Interview with Ruby Rebel

October 17, 2016

Twitter: @SlimeTrashGirl

Twitter: @SlimeTrashGirl

This interview with Ruby Rebel may have been predictable for a few of her many friends and followers on Twitter and elsewhere. But I can assure you that her replies to my questions were anything but predictable. A clue that this interview might be conducted would be my October 12, 2016 interview with her live-in girlfriend Cookie Pup which I hope you’ll read sometime by clicking here. My interview with Ruby could have preceded my interview with Cookie Pup, but life sometimes has a way of timing things in ways you don’t expect. That’s one of the things I love about it. Before I saw them doing solo and duo live webcam broadcasts on and, I became a fan of Ruby’s from a studio production that blew me away awhile back. But instead of going into detail about that in this introduction, let’s just let it resurface in my discussion with the gorgeous and talented Ruby Rebel:

Caramel: You’re an amazing live webcam performer who has also done top notch studio work. But I’ve also read some of your BDSM erotica on It’s incredibly arousing. Have you ever been published and if not, do you plan to ever take your writing to the next level?

Ruby: I’ve not been published anywhere, I mostly wrote those short stories to flirt at cuties that have gotten my eye, so a lot of it is very personally tailored to a single person. I don’t often find myself in the mood to write either, so it’s a very sporadic thing. I doubt I’d write a continuous erotic story, I’d be more likely to produce a book of short vaguely connected stories.

Caramel: Please explain your current Twitter account name Boo’bie Rebel.

Ruby: I was joking about a Halloween name. Cookie Pup suggested ‘BOO’bie Rebel and I liked it enough to change my Twitter handle, add some pumpkins and have a spooky Halloween name. 

Caramel: It makes me smile every time I see it. When did you first begin to realize that you might be trans?

Ruby: Probably around 12 or 13, but it being the mid 90’s, I just pushed it down until I didn’t think about it at all. A few events happened in 2014 that brought a lot of old feelings back, a bit of research later and I realized I could actually do something about it.

Caramel: With the preface that sexual orientation and gender are two different things, how do you identify sexually?

Ruby: Pretty much as a lesbian, but homoflexible. The occasional guy catches my interest.

Caramel: How did your friends and family react when announced that you decided to transition? Was anyone shocked and did any of your relationships dissolve as a result?

Ruby: I actually had a very easy time of coming out. I did it with little fanfare; just changed my name and reorganized my wardrobe. I even still wear most of the same clothes because I always subconsciously gravitated towards more feminine styles. My parents reacted very nonchalantly about the whole thing and it’s a non-issue for them. I haven’t really lost any friends either, but that’s probably more from being an awkward social shut-in prior to coming out (literally and figuratively) into the world.

Caramel: How do you like living in London in comparison to other places you’ve lived?

Ruby: I lived in the countryside in various states of poverty and homelessness. Scotland is lovely, but tinged with bad memories for me even though I still think it’s a beautiful place. London however is home. I knew when I got here I would be staying for the long term. I’ve been here three years now and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to live in the city I love in a wonderful place, and now with a beautiful girl to cuddle and look after.

Caramel: That’s wonderful. What sort of upbringing did you have? Was it tough growing up knowing you had questions you needed to be answered and did you have anyone to share your deepest feelings with?

Ruby: My family is working class, so I had about an average upbringing within my parents abilities in the mid 90’s. I knew something was different before I reached puberty, but mostly had to just squash it down to keep myself safe at school. I had a few friends, but none I could really share that kind of thing with.


Caramel: When it comes to modeling, are you more into cosplay, fetish or glamour?

Ruby: I’ve done fetish wear, leather and latex, which is fun, although incredibly awkward to get in and out of. I’d like to do more cosplay for sure. There are a few characters I’d love to play, Zarya or Wonder Woman for a start. I don’t think I’ve ever really done glamour. Doesn’t feel like a good fit for me. I don’t feel very glamorous.

Caramel: You and Cookie Pup knew each other for years, but over time, your friendship evolved into a relationship. Do you think it’s best to really get to know another person well before getting into a living situation with them?

Ruby: Definitely. I’ve had a few bad relationships in the past, so I’m normally very hesitant to live with people I’m romantically involved with. Pup feels like an exception to that rule. I’m so happy she agreed to live with me in London. We’ve spent more than a few nights up late in bed just talking about everything. She probably knows me better than anyone else really.

Caramel: The first time I saw one of your webcam shows with Cookie Pup, one of the things I noticed was you gave her lots of cock stiffening head. I’m primarily a top, but I have a bit of an oral fixation. I don’t think this has anything to do with determining who’s in control of a situation, but are people surprised to learn that you’re a Domme who likes going down on your partner?

