS. I should share the list:
-525 feet of hemp and exotic rope and 2 heavy-duty carabiners
-remote control vibrator
-2 massagers (magic wand and vibratex)
-Carbon-Fiber cane
-leather flogger (handmade by me)
-silicone bit
-2 violet wands and various attachments
-Wartenberg Pinwheel
-Large Hunting Knife
-A few dildos
-My brain.

Caramel: You’ll have to show me how to make my own flogger someday. So when did you first discover the BDSM lifestyle?

Kitty: That’s an interesting question. I got in trouble when I was a kid because I single-tail whipped a sibling and I have, on a very basic level, practiced bondage on partners since I was a teenager. I’d say I legitimately started learning about it when I was 14-ish. I am a huge rope freak. I love tying people up and being tied up. I particularly love the artistic presentation of suspension as well as the inescapable nature of some of my rope work. My favorite thing is to tie someone up and let them try to escape only to find out that they have spent a long time untying a decoy rope.

Caramel: Talk about a mental mind fuck. Do you like pain and if so, how do you like it to be administered?

Kitty: I like pain when I’m in the right place in my head. I like spankings and floggings, but am starting to really appreciate CBT (Cock & Ball torture). It pulls me into a deeply submissive place where I become desperate because of how sensitive I am.

Caramel: Delicious. What do you do to keep in such fantastic shape?

Kitty: Pelvic tilts, in quick succession, followed by a few isometric contractions of my glute muscles. I also exercise a few times a week. I do want to start pole dancing again, that was hella fun.

Caramel: Those exercises do wonders in so many ways. I have a friend who is a pole dancer. It takes a lot of work and she needed some help. Do you have someone to practice with?

Kitty: I took lessons because I didn’t want to break myself. I was able to do a “Scorpion” during my second lesson, it’s an addictive hobby; the bruising not so much.

Caramel: Back to relationships for a moment. As much as I’d like to, I’ve never been in a LTR with an adult industry entertainer before, but I often wonder if I’d have problems seeing my loved one with another performer. Do you or Eris ever experience feelings of jealousy or discomfort seeing each other with someone else?

Kitty: We started off poly, so we are able to deal with those emotions. But I will admit, I made the mistake of going into detail about a hardcore shoot, and yeah…not going there again.

Caramel: I understand. You never know when you’re going to hit someone’s soft spot. I’m sure you made it up with lots of TLC. Kitty, you have a wonderful talent when it comes to making people feel good and also with teaching. We’ve spoken about computers a bit and I knew right away that you knew your way around them quite well. I learned a lot from you in one conversation. How did you get to know so much? did you have techie potential at a young age?

Kitty: I have terrible handwriting so I had to type almost everything since I was a kid, learning other things about computers just came naturally. I also took some computer science classes while I was at college, I probably should have studied Computer Science because I’m a techie at heart.

Caramel: I hope you won’t mind me requesting information from you in the future – about everything! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me!

Kitty: Thank you so much for interviewing me!

Kitty’s TGirls.XXX Profile

Thank you for reading our interview. Rest in peace, Kitty. Love always, Caramel.

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