Interview with Salacious Shana

September 2, 2016

Twitter: @SalaciousShana

I love interviewing veteran adult industry stars and I also feel honored to present new ones before they debut.  Most of all, I also love finding out as much as I can about what makes my interviewees tick. Salacious Shana from College Station, Texas is someone you’re going to see on an adult website and recognize from this interview.  I found her story interesting and her replies to my questions candid, moving at times, quite sexy. and I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Caramel: “HRT began and my ability to understand people ended on 6/14/16” is one of your quotes that intrigued me. I can relate to this but can you elaborate on what it means to you? Also, congratulations.

Shana: Thank you, Cara.  Well, before I started my transition I thought it was pretty easy to figure out what people’s motives were for doing or saying whatever they said or did.  Although it still holds true for most interactions I’ve observed or participated in, a number of times I have been taken aback at some of the things people have said or responses some people make in various situations.  It was all as if HRT removed, a filter between the world and my brain that allowed me to see how people really act without a buffer to soften the blow.  Also, I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve become more attentive to the more subtle nonverbal cues, but once common greetings or “joking around” comments that my former friends would say to one another now come across as less as amicable and more as cruel.  It is like they pick your greatest insecurity and broadcast it to everyone present and you are expected to laugh at it with them. But now it feels somewhat humiliating.

Caramel: I get it.  What influenced your decision to make the big leap and begin with your transition?

Shana: It was an extremely difficult decision to make and sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. That’s not to say I am questioning whether or not I am trans, but the complete reversal in how I am treated by the average strange or random passerby has me trying to figure it out.  On one hand, since starting my transition I have started to feel much better about myself, am more comfortable in my own skin and overall just happier with who I am.  On the other hand, I used to have a lot of friends that would want to spend time with me and invite me to do things with them.  That is no longer the case. It’s choosing between transitioning and being alone and happy with myself or be with those people I called friends that abandoned me and be miserable as male.  This isn’t what I think being trans means, just that the supposed social dichotomy most of the public subscribe to seems to be quite isolating.  What eventually led me to decide was over the summer 2015, I had a month off from work and my wife at the time (now ex) left the country for the month as well.  That left me with no obligations to go anywhere and no one to worry about “catching me” dressing up, so I started my old secret hobby again.  Being able to go the entire month without switching back and between male and female mode and staying fem the entire time really opened my eyes to the fact that I was really more – me – when I was dressed this way.

Caramel: When did this all start for you? At what age did you begin to wonder if you might be trans?

Shana: Well if you mean when I first tried on “girl clothes,” it was when I was 6 or 7 years old trying on my sister’s ballet costumes haha.  At first dressing up was innocuous and my parents thought it was funny, cute, etc.  My whole life since and even back then I wondered if I should have been a girl or what it would be like if I had been born a girl, an idea which was soon squelched.  Eventually I was chastised for doing so and was made to feel very ashamed for wanting to wear what my sister wore so I stopped doing so… in front of anyone.  There were a few times that my sister caught me, but I was able to play it off as something she would be less offended by other than “dressing like a girl.”  Once I got to college, I had to quit doing that because there was no way to do it without getting caught. One thing to keep in mind in all this is the way I was raised.  My mother passed away when I was 10 years old leaving my dad to take care of an 11 yr old girl and a 10 year old “boy,” and he stayed unmarried until long after I went to college.  We were raised Catholic and my father is quite conservative and was a Colonel in the Air Force which meant a very strict living environment and one that is not big on LGBT- at least at the time.  To give you an idea of what my living situation was like, at 17 when I went off to college and when I came back to visit I had a bedtime of 10pm.  Not a curfew, not a “be home at 10”, it was a “be in bed at 10”… I didn’t even consider I was trans for the longest time.  I had thought I just enjoyed cross dressing and it was a fetish that I had to hide from everyone but during that month alone in my house I learned something different.  I had always been intrigued and turned on by trans porn, another guilty pleasure, but once I was able to remain dressed after pleasuring myself I realized that wasn’t the only thing I got from it.  Sure, it increased my libido, but I continued to stay dressed even doing normal tasks around the house and felt more content than I did doing them in male mode.  That was when I realized I was trans.  From there I decided it was time for a change.  I had been very uncomfortable with my body from starting college until last summer, so much so that I just didn’t care anymore and let myself go.  I ballooned up to 332 pounds and drank like a fish.  I quit drinking and started to eat better and eat less and lost 25% of my weight in 9 months and kept going from there. I posted my first picture publicly and it just went from there.

