Interview With Lexi Wade

April 11, 2011

As seen on one of the most popular daytime shows, Jerry Springer, Lexi Wade became a rising star in a matter of only a few months. After appearing at the some of the world’s finest websites including Shemale Yum, Shemale Strokers, Amy Daly and Foxy Angel, Lexi soon became one of the hottest new faces in transgender adult entertainment. In December 2010, just four months after her start in the adult industry, Lexi received a Tranny Award nomination for “Best Up & Cummer” sponsored by Shemale Yum.

Caramel: Thanks for doing this interview with me Lexi and congratulations on your recent successes. You’ve accomplished a lot in the industry and you’re only 21! I’ve been following your ride on the fast track. Last October, you were in contact with the Grooby photographer JP Ewing of Austin, TX but you’d actually just relocated to Jacksonville, FL. Fortunately, JP forwarded your bio and photos to another Grooby photographer, Jack Flash of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So you flew there and that trip resulted in your debut at Shemale Yum. How did it feel to break in as a new TS adult model with high exposure?

Lexi: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I think I’m still trying to catch my breath… as it’s all happened so fast. I can honestly say that I never went into this expecting to have such amazing feedback & the greatest fans ever! I owe each and every one of you a personal thank you for making “Lexi Wade” who she is today in the industry – it couldn’t have all been done without you babies!

Caramel: Both of your Shemale Yum photo and movie sets are on fire, Lexi. I can really see how the hormone treatments kicked into high gear with your body, yet had no apparent drawbacks. *wink*

Lexi: Awww, you’re so sweet! Hormones, hormones, hormones. YIKES! I can say that I’m not a fan of itchy nipples, haha.. and yes, they have reacted to my body JUST as I had hoped for. Thankfully, with the development of my breasts, I am still able to provide that famous crooked “pop shot” without any issues… I guess you could say, I’m just a very horny girl. HAHA.

Caramel: I understand that you’re strictly a top and that whether you’re filming, being photographed or playing with a boy toy, you’re the one in control at all times. Are you also into BDSM and actually dominating men?

Lexi: WELL, that right there is a very true statement… I am indeed a total top, even behind closed doors. There is something about having a man come home after a long day of work & taking him into the bedroom to have him relax – as it’s the end of the day and he doesn’t have to be in charge anymore, cause I’ve got it under control.

I do enjoy some of the kinkier side of things from time to time, but not every time I have sex. There are certain types of guys that make me want to do certain types of things – For example, there happens to be a young boy that’s want a piece of Lexi, and I want to tie him down & make him take it. YEP! I guess you could say, “She’s a freak!” Lol. Dominating a mans ass or throat sends my body into a rush like no other… Hold on baby, you’re in for a ride!

There is just something about “Beautiful Domination” that makes me weak in my knees.

Caramel: I’m mainly a top also but I have a pretty serious oral fixation. Even though you’re always the one in charge, do you enjoy cock sucking, too?

Lexi: HAHAHAHA, funny you ask… I’d say that giving oral is the next best thing to sex. I mean, I have absolutely no gag reflex. I LOVE the feeling of a throbbing cock punishing the backside of my throat. My favorite way to give head is to get on my knees, look up at him while he pulls on my air, pumping my throat and his balls slapping my chin & throat. YUMMMM!

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?

Lexi: Do I have any particular fetishes? Hmmm… Yes. I am a huge fan of my boy toys wearing panties. And toys… There’s no greater feeling than having an ass bent over in front of you with toys for you to use on him. (Hehe, I’m getting excited now) Ooops!

Caramel: That makes two of us. Your hardcore transbian work with Amy Daly for her hot website is incredibly hot. Do you identify as bisexual or are you straight and only into men?

Lexi: Holy shit! Amy Daly is so much fun to work with.. Not to mention, she is hilarious! THANK YOU, AMY! I identify myself as straight for the most part, but when you have beautiful opportunities to broaden your horizons, why not go for it? I’m happy to announce that there is discussion of a TS/GG scene for the upcoming year…

Caramel: I’d love to see a sequel. I love Amy. I’ve been a huge fan of Kourtney Paige Van Wales for years and I was delighted to learn that you were roomates in Houston, TX and Jacksonville, FL. How and when did you two meet? Would you say that she’s not only a friend, but a mentor as well?

Lexi: First, let me send out the BIGGEST thank you to Kourtney for everything she has done for me! Kourtney and I actually met about a year and a half before I began my transition, so she has seen me come a very long way in only the matter of a few years. Kourtney and I met in Houston at South Beach the Nightclub when I was still in High School – as she was the emcee and host of the wet underwear contest. (Yes, I did dance in my wet, white boxers a time or two)

As time went by & the more I got to know Kourtney, our relationship & bond grew stronger and stronger – and before I knew it, I was living with her here in Houston. She then landed an amazing job at The Metro in Jacksonville, FL & had asked if I’d be interested in working for her as her Personal Assistant.