Ruby: I tend to be a bit of a stone princess with partners, something that’s changing with Pup, but I still like to be in control and doling out the pleasure (and punishments) so when I go down on her, it’s still very much a power dynamic slanted to my favour because I can keep her on the edge or just make her squirm all over the bed at my whim. I don’t see any sexual act as particularly ‘dominant’ or ‘submissive’. It’s perfectly possible to be a dominant while having a submissive top you because you commanded them to.

Caramel: During that show, she also sucked your big cock while fucking you with a large, honey-colored dildo until it looked to me like you had a mind-bending orgasm. Do you enjoy being penetrated often, or do you like being the one penetrating more?

Ruby: I very much like both. I think I’m starting to prefer big dildos though, but I still plan to have my way even with strap-on assistance. And yes, that orgasm was mind-bending enough to more or less knock me out the rest of the night. Pup looked after me and gave me lots of cuddles though.

Caramel: When it comes to being a Domme, what elements please you more, administering mental mind fucks and tasks or the actual physical parts of D/s (Domination/submission)?

Ruby: Somewhere between both. I’m more of a service top/domme, although I do have a dominant side to my personality that sometimes leaks out a bit, so the actual mechanics of how that occurs are mostly down to my partner’s tastes and how we both feel at the time. With Pup, I can often just glare at her over my glasses in the right way and she becomes an obedient little pet to pull around by the collar. I rarely set tasks for a submissive unless I know that’s something they want, and often it would be more of a challenge to them, to stay standing up straight while I play with them for example.

Caramel: You coined my favorite quote of the year or perhaps even further back on Twitter saying, “They said I could be anything so I figured I’d be the big dicked Domme muscle girl that subby trans girl didn’t even know they wanted.” Have you ever explored with being in the bottom/submissive role also?

Ruby: I think that was sometime in early 2016 I tweeted that. I’ve explored being submissive with one or two partners, but I don’t take to being ordered around or impact play/pain play very well, it raises my dominant side and turns things into a power struggle. But with a more gentle domme, I can sub quite happily and enjoy it quite a lot. Something I’ve been exploring with Pup as she likes to be a gentle domme to my small puppy.

Caramel: When did you first get into the BDSM lifestyle and how did you begin to experiment with it? And how did you learn about Petplay?

Ruby: A bad situation in the past with BDSM-related things put me off the entire concept for years, until earlier this year when I met someone whom I got along very well with, and ended up having a weekend of humiliation, degradation and impact play. I haven’t done anything quite that intense since, but made me realize that I could enjoy BDSM/power-play with the right person. Petplay is something I’d had a passing interest in for a number of years, but never felt able to pursue, at least until Pup turned me onto the idea and we shared some thoughts. Now I tend to fall asleep with a tail plug in.

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?


Ruby: I think power play for sure. I can manage quite a commanding presence sometimes and do enjoy making Pup or other subs weak in the knees. Pet play is fast becoming a strong preference as well.

Caramel: What was it like topping Bonnie Addison on

Ruby: I didn’t actually mean to be dominant, but it just sorta happened and we both rolled with it a little. I’d love to go back and shoot another scene and continue that theme a little more.

Caramel: What advice would you have for someone who wants to do live webcam broadcasts who’s never done it before?

Ruby: Take advantage of any promotions you can, like the new tag on Chaturbate or most other camming sites. It’ll help so much especially in the beginning. I’m recently trying to establish myself as a more independent performer, because I’ve always performed as a duo with someone, so I’m actually learning a lot of this as I go. Just from the angle of someone already used to doing broadcasts. I’d say it’s very important to be active and engage with your viewers, I’m selling my time but also my personality and presence, people come back for the chat as well as my image.

Caramel: How important do you feel social media is for your adult industry goals?

Ruby: Although it sometimes feels a bit like screaming into the void, I do a lot of engagement on Twitter. That’s probably the core of my presence. The analytics are extremely useful for deciding what kind of media tweets got attention and which didn’t, so I can tailor my future content with that in mind.

Caramel: The analytics are great, even for someone like me who sucks at math. I wish more people would use them instead of buying fake followers. Would you be interested in doing more studio porn? If so, what studios or producers would you like to work with someday?

Ruby: I’m always interested in work, I don’t have any specific major studios or producers in mind, though I’d love to work with either Gal Pal productions or CrashPad if they offered. I’ll consider working with anyone who doesn’t use slurs or outdated terminology to promote their content. Porn is sometimes the first introduction to trans identities for questioning individuals and while obviously the point of porn is to be erotic. I don’t see why it can’t be empowering to individuals vis-à-vis their identities and how sex can work with trans folks.