Caramel: I’m so proud of the way you turned things around.  It’s inspirational.  But obviously, your family isn’t going to take this news about being trans well, right?

Shana: Well, as I mentioned previously, my father isn’t exactly an ally to LGBT.  One of my best friends in college turned out to be gay and my dad begrudgingly allowed him to hang out and for me to hang out with him at his place. My sister and I haven’t really gotten along but a week ago I told her, well half told her about me. I told her that I’m gender fluid and pansexual and surprisingly enough she was very supportive although unfortunately the next thing out of her mouth was Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians.  She is the only family member that knows, well and her husband.  I am really not sure how to tell him, considering once my sister had a baby I already felt like an outcast at family gatherings because I didn’t plan on having kids.  My step mom I am a little more optimistic with, but I have a rocky past with my dad that only really smoothed over once I graduated with my Ph.D. and proved myself to him.

Caramel: How about reactions from friends?  Do your close friends know that you’re on HRT?

Shana: Every friend that I have told has stopped talking to me altogether save for three of my female friends, and my gay friend I mentioned about half talks to me still.  I actually started dressing up over at his place because he was ok with it at first.  Eventually though, he started to be concerned with how often I would dress and so we talked about what would happen to our friendship if I were to start HRT. Now this is a friend I have had for 15 years.  He told me he wasn’t sure if the friendship would survive because he was friends with “male me” and didn’t want to have to deal with “stereotypical female interests.”  So I haven’t really told him about HRT completely because I don’t want to lose that friendship yet.

Caramel: Just be prepared in any way you can for the fallout concerning that friendship.  I’ve been there and I’m just saying this to soften the blow a bit just in case things don’t turn out so well.  So when we first met online where I found your @ShanaSalacious Twitter account, I learned that you had a desire to break into the adult industry.  What sort of porn do you like mostly and what motivated your decision primarily to jump into the industry?

Shana: Well, I almost exclusively watch trans porn and it has been that way for the past decade at least. I think my biggest motivation was from all the people on the social media site I visit liking my photos that I posted and telling me that they found me attractive and in some cases “hot!” and they wanted to see more hehe.  That sorta stimulated my exhibitionist side, even if it is a rather limited one. I t’s kinda liberating to be have people see you au naturel and tell you that you look great.  This was sorta enforced when I met the first trans person I had ever met in person and it was one that lived in College Station, Texas as well.  She and I became fast best friends and she eventually moved in with me for a short while. She also turned out to be a camgirl and we had always talked about camming together, but unfortunately circumstances didn’t allow for that as she went off to shoot her first porn and her career started booming.  I have never been that popular really, when I first joined Twitter, I had 2 followers from the beginning of the account ’til my transition – a number of years later.  Now I am at around eight hundred and it is really nice hearing the nice things they say about me.

Caramel: Including from me of course ha ha! Am I correct in my understanding that you’re more of the passive partner sexually?

Shana: Absolutely.  I have always been the sort that is up for almost anything, but way too shy to say anything about it.  Usually, if you ask to do something, if I’ve done it and liked it or if I’ve never done it, the odds are I will say yes because I live by the motto “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.”  Though, I have a hard time initiating any sort of encounter because #1) usually am skeptical that they’re talking to me haha, and #2) because I am always afraid that they don’t know that I’m trans and will run as soon as I open my mouth.  Don’t get me wrong though, once I know someone very well and they know my kinks and what I like and don’t like, I am quite active. =D

Caramel: Describe one of the most intense and memorable sexual experiences.