I see Kourtney as more than a friend & mentor – as she has become my second mother. We have shared some of the greatest memories of my young adult life together. She has taught me the rights & wrongs about many things and of course, just like any other friendship – we have our ups & downs, but that’s what makes our love & friendship stronger! Kourtney withholds many talents and we have MANY similar interests such as cooking, entertaining & great laughter and love.

Caramel: Kourtney’s 1992 film “Stick Pussy” was the first TS porn movie I ever purchased and she’s just as hot now as she was then. She helped to put you in contact with Florida’s Foxy Angel, also. Posing and sunning poolside at her home must have been a TS model’s dream photo shoot.

Lexi: Kourtney and that big ole dick! HAHA! That thing scares me sometimes, lol. Indeed, Kourtney did land me my gig with Foxy Angel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

While I was visiting for my shoot with ShemaleYum, I had the greatest pleasures of meeting Foxy for the first time. I was an absolute nervous wreck… Not sure why, because as soon as I got to her house, I felt just like I was at home. Foxy and I had the opportunities to shoot two amazing scenes for Foxy Angel – One of which being my naughty school girl scene, where I’d rather play with my long braids and hard cock vs. paying attention in class – and for all of you latex fans, there is a scene for you in the Foxy Angel dungeon.

Caramel: You appeared at another of my favorite sites also, Shemale Strokers, for a long movie and photo shoot. What was that experience like?

Lexi: Well, I’d like to say thank you to Wendy Williams, Sammy & Stevie for allowing me the chance to work with Shemale Strokers – it was one of those shoots I hadn’t ever experienced, but one of a kind. I had arrived to the studio earlier than call time for hair and make-up to ensure that I wasn’t going to be late – and no sooner than I got there, I was informed they were running a little behind, and to just sit and wait. Not a big deal…. til I looked down and it had been three hours of waiting. (and still NO hair & make-up) At this point, I was a bit exhausted, nervous and anxious – how was I going to possibly make myself horny?

Finally, after hours of waiting – it was time for hair & make-up. Remind you, it was getting late at night, so the make-up artist was exhausted and ready to go home. I sat there, freezing my skinny ass off the entire time… and then it was time to shoot.

Working with Josh at ShemaleStrokers – WOW! He’s such a hoot! I think I laughed more than anything while working with him. So, if you haven’t seen my HOT scene at, I encourage you to do so – even though I was truly over it & exhausted, I still had some sticky & sweet stuff for you babies!


Caramel: You’re also a pastry artist and I understand that you’ve decorated over 3,000 cupcakes per week. Talk about Cupcake Wars! Are you still doing pastries in The Woodlands, TX in addition to modeling?

Lexi: Yes ma’am! Cupcakes are my biggest passion, besides success. In October 2010, I was blessed with the opportunities I thought I’d never have again – working. After two years of being unsuccessful in job hunting, I finally found one that I LOVE. I enjoy making thousands of cupcakes per week – and seeing the smiles on faces – that’s what makes it all worth while!

Caramel: In early November, 2010, you were featured on Jerry Springer’s “Freaky Sex Fetishes” episode. When the producers contacted you and told you they were prepared to book you a flight to and a hotel room, then have you chauffeured to the Stamford, CT studio, I understand that you thought it was a hoax at first. How did you know that these guys were the real deal?

Lexi: Well, I was actually contacted by a friend, Brian Johnson – his exact words were, “Hey! Wanna do Springer?” – I laughed. “LOL.” was my response. He then replied with all these contacts with out of town numbers & email addresses – and then I had an email in my inbox. BAM! Just like that… I called the producer the next morning & we discussed everything in details as to what I expected for being a guest on the show. After hours of back and forth conversation, text messages and emails, I was soon off to the airport and on my way to New York, where I was picked up by a private driver & chauffeured to my hotel suite – where I spent a total of two nights.

As it had been my first time to that part of the U.S. – I wanted to do more sightseeing than anything, but of course – I was on a schedule & there for work. I had to stay focused…

HOWEVER, I did have the chance to meet with 3 fans while in town – so if you’re reading this, I’d love to hear back from you!

Caramel: What were some highlights of doing the show?

Lexi: WOW! Was I treated like a diva or what?! First, being picked up by a private driver was nice – not having to worry about transportation in NYC – No thank you! After a drive up to Stamford, CT – we arrived at my hotel, where I checked in for two nights in an exclusive suite. After meeting with producers & discussing business, I was then provided with food, cocktails, and I was even cut a check.

Caramel: There’s a sensitive issue I hope you won’t mind discussing. I understand that you’re not close with your father. My transition drove a wedge between my father and I years ago and we no longer speak. Were your gender and lifestyle choices what drove you and your father apart and do you ever communicate with him?