Caramel: I couldn’t think of two finer production companies to want to work with. Sophie Ladder is brilliant and you’d be perfect for CrashPad Series. What do you find in independent porn that you feel is lacking in major studio porn?

Ruby: From a actress side I couldn’t say. I’ve not been very involved with major studios in the past and have only worked with smaller independent producers. I do notice more diversity in body types and identities in independent porn than mainstream works.

Caramel: Do you watch a lot of porn and if so, what do you go for mostly, professional, amateur, studio or other live webcam shows?

Ruby: I don’t actually watch porn very often at all, my libido dropped considerably when I transitioned. But if I do, it’s very likely to be either independent studio work or a live webcam show.

Caramel: Do you have any studio porn projects in the works?

Ruby: No offers on the table right now for me, but I’m quite happy working the broadcast gig for now.

Caramel: You’re killing it with the cam shows. Yet I think it’s just a matter of time before other doors swing open also. When the cameras are off, what are your favorite games?

Ruby: Embarrassingly enough, I think I’d have to say Minecraft (with mods). I have a ridiculous amount of hours logged on that game. A close second is probably Kerbal Space Program. Steam tells me I’ve put about 600 hours of effort into that game since I bought it on steam this year. I’ve put about half as much into Space Engineers. Mostly anything that lets me be a little creative and solve problems with either engineering or a little creativity in combining things. I’ve played a little bit of DOTA2 lately at Pup’s insistence, but I’m not sure it’s quite the game for me. I’ve got a terrible memory for game mechanics and character builds.

Caramel: Don’t look at me. I’m still tryna master Atari. *joking* What sort of music do you listen to?

Ruby: Right now I’m listening to The Prodigy, but my collection has everything from Rabbit Junk to Queens Of The Stone Age. I gravitate more towards things with heavy drums or bass lines because I’m partially deaf (thanks genetics) and like to feel my music as much as hear it.


Caramel: Do you have any favorite books and movies?

Ruby: I’m currently reading The Expanse, a hard sci-fi series, at the suggestion of Pup since we watched the Syfy series together, eagerly awaiting season 2. I haven’t actually managed to sit and read books in quite some time between working and being a more social person. I do try and find 20-40 minutes a day to listen to 1 or 2 Welcome To Night Vale podcast episodes. I am in love with Cecil’s voice and it often puts me to sleep at night.

Caramel: Are you a very political person? Would you consider yourself to be an activist?

Ruby: At the risk of my brand, yes, I am quite a political person. I’ve been involved with groups supporting and advocating the rights and plight of migrants as well as campaigning against cuts to domestic violence services in the UK under the current government’s austerity plans cutting needed support services. I nearly made it to Dover this year to protest various groups marching through the town protesting migrants. Unfortunately I got waylaid at a service station when the group I was travelling with got into an altercation with a group of anti-immigrant protesters also heading to Dover. Fortunately no one was really hurt and police contained the situation, though I doubt many officers woke up that morning thinking they’d be escorting guys into the woods to go pee because they held us for 6 hours.

Caramel: I admire you standing for what you believe in. On a lighter note, What is Marmite?

Ruby. Delicious, next question. Kidding aside, Marmite is like a sandwich spread, it’s made from yeast extract. It’s very savoury and quite strong flavoured. I love the stuff. It’s more or less the same as Vegemite (an Australian version), though I’m sure my Aussie friends would beg to differ. Marmite was made sometime in the late 19th century and when we learned about vitamins in the early 20th century. Marmite was found to have a good spread of the major vitamins you need, so it became a staple food in the UK during World War I and II and was issued to soldiers as part of their ration packs.

Caramel: Okay I wanna try it now. How do you keep so physically fit?

Ruby: A lot of exercise in small ways through the day. Walking at least 60 minutes a day. Taking the stairs as often as possible. I used to be a lot more strict in my workout regime, but laxed when I transitioned because I wanted to be a little softer. I’m slowly getting back into doing at least a 10 minute block of workout at night before bed, a few push-ups, crunches and planks. I also try and keep an eye on my calorie intake and make sure I get a lot of protein, the rest is up to genetics and my metabolism.


Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Ruby: Tough, Loyal, Loving, Sarcastic and Curious.

Thank you for reading our interview and we hope you’ve enjoyed it! Follow Ruby on Twitter @SlimeTrashGirl, sample her erotica on, engage in her continuing Q&A on and you can register free to watch her broadcasting live on She might also be on It’s free but please tip generously. Webcam shows are great fun but it’s lots of hard work for the performers. They need your support to keep this entertainment going. 

Twitter: @SlimeTrashGirl

Twitter: @SlimeTrashGirl