Shana: There are only two encounters that I have had that I think will stick with me forever (all of this bareback – I was not as safe as I should’ve been, but luckily never got anything ever).  The first was before I transitioned, so I’m not sure if you want to hear about it, but it was also the night I sucked cock for the first time and when I lost my anal virginity. 😉  So here goes.  I was barely 18 and I was going to the clubs for the first time in Deep Ellum, techno clubs – Club One on the night in question.  After the club closed my friend took me to an after party where I met a guy who was really kind to me and I was curious so we went to a private bedroom and he coached me on how to give a blowjob and fucked me missionary for more than half an hour.  This is the first time I’ve done either, but he had a massive cock I come to find out later was 10 inches and nearly coke can thick.  After the 30 minutes or so, he needed a breather (wasn’t done) so we took a break for a while.  Before we resumed, another guy came to the room and we all decided he could stay.  He was even bigger than the first guy!  I then proceeded to get fucked doggy while I sucked the other guy off then we switched to all sorts of positions for almost two hours until I was too sore and had to stop. Sadly no one came but it was a night to remember for sure.

The second was rather recently with my trans friend.  We were experimenting various things and we had already sucked each other off until we came in each other’s mouths, but seeing as I just started hormones and t (testosterone) blockers and she had been on them a while we weren’t really confident in topping the other.  So we decided to try a 69 with me on the bottom and her on top.  We both got instantly hard and her cock grew so fast and got so hard cause she was really getting into it.  Then she got so into it that her legs gave way and slid off to the sides and her cock as forced all the way down my throat to where my lips were up against her balls and her body.  It took us a while to remedy the situation, but it was so hot and it was my first and only forced deepthroat.  A little bit after that we sucked each other off one at a time and I came three times while she sucked me off and she said that she felt like she was drinking it because there was so much cum.

Caramel: You thought I might not like these stories?  I’m hard as a rock right now!  What type of people turn you on mostly?

Shana: I am not that critical of appearance for the most part considering where I have been with my own self image, but there has to be some physical attraction for anything to happen between us. Otherwise, I would definitely say my “biggest turn ons” lol, it feels like a Playboy centerfold questionnaire, would be a sense of humor (I love a good pun), intelligence to a certain point (I like being able to have a good conversation with my partner), and confidence (someone has to be confident for the two of us and that’s probably not going to be me =P).  I am really into trans women for a few reasons; 1 – we ideally share a fundamental understanding of what sorts of things we have to go through. 2 – I am attracted to femininity for its beauty, but I am also a fan of the cock lol.  I am also into men and women as well, so nothing to worry about there.

Caramel: Do you enjoy role play?

Shana: My experience with role play has been very limited unfortunately, but I enjoyed what little I have done and would like to experiment with it more.  I have come up with some pretty neat scenarios to act out, but something always happens or comes up to interfere with those plans!

Caramel: Are you into BDSM and/or fetish?

Shana: I have recently joined the local scene for that sort of thing and am very interested in a lot of what goes on, but because of my introverted nature among strangers I haven’t been able to find a Dom willing to play with me.  I have been bound and tied up as well as a little impact play, but there is still a lot that I want to try out.  I just need someone to give me a hand. =)

Caramel: You have so much to look forward to.  It’s just a matter of time.  Are you currently single and do you want to be in a relationship?

Shana: I am currently single and I would of course like to be in a relationship.  I think that even though they are a lot of work and can be quite difficult at times, they are worth having and are way better than being alone.

Caramel: Do you think it will be a plus if you date someone in the adult industry. Or will it possibly cause conflict?

Shana: Well, it really depends haha, I think it could be both.  I have a little bit of a hard time watching my friend in her videos that she does with other people, though her solos I have no problem watching haha.  But it could be a huge plus if you got to do a lot of scenes with your S.O.

Caramel: Where do you think you’ll be more successful in the adult industry between webcam, amateur porn and major studio porn?

Shana: I am not very good with my webcam haha as I have found out many many times, so webcamming is probably not going to work for me even though my friends have been trying to convince me to cam. Where I will be more successful I’m not sure hehe, but where I think I would be is probably amateur porn as I don’t have the look of youth that most major studios would probably want to see.

Caramel: About the youth thing, that’s highly debatable.  Do you know anyone else already working in the adult industry who will help steer you in the right direction and give you helpful tips?

Shana: I know a few people that I have met in person and I have become online friends with a number of people in the industry though I’m not sure if I should name names. =P

Caramel: Good thinking.  What sort of things do you like to do for fun non-sexually? Are you a gamer for instance?