Lexi: Hmmm… it’s a touchy subject still today, but one I am comfortable enough to talk about today. It’s a very long story… In September 2007, a family friend revealed to me one evening that my “father” wasn’t actually my biological father & that I had been adopted since birth. (Remind you, my biological mother is still in my life today) I was truly devastated. I then had to confront my parents about it & in that same conversation with my dad, I told him I felt different inside – I told him I was gay. “I’ll always love you, but don’t bring that in my house.” – Two weeks later, I ran away from home & didn’t communicate with my family for almost two months. Questions were eventually asked and of course, they were answered – and it wasn’t easy for me at all to understand, and still TODAY – It kills me inside.

Just a short while back, on March 2, 2010 – while visiting San Antonio, TX, I got an email on my Facebook from a man named “Harvard” – it was biological father. We exchanged an email and that was it. I then returned home to my parents & sat down to talk to my mom about it. She said it was in fact HIM.

In April 2010, my mother contacted him via Facebook & a soap opera began right then. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal all those details – but that same month, I got an email from my biological and he told me that I was to always be a boy & that my life was a freak of nature. I told him to fuck off & rot in hell, as he had already earned his place there the day he ran away from his child. AND THAT’S WHERE THAT’S AT.

NOW, as far as my adopted father – whom I call, “Daddy” or “Dad” will always be RIGHT BY MY SIDE – no matter what. He’s my biggest fan when it comes to seeing me succeed in life & I love him more than anyone would ever know. Today, I live with my parents and my little brother.

Caramel: Last March, you had your first doctor appointment with Dr. Nancy Vanek for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). How did that go for you. Were you nervous about it?

Lexi: Shortly after the “father” incident, I indeed followed through with my HRT appointment with Dr. Vanek in Houston, TX. I wasn’t the least bit nervous, as it’s something I had wanted for so long… I had achieved my goal and taken the first step to my new life.

Caramel: Did you go alone or did you have someone there to support you?

Lexi: Actually, my best friend of sixteen years, whom is a transexual today, went with me to my appointment with Dr. Vanek. BUT, today – she and I are no longer friends.

Caramel: I’m sorry. That’s a long time. How old were you when you first realized that you had gender issues that needed to be addressed and dealt with and when did your actual journey begin?

Lexi: Hmmm… This is a very easy question for me to answer. While growing up, my family called me “Jessica” and “Josephine” for the simple fact that I was a “sissy.” (As my granny calls me) Haha. I guess it wasn’t until my junior year in high school when I began to crossdress and carry a purse to school – I was well respected in school because I didn’t care what people thought of me. I was me, for me. After graduation, unfortunately I got involved with the absolute wrong crowd of people and suffered a cocaine addiciton – and of course, boys were getting in my way.. the biggest distraction & mistake I’ve done thus far. Drugs & boys. UGH. AND then in December 2009, I confronted my parents with, “I want to be a woman.” – They then helped me find Dr. Vanek & here I am today. HAPPY!

Caramel: You’ve been nominated “Best Up & Cummer” for the Tranny Awards 2010 sponsored by Shemale Yum and congratulations! That’s a serious nod and it must have made you feel great.

Lexi: Thank you! And an ever bigger thank you to EVERYONE who nominated me for the Tranny Awards, “Best Up & Cummer” – I was STUNNED & SHOCKED! I even think I may have pee’d my panties a little. Oops!

I have to say, it’s DEFINITELY been a hard working four months – as, that’s only as long as I’ve been in the industry – almost 5.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! & special thank you to

Caramel: Soon after you celebrated your 21st birthday, your first DVD debut was released, Transexual Cheerleaders 5. I love your scene with the legendary Tom Moore. What was it like meeting him and working with him? Actually I’ve seen what it’s like working with him and phew!

Lexi: First, I’m glad you enjoyed it – but I’m CERTAIN you didn’t enjoy it near as much as I did! When I first arrived at Tom’s house, he greeted me outside with a hug & kiss on the forehead, just like any TRUE gentleman. I was already turned on by this man.

It wasn’t until after almost fifteen minutes that I realized, that guy from outside WAS TOM MOORE! I was even more excited. HAHA. I am definitely looking forward to working with Tom & Devils Film again soon!

Caramel: What’s next for Lexi Wade and where can your current and new fans find you?

Lexi: As mentioned through a few peeps here and there – I have quite a bit on my plate so far for the new year. I am currently working on my new book with an author from New York – things are just beginning, and looking bright! ALSO, I just recently sat down and discussed my newest project, a “Lexi Wade Calendar” with all exclusive, high fashion digital photographs.

I’m also working on booking scenes with other models – and I’m very excited to say that this year, I’ll be losing my virginity to a woman. YES, a pussy. Hahahaha.

FANS are able to find me in MANY, MANY places: / (Updated Weekly & FREE)

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