Shana: I am gonna nerd out on you for a minute, but I like to do puzzles, read sci fi or fantasy novels, watch my favorite shows and animes, and of course as a gamer play some games.  I don’t have cable, but I watch through the legal streaming services hehe.  All the superhero shows like Arrow and The Flash, just got done with stranger things, those types of shows.  Anime I used to be a big fan of but Naruto and Bleach sorta sapped my strength because I started watching both back when they were in the teens episodes. Gaming – I like tabletop and video games, Arkham horror, pandemic, etc.  I even used to be in a Dungeons & Dragons group when we could find enough people to play.  Video games – I like rpgs.  I played EQ, EQ2 and WoW for 8 years each (some overlap – c’mon people hehe) but right now I am playing Dark Souls 3 but am going to switch to the Witcher 3 because I spent 2 hours playing Dark Souls yesterday and made zero progression because I kept dying haha.  I need to git gud.

Caramel: What’s the origin of your name?

Shana: I am still in the process of choosing a last name as that is a more expensive undertaking than I had thought it would be. My first name though was the name of the first girlfriend I ever had hehe.

Caramel: What sort of music is in heavy rotation at the moment?

Shana: I really only listen to 80s music or dance/techno/electronica stuff.  What can I say, 80s music is a lot of fun and I even sing some at karaoke.

Caramel: – Any favorite books or movies?

Shana: Favorite book(s) is a series of 3 books that I read a few times back in high school. Mystara: Penhaligon Book Series.  I reread it every now and again. F avorite movie is The Fifth Element.  I had to have surgery one summer on my tailbone so I was stuck at home on the couch for a month.  We also had one of those cheat boxes so we got all the movie channels and I watched The Fifth Element 30+ times that month because it kept coming on back to back and sometimes I would want to watch it, other times the remote was “all the way over there” haha.  My dad hates that movie with a passion now.

Caramel: Speaking of movies, how do you feel about the once again raging issue of #transface which is picking up more steam yet again with the upcoming release of the Mark Ruffalo film starring Matt Bomer as a trans woman?

Shana: Well, I kinda had a thing for Matt Bomer from watching White Collar haha, but #transface was never really something I thought about until recently.  Like I am happy that the 90s tradition of making a joke out of “the hot girl you just kissed?  Well they have a penis!!  Gross!  Hahaha” has died out or at least isn’t as common as it once was.  As to casting non trans people in trans roles in movies, I really don’t have a strong opinion either way.  On one hand, I think the idea that movies need to have more of this race, or more of this gender, etc., or we will boycott your movie is a little ridiculous.  They make movies to make money and they will cast whoever they think is going to get them the most money.  If they think Matt Bomer will bring more people to the box office then that should be up to them.  On the other hand, if they do it in much the same way as the token stereotypical gay guy they put into movies and shows, I can see it being a big problem as trans women are not the same as putting a guy in a dress and changing some physical features here and there.  There is a lot more to it than that and it sorta undermines the trans community’s attempts to inform people of the actual nature of being trans.

Caramel: #Transface is not synonymous with blackface and to suggest that it is offends me. It’s ridiculous to compare it to the damage blackface has done. And there are so many talented and qualified trans actors out there to run with these types of roles. The critical and commercial success of films like Her Story and Tangerine prove that Hollywood can cast trans actors and make a profit.  What Ruffalo has done is also just plain dangerous to trans people.  I do like Bomer’s other films and American Horror Story and feature films and love some of Ruffalo’s previous work.  I’m not sure they’re ready for what’s coming their way now and if I knew them, I’d strongly advise them not release this film.  Moving on, describe yourself in five words.

Shana: If it doesn’t have to be a complete sentence haha. Invested, Intelligent, Intimate, Idealistic, Ironical.

Caramel: That works just fine.

Shana: Do I get bonus points for having them all start with the same letter? =P

Caramel: Yep! Add those to the ones you earned from doing this interview with me.  You live in Texas which is not exactly the country’s most accepting place of the LGBTQ community.  Do you ever think about moving away or are you determined to make it work there?

Shana: Right now I am trying to make it work.  I bought a house last year and need to live here awhile to make my money back from the place that I put into it.  If I found a job somewhere more welcoming, I would love to move given it wasn’t a huge increase in cost of living haha.

Caramel: What would you like to see yourself doing five years from now?

Shana: I would like to be doing what I’m doing now with some exhibitionist outlets added to my hobbies hehe.  I would like to have someone to share it with as well. =)

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